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Passion Fruit

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Type: Fruits / Class: Other

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2009 18:40
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      Passion fruit, or Passiflora edulis, is an exotic fruit grown in warm climates. It is of a very dark purple appearance and looks similar to a large fig.

      Whenever I go shopping I always have to check out the reduced section. Last week while in Tesco, I noticed a pile very strange looking fruits. Initially I thought they were figs but upon closer inspection I realised that they were passion fruits. I had tried passion fruit once before but couldn't remember much about it so thought I'd grab one while they were cheap (35p).

      My son immediately turned his nose up at it, quite understandable though - they are not the prettiest of fruits! It stood on my kitchen counter until the next evening when I thought that I'd better try it as I had a low date on it. I'm usually terrible for leaving things until they are past their sell by date, then having to throw them away!

      Hmmm, what do I do with it? Well, I tried the simplest approach - chopped it in half and grabbed a spoon!

      If you have never eaten a passion fruit before you will get quite a shock upon opening it! Frogspawn comes to mind, lol!

      The fruit is vaguely similar to an orange in it's composition.
      You start with a flexible but stiff outer shell, around twice the thickness of orange peel and a little harder on the outside. As it is thicker, it is not peelable.
      You will then find a thin white skin, just like an orange skin but instead of being in sections it is just one large layer of skin spearating the fruit from the shell.
      Attatched to the skin are dark pips, covered in a thick orange mucus
      (gross, huh?). This covers the entire layer of skin and the centre of the fruit is hollow.

      If you dare eat it after that, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! It certainly has a tropical flavour and tastes a little like mango with a bit of a kick. Well, a LOT of a kick actually! It is extremely Tangy and quite acidic. It is a sweet fruit but it has such a strong flavour that it really overpowers the taste and some people will be put off by this.

      Passion fruit really isn't a fruit to be eaten on it's own. Well, unless you really wanted to! I love very strong tastes but even I feel that this fruit needed to be eaten as an accompaniment rather than the main attraction! Ice-cream was the first thing to come to mind when trying this fruit, I feel that it would be a great match with the light, creamy taste of ice-cream. It is also great for cooking with and will go well in a number of desserts.

      It is a very distinct taste and if you have ever tried anything passion fruit flavoured then you will immediately recognise it. I have tried many items with passion fruit and every thing has perfectly matched the taste, all be it a diluted version.

      I bought my fruit reduced at 35p but I have had a look online and they retail at £1-1.44 for a four pack or 45-75p individually.

      I would buy this fruit again as I really like the taste but I will wait until I have a yummy recipe to try out as it is not really an everyday fruit and is better suited as part of a dessert.

      Overall - a very nice fruit. It looks a little strange but has a great taste. It is definitely an acquired taste though, so may not be for you.


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