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Mango Tree

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The mango is indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent. It is sweet and depending on the cultivar can be pulpy.

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2008 14:30
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      I love any kind of fruit and vegetables and I am quite keen on following the five portions a day rule, to ensure a healthy diet. When it comes to fruit, I have quite an exotic taste and like anything a little bit different, and am normally quite good when it comes to fruit with a rather acquired taste.

      As a rule I wil normally buy a mango and cut it up myself and put in a container and take to work with me, however walking around Tesco, I cam across the pre cut, pre packed portions of fruit and taking a lazy approach I decided to buy a couple for convenience.

      The portions come pre packed in a clear tub with a cellophane lid on the top which you can see right through to the actual product itself, which is good because I like to make sure that when I am going to eat fruit, that it is ripe and there are no dinged bits within it, so by giving the tub a little shake to move the contents around you can ensure that you are buying a perfect product.

      I like to make sure that my fruit is cold when I eat it so I store it in the fridge so it is chilled when I take it out to eat. The product itself is 200g serving which is ample for a snack so you don't have any wastage if you can't it all, and is classed as one of your five servings of fruit and vegetable's a day.

      The mango chunks are very nice. A pale orange in colour and their is no excess juice within the container so the chunks are more edible as sometimes I find when their is excess juice within these kind of products, the product itself starts to go a little slimy and does not taste as good. With mango, it does sometimes have an acquired taste and some people don't like it. To describe the taste is a little difficult, it is sweet, however not to sweet and seems to fit in the middle of melon and papaya in my opinion.

      These packs are great if you want to make smoothies and add other packs of various different products, as they are fresh and taste great when mixed with various other tropical fruits.

      I would definitely recommend to anyone that is a fan of Mango and likes to keep themselves in shape and healthy.


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