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Burnout Revenge (PS2)

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15 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Driving & Racing

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    15 Reviews
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      24.07.2013 23:40
      Very helpful



      Best racer on the console for fun factor.

      Well a very rare two days off back to back with wifey at work and the youngster at nursery this week meant only one thing - blow the dust off the PS2 and pull one of the old treasures off the game shelf!

      Truth be told I've grown a bit tired of my 360. I mean, it's great - graphics, game play selection of new titles yadda yadda... I just needed a change, so back in the box it went and out came the big black square of loveliness!

      After a short session on Everybodys Golf (another classic, btw) I fancied a drive.
      Now the PS2 was never short on racing titles and was home to such giants as Gran Turismo 4, Need for Speed (Underground - Most Wanted - Carbon), Midnight Club and Bomberman Kart (ok, scratch the last one). There was never a shortage of top class racers and it seemed every month another 90%+ score game popped up on the shelves.

      None, however, can compare to Burnout Revenge!

      It's not that the graphics were head and shoulders above the rest, or that it was any easier/harder to play than other titles, it was just pure fun. A racing game stripped down to its bare essence and rebuilt for pure enjoyment!

      Who, what, when??
      This was one of the later titles to appear on the PS2 generation consoles - indeed, it also appeared as a very early and now rather hard to find X-Box 360 title - being published in 2005.
      Once again, the developers were British programming firm Criterion and it was published and marketed by industry giants E.A., quick to snap up the franchise as part of an Acclaim buy-out.
      It is the fourth game in the series and basically cherry-picks the best of the previous titles to create the absolute Daddy of racing games!

      The game is made up of ten different levels starting with 'Harmless' and ending at 'Elite' which are quite easily advanced through.
      Every event you play awards star rankings up to a maximum of 5. A gold medal (first place in a race for example) awards 4 stars, silver awards 3 and bronze gives 2 stars.
      On top of the medal rankings there is an aggression ranking - a 'fair' or 'good' ranking actually docks a star from your score, 'Great' means it remains the same, and an 'Awesome' rank gives an extra star.
      Basically, a gold medal with 'Awesome' rank gives the maximum 5 stars. Easy enough on some events but near impossible on others!

      The game is made up of several race types - this is the key to its longevity as it never gets repetitive. While some racing games can get a little boring and become a real slog (same game, different track. Yawn), this is a new game very race!

      RACE: Exactly what you'd expect. 6 cars race around a set track through a town or city, first across the line wins!
      GRAND PRIX: As above but a mini-league usually made up of three courses, points are accrued for your finishing position in each race.
      CRASH: Very much unique to the Burnout franchise, Crash is a very simple game mode in which the player must simply use his car to crash into traffic and cause as much damage (financially!) as possible. Sounds a little dark but it's actually a lot of fun!
      BURNING LAP: No opponents, just you on the track trying to set the fastest time. Great fun and extremely frustrating - one crash will usually be enough to see gold slip from your fingers!
      ELIMINATOR: Another race mode where the car in last place is eliminated every 15 seconds. Fast and frantic trying to edge ahead of the competition.
      TRAFFIC ATTACK: Another unusual but addictive game mode only found in the Burnout games. Simply nudge the back of same-direction traffic (known as 'checking') in order to keep your countdown timer full. 20 seconds on the clock, the game ends when it reaches zero.
      ROAD RAGE: Just an open track where you are forced to use your car as a weapon! Nudge, bump, smash and shunt other cars into metal wrenching accidents to build up extra time. A set amount of 'takedowns' will earn you your gold medal.

      Each game type plays vastly differently and so the game never seems to get dull.
      However, if you enjoy a particular game-mode you can pick and choose events in different cities and rankings depending what's unlocked. I.e. the game doesn't have to be completed in order - level 2 opens up halfway through level 1, so you have the option to move straight up of plod along in level 1 unlocking goodies.

      How does it look?
      It looks gorgeous! The graphics are closer to the arcade style Ridge Racer etc than the 'driving simulator' Gran Turismo, but given the rather destructive and violent content I don't think it would work any other way.
      The engine is the super common Renderware platform which is widely available across the industry. Still, it was designed for PC gaming but ported very well to consoles, so as you would expect it allows for some great detail and accurate graphics.
      The scenery whips past at a rate of knots, but it's when you press the 'boost' button that the game earns its money - the scenery blurs, the car kicks forward a few inches on the screen and whether you're playing on a 14" portable TV or a full size projector screen, the sensation of speed is intense!

      How does it sound?
      The cars sound good, but we've all heard car noises before... they've had that down since Outrun hit the arcades back in '86!
      These days, it's all about the soundtrack - and this game doesn't disappoint!
      Featured here are a few classics, some (at the time) HUGE underground tracks and even a couple of exclusive remixes. Over 40 tracks feature in the game, and since not every song is going to appeal to every player, we're lucky that we can pick and choose - essentially building our own mixtape to drive to!
      Mine is currently comprised of Fallout Boy, Asian Dub Foundation, Maximo Park and The Bravery - the latter with an INSANELY good remix of An Honest Mistake.

      The cars;
      There are 80 cars available including unlockables and downloadables. Most of those are available for any race, any mode and any level, but there are a few...ahem...unusual vehicles that are only for the 'Crash' mode. A mobile diner and a rusty pick-up might look cool, but you wouldn't want to race them against super-light super cars down the narrow streets of Rome!
      Each city has a challenge sheet to complete (win a race without crashing, perform a special takedown etc) that once filled gives you access to a special vehicle. After many years of playing I've managed a very impressive.... Two. Of eight!

      Which leads us to:
      The game will keep you occupied for MONTHS! I've completed the main game in a few days, but getting gold rankings on every event, completing the challenge sheets and finding/performing each signature takedown will take forever!
      I'm on my 5th or 6th run through and I have never gotten past 95% completion.
      Multi-player will keep you going for a lifetime, it's excellent fun but it does need a large screen as the action gets a bit frantic.
      Online is (WAS) incredible, but god knows if anyone still plays it online given the new stuff out there.


