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    2 Reviews
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      12.02.2010 10:55
      Very helpful
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      50 inch plasma excellent tv nice and big!

      First of all i must say this tv is huge!! I was quite surprised when it arrived as it didnt look that big in the shop.

      The picture quality is excellent and although it says its 720p it accepts 1080p input. I have this connected to my sky hd box and the colour vibrance and picture quality is outstanding. I previously had a 37" Lcd tv and i must say the quality of plasma is 10 times better!

      Unfortunately just as the 1 year warranty expired the internal power supply weent faulty and cost £200 to be repaired. I would advise to take out extended warranty!

      connectivity is adequate though i would have liked to see more Hdmi ports on the back as i find 2 is not enough. Other connections include 2x scart 1x composite 1x vga 1x optical.

      This tv is as good as half the premium manufacterer tv sets but half the price. i would highly recommend


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        09.02.2010 21:45
        Very helpful



        50 inch Plasma TV.

        'LG 50PC55 Plasma TV'
        I will start off by saying that I am a big fan of movies and TV in general. Hence why I own a 50 inch Plasma TV. I have always been a fan of technology and in the case of TV's, I have always tried to keep up with the latest models.

        With regards to this particular model, I have now owned it for 2 years and 3 months and am still very happy with my purchase.
        How I came about this TV is quite funny really, as I will go on to tell.

        At the beginning I already had a very good TV, it was a top of the range 32 inch Toshiba Tube model, so as you can imagine, it was bloody big, but it cost me an arm and a leg and I loved it. Now at that particular time, Plasma and LCD TVs were starting to really come into fashion and also coming down in price from their original mark ups of over £3000!!!
        I had been on at my wife for some time to let me get one, but unfortunately she doesn't share my love of the whole big screen viewing experience. But one day I decided to take my son out with me and have a bit of a stroll around Comets, as you do, checking out all the latest tech stuff, and like destiny, oh yes destiny, I came face to face with what can only be described as fate.
        Smack bang in front of my face as I turned a corner, was a 50 inch LG plasma TV, but not just any old TV, no, no, no, this one was part of a managers special for that particular day and was on offer for £799.
        As you may be thinking yourselves, that price is completely different to what is stated in the description in the Dooyoo catalogue, well you would be right. At that time, the difference in price was the same, and I knew it.
        Now, I'm not always flippant with my money, but that was something I couldn't resist, and you can imagine my wife's face when I turned up an hour later with the incredibly big box in the back of my 4x4 (I'll leave that story for another time)

        Anyway, the TV itself.
        I had always been dubious about buying a Plasma in the past because of all the things I had heard about them. Ie, if a picture stays on the screen for too long the image burns into the screen. I know this can occur, but generally the image has to stay in one place (like an icon) and not move for hours and hours, even then, it's not that noticeable, I have personally never had any problems with this. And I can tell you now, as I've also got a small LCD TV, the picture quality on a Plasma is far superior to that of an LCD.

        The sound quality on this TV is great. It doesn't have any special features that allows it to throw the sound over your head behind you, and it doesn't come with surround sound, but you can play about with some functions that allow you to choose between settings such as, movie sound, music sound, stadium sound, theatre sound. I personally can't tell an amazing difference between these, but there is a slight difference if you listen hard.

        The picture sizing is standard. You have options to go widescreen, cinema zoomx1/x2, 16:9, or box.

        With regards to picture quality, there are multiple settings that allow you to play able with the picture to get it as clear as possible, ie, colour, darkness etc. When I got the TV I played about with these for ages to get the best picture, but what you must remember is that with any Plasma screen, if you move it, hang it or do anything that involves changing its position, you have to allow at least 3 days for the gases held within the TV to settle. These gases are what give you the crystal picture, and if they are unsettled in anyway, the picture doesn't get good again for like I said, at least 3 days, regardless of what others say, this is something I know from experience.
        I also have a friend that has a 37 inch LCD TV with HD from sky, and I could swear my picture is clearer.

        The remote control is like most out there, of average size but admittedly of a sleak appearance, in black. It has all the buttons you would expect including the options to link matching LG DVD and Video players to it, for a one control experience.

        Having a 50 inch screen is not as big as it may sound either. Mine is on a wall about 7 feet away from my main sofa, and although it took a few weeks to get used to it at first, I have no problems with the large screen being that closer distance whatsoever now. I have many relatives and friends that often come over and they also have now got used to it. So if your thinking it's too big for your room, maybe have another look!!

        This TV comes with a good stand, but you can buy a bracket for about £99 and hang it on your wall, like I said, that is how I have mine.

        You can't beat Plasma TVs for picture quality as far as I am aware, and with regards to others opinions out there that they don't last, I have had mine for nearly a year and a half with no problems, and I also have a friend with a similar TV that he has had for nearly 5 years. That's better than some tube TVs I've had in my time.

        All in all, I love my TV and will keep it for as long as it holds out. Although I paid a fantastic price for it, I still think it is amazing value for money at the price it is now. But if you shop around, I have seen varying prices from £900 up to £1200, so shop around!!!! Type in the model description on the internet and see what matches you get!

        100Hz widescreen.
        HD Ready.
        2x HDMI.
        1080p input.
        15000:1 contrast ratio.
        Dolby Digital.
        AV sockets.
        3 Scart sockets.
        Ariel socket.


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