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Christmas Rose

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  • Can bloom in Autumn
  • Easy to maintain
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    1 Review
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      29.11.2014 22:26
      Very helpful


      • "Can bloom in Autumn"
      • "Easy to maintain"


      A plant is for life not just for Christmas

      These are not in any way related to the traditional Christmas flower we see pop up in stores left, right or centre [garden specifically] and neither are they related to the rose family, but folklore apparently sits them as Christmas gifts! Hurrah. They make sense.
      Believe it or not these can be poisonous if you use them medically, but please do not to that, it's wrong, what's the point of going to prison eh? However, these are not the poisonous ones! Hurrah. And those ones are hardly available.
      But like I mentioned and will mention further along, these do have medical purposes as we shall discover.

      I received one as a gift, just because of the word 'Christmas' and given as erm.. a Christmas gift, it's the thought that counts.
      Theses are actually really beautiful to grow and reseed through the year.
      However despite these being good to plant in your gardenI found they that are far better indoors and more decorative looking.
      It may just be because I'm still finding what works and what doesn't and this was an indoor plant on this occasion.

      TO GROW
      It is advisable to grow the flower / rose indoors in a plant pot first before transferring it to your garden in a place where there is semi-shade only.
      It is all about trying to balance how much sunlight it gets and the water it receives.
      You will know when to move these from plant pots to outside when there is heavy foliage at the base of the flower.
      Make sure you deadhead them regularly this helps with growth and it can help extra budding.
      These are much better in clay soil and rich soil.
      These lovely Christmas roses seem to attracted snails so put a few drops of Olbas oil or vinegar or even rough stones around the base of the flower or leaves but not actually on the roots or stem.

      Now this is a bit fiddly but if you want your bedding to have these plants in Autumn and Winter then in spring or summer you need to re-pot them, but into larger pots and keep them maybe not indoors but away from direct sunlight and just mulch them with wet leaves don't drench them.

      These are the cheaper Christmas Roses priced average is £3 which is pretty good when you can reseed them and re-pot them, divide the roots to get more plants and give them as gifts too.
      But there are more expensive ones that deliver stronger colours, better stems and more foliage for greater impact.

      These have a few medicinal properties back in the dark ages it was used to treat insanity, but not anymore, in Russia this is used as a weight loss supplement to their diet. However, here many professional gardeners don't recommend you do this and as mentioned this roses does not provide this aspect anymore but seek out your local health stores is you want to know more.

      Other than that I recommend as a great decorative piece for your dinner table.


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