      This is possibly my favourite racing game. If not, it comes a narrow second to GT and only misses out in terms of realism.
      The action never stops, the visuals are really quite spectacular and the pace never lets up for a second! Honestly, given a few days with no commitments I could play this until my eyes bleed!

      Burnout was good fun, Burnout 2 (Point of Impact) was better, introducing Crash. Burnout 3 (Takedown) was good but didn't have the playability factor of Point of Impact.
      Revenge is where everything comes together. Not one game mode is a dud - there is no 'filler' and not one piece of programming wasted.

      This now costs about £3 on e.bay for the playstation 2 (£20+ for the 'next gen' consoles). If you own the console, there really is NO reason not to own this game!



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      31.01.2010 00:22
      Very helpful



      Worth a rent

      If you have seen my review of the prequel of this game, Burnout 3 then you would have seen that I had written that the Burnout Series was on a downwards spiral from that moment forwards. Well with Burnout Revenge the Burnout series becomes even more dumbed down than before with the idiotic introduction of "traffic checking".

      Look EA, if I want to do checking of any sort I'll just buy one of your NHL games. But don't introduce it into a game that you have already bastardised to the point that it is unrecognisable from its pure form in Burnout 2.

      So, "what is traffic checking?", you may ask. Well you know how on the previous Burnout you had to avoid the traffic while racing to give yourself the best chance of winning? Well EA said "nah that's way too difficult for our customers so let them have the ability to bulldoze their way through traffic. Also, let's reward them boost as a result of this bulldozing".
      This is an absolute terrible feature. A game should include some sort of skill. But EA are intent on reducing it every time they release a Burnout.

      That being said, I think the graphics are awesome for the PS2 and the crash mode...well who doesn't like the crash mode? I do not like the golf swing metre though to start the engine.

      The soundtrack is pretty average. Slightly better than Burnout 3, although that is not saying much.

      I haven't played Burnout paradise but I guess that EA will not know where to go from there seeing as it is the "place of no return (read my Burnout 3 review)"

      Worth a rent. Worth a buy if you are under 11 and are not interested in games that require skill.


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      17.10.2009 11:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Try it!

      Burnout Revenge is the fourth game in the successful Burnout racing series which is more about having fun and crashing than games like Gran Turismo which are more serious. I am reviewing the PS2 version from Criterion.

      Your main job is to become the best Burnout driver in World Tour mode. You do this by completing many different race types and get rated according to your performance. Modes include standard races, game modes like road rage where you have to take out a certain amount of rival racers, crash which is mentioned lower down and eliminator where the player in last place at a certain time will be eliminated from the race which keeps it exciting!

      You can now also check traffic which is basically shunting cars into other lanes in front of obstacles so they crash! This is a new addition and makes the game more fun in nearly all games modes and even standard races. You can also now get rivals if they take you down a certain amount of times e.t.c which just improves this brilliant game.


      Crash is my favourite mode on this game and what makes it so fun for me. The aim is to crash your car in the busiest part of the junction to cause maximum mayhem and damage! If you get enough points you are even allowed to detonate your car and car control it flying through the air to hit other cars! This mode is so much fun and different from all other racing games before!


      The graphics are really good for the time and the cars are very detailed. The explosions and crashes look very realistic and it all looks very good!


      The sound for the special effects is really good and convincing like going along at high speeds, the engine revving and explosions but things like the game music are not so good.


      There are many good tracks on this game which are based on real locations. You will spot the Colosseum, areas with beautiful beaches and cities with skyscrapers and neon lights.


      This is a really good game with so many high quality game modes to keep it interesting and unique to other racing games on the market. The graphics are really good to for the time and the tracks are also brilliant. The Crash mode will alone keep you and your friends busy for hours and hours and I challenge people to not enjoy Burnout Revenge!

      This review may appear elsewhere under the names mariofan123 and ns1209.


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        06.09.2009 19:11
        Very helpful




        A lot of the success of the Burnout series can be attributed to the fact that they know that a lot of gamers, especially those who were perhaps turned off by the comprehensive approach of the Gran Turismo series, just want to smash into things and see the awesome damage (something the GT series discouraged). Burnout Revenge delivers enough smashes to satisfy any gamer, whilst also having enough races for those who want a straight up blast through a varied number of terrains.

        Visually, this gets the balance right between realistic and cartoony - it is over the top, with sparks flying under your car and cars being crumpled into absurd shapes when they collide with something, but this really suits the style of the game, which is hugely overblown in every fibre of its being. The car models are virtually flawless, and the damage detail is hugely varied, ranging from just a "minor" dent, to being crumpled into more or less a ball shape.

        The gameplay is also stunning - there's a new mode titled "Traffic Attack", where you have a time bar that depletes, with the goal being that the more traffic you destroy, the more time you get. This can go on for quite a while, and is extremely fun to play with mates! Also, the series favourite, Crash mode, has made an eager return, allowing you to commit more vehicular destruction with absolute glee. This is the most fun part of the game and has taken hours of my life!

        The single player more is also surprisingly comprehensive - you have to complete various races and challenges which count towards your license, which can then be used to get into better and more advanced races. Along the way, you can also obtain better cars which go faster and will sustain more damage.

        This is one of the best racing games on the market despite coming out several years ago now - it's got great visuals, some exciting new modes, and superb multiplayer gameplay. A classic.


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        13.08.2009 16:48
        Very helpful



        Superb racing game

        Burnout Revenge is a racing title from Criterion games for the Playstation 2

        This game has you take on the world to become the best Burnout driver in its World Tour mode! The game has no story but it isn't really a problem, the game play is compelling enough to take you through to the end.

        Unlike Burnout Takedown you won't pick from a list of continents, just a list of racing events which will cover a wide variety of race types. The game has many different race types for you to choose from, the standard single player races where you race against your rivals and have to come first to win, tournaments where you earn points and must get the highest score to win, eliminator events where last place will see you eliminated and road rage where you must take down as many people as you can before you are destroyed.

        There is also the iconic crash mode which sets up a crash junction for you and leaves you with the task of causing maximum mayhem and destruction, this mode is always a laugh and really enjoyable to play as you rack up a high score.

