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Playmobil 4880 Robo Gang Lab with Multifunctional Flashlight

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Brand: Playmobil

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2012 17:47
      Very helpful



      A wonderful toy that I believe will provide years of fun.

      I don't usually buy Playmobile. I know they are good quality toys as my brother used to have quite a few of these, but they are expensive to collect, and my sons prefer action figures. However , my youngest son's big present this year was a home made Teen Titan Tower. This was made of a bookcase with a cd case on top to make the required T shape and furnished to provide a house and base for all of his Superheroes. One of the main things we wanted was a secret laboratory - and surprisingly - there are not many toy laboratory play sets for budding mad scientists. This was just the right size, and ended up being quite a lot of fun. The secret lab is far and away the most popular section of Titan Tower, and it also went over well with my husband who still follows gender stereotyping in toys and was afraid of it looking like a doll house.

      A white plastic backdrop with shelves and places to hang things,a robot arm and robot charging station.
      Parts to assemble into two big robots and two tiny robotic things.
      A strange looking white haired scientist.
      A small desk
      An operating table or bed.
      Miscellaneous science bits and pieces, test tubes, flasks, tools, microscope.
      Two rocks which open up to reveal secret compartments.
      A strange mini tool used to assemble this.
      Special stickers for use with a black light.
      Other bits and pieces which I never did figure out what they were meant for.
      A special dynamo torch with black light function and robot charging function.

      This was a nightmare for something which looks so simple. A decent set of instructions would have really helped but the English language section of the instructions was basically useless. I spent well over an hour on this and finally gave up several small parts as I never could figure out where they went. I'm really glad I did this the 23rd of December. I'd have cracked if I was trying to set this up on Christmas morning. Thankfully - I wanted it all set up in his Tower and had left myself plenty of time to do it. I assembled the robots, and one of the tiny ones, the other tiny one just would not snap together so asked my husband to do it - and he has very strong hands, but it just wasn't working. We left it as it was. Once assembled though - this stays assembled. It is very well made and nothing falls apart on this except two tiny shelves on the desk.

      IN USE:
      We did not use the operating table as part of the lab, instead this was hooked up to wires and a circuit board in cyborgs room as his bed. It is quite nice though and can be used flat or raised into a sitting position. The robot arm and all the lab equipment really made the laboratory look the real thing, and my sons have both had fun pretending to have the action figures using the microscope or mixing up chemical compounds. The best part is the wee light though. If you plug this into the robot charging station and pump away small lights will flash over the robots head and then the robots chest will light up - and it will continue to glow for a minute or so afterwards. The black light is great fun too as it makes all the special stickers show up.

      My sons are ages 4 and 7 and both absolutely love this. It has really added so much play value to our set up and has had quite a bit of use. Considering the amount of joy this has brought, and the fact that this looks like it will continue to provide a wonderful prop fro creative play, I am quite happy to forgive and forget the nightmare of setting this up. I do feel that this is good value for money. It is very well made and the possibilities for play are endless. It may even encourage a child to take an interest in science. My son likes the robots as well, having given the small ones to Cyborg as pets and using the larger ones as robot guards for the lab. My only concern with this toy is that if the flashlight ever wears out - and it has had a lot of use - there would be no other way to light up the robots. On the plus side though - it is dynamo action only - no batteries are required for this set. I also have to wonder that my son moved his dungeon piece into the lab and said they can perform experiments on the prisoners. A bit of a human rights violation to say the least and I'm not sure where he got the idea.

      I feel this would make a wonderful addition to an existing Playmobile set, but it also works very well with 3 3/4 inch Action Figures. If you have a child into Batman , Spiderman, Ironman or even Lex Luther, all of these characters are meant to have secret laboratories. I would also point out that action figures playing at secret experiments is ever so much quieter than when they are all fighting. This is a lovely way to add a new dimension to super hero play sets - but I'm sure you could find several other types of play sets to work this into as well.

      This set is currently selling for £19.19 on Amazon, roughly £3 less than I paid for it, but I really don't mind this time. This set helped contribute to a truly magical Christmas and has been played with every day since. In fact I caught my son up at 3 am with the lights all on in his tower happily playing away one night. It was worth every pence.


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    • Product Details

      Model: Robo Gang Lab with Multifunctional Flashlight / Age: suitable For Ages 7+ / Includes: a sheet of UV stickers a mad professor and the parts to make two robots / The Playmobil Robo Gangster Laboratory comes with a multifunctional flashlight which is a torch,UV lightand a charger for the robots / The hearts of the Playmobil robots glow after they have been charged / The Playmobil Gangster Labratory comes complete with lots of robot making equipment and an operating table / Playmobil Gangster Labratory

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