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Crash Nitro Kart (PS2)

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    5 Reviews
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      23.02.2010 01:27
      Very helpful



      Overall, if you can get it cheap add it to your collection

      I love Crash games and Crash Nitro Kart is pretty good too and addicitive. It is not much different to crash team racing but if you can pick the game up for under £5 which you should be able to then it might be worth adding this one to your collection too.

      The graphics in this game are fantastic and unique in their own right. The 3D rendering is great and the way the cartoon characters are portrayed gives them so much depth and personality. Dr. Neo Cortex is for me a great example of how effective the graphics are.

      The sounds are somewhat amusing,especially when a character either bumps into something or pass another person on the course-Their comments are very witty,though do get repetitive after a while.The background music is very catchy,and I often find myself humming some Nitro cart tunes at off moments.

      In regards to the controls and gameplay they are both easy enough to master and easy enough to configure how you want them.

      The courses are quite good,some even containing alternative and secret routes.There are a good mixture of course lengths and types,but I would have liked to have seen different weather conditions perhaps.

      The game is quite difficult really. What makes the game is the difficulty,even on easy mode.The relic races,where you have to complete the course in a certain time limit,are near impossible,as are the CNK challenges,where you have to grab the letters C,N,and K,and still aquire first place on the podium.

      Overall, this game is a pretty good buy and I think you will love it when you start playing and have many fun hours on it. It can be too difficult at times but I guess that's part of the challenge.


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      14.02.2010 21:09
      Very helpful



      OK game

      This game Crash Nitro Kart came out back in 2003, on November 28th. I purchases the game for about £19.99 but as you can see now the current price for the game is only £1.63.

      The game sort of clones the Mario Kart game as many of the features in the CNK game copies the Mario version, such as the acceleration boosts and power slide boosts, and so if you already have the Mario Kart game I would doubt you would feel any difference if you bought the CNK game.

      The Naughty Dogs version of CNK came out on the playstion consoles, whereas the Mario Kart racing games were only exclusive to the nintendo consoles, so I suppose they CNK and both the Mario Kart team got fair shares if people bought an equal amount of the games each.

      The levels are fairly colourful and bright, and so is the graphics. The sounds in the game are pretty usual for a racing game, the sound of engines here and there and the noise when a kart does a brilliant drift.

      Now in CNK you get to play as crash Bandicoot and his friends in a racing competition, some of the main characters are Coco, Crunch, Dr. Neo Cortex, N. Gin, and Tiny, and of course there are some new characters put in to make the game more experienced.

      There are many hits and tricks in the game, sometimes you jump just at the right moment while going off into the air off a big slope, or zooming onto a power slide which boosts your speed fir about three odd seconds or so.

      The tracks are pretty straight forward and is not that easy to get lost, and if you happen to do get lost or go off track within three seconds or so it will automatically bring you to the nearest place which is on the right tracks.

      Playing with friends can be great fun if you have an extra PS2 controller, and of course I believe you can have up to four players in total, and you can play in teams or simply all Vs all.

      Overall the game pretty is a standard one but does clone the Mario Kart game, so if you do happen to of have the Mario version, I would not reccomend you to buy CNK.


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        18.08.2009 23:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fun easy to play kart racer.

        Crash Nitro Kart is a racing game for the Playstation 2 developed by Universal Interactive.

        The story of the game is pretty silly and fun, Crash and friends and even the evil Neo Cortex are taken to another galaxy by Emperor Velo who demands they race for his entertainment or he will destroy the Earth and they will never be able to return home! With such high stakes all the characters agree and take part in the racing adventure.

        The game does have a fully featured adventure mode reminiscent of Diddy Kong racing on the N64 here you must complete various events from racing against other players, collecting items, battling against foes, time trials, you travel through a series of events though it is surprisingly brief and will be over in just a few hours.

        The racing action is quite fun and like many other Kart racing games you will be able to drive through crates and obtain a variety of power ups which you can use to your advantage getting a burst of speed with a Nitro tank or blowing up your foes with TNT crates and other fun stuff! The tracks in the game are all of zany other worldly designs and have a variety of jumps and opportunities to powerslide your way to victory.