        The new features of the game really shake up how the game is played; you can now traffic check (slam into them and send them flying) other cars which makes you nearly unstoppable! Nothing short of an oncoming bus or van will stop you and you can even take your rivals down with the cars you send flying. If you are taken out in addition to the after touch takedown move you can perform an explosive payback which if timed right can take out all your rival racers! You also get Revenge rivals which appear when you are taken down a number of times by an opponent and you must settle the score by taking them out!

        Graphically Burnout Revenge takes things to the next level, cars are more destructible now and the sense of speed is amazing.

        If you want a fast paced arcade racing game few games come close to the quality and fun of Burnout Revenge.


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        22.06.2008 17:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        great game

        The burnout series is about hardcore, exciting and what I would call typical arcade style racing. Burnout Revnge, the fourth game in the series didn't let itself down, and was an awesome game to play!

        The overview of the game is that you have to complete different events to get star ratings and the more stars you have the more events you can play. There are ten ranks to the game to unlock each with different tracks and events.

        As for the gameplay, you have the standard racing controls, so it's easy to use, understand and adds to the "Pick up and Play factor." The controls are responsive, very suitable and I would say one of the best racing set-ups I've played with, because they allow the cars to grip and both slide at the same time, but exactly when you want each one. The soundtrack for me is another plus, with great music and it's customizable so you choose which of the 37 songs play, with artists such as yellowcard, fall out boy and maximo park.

        As for the game content, there is tonnes to keep you busy, so I'll break it down:

        Race Events:
        You have a variety of tracks to do many race events on. You have the classic very competitive normal racing (ie basic circuits), you have eliminators, where last place is eliminated every 30 seconds, lap time (where you have to beat a certain time to get a gold) and two of my personal favourites Track Attack (hitting as many cars as possible) and Road Rage, taking out as many race cars as you can.

        In my opinion, the quality of these events are amazing, the races are suitable for varying difficulty levels, as they start off simple and get increasingly frustrating. Also, the game has a new feature which helps the racing: it's called "Checking Traffic" which allows you to shunt small cars going the same way as you out of the way and this is encouraged. It is a great feature which allows the traffic attack mode and it really helps take out the frustration on rush hour car jams and other games where they just plain slow you down. The hardest bit though is still yet to come, as in order to get the highest rankings, you don't only have to win, you ahve to win in style by taking out rivals, getting air and facing oncoming traffic (which you can't hit) and the more of this you do the more skill rating you get, which allows you to get a perfect rating on an event. I could ramble on for hours how great this makes the game but moving onto...

        Crash Events:
        Yes, the brilliant crash is back, where you are faced with a junction of traffic and you have to strategically crash your car to cause as much damage as possible. I don't like these events as much as race events, because I'm not as good at them, and to me they're just not competitive enough. However they are still great fun and involve another new feature of the game: CRASHBREAKER!!! A Crashbreaker is your revenge on a rival or other cars, as when you crash and have enough boost, you explode your car from the heart of it and this explosion can cause more damage and knock out other vehicles.

        Signature Takedowns:
        Another great feature which extends the game's lifecycle: with a special award being given if you take down a rival in a specific point on a track, some are easy others harder, but a great feature.

        Challenge Sheets:
        For every circuit there is a challenge sheet with 8 special challenges, wich when completed unlock a special car. These challenges can be very difficult, so only the most advanced players can beat them all.

        And finally like every good driving game should have there is an opportuntity to play against your mates for a touch of victory or revenge. It has had me and my best mate screaming in agony, excitement and tension before so it really does get you going!

        Ok so that was the gameplay now for my opinion.

        Firstly, the game events are something special. I haven't played a game like it, that gives me so much adrenaline so that is a major positive. Also, it's ok just cruising the game, getting 3 and 4 stars in races, but it adds a whole extra dimension if you try and get all your events to 5 star quality.

        Otehr positives are about the difficulty level as most games get it completely wrong and make it either too easy or too hard, but I would say this game has got it just right, with circuits that suit one playing style and circuits that require a whole new drive.

        I do have to comment though that there are a couple of negative points: firstly, compared to other games, the events take quite a while to load, so at times you do need a bit of patience. Secondly although there are tonnes of events, there are only 8 tracks, a greater number, maybe 12 tracks would have made the game so much better.

        Overall, the game has so many good points I can't not give it 5* for content, though due to loading time it only scrapes a 5* overall. But it is a great game and for the number of hours it's had me aggracated, excited, put through the motions, it is well worth buying or renting.


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          16.09.2007 00:27
          Very helpful




          I’m back with another video game review… Probably due to the fact that as I’m due to be a daddy literally any day now* (* correct at the time of typing this!), I’m grabbing my joypad for as many gaming jollies now while I still have the chance to do so!

          This is giving me chances to play games I’ve bought but not yet played or completed as well as to revisit games that I’ve not played in a while.

          So… which game am I ranting on about this time?!?

          BURNOUT: REVENGE!!!

          This is the fourth game in the Burnout franchise and unbelievably manages to take what has featured in the previous games to the next level.

          To those who haven’t played any of the Burnout games, the premise is quite simple. It takes standard racing games and adds an absolutely terrifying sense of speed, danger and out-and-out recklessness!



          Players take control of many different types of vehicle. As I’m not a petrol-head, all I can say is that some of these cars are extremely flash and fast sports cars whilst some of them are not so snazzy! The cars all handle differently and are different weights. The weight of the car you control will come into play in several different ways:

          The lighter your car, the easier it will be for a race rival to smash you off the road whereas naturally, the heavier grade of cars will be harder to push off the road and will allow the player to slam rivals off the road.

          The game also now allows the player to ‘check’ traffic. That is, to shunt traffic that is travelling in the same direction into other lanes etc so that you can force these vehicles into rivals and to cause obstructions in front of them. It’s worth pointing out that you can only ‘check’ small traffic that is travelling in the same direction – larger vehicles such as buses and lorries will still result in a nasty crash. All oncoming traffic also results in a crash – so avoid it at all costs!

          The car the player controls can be propelled at frightening speeds with boost that is earned from ‘checking’ traffic, smashing opponents off the road and driving toward and narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic etc. Boost can be activated by pressing the R1 button but is best used sparingly. The amount of remaining boost can be seen on a gauge at the bottom-left of the screen. Be careful not to crash though as doing so reduces your boost meter!

