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Manfrotto 102NAT Long Tripod Carrying Strap

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2008 12:59
      Very helpful



      A must have in photography!

      The Manfrotto 102NAT Tripod carrying strap is a very simple but very, very useful piece of equipment. It is exactly what it says it is a strap for carrying tripods, useful because many tripods come with no bags or carrying methods and if you are shooting on location regular moving of the tripod over distance can cause difficulty. Most tripods fold down fairly small but if you are perhaps only going 100 yards to a more suitable shooting point then removing the camera from the tripod and folding it down is so unnecessary if it can be carried in position.

      This carrying strap is green in colour with the Manfrotto name on it in large print and has a clip at one end to attach to a suitable point at the top of the tripod and a hoop designed to wrap round the legs of the tripod holding them together at the other end. It takes literally seconds to attach and then you can immediately lift the tripod and carry to the next destination, if I am on location and only going a short distance I tend to leave the camera attached to the tripod too and carry a as a complete unit because the strap is strong enough to take the weight.

      The strap is a little longer than one and a half meters and approximately 5cm`s in width. You can buy this strap direct from the Manfrotto website or at many photography related websites but it is typically cheapest at Amazon where it can be purchased for a few pennies over a tenner making it an affordable and very worthwhile piece of equipment.

      Being a photographer I have based this solely on a photography tripod which is predominately what the strap is designed for but I see no reason why this couldn't be used to carry tripods of any description such as those used for holding projection screens and the likes.

      The strap is very durable and I am sure will last you for as long as the tripod you carry with it will, I have had mine for over a year now and being a professional photographer it is used almost every day and as well as tripods on their own has carried some very heavy tripods with cameras still attached, the stitching in other similar carrying straps I have used tends to separate and not seem as strong as you would like it to be but the stitching in this strap looks very thick and strong and thus far has shown no sign of stretching or separating even when under a heavy load.

      The strap can be used in two ways, either just be held in the hand or can be hung over the shoulder for heavier tripods. It sits very comfortably on the shoulder so even if carrying over long distances you will hardly feel the weight of what you are carrying and even people of smaller stature should come across few difficulties.

      If you use a tripod on regular occasions or even just now and then for that matter then I would sincerely recommend this product to you.

      Thanks for reading!

      ©2008 thebigc1690


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