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Antirhinums Snapdragon

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  • Easy to grow.
  • Colourful.
  • None for me.
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    1 Review
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      12.12.2014 20:35
      Very helpful


      • Colourful.
      • "Easy to grow."


      • "None for me. "

      Easy to Grow, Colourful Flowers


      Antirrhinums are easy flowering plants to grow. Originally they grew without any help from me in our garden. I suspect that either they were wind blown or I have garden birds to thank for dropping the first seeds. Since then, I have exchanged the seed pods from my plants with those of neighbours to get a great array of colours growing all together. Some of my plants are a single colour and other plants have two colours in the same flower.

      Another name for this flower is snapdragon because with slight pressure on the base of a flower it will open like an imaginary dragon’s month. Others nickname the flowers bunny rabbits.

      I live in the warmer south of England, and my soil is naturally clay based. I have improved it a little over many years, by adding sand to help break it up, as well as garden compost.

      They seem happiest in the sunnier parts of my garden, where they are bushier and produce the most flowers. They do grow in my shadier areas, but tend to be spindly as they grow unnaturally taller searching out the light.

      They grow between 1 to 3 feet tall and should be planted 6 to 18 inches apart, according to the size of your variety.


      If growing from seed, you may get good results in reasonable soil, if you just sprinkle them in your flower beds. However, a more reliable way is to put some compost in a tray and sprinkle them on the top of that. They do NOT need covering with another layer of compost as some other seeds do.

      Even without a greenhouse, you can sow in January, February or March and then leave on a sunny windowsill in your home. If you cover the tray with a polythene bag, you will not have to water them so often and it should keep them warmer, but you should still have drain holes in your seed tray.

      When they have grown enough to handle, transplant at least some of the baby plants into small pots so that they have more room to grow. Put them outside only when the last risk of frost has gone.


      I have found antirrhinums one of the easiest and most colourful of flowers to grow.


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