          Speaking of crashing, when you crash you can slow down time with Impact Time – this allows you to have slight control over your wrecked car while it is flying through the air after a crash. If you are lucky, you might be able to slam your wrecked car into an opponents car as they try to pass you – taking them off the road and earning yourself an ‘aftertouch take down’ which actually increases your boost meter again!

          There are many different types of race to take part in – which can usually earn the player a bronze, silver or gold medal which advances their rating. These are the types of races that can be played:


          Crash events are a lot of fun – even though the premise for them is slightly sick. It’s as simple as this:

          Each crash event starts with a quick overview of a stretch of road that you must drive down and literally crash your car in a spot that will cause the maximum carnage – or carmaggeddon, if you will. This can involve hitting a ramp and smashing your car into a busy motorway etc. If the pile-ups you cause are large, you will be able to detonate your car – causing further damage and ramping up your score – and hopefully getting a nice gold medal for your efforts!

          It’s worth mentioning, however that it’s not always easy to get a good start as at the start of a crash event, you have a gauge (not dissimilar to power gauges seen in golf games etc) to determine if you will have a perfect, fast start. Get it right and you’ll scream off toward your goal… Get it wrong and your engine may explode (accompanied by mocking laughter that is like the canned laughter heard on TV programmes like ‘You’ve Been Framed’… how embarrassing!) or you might just stall – either way, you’ll be going nowhere.

          CRASH BREAKER:

          This is for all intents and purposes a normal race (whether it be a standard race, Road Rage or Eliminator) but with a twist!

          The twist therein is that when you crash or are slammed off the road by an opponent, you can use a ‘Crash Breaker ‘ which is essentially the ability to explode your car at a point of your own choosing: i.e. preferably as an opponent is screaming past you – thereby blowing them off the road!


          I love these races! The premise is a simple one:

          You race against another five opponents but every 30 seconds, the car in last place will be eliminated by means of an explosion! This makes you battle harder to reach and stay in 1st place. It’s exciting and very unpredictable – especially when it comes down to you and the one remaining AI opponent!

          GRAND PRIX:

          These events normally consist of three races which follow on one after the other. Points are earned depending on the position finished:

          1st Place: 6 points
          2nd Place: 4 points
          3rd Place: 3 points
          4th Place: 2 points
          5th Place: 1 point and finally
          6th Place: No points

          (Should I have said “Nil point” as in the Eurovision song contest?!?)

          The points earned continue into the next race so if you’ve earned 6 points in each race, you will definitely win but if your performances aren’t winning ones you will have to fight a lot harder to win the Grand Prix!


          These two events are fairly similar. The aim of them is to drive a specific car around one lap of a course within specified times to hopefully achieve bronze, silver or gold medals. I personally find these levels my least favourite although I’m not sure if that’s due to the strict times you have to beat or that they’re just not quite as exciting as the other events.


          This is a straight-forward race against five opponents who thanks to clever AI will do everything they can to slam you off the road in order to get in front of you. Thankfully, you will no doubt have the same plan in mind for them. These races can vary in length from 1-3 laps – so you’ll have a fight on your hands for 1st place!

          ROAD RAGE:

          Road rage races put you up against limitless amounts of opponents who will be determined to shunt you off the road. For bronze, silver and gold medals in these events, you will need to take out a certain numbers of opponents. The problem is that should you crash or be taken out by another driver, when you continue the race, your car will have ongoing levels of damage and will therefore be totalled after a few wrecks.


          This is a mode of play where you are up against time. When the clock counts down to zero, your car will explode and the game is over. The aim is simple: boost the remaining time by shunting as much same-way traffic. As always, buses and lorries should be avoided but smaller same-way traffic is fair game. The longer you last and the more traffic slammed off the roads will award you with the usual bronze, silver or gold medals!

          There are plenty of different modes of play within Burnout: Revenge that will give the game a lot of extra value as well as replay value.

          WORLD TOUR MODE:

          This is the main single player part of the game and will be the essentially the only part of the game to players who (like myself) are not playing online with other players.

          The World Tour mode is comprised of all the types of race mentioned above. You are gauged on your driving skills which takes the form of 1-5 stars being awarded for your performance. The ratings are pretty simple and are as follows:

          * (one star) - OK
          ** (two stars) – GOOD
          *** (three stars) – GREAT
          **** (four stars) – AWESOME
          ***** (five stars) – PERFECT

          The most stars you can accumulate for your race performance itself will be a four star ‘awesome’ though this will be upgraded to a five star ‘perfect’ if you earn a gold medal for the race. Should you earn a silver medal, your rating will remain a four star ‘awesome’ and if you earn a bronze medal, it will be downgraded to a three star ‘great’. Earning no medal for the race results in a no star downer!

          All the stars are deducted from your current rank rating. When all stars have been deducted, you go onto the next rating.

          Earning high ratings and good medal results will unlock new events and cars – so there’s plenty of good stuff to motivate you to race hard and to win!

          There are lots of different environments to race through. Most of these are visually impressive and are based upon real places in the world:

          ANGEL VALLEY:

          Angel Valley is an scenic suburb of Los Angeles. Famous areas within this region include Sunset Boulevard. If you can take in much of the scenery as it whizzes by, you’re going to crash!

          CENTRAL ROUTE:

          Based upon the Central District of Hong Kong, this area is full of tight and dangerous backstreets. You’ll have to keep your wits about you if you want to make it through this environment in one piece!

          EASTERN BAY:

          Full of neon signs and high skyscrapers, this area is based upon Tokyo, Japan.

          ETERNAL CITY:

          Based upon Rome (if you’re observant, you’ll even see the Colosseum!) this level takes you through some pretty hair-raising back streets of Italy! Mamma mia!!!

          LONE PEAK:

          Based upon several US National Parks, Lone Peak offers some fantastic East coast scenery. Pity you’re far too busy trying to stay alive to take it all in.

          MOTOR CITY:

          This area is based on Detroit and is a highly industrial environment. Absolutely full of short cuts and roads that take you through ware houses and rail yards which can at times make it both one of the most confusing and yet challenging areas within the game.

