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Playmobil 5917 Take Along Police Station

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Brand: Playmobil / Model: 5917

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2011 08:32
      Very helpful



      My son really likes it

      I had decided that I thought it would be nice for my son to have some playmobil toys at Christmas as I had heard from so many people how their sons or brothers still had stashes of the stuff which they were passing to other generations and I just thought it was a nice idea. Besides all this my son loves playing with little figures and being imaginative and I thought playmobil would aid him in doing this. When I was in mothercare shopping with a friend shopping before Christmas I spotted the playmobil take along police station for £25.00 which was apparently half price. I eventually decided to pick it up despite already having spent a small fortune on my son for Christmas!

      The take along police station comes in quite a large box which shows the police station set up for play, as well as a boy carrying the police station in its folded up form for easy carrying so you can get a very good idea of the product just by checking out the front of the box. We are told on the box that the police station is suitable for children aged 4-10 years of age and I would say this is pretty accurate as smaller children may be tempted to put some of the small pieces in their mouths which would obviously pose a choking risk.

      When you open up the box to get access to the police station you will find that there is some assembly that needs to be done, as there are quite a few plastic bags inside the box containing small parts and stickers. The assembly of the police station wasn't too hard to be honest and it was something that my son and I could do together. The main form of the police station is already built for you and it is just a case of adding the cell, the phone, desk and various antennae and things like that as well as sticking the stickers on.

      Within this police station set you get two police people, a robber, a police bike as well as tiny little hand cuffs, guns, keys and megaphones and such like. There is also a flip down door which can be used as the garage to store the police bike. The small parts really are tiny and I would advise that you either get a small box to store them in or make sure that they are securely packaged in the police station when it is being transported or not played with. There are little holders for the guns and keys inside the police station but my son is a typical five year old who just seems to leave things every where! I think that the amount of things you get in this set is quite typical for playmobil and while it is sufficient for playing with there is always scope to add more figures to the set which is what playmobil are hoping you will do! My son received two other playmobil sets at Christmas and so he is quite happy to mix and match the sets meaning he has lots to play with.

      The police station is not too big and is quite simple in its design meaning that it doesn't really take up much room or seem intrusive in your living room or whatever. When the police station is not being played with you simply need to remove the helipad and fit it into the top and turn the lock and then it is all secured again. I would say that the police station is no bigger than a shoe box when it is packed up, and it is very easily stored. It is also very easy for my son to take the police station to his grandparents if he wants to as it has a carry handle which feels very strong and secure.

      The police station feels of brilliant quality. It feels strong and I feel like it will last many years for my son and this is one of the reasons I wanted to buy into this brand as I feel it is one to be trusted and one that is good quality. So many toys seem to break within days of use but with this there is no chance of that as it is just very well built.

      My son loves to play with this police station and as I mentioned he will mix and match with his other toys so sometimes I will come along and find that a Ben 10 alien has been put in prison, other days there may be little lego people in there too. I have found that my son's imagination really comes out with this set as he will hide the robber and then tell me that he has escaped and he has no idea where he has gone and we must search for him. It is lovely to see him play like this and so I feel that this set was a good buy and I will look forward to adding to his playmobil collection over the coming years I think.

      I have to say that I recommend this police station for little boys and think it will provide so much play for them. If you are interested in buying this police station I would advise you that you can pick it up from amazon for £29.88 currently.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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      Model: Take Along Police Station

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