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Samsung PS-42C450

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    6 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 14:57



      Great tv amazing quality

      My old tv recently broke down, it was a 20" Maxim. When I saw this online I had been looking at several models and this one had the best combination of features and price. I wanted a HD ready television which was at a reasonable price and looked good. I was worried that such a large tv would swamp my living room, as I live in a two bedroomed terraced house but I need not have worried. This tv because of its thin, sleek design doesnt look bulky at all. In fact now I've gone for a 42 inch I could never go back to anything smaller! I've been truely spoilt with this tv, the picture is crisp and the features are excellent in particular the game settings. They are epic. When the tv is in game mode the picture is lighter and the sound more dynamic. I play platform and rpg games mainly and these settings really do make a difference. Its so much easier to see whats going on around you and the sound quality is amazing. You can of course cutomize these settings, the only drawback is that maybe you have too much choice with the settings which isnt really that much of a problem. I also love how you can link ths tv to your laptop or p.c to watch video's, dvd's and view pictures. Its great if you have friends round and want to show off some recent holiday or ngiht out pictures. I would definately recommend this tv to anyone.


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      13.10.2011 10:12
      Very helpful



      Top notch tv

      Samsung PS-42C450 Plama TV

      Purchased this for £450 which I thought was a good deal for a brand of this top notch quality.
      It looks the business with a 42" high gloss, slim design widescreen. I bought this tv and it was bought to be put up in the kitchen. It has proved to be so good I am thinking of taking it down and replacing it with the Goodmans widescreen tv I have in the lounge.

      The spec no this tv was good it came HD ready (and 3D) has a USB 2.0 for watching movies also HDMI. Widescreen with fanastic saturated colours on screen. The 3D and HD are such a bonus and are of exceptionally high quality. Resolution is 1024 x 768 - of note it is a 720p as opposed to the full 1080 but at that price and for that quality I wouldn't quibble. Also comes with freeview tuner. Dimensions for it are:

      Height 63.09 cm
      Width 103.1 cm
      Depth 6.96 cm
      Weight 17.48 Kg - found no problem with it going up on the wall.

      Has all the normal output connectors for your scart leadt (21 pin); 2 HDMI's, also socket points for 2 headphones. Also point for a headphone in the front which I have found useful when wanting to watch something noisy late at night. AV socket and also a PC input socket; also has a sleep timer for those times you fall asleep on the sofa - we've all done it!

      One of the other reasons I got this is because it is incredibly energy efficient - uses 1 watt on standby and as I leave it on standby most of the time I did not want it burning money.

      The clarity of sound is excellent - it is crystal clear no muffling or crackling that I have experienced on my Goodman tv. But one would it expect the sound to be good as it has a dolby sound system.
      If you shop around you could get this at a better deal than I got however I was in a hurry as the builders were in and I wanted the cables chased to the walls so made a speedy but ultimately wise purchase.

      A cracking plasma tv at a deal of a purchase price. Grab a bargain and feel confident in your purchase. Would I buy again? You bet!

      If you shop around you can get this item for somewhat cheaper than I paid for it (principally online though).

      While package came with remote control (2 x 3AAA batteries which were including) and complete with pedastal. All in all a great purchase.


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        21.06.2011 11:17
        Very helpful



        A beautiful TV that will give you hours and hours of viewing pleasure...

        OK I may have a bit of a biased hat on whilst writing this review because I adore Samsung products. However, I can honestly say that having bought this TV over three years ago I have had no need to even think about changing the home entertainment set up in my lounge, as this TV is quite simply stunning.

        Although it's not 'full HD' as I understand it (1080p), the 720p 600Hz output handles my PS3 HD gaming as well as Blu Ray movies flawlessly - the graphics are deep, rich and hit you with a superb viewing experience. In fact, there are three HDMI ports and the controller has a handy HDMI button which allows you to flick through those three HDMI channels easily. This is a really great feature if you're looking at connecting SKY+ HD, a PS3 and an XBOX 360 for example.

        For standard Freeview boxes there is the one 21 PIN SCART input on the rear of the telly and two yellow (video)/red (audio)/white (audio) connections as well that could take a Nintendo Wii or original XBOX for example.

        The TV comes with a stand, pictured, as well as the standard slots to house a wall mount on the back. Mine sits on a TV case in the corner of the room but if you do have the space to wall mount I would recommend it.