          SUNSHINE KEYS:

          Based on dreamy areas such as Florida Keys and Miami Beach, Sunshine Keys is a racers haven of long highways, alleys and boulevards marked with palm trees. Perfection… until you and your opponents tear your way through it!


          One of my favourite areas, I think White Mountain should be renamed ‘White Knuckle Mountain’ as it is absolutely terrifying!

          This course will take you perilously close to cliff edges that overlook very steep drops (sadly, you will sometimes get shunted off aforementioned cliff tops by annoying opponents!) and around some very scary mountain roads.



          The graphics are of a very high standard with some excellent detail. The problem is that you won’t get much of a chance to admire how nice the graphics are when you’re playing the game as it moves so fast you’ll be keeping a constant eye on the road ahead.

          As the game moves at such a break-neck speed, it can be quite difficult at times to spot obstructions, oncoming traffic and even bends in the road until it’s too late. This isn’t a massive problem as the more you play, the more you will be able to spot these hazards – and take them in your stride.

          The models of all the cars in the game are very impressive as is the physics engine which kicks in when you crash your car – ensuring the car folds and crumples in a frighteningly realistic way! Another thing that is true with Burnout: Revenge is that you will rarely laugh during the crashes as they are very convincing and as a result are at times quite sobering to look at.

          The frame rate of the graphics is so fast and smooth that it is at times difficult to remember that the game is in fact running on a trusty old PS2 and not a next-gen PS3!



          As with most games, the sound plays an important part. The sound effects for Burnout: Revenge are all generally very good with the usual engine sound effects and other sounds they convey the high-speed, adrenaline-pumping danger perfectly.

          Beyond that, the songs in this edition of Burnout are in my own humble opinion not as good as some that featured in this games predecessor: Burnout 3: Takedown. That game featured some famous bands such as Franz Ferdinand that I always loved listening to as I bombed about the courses.

          This game doesn’t feature music that totally floats my boat. I guess at the end of the day, this is very much just down to personal music tastes but as a result, the soundtrack may not be to everyone’s liking.

          Whether or not you notice much of the music whilst playing the game is a different question altogether. Perhaps the adrenaline rush and the sound of blood pumping around your veins will block out the music that you don’t like!



          Burnout: Revenge is a fantastic, fast and dangerous racer. It’s certainly one of the fastest racers on PS2 and I defy anyone to discover otherwise. Its many modes of play should keep you engrossed for absolutely ages – and the beauty of a game like this is that it still has a very high replay factor even once the game has been 100% completed (especially to those who can play it online).

          It’s nice to see that although the PS2 has now been superseded and overshadowed my its successor – the PS3, that it can still hold its own and still has some very high quality games on it that still are fantastically enjoyable.

          If you like any type of racing games and want one that is so fast, you will practically be able to feel the wind in your hair as you play it, then Burnout: Revenge is certainly worth a look!


          Many thanks for reading this. I think I’ll go and grab a quick game of Burnout: Revenge now as just writing about it has my poor hands aching for my joypad!



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            28.01.2007 06:31
            Very helpful



            Amazing arcade racer!

            Burnout: Revenge (BR) is the fourth game in the popular arcade racing series. It was released in Europe September 2005, and developed by Criterion and published by Electronic Arts. The game has been made available for three different formats, namely Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. Today we will be commentating on the PlayStation2 version.

            Ultimately, the core of BR is driving at exceptionally fast speeds during a variety of fun races and events. You may recall that the previous game introduced ‘Takedowns’, and these return in BR. Essentially one has to drive aggressively enough, forcing adversaries off the road. However, during a race, rivals can be just as keen to accomplish ‘Takedowns’. When they successfully manage it, a red icon appears above their car. By returning the favour, and causing them to crash, you achieve a ‘Revenge Takedown’. This explains why the game is entitled ‘Revenge’. After feeling aggrieved that an opponent has temporarily knocked you out of a race, ‘Revenge Takedowns’ do provide incredible personal satisfaction.

            Controls are very responsive, and it is fabulous how the game is extraordinarily easy to pick up and play. In essence the main controls are: X button to accelerate, circle to brake/reverse, R1 to speed boost, and left analog stick to steer. Due to simplicity of the controls, within minutes you will be taking down the opposition, and avoiding oncoming traffic. The many tracks in BR have been specifically designed with battling opponents in mind. For instance, tracks tend to contain short cuts and alternate routes to help you stay ahead of the competition. Shortcuts are shown by flashing blue lights, although finding them all and using them effectively requires one to play each track a number of times, increasing the replayability of BR.

            The main single player experience comes in the form of the World Tour. This career mode is divided into 11 driver rankings. To rise up the ranks, and unlock more races, one needs to attain a specific number of stars. You get rated from ‘OK’ to ‘Awesome’ after each race. Lets say I was rated ‘Awesome’ (4 stars), it is possible to gain an extra star by achieving a gold medal (for a total of 5 stars), or get deducted one star for claiming a bronze (3 stars in total). Computer A.I. in BR is very impressive, especially during the latter stages of World Tour. The game can become a real tussle because of the aggressiveness from these intelligent opponents, making victory all the more rewarding.

            This is an incredibly addictive game, where despite saying to yourself ‘I will stop after the next race’, you continue on regardless wishing to progress further. I found that it was not too difficult to complete events with at least a bronze medal, but accomplishing gold medals was really challenging. One mode during the World Tour is ‘Burning Lap’, in which players have to race a single lap of a track, and beat the medal lap times. Sometimes this mode is named ‘Preview Lap’, and you drive an unlocked ultra fast car. Another event is ‘Road Rage, where a target number of ‘Takedowns’ must be achieved within a time limit to collect medals. Furthermore, there is an Eliminator mode, which can is best described as a race with a difference; every 30 seconds the car in last place is eliminated until one survivor drives off into the sunset.

