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A genus of about 400 species of herbs and shrubs.

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2010 18:36



      funky plant but dont hold out too much hope in the winter

      There are numerous different mimosa's. They are typically found in warmer climates. I have seen different versions in cuba, greece, portugal and egypt.

      They typically have a very delicate appearance numerous small leaves and fluffy floaty flowers. That come in the pink, red, white, yellow ranges.

      I am focusing on Mimosa Pudica in this review, This is otherwise known as the 'sensitive plant' this is because if you touch its leaves they fold up together towards its stem as an act up protection against predators.

      I brought a few seeds back from a trip to greece where I first saw these trees and they took very well.
      They were simple to grow. But first sow need to sow the seeds in hot water 60c for 20 minutes. Plant in multipurpose compost, not too deep, and give a sprinkle of water, be careful not to flood the pot, place in a warm window or in a propergator ensuring the seeds dont dry out and have plenty of light. They are best sown in the late spring / early summer. Germination can take up to a month. Once large enough to handle pot up as it gets larger and find a suitable warm and sunny spot. Pot up as it grows.
      You will eventually have a small shrub that has stems of delicate folding leaves and fluffy pinky red balls of flowers.

      The plants however are hard to keep over the winter. As they do not like our cold dark days. So they are hard to keep going. If you have a heated conservatory or greenhouse you may be ok otherwise bring in the house and place in a window. Trying to to let the leaves touch as the cold glass can burn the leaves.


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