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1 Review
  • Has power
  • sometimes uncontrollable
  • Not for the nervous people.
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    1 Review
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      28.02.2015 22:46
      Very helpful


      • "Has power"


      • "Not for the nervous people."
      • "shakes like that Steven's bloke behind his green door"
      • "sometimes uncontrollable "
      • unsafe

      A plane that should stay grounded and locked in the hanger forever

      This has a good 1500watts of power with a maximum cutting depth of 62mm. It has two handles, with the rear handle having the trigger under it, together with the locking button.
      The footplate can be angled, by loosening the plastic wingnut on the front of the plate, tightening the same nut when you get the angle you want. Or you can leave the footplate level to do a standard straight cut.
      The footplate on this is made of something that looks as tough as steel but in reality it's as strong as that aluminium foil you put in the bottom of your grilling plate to catch the grease from the sausages you're cooking. This plate seeming to move more than it should, which lets this once down right from the start.
      But that's not the worst of this one. The worst thing is that the guard that covers the most dangerous part of this saw, the spinning blade, is made of the same fragile material, which was the main reason that made me want to give this.
      To be honest, i'm usually pretty confident when it comes to using such tools, having grown up with using them, knowing what they, and myself, are capable of doing. But this one seemed to make me nervous each time I used it. When I say nervous, I really mean it scared the beejeebies out of me. The reason being that as soon as the blade began to spin, getting to full power straight away, the entire saw housing began to shake so badly that I was struggling to keep hold to it. And that was before the blade hit the wood I planned on cutting.
      There was just something with this that made me feel like it wanted to take my hand off as soon as pulled the trigger. It's like it's alive, a crocodile on steroids, a piranha with an attitude. It's one of those tools that should not be used by anyone with a nervous disposition as will put them off using power tools forever...

      For the record, I am obliged to tell you the price of this, which I don't want to really as if you bought this due to the low price of £35 - £40.the price sounds good but is it worth losing a few digits if things go wrong?

      To be honest, if I could give this minus stars I would.


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  • Product Details

    Additional front handle with soft-grip for convenient two hand working - Large dust bag for a dust free working area - Adjustment switch for easy adjustment of cutting depth - Front and rear shoe have a v-groove for easy chamfer cutting - Automatic kickstand to protect surfaces from accidental planer contact - Lock off switch for safety - Ergonomic handle design with large soft-grip area for maximum comfort - Die-cast base for high durability Specifications: Width - 82 mm Rebate depth - 0 - 1

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