            As with previous instalments of the series, incoming traffic must be avoided if you wish to prevent crashing. Nevertheless, in a departure for the franchise, players can now hit same-way traffic, although colliding with a bus or large truck will still cause a crash. This new gameplay feature is showcased in Traffic Attack mode, where you have to slam into as many same-way vehicles as you can, causing immense financial damage, before the time clock reaches zero. The more cars you check, the more seconds one is given on the clock. Higher scores can be achieved if you manage to check cars into the other lane. Fans of the series will be familiar with Crash Mode, and I am pleased to say that this features prominently in BR. For those unaware, the objective in Crash Mode is to drive into busy traffic causing as much chaos and destruction as possible. The more damage instigated, the higher the score. This may sound easy, but can take frequent attempts to execute successfully. Be that as it may, playing this mode for a while is no bad thing because it is such great entertainment. Wind physics play a part in some ‘Crash’ levels, and cause your car to react according to which way the wind blows. Basically the lighter vehicles are the most affected by the wind direction, meaning it can be best to use heavier car for easier control in the air. Later in the game there is the opportunity to blow your car up upon crashing (called ‘Crashbreaker’) by pressing R2, and take out the opposition. .

            There are several offline multiplayer options to enjoy. Using a split screen, BR provides the opportunity to have a Race against a friend, take part in Road Rage, or partake in a Traffic Attack battle. Additionally there are three slightly different Crash modes: (i) Battle – a head to head clash to see who can cause the larger crash damage; (ii) Party – turn-based (2 to 6 players) event to determine who can inflict the most destruction on a single junction; and (iii) Tour – you have a crash $ target, and must reach it in the fewest possible turns in this turn-based mode for between 2 and 6 players. Also noteworthy is that online modes hugely increase the potential longevity of the game. Up to six players can participate online, and you are given a ranking for (a) race events and (b) crash events.

            --------Graphics, Sound and Music--------
            Tracks are extremely detailed and wide-ranging. For instance one track features bright colours and a fierce sun beaming down, whereas another is a night highway. The graphics for the most part are maintained even at the highest speeds, in excess of 200 miles per hour. I do like the neat graphical touches the developers included, such as seeing realistic looking exhaust fumes, sparks flying when vehicles collide with one another, cars on fire in Crash Mode, and a blurring effect during speed boosting. What's more the cars of BR look nice and shiny, and well designed.

            At the beginning of your BR experience there is a female voice that guides you through some training videos. The voice work was unproblematic so I listened to a little of what was said, but soon skipped the videos and wanted to get to the action. The sound effects during gameplay are excellent, and include convincing engine noises as well as loud explosions. There is a licensed soundtrack (EA Trax), which features some tracks from well-known artists, such as The Chemical Brothers, Yellowcard and The Doors.

            --------Critical comments--------
            Unfortunately, there is some slowdown when masses of cars are involved in a crash. I would not say that this adversely affects the gameplay much, but it is noticeable and subsequently an annoyance. As the game progresses it may appear that there is great depth in the choice of cars at your disposal since so many vehicles can be unlocked. However in reality the choice must be regarded as superficial because of a lack of noticeable handling differences between vehicles. All that seems to differentiate many of the cars is simply the colour scheme. Likewise, if you love racing games, which contain all manner of real life cars (Gran Turismo, Project Gotham Racer and the like), then BR may not be the game for you.

            The long load times in BR can be an irritation, especially if you are taking part in an event that requires multiple tries. Another quibble is that the fall through the racetrack into oblivion bug from past Burnout games returns. By now you would have thought that the developers could have dealt with this, but it did make the occasional appearance whilst I played BR. Some Burnout franchise veterans could be a little disappointed about the inclusion of traffic checking. In the past games you had to be skilful to avoid all vehicles whichever side of the road, but now it can be reasonably easy to stick to your side of the road and avoid danger. There was less tension than past games as I felt comfortable on most tracks that would fail to crash.

            I am positive that some gamers will enjoy the soundtrack offered, but it is in my opinion rather bland and one-dimensional. The music featured is in the rock/punk genre, and the developers obviously felt that this would fit BR’s fast paced action well, but I disagree. Many people will definitely feel the need to put the television on mute, and listen to a CD like I did. Finally I would suggest that BR is hardly innovative. The developers have achieved all that they can on the PlayStation2, and the real evolution of the series will come on the next generation consoles.

            Put simply, BR will provide many hours of gaming pleasure, whether that is during the World Tour or whilst online. It is a highly recommended purchase for anyone who is new to the series. Even if you own the previous Burnout titles you should not be disappointed adding BR to your gaming collection. After all it can be purchased very cheaply nowadays. For instance, (at the time of writing) woolworths.co.uk are selling the game for just £8.97.

            >My scores:
            - Gameplay: 9/10 – There are plenty of distinct events to get your teeth into. If you like to have fun and get the adrenaline pumping whilst playing a computer game, look no further than BR.

            - Graphics: 8/10 – Overall visuals are very accomplished, although due to the hardware restrictions of the PlayStation2, not much better than the previous Burnout game.

            - Sound: 7/10 – Some of the effects should without doubt be complimented. Unfortunately the soundtrack lacks diversity and fails to impress.

            - Longevity: 9.5/10 – The single player mode will keep you going for at least 20 hours, whilst the amount of time one could put into online play is endless. You can mark down this score a tad if you are without PlayStation2 Internet access.

            Final score: 8.9 out of ten

            Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed


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              22.12.2006 10:58
              Very helpful



              Great racing games with lots of mayhem

              It is fair to say that Burnout Revenge is probably one of the best racing games that I have ever had the pleasure to own and play. The action is relentless, the gaming experience a joy to behold with smooth controls great visuals and a drop dead top notch soundtrack.

              The main mode on which play is centred is the World Tour where you compete in a number of races as you attempt to rise through the ranks. One thing that does require careful thought before each race is the choice of car that you use, in previous racing games it tends to be the most recently released car is the one to use in the next race however this is not the case here and you have to factor in the cars features and the track you are competing on to pick the right vehicle for the race ahead.

              There are a number of different race types to enjoy alongside the standard straight up first past the post race there is an eliminator with the last placed car being eliminated every 30 seconds, whilst road rage requires you to destroy opposing cars that appear on the track.

              One feature I like about this version of the Burnout series of games is that now you can use pedestrians cars as weapons to wipe out your opponents by gently (or not so gently in some cases) nudging them into the oppositions path.

