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Hama Pro-Optic Micro

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2010 16:58
      Very helpful



      A simple item I am never without.

      When it comes to reviews in the photography category this will definitely be the shortest I have ever written, that is because this is the simplest item there could possibly be in that category and even I couldn't come up with a couple of thousand words about a cloth.

      That said, this might be a simple item but it is an item I am never without when on a shoot, especially a studio shoot. Most DSLR`s in the higher end of the range now offer live view, you know where you look at the image you are about to take on the screen rather than through the viewfinder but professionals like myself will rarely use this as you get a much better idea of your final image if you use the viewfinder.

      Using the viewfinder gets the screen very dirty as your face is constantly pressed against it and in the studio where it is often very warm this can also lead to a very sweaty screen and that is where the Hama pro-optic micro cloth becomes your very best friend.

      If any of you have ever tried to wipe your screen with your sleeve or any old cloth or bit of material you have lying around then you will know that what you inevitably get is a smudgy looking smeared screen worse than before you wiped it, ive seen people use kitchen roll and all sorts but nothing works properly.

      What you get when you wipe with the Hama micro cloth however is a streak free spotless screen every time with just the simplest of wipes usually one wipe across the screen will clean it completely but for stubborn mark a simple rub will suffice.

      The micro cloth doesn't leave behind any fluff or dust either so the screen is perfectly cleaned every time, I trust these cloths so much that I even use them to wipe the glass on both ends of my lenses and I have even wiped my sensor down with them and these are areas I would normally blow out with a blower or have professionally cleaned.

      These cloths can be used for any surface so I have a pack at home too for the TV screen, computer monitor, mirrors and much, much more but their designed job is primarily to keep your optical surfaces in photography spotless.

      I buy these in box`s of 20 direct from Hama, I pay around £10 for a box, I sadly cannot tell you what they would cost singly or even if they are available to buy singly nor can I say for certain what they cost the general public as I have a business account with Hama. What I can say though is that these cloths can be bought in cleaning packs along with other products from Hama and however you get your hands on them you will love having them around.

      In the box of twenty I buy I get the 20 grey cloths a small manual on how best to use them and the 20 cloths are all individually wrapped so when the box is opened I do not have to worry about the cloths getting dirty themselves or wet or anything else for that matter before I get round to using them.

      There are of course other places you can get a microfiber cloth from but these at 15x15 cm are exactly the right size for the job and being that they are designed especially for the photography market they do the best job possible and that is why I give them the full five out of five stars as a very high quality product.

      Thanks for reading.

      © thebigc1690


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