        Like a certain other Kart racing game you can also do powerslides which will allow you then to get a small nitro boost which is really vital to helping you win the race. I is a particularly fun game to play with other people as Kart racing games tend to be and can be enjoyed by up to four players with the variety of modes available in the single player adventure.

        Graphics are good with colourful vivid characters and environments that are larger than life and fun to watch.

        If you are into Kart racing there is no reason why you shouldn't try out Crash's!


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          28.08.2008 22:12
          Very helpful



          Deja Vu as Crash hits the same highs and lows as 4 years earlier.

          Crash Bandicoot's second outing on the PlayStation2 was, perhaps surprisingly, a sequel to the cult PSOne kart racer Crash Team Racing. The first instalment of the series to come on a DVD, Nitro Kart doesn't make any notable technical advances, but will doubtless please fans of the original as it follows the same formula so closely.

          And that means all the things you loved (or conversely, hated) about CTR are recreated here, almost to a fault. Essentially a Mario Kart clone and released in 2003, Crash Nitro Kart (CNK) sees the player competing in races against seven competitors across a number of themed courses, with power-ups and turbo strips galore.

          The main adventure reprises the rather unnecessary format of having you drive around a number of hub-like areas in which you can activate the desired race/challenge you wish to enter. There are four worlds, each comprising of three races and a boss to finish, as well as a number of sub-challenges that become available upon defeating said boss. The simple race format is where CNK is undoubtedly at its most playable; the relatively leisurely pace of the game is matched well with the tracks thanks to their intelligent layout, and the solid handling ensures little can go wrong at the core. At its best, when played with friends along with a full field of competitive A.I. opponents, Nitro Kart is terrific fun.

          However (and it feels like a criticism that applies to rather too many Crash Bandicoot games), the main bulk of the experience is tainted by a mercilessly high difficulty level. The CNK Challenge is the first offender - a good idea in theory as it sees you having to collect three letters placed in obscure, out of the way or hard to reach places, but things are made unnecessarily problematic with the further requirement that you must simultaneously win the race you are a tackling. And that's the easiest extra mode.

          The Crystal Arenas dictate that you must collect twenty crystals in order to win a CNK token, though manoeuvring at low(er) speeds feels cumbersome and thanks to the tight time-limits, quickly becomes a chore. These arenas can be customised and used in for multiplayer purposes, but in provide no enjoyment whatsoever. The Relic Race (a mode those familiar with the platform games will no doubt remember) sees you racing a time-trial whilst smashing crates with a value of between one and three seconds each to save time. Though important to the players chances of success, more often than not you are challenged to go way off the racing line and end up losing more time than the crates recover. Achieving the time required for the bog-standard Sapphire relic is tough and demands a fair bit of practice, whilst Gold is harder still and Platinum little short of impossible. Too often you have to drive to a near-perfect level and still rely on a degree of luck for results, not helped by the rather gutless weapon power-ups - the 'Tornado' for instance often isn't quick enough to even catch your opponents let alone wipe them out.

          The feeling that CNK isn't rewarding your efforts stretches right to the end of the game where, upon defeating the immensely tough Galaxy Championship boss, you are given nothing save a bleak promise of a re-race once you've acquired all of the time relics. So in most peoples cases, never. Though there are a fair number of unlockable characters, most require that you complete CNK Challenges across all worlds and then win championship races - another thankless task.

          If you're prepared to grit you teeth though, it still has the makings of a decent, playable kart racer. The tracks offer diversity both in terms of their look and the hazards they present. There are numerous short-cuts waiting to be exploited, carrying a degree of risk and reward that you would expect of such a game. It also makes good use of the hop and slide functions brought about by the L1 and R1 buttons; as doing so at the right moments can grant your kart a small increase in power and can be used to create combination boosts with practice.

          Nitro Kart looks really good. The chunky, colourful characters are complemented perfectly by race tracks that offer countless aesthetic highlights. The track 'Out of Time' is dominated by a zany clock face that spins schizophrenically over a shiny, reflective race surface, whilst the cartoon canyons add weight to the feeling that the scenario could have been ripped straight from a Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner cartoon (albeit in 3D). Elsewhere, the early tracks set on 'Terra' serve as a reminder of the eye-popping vibrancy that was a feature of the early Crash Bandicoot games. Towards the end, the retro-future tracks prove endearingly kitsch in their styling and yet still carry off some impressive technical tricks, culminating in the 'Hyper Speedway' finale with its enormous jumps and warp gates. Aside from the rather soulless Arenas, the quality of the tracks remains at an excellent standard from start to finish, with almost all offering their own unique feature and challenge.