              The artificial intelligence in the game is good and no matter how well you drive there will always be opponents around you so tactical awareness of how close you are to the finish plays a big part in your success.

              There is loads of mayhem in this racing game not least in crash mode where the objective is to cause the biggest pile up possible as you cruise around the city it is loads of fun and quite easy to master after a few practice runs.

              The visuals on this game are top notch, it gives an excellent feeling of driving at speed and all of the race environments are very challenging and well set out. There is a great deal of replay value in the game as there is just so many playing options open to you and loads of cars to experience the racing in.

              The sounds of the cars are really top grade and the high tempo soundtrack supports the whole gaming experience really well.

              Highly recommended to say the least and available at Amazon for £17.99 or from £10.99 in the new and used section.


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                08.04.2006 21:15



                burnt-out abit could be better but worth it for parts of the game play.

                For those who have played the previous games this one could be alittle bit of a let down.
                The race selection screen is very confusing and hard to keep track of what you have done.
                The races, while they still have the essence of the others, start to get abit borring and repetitive, with the same scenery time after time.
                The crash senarios are tougher, but lack the flair of burnout three and fail to reward you in the same ways.
                It still has the basic idea of hit a crowded junction and cause as much damage as possible but it can be to hard with the added problem of getting the right weight car and getting the boost bar right, it ends up being rather annoying.
                The cars are fantastic and some of the unlockables are truly awesome, from hotrods to army style 4x4s. They all have different weighs and explosive powers, you'll find yourself hammering the L button like fury.
                They can be hard to control but once you get use to it you'll find a perfect weapon.
                By far the best part of this game is take down challenges, faster and more aggresive than previously, the idea of smashing and hitting cars into any obstical or jumping and land ontop of another is shear beauty.
                They fly all over the place and seriuosly get your blood pumping.
                This is really the only redeaming feature of this game and should be bought purely on this feature alone but burnout3 was far superiour.

                This game is usually in platinum (£19.99) or around this mark in most sites and shops.
                EA games could have done better but its just good enough to buy for certain features.
                Its hard to put emotion into a review of this game as it was such a let down for me but i had about a weeks fun with it.


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                  03.04.2006 12:07
                  Not Helpful



                  this game is worth every penny and is perfect for people who like cars and explosions

                  this game has been greatly improved. compared to the other burnout games this one has the best cars,the best tracks and the realistic graphix on a game i have ever had the pleasure to play however it is let down by the creaters taking the away the extra bonuses in the third game such as instant explosion the multipliers and even though it was bad the half points because it added an element of danger to the game. i have completed the game and i am amazed by the number of fantastic cars available to race, destroy or just shred i think this game is a good product to buy and i don't regret doing so.


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                    12.03.2006 18:05
                    Not Helpful






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                      02.03.2006 17:08
                      Not Helpful



                      Need Speed You've come to the right reveiw

                      This is the best Burnout yet in my own opinion it is still expensive in the shops but do get it because the speed is so fast most the time i didn't know where i was going like i normally do it.

                      Need Help!

                      Super-fast Crashbreaker in Crash Mode
                      If you want to quickly do a crashbreaker on cars with a force 10 crashbreaker like the food mobile, hold down the Impact Time button before your crashbreaker meter goes to 100%. When the bar's full, it'll go back down a lot slower than normal, and you can shell out a crashbreaker in about half a second.


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                        20.02.2006 02:11
                        Very helpful



                        Well the fact that the game is now about 15 pounds is a good reason why you shoud get it now

                        Burnout revenge is the latest racing game to come out from the company of Electronics arts.

                        The Main Mode of this game is the world tour mode, in this mode you have to get ranking in each level and with each of these ranking you get an improvement of your raning score depending on your ranking, to improve your rank thorugh the race you have to do risk filled things
                        in just the race your can have you rating as either ok this is worth one star,good is worth two stars,great is worth three stars and awesome is worth 4 stars but to get it to a perfect rating which is worth 5 stars you have to get n awesome rating and also get the gold medal in that event. these stars increase your current rank in the overall game with each new rank you get a new series of races.

                        Risk thing filled things to increase your rating in a race include
                        driving on the wrong side of the road this is called oncoming
                        drifting when you go around a sharp corner
                        smashing small shaped cars into each other this is called traffic check
                        missing traffic by dodging it at the last second.

                        The more aggresive ways include ramming your rival cars in the most fashionable ways and everybody favourite way by completly destory your rivals in a takedown move. also by doing all of the listed thing above also give you more boost iin your boost bar and doing takedowns increases the actually boost bar, but if you manage to get taken out by a rival car you lose some of the increased boost bar, but then you can takedown this rival in a special takedown move called revenge takedown, there are other takedown moves including signature takedowns when you take down someone in a unique way and also for later aces the crashbreaker takedown attack , this works when you crash you can destory your car and other cars with a powerful expolsion and the size of this explsion depends on how much boost you currently have.

                        Game modes

                        this is your bog standard race where you try and get to first place using any means necessary to get the perfect race.

                        Traffic attack
                        this is where you pit your car against the traafic where you crash cars into each other in order to make enough crash score money to win the aquired medal. when the clock goes to 20 seconds you are then crashing cars just so you can carry on, bonuses can be earn by laping the course this multiply the amount of money you get from the cars and by using cars to crash other oncoming cars.

                        Burning lap
                        this is just you against the clock where you race around the course in the quickest time possible, if you beat the aquired time limit you get the medal.

                        Road rage
                        This is probably the best mode of them all, no real racing element you just purely takedown as many rivals as you possible can in the time you are given, and for every 2 to 3 enemies you takedown you get an bonus amount of time

                        This is a race where the person in last place gets eliminated, a new person get eliminated every 30 seconds until only one person is left standing.

                        this is a lot like the burning lap mode but it has you racing in a top of the range car in a new or simliar course.

                        Grand prix race
                        This is just basically 3 to 4 race combine into one big grand prix event, 6 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd,, 2 points for 4th, 1 point for 5 th and nothing for last. the person with the most amount of points wins the event.

