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Charlie's Angels (PS2)

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2012 20:04
      Very helpful



      A very mediocre game that doesn't impress.

      After starting to play my PS2 after a bit of a break from it, I recently found my old copy of Charlie's Angels and started playing it. I was a big fan of the movie, and I remember receiving this as a gift for my birthday a while ago. However, I think it can still be purchased quite cheaply online on Amazon, but I rarely see it in GAME or shops like that, as it wasn't that popular.

      The game is rated at 7 plus, which is a bit odd, as I thought it would at least get a 12 due to the fact that most of the game involves punching and kicking enemies repeatedly. Unfortunately, there is no option for multiplayer, which I thought would have been great as there is enough Angels for at least 2 people to play co-op with.

      It reminds me a bit of an arcade style beat-em-up game, as throughout it, the main thing you do is punch and kick through the various enemies that pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes, there is also the chance that you can pick up surrounding objects like knives that have been thrown at you, barrels or crates, but you can't really depend on these as you never know when they'll show up.

      This style of game can get pretty annoying however, as there isn't much challenge and all you do is spend most of your time punching and kicking. I'd say this game is probably only for someone who isn't really a big fan of games but can master controls and just play mindless games for hours e.g. my mum prefers this style as she isn't too great at games and this style she doesn't have to think about while playing.

      You do get to go through quite a lot of different locations so it doesn't get too boring. There are places like a beach, chinese temple or a storage warehouse, so there is a fair bit of variety for you to go through and although the locations are pretty much laid out the same, the change of location makes up for it. A little bonus on this change of location is also that the enemies change with it, so certain levels have specific enemies.

      The characters look pretty much the same as they do in the movie, and a nice little feature is that they are voiced by the Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu and Drew Barrymore. Yet, the way they have been designed to move in the game is really weird. The running, kicking, punching and martial arts moves are okay, aside from getting a bit too repetitive. However, when they jump, it looks really odd and just unnatural and the fact that you have to jump quite a lot in the game, doesn't mean you can just ignore this weird jumping design.

      The graphics are okay for a PS2 game, however they definitely aren't the best. I wouldn't say they are the sharpest and detailed of graphics, but they are fine when your playing and there isn't too many glitches. I only have ever had some problems with glitches and this was just down to the fact that angling the characters to kick correctly can be very difficult.

      Controlling the characters is relatively simple, you just use the analog stick to control them and then use the gamepad to simply make them do actions like punching and kicking or jumping. They're easy to get the hang of and it only takes you 10 minutes to fully be able to understand all the controls.

      Overall, I wouldn't recommend this game, although it is okay, it does get really boring after a while. It's not as good as some of the other games available on the PS2, and there is definitely a reason why this game was never remembered.


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