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    1 Review
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      20.02.2007 04:25
      Very helpful



      Can be used to make a tea or smoked

      Damiana - Turnera diffusa - Also known as Turnera aphrodisiaca

      ***The Plant***

      Damiana is a small shrub with small yellow flowers and can be found on dry, sunny, hillsides. The shrub grows around 6 foot and has yellow or red/brown stems, and also prefers hot and humid climates.

      The parts used in medicine are the leaves and the stems, which are taken whilst the shrub is in flower.

      Records from over a 100 year ago have been found mentioning about Damiana, and it was first recorded that the Maya first used Damiana in the treatment of giddiness and loss of balance.

      But over the last 100 years its been used as a aphrodisiac, and Mexican Indians make a drink using the Damiana leaves, this is imported to the USA as a powerful aphrodisiac and it seems to be enjoying big success.

      Damiana was very popular in the 60's after the hippy movement found out about it properties, because if smoked it gave the same feelings as cannabis.

      It is supposed to stimulate the intestinal tract and brings oxygen to the genital area.

      It also increases energy levels which help to restore libido and desire, and also helps to restore the ability to achieve orgasm.

      The parts used in medicine are the leaves and the stems, which are taken whilst the shrub is in flower


      In the traditional herbal medicine world Damiana has quite a varied life and has many uses.

      The Damiana leaves are boiled in water and the vapours inhaled for the relief of headaches.

      It's used as an aphrodisiac, antidepressant, tonic, diuretic, cough-suppressant, and can be used as a mild laxative.

      It has been used for such conditions as depression, anxiety, sexual inadequacy, debilitation, bed-wetting, menstrual irregularities, gastric ulcers, and constipation.

      It's also helps to boost energy levels and helps with Emphysema and impotency, menopause and the medical world thinks it may help with Parkinson's disease.

      Also very valuable remedy can be made to help the nervous system, and is used to enhancing the male reproduction system, as the alkaloids in the plant has a testosteronal effect on the patient.

      The plant also is used for asthma, diabetes, bronchitis, dysentery, headaches, and syphilis.


      Damiana leaves are sometimes smoked for relaxation and has described as similar to those of cannabis and cigarettes are sold around the world as tobacco free.


      Damiana has also been made into a liqueur and also can be used to make an herbal tea ,I have seen this on eBay for sale.

      ***How to make a infusion***


      1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of dried Damiana leaves in a tea pot
      1 cup of boiling water

      1, Boil the water
      2, Put the herbs into the cup/pot
      3, Poor the boiled water over the herbs
      4, Cover the cup or pot
      5, Wait 5-10 minuets
      6, Pour the infusion through sieve
      7, Drink the tea in small sips
      8, Add honey to taste if you need to
      9, Put the old herbs on he compost bin

      2-3 cups a day or get the liquid extract.


      To much taken can cause insomnia and headaches and reduce the absorption of iron.

      People with diabetes should use this plant with caution.

      As with all herbal medicine do your researches before you use it.

      Thanks for reading my reviews, and thankyou for rating them.

      Tashi Delek (May everything be well)

      enlightened_one © 2007


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