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MoreVeg Seeds

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Moreveg / Seed supplier.

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    2 Reviews
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      28.06.2012 18:55
      Very helpful



      A fantastic place to buy seeds!


      Regular readers of my reviews may know that I have a passion for growing salad leaves. In my fairly small garden I am able to be self sufficient most years, including the winter, and this I do by carefully selecting the right varieties. Salad leaves are so easy to grow, and they need only a thin layer of compost underneath them, so they do not require the heavy digging and soil preparation demanded by other crops. Choosing the right varieties is of paramount importance, and I use a number of the less well known seed companies to achieve this. I will look inside the giant catalogues from the major seed producers from time to time, but I much prefer to turn to the lesser known, as there are so many real gems out there including More Veg which I absolutely love.

      More Veg which you can find at www.moreveg.co.uk has found a corner of the market that I feel has been lacking for as long as I can remember. Most small gardeners like myself love to grow vegetables, but we simply don't need 200 seeds to supply our needs, and so More Veg actually produce seeds in small quantities exactly for this reason. Most of their seeds are sold in groups of 20, and they are often as inexpensive as 50p. Not only is this excellent value but it also allows you to try as many different varieties as possible, which I think makes gardening so interesting. I also think it discourages one of my worse gardening habits which is to be too heavy handy with sowing, this enthusiastic behaviour has often meant long sessions pricking out tangled seedlings and inevitably causes waste and some frustration.

      I think many people are worried about the use of small producers from fears over the security aspects of their websites, which is one of the reasons why I love to talk about these kinds of businesses if I have experiences of dealing with them. I can only report positive things about this company who have supplied me with seeds for some years now, and have never let me down so far. I usually pay by PayPal but you can order by post if you prefer, and in my experience despatch times are very quick indeed and the seeds are also supplied with excellent growing instructions.

      The website itself is really user friendly and what I really admire is the constant updating that happens so frequently as new and really obscure varieties become available. This is the place to find that gem which no one else has tried before, and certainly isn't going to pop up in Tesco. I think this is what really got me started some years ago with my salad leaf quest as I love Mediterranean salads and eat them daily. Although I have purchased leaves from the supermarket their keeping qualities are not always ideal, and there is nothing nicer than popping outside just before tea to pick leaves for a salad that will be eaten within half an hour of being harvested.

      The website also has lots of helpful advice about sowing, and the seasonal needs that plants have, so that you can really understand when to sow various varieties to get the best outcome. They also have detailed histories relating to the seed varieties. I have one lettuce with a history dating back to 1800 from South Carolina!

      I also love to grow tomatoes and More Veg really have some fantastic options here and I have had great success with germination from these as with all their seeds. The quality really is excellent and the entire process from ordering to delivery and on from there is 100% positive. Even the postal charges are pegged really low. My latest order was a mere £1.25 for posting as it was under £10, but orders over this amount are completely free.

      The company was formed when a group of gardeners in similar positions to myself got together to see if they could fill this gap in the market, which I think they have done so with such success. I think it is also encouraging to note that they do not use any seeds which are genetically modified and many of the lines are organically sourced.

      I think this company is making gardening accessible to all as it is so much more economical to purchase seeds in this way.

      This hasn't been the easier year for growers in the UK. The weather has been so devastating, but I am still enthusiastic when I see my little seed packages arriving and I can disappear into my potting shed to get started!

      This is an excellent company in every aspect, and hopefully my review will give them some coverage, as unless I had found them some years ago I may still have been in the dark about their existence. Happy Gardening!

      Mrs Rachel Martin
      Hemyock Cullompton
      EX15 3RP



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        25.09.2010 15:15
        Very helpful



        An excellent seed supplier with the personal touch

        Over the last few years I've been changing the nature of my garden from the very labour intensive cottage garden style for the more easily maintained shrubs and bulbs with the odd clump of perennials and a few pots dotted about to add colour where needed. I've still reserved part of the garden for my fruit and veg patch however and, although I'm not quite self sufficient, I've found that what I do grow goes a long way towards cutting down on the shopping bills.

        I tend to be a bit of a seed tart really and don't stick to any one particular supplier as such. As the price of seeds can vary considerably and tends to be on the expensive side, especially when bought from the big boys such as Thompson & Morgan or Mr Fothergill, I like to shop around for the cheapest I can find. I came across MoreVeg when I was browsing through various gardening sites on the internet and as they seemed to have received mainly positive comments from users, I thought I'd give them a try. Most of the seed sold through MoreVeg is organically sourced and none of it has been treated with chemicals and neither is any of it GM (genetically modified).

        Their website (www.moreveg.co.uk) was started by a group of gardeners who felt that they were paying for seed they never used so decided to sell in more realistic quantities. The site is really well laid out and easy to navigate and it's also very informative with tips on what you should be doing in your garden in the current month and there is also a seasonal garden planner which is helpful for newbie gardeners.

        Despite its name, MoreVeg also sells flower seeds (many of which are attractive to insects to help with pollination) and they have a fledgling herb section too.


        This was the clincher for me. Their seed packets begin at 50p for 20 seeds which is more than adequate for most gardeners and is also exceptional value. Delivery to anywhere in the UK is free for orders over £6 and only 95p for orders under that limit. In my experience, it's very easy to get carried away on this site and have found my orders always comes to over the £6 mark!

        For non-Brits, MoreVeg now sell to EU countries too, although there is a postage and packing charge of £1.75 for orders under £5 and £2.50 for orders over that amount.

        Payment is made either online through Paypal, for which it isn't necessary to have your own Paypal account, or it's possible to pay by cheque by selecting that option when you go through the checkout and then post your payment.

        My opinion:

        MoreVeg have definitely become my seed supplier of choice. The website, as I've already said, is very user friendly and informative. I know some people are a little wary of buying from smaller outlets on the internet but I can assure you this site is a bona fide business and full contact details are given on the website, including address and telephone number.

        The ordering process is simple, delivery is very fast and the product quality is beyond excellent. The choice of seed varieties available may not be quite as huge as the larger seed suppliers offer but these varieties have all been chosen for their flavour, yields and reliability. That doesn't mean that MoreVeg always play it safe with the varieties on offer as there are plenty of new F1 hybrids and more unusual vegetables to tempt you.

        The checkout facility on the website couldn't be simpler and ordering was a breeze. It also seemed as though I'd no sooner placed my first order and paid for my seeds than the postman was pushing them through my letter box! All the seeds are well packed and come with very detailed growing instructions.

        As for product quality, because this is, or at least I suspect it is, more or less a one woman business, seed quality is superb. These seeds have probably been hand graded and packed which means they are far more uniform in size than would be expected from a larger seed supplier where the seed is generally machine graded and where there can often be quite a variation in size, quality and viability.

        I can certainly vouch for the viability of MoreVeg seeds too. From the packets I bought and sowed this year, I reckon I had about 90% of the seeds sown germinate, which is a pretty good percentage in anyone's books. The seedlings which died off were down to poor gardening rather than poor quality seed and those which grew to maturity were all healthy and productive plants.

        I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company. I really consider MoreVeg to be one of my "finds" of the year. I've bought seeds from them a couple of times now and have been totally satisfied with the service I've received and the product sold on each occasion. In fact, I've already put in my order for the coming season. I suspect this is quite a small operation and seed stocks may be fairly limited, so I decided to shop early for 2011.


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