          And the music isn't bad either, with the opening menu theme proving the pick of the bunch. The incessant loopyness of the tunes is tailor-made to fit the subject matter, though it may start to test the patience after a while. Voice-acting is cute and in a nice twist, the player can tackle the game as either the Crash or his nemesis Neo Cortex, offering up different FMV's after defeating each boss with some enjoyable, light-hearted banter - though it should be noted that the game remains more or less the same regardless of who you choose to play as.

          The one-player mode will last awhile but will test the patience of all but the most seasoned of gamers. The multiplayer setups however add quite a bit of lifespan to the game, with four race tournaments proving especially good fun; it's just a shame that the number of tracks is limited, and that the only form of track customisation open to the player involves the Battle Arenas, which in every sense of the word, are rubbish.

          Ultimately, Crash Nitro Kart is a well-designed and playable racing game with the potential for a fair bit of gameplay, though disappointingly it seems new developers Vicarious Visions have failed to learn any lessons from Crash's first kart outing. The great multiplayer setup makes it a worthy purchase for those with a multitap, but for those looking for a strong single player experience; its punishing nature might prove a turn-off.


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            11.10.2005 19:55
            Very helpful



            Fun and very easy to play, addictive and value for money.


            Wow! What a game this is... It's another great karting experience in the funny world of 'Crash Bandicoot'. First came Crash Team Racing (CTR) and now there is Crash Nitro Kart (CNK). This kart racing game has rivalled any major kart racing game ever seen before on the market such as 'Super Mario Kart'.

            This new addition is actually developed by a different firm to the 'Naughty Dog' production company that brought us the first Crash Bandicoot game, 'CTR'. With different developers it has brought us the consumer, a whole new gaming experience whilst maintaining the thrill of kart racing. This game has proved so popular with people like me that is has gone platinum.


            Crash Nitro Kart races challenges of a different kind in this high paced karting adventure game. Crash has been kidnapped by the evil Emperor - Velo. He has no choice, other than to race many challenges in Emperor Velo's coliseum, so that he has a chance of saving Earth from complete destruction. In order to complete every challenge, he must successfully race and compete against new and old faces (From CTR) before facing a final challenge against the evil Emperor Velo himself. To get to the end successfully you have to race each track to win trophies, CNK tokens and diamonds to unlock each world/level.


            Crash Nitro Kart keeps that brightly coloured, cartoon appearance that has been loved throughout all of the 'Crash Bandicoot' games. Bearing in mind, this is for the Playstation 2 - the graphics are somewhat sharper than any of the Playstation 1 games I ever played. The sharper graphics outline and colour each and every level with complete perfection. With a noticed increase in graphics throughout each level, 'Vicarious Visions' have certainly paid great attention to even minor details such as character shadows. You would think that with this huge increase in graphic quality it may cause a slower response rate in game play but again, this is a noticeable improvement over the Playstation1 and is definitely what makes up half of the CNK gaming experience.….. It makes for very smooth play and therefore enhances the fast paced CNK adventure.


            Being a cartoon based game, don't expect any smooth backing music to accompany the thrill of racing. Instead you are left with some very strange cartoon noises, music and effects such as the funny phrases 'Yahoo and Grrr, I'll get you for this!" - This all just adds to the joy of your game play. I just love the sound of the power-up meter charging up; it really gets you in the mood for a fast paced race! Regardless of those cartoon sound effects it does feature good sound through a normal TV set. Each sound is clear and distinctive to every individual character and level. Obviously still living up too the standards of 'Sony'.

            Levels & Game Play

            For up to 8 players you can race against your mates, or race against each character or even race AS each character. You are able to change your character with every race you play so that you can use each of them individually to enhance your racing advantage. The 12 characters each have their own kart design, and the weapons that ensure victories are consistent with the overall feel of the game. Each track you visit is designed differently with bold and chunky style race tracks. Great for both kids and adults!

