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Bamboo Fargesia Rufa

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1 Review
  • Grows fast
  • Can make a good screen
  • Grows fast
  • Tough to get rid of - really tough
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    1 Review
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      29.09.2015 16:59
      Very helpful


      • "Can make a good screen"
      • "Grows fast"


      • "Tough to get rid of - really tough"
      • "Grows fast"

      Unless you have pet pandas, don't plant bamboo

      If you want a plant that will grow quickly and act as a screen to hide an ugly eyesore or create privacy, then bamboos will do the trick but despite that I really don't recommend growing any bamboo including Fargesia Rufa. People are often tempted to stick some bamboo into gardens that are much too small for them and then regret it a couple of years later. Our neighbours planted a 'small' clump of bamboo when they remodelled their garden, only to leave their successors with an ugly and hard to remove mass of bamboo to deal with. In the process of trying to dig it up, they broke not one but two garden forks. Short of attacking the roots with a thermonuclear device, getting rid of bamboo is never going to be easy (and generally the local parish council don't take kindly to the use of weapons of mass destruction).

      If you have a large garden with plenty of space to spare and you don't mind your bamboo taking over like Japanese knot weed, then knock yourself out. It'll grow more enthusiastically and more quickly than Leyland cyprus. Don't plant it too close to a boundary unless you really want to upset your neighbours as this stuff doesn't respect property rights and will creep under fences in search of new friends.

      The only reason to plant bamboo is if you have pet pandas who need a good supply of fresh shoots. Otherwise, I recommend to do yourself and your neighbours a favour and stay clear of this stuff.


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