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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (PS2)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ubisoft / Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2005

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    3 Reviews
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      21.08.2009 21:52
      Very helpful
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      An excellent tactical shooter.

      Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood is a shooter for the Playstation 2 developed by Gearbox.

      The game takes place during flashbacks as soldiers are interviewed which is quite a unique perspective, the game puts you in the role of Sergeant Joe Hartsock who was under Matt Bakers command (he was the main character in the first game) though the events are in the same time period you go on different missions and command your own squads during the events around the D-Day landings. The story is pretty immersive and the way it is presented is very good.

      The gameplay at a glance is a first person shooter, you can use a variety of authentic World War 2 weaponry from the Thompson submachine gun to the M1 Garand Rifle to gun down the Nazis. However if you charge in without a thought you yourself will be gunned down. The gunplay has been made better this time around with bullets connecting with things a lot better.

      The game gives you command of two squads and at times you will also control a tank like the first game. You will have to control your squads by moving them into advantageous positions so they can suppress the enemy fire while you direct another one of your squads around your suppressed enemy and then take them out.

      This time around the friendly and enemy AI has received a significant boost, friendly soldiers are now far more intelligent and take cover to greater effect for example, crouching low against walls as to avoid fire, popping out to take shots at enemies which keeps them intact and makes them seem more like actual people. The enemy AI is now much more aggressive and instead of remaining in position they will much more actively try to outmanoeuvre your troops and get you cornered so it becomes a game with you trying to out think the computer, it can get really intense at times!

      Graphics are quite good with detailed character models and environments and good voice over providing Joe and his squad mates with their own personalities.

      Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood improves on a number of aspects that the first was lacking in and it makes it an even better game.


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        17.08.2009 03:51



        Not as good as the Hill 30 prequel, but a good war game.

        This is another take on WW2 and the fight against Nazis. You may have played Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. This game follows the same storyline but from Joe Hartsock's point of view. This is great because the link is almost seamless, and it brings back memories from your experience with the first game. I would recommend that you play the Hill 30 before this one, otherwise it will ruin Hill 30's ending.

        In the game you must control one or two small groups of soldiers. Each group may have one to three soldiers in it. When they die they are not brought back to life like in another popular army game, Call of Duty, so losing every soldier in your group means you will end up alone which makes the game much harder.

        The guns are all authentic for the period, so don't expect to find bazookas, rocket launchers, ak47s, and other weapons from our modern era. Unfortunately, there is not much beyond the hand held weapons. Very rarely do you get to use tanks and when you do they are small versions where you're only allowed to use the turret on top. Do not expect to fly planes or use submarines to take out the enemy, because this game does not supply that.

        The settings are also realistic because many are moulded after actual towns that existed. There are some slightly irritating 'invisible walls' to stop you e.g. open gates you cannot pass through because they game isn't ready for you to pass through yet. A great thing about each setting is that it allows you to choose your own path and direct your troops accordingly. For example, you may choose to charge ahead with your troops all guns blazing, or leave them behind to distract the enemy while you sneak around to strike from behind. It is completely up to you.

        The difficulty is good. No level is impossible to complete, but expect to die sometimes until you figure out the best strategy. You can only save at checkpoints, so when you die you may have to complete certain parts of a mission again.

        The game is short but I always feel exhausted by the end. You honestly feel like you have joined these men on the biggest battle of their lives. To highlight the importance of remembering war heros, completing missions unlocks photographs and extracts from historical war pieces. This allows you see to what parts of the game were inspired by, which makes the game even more touching.

        Overall this game was worth the cheap price. It was not as good as Hill 30 because 30 is leading up an imminent sad ending revealed to you from the start. Also, I feel the lead character Joe is slightly bitter toward the leading man in Hill 30, but I guess that just makes Joe more real.


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        26.03.2009 17:35



        fun game to play

        A first person shooter set during the Second World War, Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood was released in October 2004 by Ubisoft. The game is part of the Brother In Arms game series and can be played both single player and multiplayer.


        Set after Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, and still during World War II you play again as Joe Hartsock, a soldier in the US Army who has recently been promoted to sergeant.

        The story is told in flashbacks in what has already happened and the game has plenty of levels and is set into three main chapters, starting with you taking up command of your squad to taking command of the entire second squad. The game has good graphics and good AI, plenty of levels and lots of missions to complete, the game itself is pretty hard to complete.


        A fun game to play with a good story and good game play, the action is quick paced and entertaining.


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    • Product Details

      With its unprecedented combination of authenticity, compelling story and squad-based action, Brothers In Arms Road to Hill 30 has established itself as a benchmark for military action games. Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood builds upon the elements that have made Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 a runaway success by adding new features and game modes. Featuring a new single-player narrative, new multiplayer missions, an all-new cooperative-style game mode, and new weapons and vehicle.

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