                        Crash events
                        This is where the real fun begins, as the name says it all the objective of this mode is to cause as much damage as you can by using a well placed cash into any kind of traffic possible, the more cars you manag to crash the more money you get, you can get a score multiper by making any cars you crash into explode example you get 257460 and manage to blow up 12 cars you get $3,089,520 in crash points, again if you reach the target goals you manage to get the medal depending on how much you get, also when you fill the boost bar to a certain level you can use the crashbreaker option where you cause even more damage.

                        Winning cars requires you to either just complete events with also getting any kind of medal possible or to get te special type of cars you have to complete certain goals or by doing the aquired challenge sheet, this contains 8 different challenges to be completed, theses can be as simple as taking out a rival racer or the really difficulty ones like earning $10,000,000 in a single crash event.

                        Multiplayer game modes

                        Crash battle
                        same rules as crash mode but this time you see who can cause the most damge out of each other.

                        Crash party
                        This is almost the same as crash battle but this time you combine each other scores to get the highest possible score.

                        Crash tour
                        This is where you and your human rival try to get a certain amount of crash damage points from a series of crash events first one tyo reach the target wins this game.

                        This game has improves on the much loved game burnout 3 by taking out some bits you hated about the old game and turning into something we could like and improving on the old ways as well, also thanks god their destoryed that annoying DJ from the pesivous game and made a more mild and friendly DJ for introductions only, on the whole it is a very good game to play and is well worth a good try, the graphics could be improved but with the online option that really extends the game paly value but after the rank 5 you really just repeating the same races over again, normal pirices are at £30 and can be found in most computer game shops.


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                          05.12.2005 17:37
                          Very helpful



                          Addictive, satisfying energy charged racer with attitude.

                          Numerous racing games have found their home on the Playstation 2. There is the constantly reliable Gran Turismo series that is widely seen to be the best accurate driving simulation on the PS2 and one of the most realistic. The Need for Speed Underground series has attempted to corner the market with an emphasis on urban sub-culture and the joys of possibly turning that lovely little Vauxhall Nova into something that would resemble a proper car and doesn’t drive like a wedge of cheese with wheels. Between the very realistic simulation experience and the ‘Pimp my ride’ style games (minus Xzibit), there is a little EA franchise called the Burnout series and its fourth instalment, Burnout Revenge is a rip roaring, tarmac burning, speed freak of a game.

                          Let me make one point clear. Revenge doesn’t pretend to be realistic. It takes realism to the nearest petrol station and drops him off in a heap. The cars are not licensed (which means they can be completely and utterly destroyed, burned and smashed) and in many cases you can, and are encouraged, to constantly abuse the boosting function of your car (basically gallons of Nitrous Oxide). In short, you pick a car and fight your way through traffic (same way traffic can be ploughed through whereas oncoming traffic can’t) and the very aggressive opposition to the finish line.

                          So far this game sounds rather simple and inane. It is very easy to pick up and play which is comforting, but it is still a challenging game. Even with the basic cars at the beginning, the speed is extremely fast. Imagine driving at around 200mph+ whilst turning round corners, avoiding many obstacles and trying to shake off another car that enjoys nothing more than smashing you into a wall – it can be tricky. There are lots of alternate routes, ramps, hills and cliffs which all add to the tension and excitement that is constant in this game. Locations based on Italy, Europe, USA and Asia are all noticeably different and challenging in their own ways.

                          The environments and cars are all rendered well and some of the locations genuinely catch your eye and you may want to slow down to take in the scenery – slowing down however is just not an option that is encouraged! Rewards are earned for being aggressive in the game and for using the boost for long periods of time. The more cars and rivals you make crash, the better your rating will be and the more you can unlock – aggression equals progression. Faster cars (really!) and new levels are some of the things that become unlocked as your rating rises. Some of the cars you can use for racing modes and others for crash modes.

                          Racing is not the only thing that the game has to offer. Crash mode involves heavier and more robust cars (Jeeps, pickup trucks etc) and the aim is to create the most damage by crashing the car into cars at an intersection for instance. This mode is fun, but I enjoyed the racing mode a lot more as there is a lot more tension and excitement. You have the ability to slow down the car once it has crashed and to manoeuvre it into other passing vehicles. The ways the cars crash are true-to-life in both the racing and crash modes. The crash engine is quite sophisticated and is probably the most realistic device within the game. Slow motion replays are interspersed when you or a rival is taken out in the race modes, which is satisfying and doesn’t break up the gameplay – it heightens it instead. The cars are never completely destroyed in the race modes and reappear soon after they have crashed.

                          The mixture of the speed and the gameplay gives the game a great deal of energy. The music tracks, which are licensed, are mainly high-octane Indie tracks with some Dance music as well. The music works perfectly with the style of game and creates a genuine driving catalyst. From the menus to the trophy’s you can receive, I really can’t explain how much energy the game gives you. It is a very good feeling being both rewarded and taking out your friend into a bus… the 2-player mode is great fun and anything can happen in a race as I found out often enough – I kept losing horribly!

                          Overall the game is very enjoyable to play and it is easy to both pick up and put down. It’s great to play with friends and quite good to relieve some stress as well. There’s nothing better than causing a little bit of senseless destruction in the virtual world before dinner. Happy Racing.


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                        • Product Details

                          This time it's not about winning. It's not about riding on dubs or gaudy neon lights. It's about an utter disregard for the rules of road and total domination. This time it's personal. This time it's about revenge. The sequel to 2004's racing game of the year, Burnout Revenge straps gamers into the fastest, most dangerous racer on the road. Fight dirty or go down in flames - the only rule is complete automotive anarchy. Built for unprecedented destruction, Burnout Revenge challenges gamers to exact their revenge on rush hour traffic, vindictive rival racers and anything else that gets between them and the finish line. Featuring multi-level tracks designed for fighting, wicked vertical takedowns, explosive new crashbreakers, new gameplay modes and wide open crash courses for epic crash sequences that put Hollywood to shame, Burnout Revenge redefines speed and aggression for the ultimate in vehicular combat. And when gamers are ready to take their rage on the road, a massive suite of online modes and features open up endless possibilities to slam, shunt and stonewall new enemies all over the world. Happy hunting!

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