        The only slight grimace I have with this television is the sound quality, which is fine to a point, but loses the bass response at the top end which is a bit disappointing if you've settled in with the curtains drawn and got a Blu Ray fired up. However, a decent Surround Sound System which really does Blu Ray movies justice is simple to connect and these days you can pick one up for under a hundred pounds...which leads me on to the price of this set...

        Price: Richer Sounds are currently offering this TV for £299 plus £25 delivery, which for me is an absolutely fantastic deal. If you're looking for a new set for the lounge or even a cheeky bedroom purchase, this TV will not disappoint you.

        Out Of The Box: You'll need a friend to haul the TV out and set it up on its stand and be warned it is rather heavy. And don't forget the batteries for the remote - a couple of AA.


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        23.01.2011 14:43
        Very helpful



        Its time to go digital guys!

        BBC2 is being switched off forever on March 11th in my region! Our local transmitter will no longer broadcast normal analogue television from the end of April, BBC gone by April 14th. We never had Channel 5. Its something we all knew was coming but already upon us, alarming so, the idea that everyone is ready for the big switchover another story, one or two pensioners about to be in for a big surprise! But the nature of the broadcast signal is both analogue and digital cant co-exist at the levels required to use both and so the digital one will be boosted up and so swamp the other one in the spring, the other one turned off. If you don't have a digital receiver in your TV and the appropriate aerial or cable then now is the time to start getting it organised, especially if you live in the Sandy Heath Transmitter area. Apart from Sky and Virgin there is also the Freesat option to receive digital, like Sky, a dish clamped to the side of your house and all the snobbery that goes with it. Whatever you choose there's no more One Show in the East Midlands from April (hooray!)

        So, should I buy the Freeview box and wire it up to my old telly or go for the all-in-one. My telly is getting on and it worryingly went off the other day and there was a white dot still in the middle, not a good sign. So, new telly it is and that means a flat screen with built in digital set box tuner technology, the latest tech! I had a £300 budget and after shopping around some it was decided on this little baby, the Samsung PS 42C450. It had the required built in freeview tuner and although quite heavy, has sat nicely atop of the table stand it comes with, not like lugging around the old fridge the old box tellies handled like. It's no surprise that TV theft has spiked of late.

        -Vital statistics-

        Package Size (WxHxD): 1285 x 745 x 220mm
        Set Size (WxHxD) with Stand: 1031 x 695.5 x 284.5mm
        Set Size (WxHxD) without Stand: 1031 x 631 x 69.5mm

        Package weight: 24.5kg
        Set weight with stand: 19.5kg
        Set weight without stand: 17.5kg

        The 42" inch screen was a little out my price range but it looks its size and fills the corner of the bedroom nicely, the sale price of 25% off from Dixon's the clincher. It has the HD button to show subscription HD telly, the next big selling point rammed down your throat for your cable bundle deals, but no 3D or wifi connectivity. You have to pay extra for HD to come down your wire and 3D telly so you need to think about those extras in your spec. It has some spare SCART things in the back. The thing with HD, like the early plasma big screens, unless you really lucky and pay top dollar the picture is actually worse on those jumbo tellies than smaller ones. My brother has a 60 inch monstrosity nailed to the wall in the main room and you feel like a drug dealer when the beer comes out the fridge! When sport is on and the camera is following the ball it's all swirly and disorientating and certainly not worth the £1400 he paid for it. He claims he didn't fall for the old trick of buying a TV that looked very clear in the shop window but he did. Always do your research on high-def deals guys.

        So with the new Samsung strategically placed between the waterbed and Jacuzzi it was time to flick away and enjoy the wonders of digital TV! The last red button I had in my bedroom was my Manchester United supporters pin back at my mum's house in 1976!
        Straight away the picture is very good, clean and bright, crisp and no wobble or wibble, a revelation to someone who has never had a brand new telly. This is the best TV picture I have ever seen, apart from those show tellies in the window of Dixon's, of course. It really is rather cool and much sharper than I had hoped, Andy Murray and the tennis almost cheerful! It may be down to the digital signal and I can't compare this to any other telly but for £299 I'm very happy.

