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Suttons Grow Your Own Italian Flavours

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Brand: Suttons / Plants Type: Seeds

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2013 09:54
      Very helpful



      Easy for anyone, a bit of fun and some beautiful herbs to show for it.

      Over the years I've had various attempts at "growing my own", only a small scale and without much success. These "grow your own" pots have given me the best results and over the last few weeks I've really been enjoying the fruits of my labours - and pretty tasty they've been! The herbs I grew were flat leaf parsley, sweet basil and coriander.

      The concept is that everything required to grow the herbs is contained within a pot - similar to a slightly oversized large yoghurt pot which is the actual pot to grow the plants in. So the pots come full of soil and with a little paper packet of the seeds. The instructions are printed on each pot and couldn't be simpler - sow the seeds into the soil in the pots, water, pop the lids back on and leave in a warm, light place. The notes say that shoots should appear within either 7 or 14 days, depending on what they are, and when that happens, simply remove the lids.

      Sure enough, within a week, little shoots were popping up in the basil and coriander pots, and these grew steadily over the next week. The parsley was about a week behind. After that, the actual herb leaves started to appear among the 'seed leaves' and it was time to pop the individual plants into separate pots. I didn't have lots of little pots so I put 4 or 5 in larger pots outside and continued to water regularly (they were rained on!).

      The sweet basil was the biggest success, but for one reason only - slugs/snails didn't appear to like it. To my dismay, within 2 days of being put outside, the blighters had located my pots and eaten every visible shred of my beautiful bright green coriander. They also started on my parsley but I quickly spotted that and put a stop to their antics!

      The little plants continued to thrive once I had placed them out of the temptation zone. They grew into nice sized plants similar to those which are sold in supermarkets within about 4 weeks. The only problem was that having planted them all at the same time, I should really have foreseen I would have far too much basil than we could logically use! Good news for the family as I shared them out and we had some really great crop of beautifully flavoured sweet basil for weeks. In fact, the basil are still going, which is at least a couple of months now.

      The rescued parsley didn't constitute a great harvest, but we still had some beautiful parsley from it, and I will certainly know better for next time.

      These little pots are a very easy and apparently foolproof way to grow your own herbs, and online they seem to retail at less than £1 per pot, so they also offer excellent value if you can use or pass on the plants. Mine were a gift bought from a local garden centre, but they are also on Amazon and there's a variety of herbs and plants available.


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