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Marshalls Ultimate Windowsill Plant Propagator

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Manufacturer: Marshalls

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2010 19:21
      Very helpful



      Pretty perfect propagator

      Last year I started to grow my own vegetables but it was a bit of a slap-dash job as I only decided to do it at the last minute and therefore I was a bit late with my planting. So this year I decided to get prepared and I asked for this windowsill propagator for Christmas.

      Although I'd had relative success in the past growing seeds in little peat pots and toilet rolls, I wanted something that was easier to manage and maintain. The propagator comes in three parts: a bottom tray to fill with water, a module tray to plant your seeds and a transparent lid that can be turned 90° to allow ventilation.

      The module tray has 49 holes, which is a sufficient amount for the variety of seeds that I wanted to start off indoors. The holes are small but deep to encourage a healthy root system.

      Before I sowed my seeds I drew up a plan on paper so that I knew exactly where I'd planted the different seeds - in the past I managed to mix up my tomatoes and chillies! I then used a marker pen to write on the propagator so that I could match it to my plan no matter which way I turned it.

      Sowing my seeds was easy: I just placed the module tray on top of the bottom tray, before filling it up with seed compost. Then I turned the lid upside down and pressed down on the soil to create holes for my seeds. I had to make the holes deeper for some of my seeds, such as peas, but I did think design of the lid was quite clever. After sowing my seeds and watering them I poured some water into the bottom tray. There are recesses on all four corners to make it easier to pour the water in, but I still managed to spill some. Luckily I had placed the propagator in another tray to catch any stray soil or water, as I didn't want to make a mess all over the carpet in the spare room which is where I'm keeping my propagator. It fits perfectly on the windowsill and as it's a square shape you can turn it any way you like to ensure the plants get an even amount of light.

      When you're ready to transplant your seedlings you just need to pull out the arms on the module tray and the plants will automatically pop-up. In theory this means you can remove young plants with minimal root disturbance. I was worried that I might have some problems if my seedlings wouldn't be ready to transplant all at the same time, but I didn't have any problems removing my peas and bean seedlings when they outgrew the propagator. I simply lifted off the module tray and then used a thick pen to poke the seedling from underneath to loosen it. Out popped a perfectly formed plug plant which I could easily transplant into a bigger pot.

      I love that's it's reusable and dishwasher-safe so you can sterilise it and it's also guaranteed for 12 years, so I think it's a great investment.


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