        Screen Size: 42" (107cm)
        Resolution: 1024 x 768
        Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega DCR
        Wide Color Enhancer
        Film Mode (Cinema Progressive)
        Number of colors(expressed): Natural True Color (18bit)

        Another issue with Freeview and digital is you MUST have two digi-tuners to record a programme on one channel and watch something different on another telly. You can get a wireless ready box to send the signal to other tellies but with only one tuner you have to watch the same telly. As malleable as digital is once its inside the box it cant be everywhere at once like analogue was. I had no real problem with analogue to be honest, like I did tape cassettes, but the government has decide it's the digital age and so well have to change. Buying a box with a tuner alongside your built in one in the telly will sort your problem, if not your looking at over £120 for a twin tuner digi-box or DVD player with built in freeview.


        Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
        Auto Channel Search
        Auto Power Off
        Auto Volume Leveler
        Clock & On/Off timer
        Game mode
        OSD language: Europe 25 Languages
        Picture-in-Picture: 1 Tuner PIP
        Sleep Timer
        USB: Movie
        Digital Noise Filter: Yes
        Teletext (TTXT): Mega TTX (version)
        Power Saving (Hot key): Yes

        So, great telly and a nice clear picture and digital signal, an ideal family TV. There is no need to have jumbo TVs as it just distorts the picture and it makes more sense to keep the screen a sensible size. With various Video gaming and HD and plasma extras you can mess around with the fade on the screen and plenty of split screen options to watch different channels at the same time. The only negative you may have with digital TV is if your area has a weaker digital signal until it's all switched on nationally and so the picture my fragment now and then when tuning it up.


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          21.12.2010 21:56



          Great TV

          My previous TV was pretty old - circa 1950 I think, so when it came to treating myself to a new Plasma TV, I was like a child in the proverbial sweet shop. After much debate, I settled on the Samsung 42" model, and I'm wonderfully happy with it ever since.
          Firstly, it was very simple to set up, even for a technical amateur like myself. The instructions were clear, and once the cables were attached to the DVD player, and plugged into the arial socket, it was just a case of switching it on and easily locating the channels. Honestly - all incredibly simple.
          And the picture doesn't disappoint at all. The colours are sharp and vivid, and 42 inches is plenty for a small to medium room. In fact, the TV has become the central point of attraction in my living room. In black, and on a matching black stand, it looks pretty impressive (apart from the fact the dust shows!!).

          For sure there's always bigger and better products on the market, but you can pick this model up at a reasonable price, and from a value for money perspective, its a great buy...!!!


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            19.06.2010 17:06
            Very helpful



            At this price it was an excellent buy.

            I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for the world cup and have not been dissapointed.

            I bought this from Currys for £450, including free delivery. I have a full HD Samsung TV already so just wanted another for a different room. I am a big fan of Samsung TVs and for the price this one is an excellent buy.

            Set Up
            This really is dead simple to set up. Literally take it out of the box, assemble the stand (note you will need a cross head screwdriver for this) and attach the TV to the stand. This really is easier than it sounds, although the instructions recommend two people for this i was easily able to do it myself as the TV isnt that heavy.

            Once assembled it literally is as easy as plugging in the power and the aerial and away you go. There is a set up programme on screen which guides you through the set up process. After that the integrated freeview will have found and stored all channels and you're ready to go.

            If you have any other peripheral AV products (DVD, Blu-Ray, Sky, etc) there are plenty of connections on this TV to support them (3 HDMI, 1 Scart, 1 AV, PC input).

            Picture Quality:
            I have to say that i was surprised by the quality of the picture of this TV. Although its only 720p not 1080p Full HD i think the picture is actually better than on my 1080p TV or at least as good. I am only using Freeview on this TV but the colours are sharp and vivid and the picture is crystal clear.

            Sound Quality:
            Again, this really does the job on sound. It is more than adequate for home use, the volume can be turned up quite a way (more than you would ever need) before it distorts.

            As with any TV like this if you're really in to your sound then the speakers in the Samsung wont deliver top quality audio so will need to be connected to a home cinema system or alike.

            I am a big fan of Samsung series 4 styling. Clean lines, gloss black finish very simple but in my opinion looks very classy.

            Its not 1080p, only HD ready 720p but still delivers an excellent picture at a great price. Definately a winner in my opinion but if you're really looking for a full HD TV you're probably better off spending the extra couple of hundred pounds on a 1080p TV.


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