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Conflict: Global Storm (PS2)

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Genre: Strategy / Video Game for PlayStation2 / Release Date: 2005-09-30 / Published by Eidos

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2012 23:33
      Very helpful



      Still a good game

      Conflict is a series of game following 4 soliders (although in the newest installment 4 becomes 2). What is supposedly great about this is this make multiplayer campaign mode awesome, especially if you have 3 mates who want to come round and play... Sadly I do not have 3 mates who want to come play this with me... as its an outdated game. This does ruin the feel of the game just a tad, because instead you are left to content with your allies AI... which to say the least is not very bright.

      Ok, in this game, there are 4 soliders as a team. A demo and special forces expert, sniper, heavy weapons and rifleman. You have to go on a quest to basically stop terrorists all over the world, and you end up chasing down the bosses. You have to go through back street jails in war zone, to grand drug lord mansions in your quest to stop various nuclear threats and so on.

      The game starts with your team dropped in a war zone (cant remember exactly, but it might have been bosnia), and you are ratted out, and taken to a jail. You must escape, and get to the LZ (landing zone). SPOILER during your escape the sniper (Foaly) is left behind (presumely dead, but again I have heard that in the newest installment you find out that he is still alive and is being tortured).

      Anyway, whats good about this game?

      I love the way this game is about you being an elite squad, and its all about teamwork. However it gets dull in the fact that if you play alone, you spend 50% of your time setting up your allies in the correct position. I imagine in 4p mode, this wouldnt be an issue.

      There are lots of guns as well, and they shoot really realistically. Be is a druganov sniper rifle, or a bazooka, you know its gonna be fun to shoot. ALso i like the way the spec ops solider can shoot smgs better than the rifle, even though any solider can have any weapon. It make the game feel slightly RPG style, especially as the soliders can rank up and level up indivudally (although i am not sure this makes any difference to the gameplay). You can also drive vehicle, such as car and tanks, but there are not that many you can drive, but its just an added plus. Another plus is the stealth aspect of the game. I ued to love going as the spec ops guy, adding a silencer, and scouting ahead. I would have liked to be able to stick the sniper in a place to help me if things got tough, but sadly he would just start shooting automatically, and ruin all the stealth. Still, its the though that counts.

      One thing though is that the enemy AI is not very bright either, although to be fair I only ever played easy mode. I would play hard etc if I had someone who wanted to play with, but for an old game like this, there are better games out there.

      So in summary, if you and 3 mates want a good 3rd person shooter to play, this is the one. Sadly though, its rare you will have 4 people all willing to play an old 3rd person shooter these days with things like online gaming.


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