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Hama Lens Brush Pneu-Colour

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 23:09
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      Only buy if you're taking your camera to the beach

      What is it?

      The hama lens brush is essentially a blower with a brush attachment on the end. It is 9cm long and 5.5 cm wide and when you take it out of the packaging there is an over powering rubber smell which does linger for quite some time.

      The blower part comes in several different colours, but the brush attachment is a white plastic fitting with soft brown/black bristles on the end.

      What do you use it for?

      Well hama call this a lens brush so one would presume that it's intended to clean lenses although personally I don't find it very effective for this - the blower and brush will remove non-sticky dust particles, but not much else. It puts out a fair amount of air when squeezed (needs firm compression), but not enough to remove anything stuck to the glass.

      Personally I think this is a waste of time as far as cleaning lenses are concerned (a proper lens cloth is smaller and much more versatile for this purpose) so I spent a long time at work thinking for an appropriate purpose - and I actually came up with a pretty good one *drum roll please* If you take your camera down the the beach or similar, this lens brush is perfect for lightly blowing and brushing off sand from your camera's exterior without scratching it and allowing you to get into the nooks and crannies of the camera that a cloth couldn't reach.

      What is the quality like?

      I'm in two minds over this - it looks, feels and smells very cheap, however the rubber doesn't split or degrade quickly and the hairs of the brush are well fixed in place so they are not prone to falling out.


      This product can generally be bought in the highstreet for around the £7 mark or online for roughly a couple of pounds less.

      Would I recommend it?

      I think the product is expensive for what it is and not really effective for the intended purpose so as a lens cleaner - no I would not recommend it. However if you are going to take your camera to a sandy environment then this 'lens brush' would come in very handy for cleaning any sand off your camera with the minimum risk of damage. As such I'm going to give it 2* out of 5 - it would have been one, but the albeit unintended use of the item redeems it slightly and prevents it from being a completely useless product.

      What not to do with this product:

      Although this product makes no claims to be suitable for sensor cleaning, I often see people who have attempted to use it for such a purpose and just made the situation worse - the blower and the brush are just likely to disturb the air more and lead to an increase of contamination rather than removing a problem dust spot.


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