            There are over 17 different raceways in the Crash Nitro Kart world. Some of these raceways include secret passage ways so you are forever having to be alert. The worlds are set in jungles, erupting volcanoes, futuristic cities, space stations and battle arenas! In these 4 different worlds 'CNK' will have you entertained for hours as you race to win. Each track is uniquely designed with good style and is equally more challenging that the previous. There are also more individual pursuits such as crystal collection arenas so there is definitely a wide variety to this game.

            Also available to play is the battle mode, this mode enables you to battle against your opponents in the wide-opened Battle Arenas. There is also a special arena editor function which allows you to create fully customised Battle Arenas for action-packed multiplayer battle.

            There is tremendous single player action, so that when you are alone you can play one of the terrific adventure, arcade or time trial modes which gives hours of fun to anyone of any age. I sat for hours doing this. It's also good to play in one of these modes to practise and learn some of the skills/features of your chosen character.

            Boosting is the key to completing the game - you can gain a blast of speed by simply catching air off a ramp, or by mastering the power slide function. Boosting by sliding isn't easy, but becomes the secret key to the finish line. After every task or track you complete there is an animated style head that pops up to advise you on helpful hints (Each tip is also archived in the memory so that you can make reference to it at any stage throughout the game - again I found this really helpful).

            Karts & Weapons

            Each individual kart adapts to their environment with a variety of special weapons, these include mines, missiles, tornado attacks and grenades, I love the 3 missiles that you don't even need to guide, and they will simply knock whoever is in front of you out! There is also a special and very fun time attack feature which helps you take your opponent out so that you can win the race. The famous crash crates that you have to drive into always contain a weapon of some kind for your benefit and to enhance your chances of winning each race. Weapons are also given extra power by collecting 10 'Wumpa Fruit' on from each of the tracks; this is another really beneficial thing to pay attention too.

            There are some weapons that will cause havoc on your way through the various tracks. The TNT boxes - coming in green and red, I suggest that you master the art of using quick reflex action to ensure you miss each one that's been laid down just after a bend on the race course. These can really get on my nerves. But I suppose it just adds to the whole joy of game play.

            The straight-up races are the most fun, with a team-up option that uses the R2 button to activate a short-term alliance and with rapid-fire power up access you can literally blast anything and anyone out the way with this useful feature. Its really great fun whizzing through all those fireballs and moving razor blades with the invincibility activated! You really should try it sometime - a great stress reliever!

            Age & Ease of Use

            This game is suitable for anyone of any age. Kids love it and adults alike. It has had me entertained for hours on end. It becomes highly addictive and you won't want to give up on a particular course or track until you have won that particular race. Some of the tracks are very easily won but don't be fooled, after the first few races you will start to become challenged a lot more.

            You will learn and develop your karting skills throughout the game and you will hopefully beat that nasty Emperor - Velo!
            It doesn't take an advanced user to play this game; you will pick up through practise, which button to press to perform each function so is very simple overall.

            I must say that I got a good 45+ hours from this game so is great value for money in my eyes (See prices below).

            Technical Specifications

            Region PAL: Will play on UK and European Playstation 2's only.
            Ages: 3+
            Players: 1-8
            Publisher: Vivendi

            Available for other consoles: such as the Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube and for the N-Gage.

            Recommended Retail Prices

            Playstation 2 - £19.99
            Xbox - £39.99
            Game Cube - £39.99
            Game Boy Advance - £29.99
            N-Gage - £34.99

            For all of the above consoles I am sure that if you used the dooyoo search facility or www.google.co.uk you would be able to return a good competitive price from many internet retailers, one good place to try is www.play.com although they do have a tendency to sell out of stock very fast as their prices are very competitive.

            This game is available to buy on the high street, but do be warned, you will probably pay a few pence more than over the internet.


            I would certainly recommend this game to anyone. I think it is a very enjoyable pleasant game to play. You really get wrapped up in the whole thrill of the game and it certainly becomes more exciting as game play progresses.

            I do think that the 'really advanced' game players of the world would probably not be too satisfied with this game as it really doesn't offer that same high paced thrill as a game such as Gran Turismo 4. But for someone who occasionally gets their console out of the cupboard then this is a must have game to add to the collection. It will give you hours of good fun.

            Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did. I can't wait for the next new one.

            4 S*T*A*R*S from me.

            © Copyright of grown_up_girlie, October 2005.


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