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The Pocket Garden Organic Mint

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2 Reviews
  • The idea is very good
  • The mint it made was weak and not pleasing to cook with
  • It did not grow healthy
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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2015 21:26
      Very helpful


      • "The idea is very good"


      • "The mint it made was weak and not pleasing to cook with"
      • "It did not grow healthy"

      The Pocket Garden Mint

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a kit for you to grow your own mint plant. Everything you need is in the kit and you grow the mint in the packet so you have to be careful how you open it.


      There is a bag of compost in the packet and a small packet of seeds and all you have to do is empty the compost into the bag and sow the seeds. Water it and then keep the soil moist until the mint starts to grow through, it does not take very long for you to get a sprouting and then you should take care of it by watering thoroughly one time every day.


      I was gifted this set by a friend and was very disappointed because the plant that I grew was very small even when I transplanted it into a bigger pot. The mint taste of the small leaves was not very nice and it did not taste fresh or clean like mint you grow yourself should.

      The plant grew fast but it did not thrive and I was unhappy with the results so I did not care that it died because I did not want to use the leaves in my cooking because of the weak and unpleasing flavour.

      The colour of the plant was not healthy also but I liked the silver packet that you turned into a pot and thought it looked nice in my kitchen.


      I think this is a good idea but it did not work for me and I would not like to have another one and hope that no one ever buys me one again.

      1 Dooyoo Heart.


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      07.03.2011 20:27
      Very helpful



      A nice gift for someone

      ==Pocket Garden - Organic Mint==

      I am a keen kitchen gardener and at the moment I have a whole host of things growing in my kitchen. Unfortunately we don't have our own garden as we live in a flat and growing things in the communal garden works out too difficult. So because of this I tend to stick to growing things that can be kept in the kitchen and survive (even if for a short period!).

      I saw this Pocket Garden - Organic Mint for sale on the Motor Neurone Disease Association shop pages and thought it was a nifty idea to give for gifts a couple of Christmases ago and of course seeing as it was such an appealing idea couldn't help getting one for myself ( but hey it was going to charity too!).

      The price at the time was £6.99p but having had another look online I can see you can pick it up for around £5 from various other sites although I haven't seen them for sale in shops on the high street as yet. I think the price is a little expensive as the do sell similar items in Poundland (for £1 obviously) but seeing as it went to the MND association and claimed to be organic I didn't mind paying that bit more for it.

      The idea of the product is simple and it consists of a single foil pouch which holds the required amount of compost (which is organic) and the seeds to plant in it to grow the mint. All you need do it to snip off the top of the foil pouch carefully and not too much as it is best to leave a fair bit of excess pouch in order to hold the mint when growing. Inside the pouch the organic compost already seems a little moist but this will need further watering after sewing the mint seeds. The seeds are held within a separate little paper type wrapper which is easy to tear open and get all the seeds out.

      You need to pop the seeds around a 1 cm or so into the compost and then add a little water. Simple and so easy jack did it all on his own (with me supervising). Then you sit back and wait for the seeds to start growing. The bag is best kept on a window sill so that it gets the warmth and the light that the seeds need to grow. Once they do sprout you do get a lot of seedlings that ideally should be removed from the little pouch in order to get the best from the growth of the mint but they can also be left in the bag to grow as well. Leaving them in the bag of course doesn't give the best amount or quality of mint that you can get as mint will tend to spread like wild fire if planted in the garden. However with limited garden space and a constant demand for it in my Mojito's I left the mint in the pouch and was fairly happy with my "crop".

      The mint didn't really seem to be much different from any other I have grown in pots or bags like this and I couldn't really tell that it was organic but knowing it is always a bonus. It would say that after the three or so weeks it took to grow to full size the space in the pouch was limited and just using it in the way that I did seemed to be a rather expensive way of having fresh mint in the kitchen. However the idea is a novel one and like I said I bought them for gifts initially and the recipients seemed to be fairly happy with the product as a gift plus it was from a charity website. I don't think I would have been prepared to pay this price had it not been on a charity website and on the whole I probably won't be buying them again but I think as a quirky gift it was pretty good.

      For all those reasons I think a good score of 3 out of 5 stars is in order and a slight recommendation (if purchased from a charity) is in order for this little pocket garden.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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