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    1 Review
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      01.11.2006 16:56
      Very helpful




      You may ask yourself why I spent this amount of money on a big television, but the truth is there's nothing like a bigger, badder television is there and it is the closest feeling you will ever get to going to the cinema,and the truth is I wasn't the one who spend the cash it was my parents which is even better as I get to watch it when there not around and I get to save up for more important things.


      When we chose to pick our plasma tv, my father asked me what makes of plasma tv were the best these days as he knew nothing at all about the new technology. The first words that came out of my mouth were LG as I knew these were a good maker of computer based monitors as I already have one and know they are superb with a clean crisp picture and good sound.

      When looking around on the internet, I found two which I thought were possibilities and that my dad may like.One had a 50 inch screen and the other was a 42 inch and these both had a silver finish and had freeview built in and this was a good factor and enabled my dad to cancel N.T.L (CABLE).After carefully looking at the two tv's, my dad said he liked the look of the specifications of the 42 inch version so later that week we decided to have a look at the tv in a shop before we made any big decisions. After all, there is nothing like seeing the television in the flesh.


      Later that week me and my father jumped in the car and headed to our nearest Dixons and lucky for us they had one set up ready.On first glance the tv just oozes quality and a 42inch screen really is big. Me and my dad were smiling when we looked at the quality of the screen and when dvd's were demonstrated there was so much detail that dad thought it wasn't a dvd but that it was one of the new BLUE RAY versions (A NEWER VERSION OF THE DVD PLAYER), We both fell in love with the tv there and then and to make things better the tv also included surround sound speakers.

      Screen size 42'' Screen size measured diagonally from corner to corner in inches.

      Screen format 16:9 Aspect ratio 16:9 is the standard for HDTV and most DVD video formats, better known as Widescreen. 4:3 aspect ratio is standard for normal PC monitors & Televisions.

      HDTV ready High Definition Television displays a picture with a much higher resolution than a standard television set, dramatically improving the picture quality. This is achieved by an increased number of lines.

      Pixel resolution 1024x768 Display quality defined by the number of individual dots (pixels) used to create an image. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the image quality.
      Built-in speakers Yes
      Power output (watts) 30 Maximum power output that the television can produce, measured in watts.

      Tuner Analogue & digital (DVB)

      Integrated Freeview

      On screen display Graphic displays which appear on the TV screen to guide through the various settings and controls (On Screen Display)

      Sleep timer A function that allows the unit to turn itself off after a set period of time.

      Component video input is Used to send very high quality signals from a DVD player to a Television. Higher quality than SCART but carries video signal only, a separate cable must be used to carry sound.


      When I got home me and my dad logged onto the laptop and had a good search for the model we wanted, which was the LG Electronics 42PC1R After less than a couple of minutes I found the tv on a site called tv and video direct www.tvandvideodirect.com at a price of £919.81 with a delivery charge of £34.99 as this was the cheapest site we found the tv on we decided to buy from this site as the reviews from opinion sites site were very high .

      In 4 days, the box was delivered on a door step after we arranged a delivery date which was suitible for us. On opening the box we found that it was really easy to set up as there weren't many cables to plug in, only the dvd player and the aerial cable.Upon switching the tv on, I found that the the tv automaticly tuned into all the channels and within 10mins of us opening the box we were watching freeview

      You really wont beleive how short an amount of time it takes to set up the tv we were fully pleased with are choice of tv and it is a full part of our household now, even though we have yet to find the right place to put it. The image quality and sound are really amazing especially whilst watching dvd as the picture is crystal clear. I would recommend this tv to anyone who wants a good reasonable plasma tv. Sound quality on surround sound is wonderful.

      The tv also comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty this is usualy standard on most electrical products tho but there is the option when purchased of a 3 year Extended Warranty for the price of £319.00 which when purchased gives you a full 4 years parts and labour warranty.I would always advise you purchase the extra 3 years as from exsperiance electrial items always last just after the warranty period before they breakdown


      A wise choice.


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