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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2011 12:06
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars

      Since the beginning of last year my husband has been talking about getting a new and bigger TV, but between moving home, getting a puppy and all the other regular bills it was never the right time. Finally a couple of months ago we decided that we would bite the bullet and invest in a new and much larger TV. We went from having a 32 inch TV to this huge 50 inch plasma.

      When the TV was delivered to our door I was slightly taken aback by the sheer size of the box, we ordered it from online so I was a little concerned about it making its way safely to our door. However, it was packaged well and I really didn't have any reason for concern.

      The TV was easy enough to get set up onto its stand but it really did require two people as the size, shape and weight of the TV make it a bit of difficult object to lift and manoeuvre. We are planning on eventually getting it wall mounted, hopefully within the next couple of months. Personally, I think this TV is going to look so much better when it is on the wall and it will make the room look tidier.

      When it was unpacked and in place I was surprised by how little TV there actually was, our last TV was a flat screen TV but it looks so chunky next to the razor appearance of this one. It is amazing how much slimmer this TV is and the TV screen comes very close to the edge of the TV. The small areas of the TV that aren't screen are a shiny black plastic, which is nice and attractive. However, the stand which is made of a similar shiny black plastic is a dust magnet. I find that I have to clean this almost daily to keep it looking shiny and pristine. This in itself is an inconvenience but in no way puts me off this great TV.

      There are a lot of plugs and room for cables in the back of this TV, we have it hooked up to a surround sound system, a blu ray player, a sky box and of course the Xbox. It's always best to check that the TV is compatible and has room for everything that you need it to do. For those that want to know specifics you can easily find details about the TV on Amazon, Dixons and many other online stores.

      The sound of the TV was fine for watching everyday TV programmes, but it wasn't that great for gaming (all according to my husband). Since we have a surround sound system now we don't need to purely rely on the TV stereos but this is worth bearing in mind and checking out before you buy. We found that this TV was available to see on Comet's showroom floor which was great at having a closer look and listen to it before we bought it.

      Being a plasma TV you have to be careful for the first 100 hours of its life and not leave it on anything that could burn an image onto the screen. As I have been warned don't leave it on the sky channel selection area for too long, however, this is more something to bear in mind than worry about.

      If I had one complaint with this TV it would be that sometime there can be a bit of glare and you can clearly see your own reflection while watching the TV. However, this is easily taken care of by dimming the lights or closing the curtains. I don't notice it that much because if I am enjoying the TV programme I am usually pretty absorbed, but my hubby finds this a bit annoying when he is gaming, where there is a lot of dark screens. This is maybe something else to bear in mind when you are deciding where in your room to place the TV.

      On this TV we can watch 'You Tube' and recently when some friends were round we were watching some film trailers online for movies that we might like to see. I also really like that we can watch BBC iplayer (and BBC HD iplayer) on this and it looks and works very well. These are just a few other features that didn't sway which TV we were going to buy but are fun extras.

      The control that it comes with is rather nice looking, slim and functional. The TV also seems pretty well designed and changing the settings or switching over to watch a blu-ray are all easy and uncomplicated. The TV also remembers the settings for different devices, so my husband sets sound and picture preferences for the Xbox that are stored and recalled by the TV every time he changes over to that output.

      There are quite a few small features about this TV that I really like, simple things like the volume control. When you increase or decrease the volume it is depicted as a circular image with the number in the middle and it indicates how far around the circle is and how loud it is. This is just a nice alternative to the usual bar rating system that is present on most TV's I have owned in the past.

      We have quite a large living room so this TV fits in nicely and it feels comfortable to watch. It is recommended that you need a certain amount of feet between you and the TV for the most comfortable viewing distance, it is always worth checking these out before you buy a new TV.

      Importantly, the TV is nice to watch, the colour, picture and clarity all seem excellent. I really notice the difference more on this screen when watching a blu-ray rather than a DVD than I ever did on the older TV. This really is a nice TV to watch.

      As with all TV's this was an expensive purchase and hopefully one that we won't need to make again for years to come. We bought this online for around £630 and my husband was pleased with the price. You really do get a lot of TV for your money.

      Despite my initial fears that this TV would be too big and take over my entire living room I have been more than happy with it from the moment it was turned on. It is a great looking and stylish TV that works well, is easy to use and generally good value for money. I firmly believe that this TV deserves a well earned five out of five stars. I would happily recommend this TV to anyone else.

      If there are any specific details that I have left out and I am sure there are, I apologise as I am not an overly techie person and this TV doesn't really require any great skills to work.

      Additional information

      LG 50PK590 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 600Hz Plasma Internet TV with Freeview HD
      USB port
      4 HDMI Inputs
      Wifi And DLNA compatability


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        25.10.2010 01:14
        1 Comment



        Wonderful TV at a great price. Clear picture, sounds great and can use it in many ways.

        We bought this TV and absolutely love it. Not only does it have a superb screen with wonderful clarity, it has great sound. We have not had a single problem with it. One of my favorite features from this TV, (being the first one we got to bring us out of the dinosaur age of clunky large tv's) is that I can not only hook up the DVD player, but Can hook up the computer, and use my online movie / show (Netflix) to watch whatever we want whenever we want. I know this is a pretty common feature with a lot of TV's now but I have to say I was impressed that We are able to do that. With a mounting kit we have it securely hooked straight up to the wall, so it is out of the way and in doing that it makes our living space much larger.
        All in all I have to say I love this TV and would suggest it for anyone! Easy to use, nice to look at, sounds great and have a great video quality.


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