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Playmobil 4671 Ghost Pirate

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2 Reviews

Brand: Playmobil / Theme: Pirates

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2010 16:32
      Very helpful



      super toy

      Ah this is more like it! Having moaned about the normal looking pirate the other day, the ghost version is far more exciting. I like my pirates to be extra scary, creepy and really old fashioned looking. The sort of men who you would steer clear of down a darkened alleyway. The Ghost Pirate is part of the Playmobil range and can be bought on his own for under the three pound mark.

      As with all Playmobil figures, he stands at just over an inch or so in height and is fully poseable, which means his head, arms and legs move. You can thus sit him, bend him over so he is stooping or have him standing proud, surveying his enemies. I would definitely get him a ship to haunt; you can buy separate parts for under twenty pounds and build up an entire pirate fleet.

      His costume is superb with a skeletal frame on it suggesting he is a ghost. It has a luminous quality to it and is eerie to look at. The black of his robes gives him that mean moody quality and this is offset with small flecks of red on his ankles and wrists. Good solid colour choices I feel here. His face and arms have a green tinge to them...try turning the lights out and see what happens when you do! I love his slitty sneering eyes and his pleased little grin too, which gives him a cheeky allure.

      To guide his way, he comes with his lantern and sword to fight any passing enemy. I think that this is a wonderful asset to the Playmobil collection and one of the most unique and interesting toys in the line up. A great pocket money idea and well worth getting for children or adults who love pirates!


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      09.09.2009 13:43
      Very helpful



      A great and exciting toy.

      A couple of months ago I joined the Playmobil on-line shop and now I am a subscriber to the Playmobil newsletter !
      Last weekend we went to stay with family and the little fellow is a Playmobil fanatic, he is lucky enough to have a playroom and believe you me that is stuffed with Playmobil and Lego.
      Only a short while ago I bought him the Lego Pirate Fort set, it went down a storm and has become a firm favourite.

      We always have a look around for a small present to take to him when we visit after all that is what relatives are for ! This time the small present was the Ghost Pirate that is a part of the Playmobil pirate range.
      He has an enormous amount of the Playmobil pirate range, he sleeps in a pirate themed bedroom and he had a pirate themed birthday party, so we knew that this figure would not go amiss or be thrown to one side and ignored after five minutes.

      I ordered the Playmobil Ghost Pirate from the Amazon website and I paid just under £2.
      The Ghost pirate is only three inches high and like all of the Playmobil figures the joints actually move to allow the pirate to take up many positions.
      The pirate can join the other pirates in his collection and he can sit aboard the Playmobil pirate ship or enter the fort.
      The pirate has a black coat, bright red boots and coat cuffs and a wide red belt that has a large square buckle. A narrow red shoulder sling holds his sword and he carries a large torch in one hand.
      The Playmobil ghost pirate has one very special feature, he has a luminous face, chest and hands and this means that he glows in the dark.

      The Playmobil pirate is fine for children aged over 4 to play with. The figure is quite an awesome one and maybe one that I would remove from the bedroom before the child goes to sleep, a glowing pirate may seem a bit frightening if the child wakes up when it is still dark outside.
      All of the bits and bobs on the Playmobil pirate can be removed, that means you can take the hat off and remove the sword and the torch.
      When we are with him we always end up lining up the Playmobil figures and it is fun to see him let his imagination run riot.

      The Playmobil figures need nimble fingers, some of the accessories are tiny and they need to be well cared for or many would end up being lost or vacuumed up. But those tiny fingers make short work of changing the positions of the figures as they go into battle.
      I have noticed that `battle charging` is one of the favourite games, we have to be the `goodies` and he likes to play the `baddies`

      He has been lucky enough to gather both the Playmobil pirate ship, which is fabulous and the Pirate Fortress, both of these remain fully made up and sit on specially cut boards in his playroom.
      The Playmobil figures encourage the imagination and I feel that they teach the child quite a lot. To remove any of the accessories from the figures takes patience, so the child has to learn that things need to be `worked at`. The figures challenge their dexterity and as they line them up for battle they are entering into a whole new and exciting world.

      The Playmobil figures are fairly robust, the plastic is strong and it would take quite a lot to actually pull a figure apart.
      But some of the pieces are so tiny and they need to be well looked after, his Mum went to Ikea and bought some cloth bags with drawstrings to store the small figures in.

      I think the whole Playmobil idea is wonderful and it can open up so many avenues that need exploring.
      Playmobil have started to list their new sets and figures for Christmas, I know it is early but I am sure that I will be placing an order soon.


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      Model: Ghost Pirate

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