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Crazy Taxi (PS2)

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47 Reviews

One of the biggest titles on the PS2, Crazy Taxi is a race against the clock driving game. Whilst it is exciting and high speed action to begin with, there is little variation and replay value is low.

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    47 Reviews
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      20.04.2012 10:36




      It might just be me, but I think that games released years ago can more often than not be better than one's brought out today. Crazy Taxi, to a certain extent is an example of such a game. This game is famous for being simply brilliant and a great game for Playstation 2, especially when it was released way back in 2000, seems like a life time ago.

      As formats go, this game is extremely simple, but dont take that as a disadvantage, as even though simple, it is highly entertaining. Basically, you play a taxi driver, and in order to collect as money money as possible, you must drive around, picking up fares, and dropping them off at their destination. Like I said, simple.

      You are set against the clock which each character that you pick up. It is such a good game, but there is a mjor downside. I do say fun, but fun for while. The game becomes repeative, having only one goal to complete. Its not like you can start over with a new story or try things differently. Its basically driving around playing a taxi driver. For about an hour is great, but after that, slowly becomes boring and you can quickly loose interest. When I pay good money for a game, I wanted more than an hour of decent gameplay. Fun then, probably not now though. Thanks for reading.


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      22.12.2010 12:26
      Very helpful



      A classic game

      Originally in arcades and Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi was ported to the Playstation 2 in 2001, which features all the original game play, but unfortunately no extras.

      There are several game modes: Arcade, Original and Crazy Box. Arcade and Original are identical in terms of game play, but feature different maps and courses. You can select arcade rules or just play for three, five or ten minutes. Crazy Box Mode features a series of challenges and minigames you can beat to try and get the top record.

      To start off, you select one of four characters, which as far as I'm aware is only different in terms of aesthetics and the things they say (more on that later) and their driving plate. The skills are all down to how you play! The aim of the game is to pick up as many passengers and deliver them to their destination, whilst earning the highest fare. You have a "per customer" time limit as well as an overall time limit which you must race to get the most money.

      The map in arcade is probably the easier one to play out of the two, but the original map definitely has more thrills. Both maps are pretty huge and it will take time to explore and learn the hidden crooks and shortcuts. Vaguely resembling San Francisco, there are tram lines and steep hills for you to avoid. Conveniently placed ramps allow you to obtain combos to earn a higher fare. My favourite though, has to be driving through the train tunnels, which is exciting, mysterious and also exciting (given you don't crash into a train)!

      I am quite bad at this game and don't manage more than five or six when playing the arcade mode- I keep crashing! The option to just cruise for five or ten minutes is definitely my favourite as it lets me have enough time to get a good drive round the city without the stress of making sure I deliver the customer to the destination so I have more time.

      The controls are relatively easy after a few tries, but may initially be a bit confusing. There are two preset controls settings, but you cannot customise them entirely. Other options include difficulty, traffic difficulty and sound options.

      Graphically the game is pretty stunning, with bright colours, fast moving traffic and smashable objects. The game doesn't lag and buildings all look realistic. There is a lack of fine detail but you wouldn't notice given the crazy driving! The thing I'd like to have seen was a night map or one with different weather conditions which would be really cool and a change to both the day time maps.

      The soundtrack features mainly rock tracks that are upbeat. It does fit in to the maps and the scenes you see, but can be a bit noisy and annoying after a while. The characters and passengers also have things to say, but these are slightly repetitive and limiting.

      The game can now be bought for under £5 on line.

      Overall, the game is definitely a game you play when you have perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes to spare- a pick up and play game that will give you a quick thrill and burst of adrenaline. It isn't a game you can spend hours and hours on, though if you're keen on setting records, this could be. In this way, this isn't a game you can get tired of easily as each game is different. The only thing lacking is a two player option.


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        23.02.2010 01:09
        Very helpful



        Overall, for a quick rush it's great

        Crazy Taxi is one of my favourite games for the Playstation 2 but at the same time it doesn't have much replay value. But for a short term rush you can't beat it. This game was originally released in 2000 and has always been one of the biggest titles around.

        In this version you take on the role of one of four taxi drivers and you have to set out to make as much money as possible. You have find customers, pick them up and take them to where they want to go and then collect your fare. Pretty simple.

        You start out in San Francisco in either arcade or original mode. Whichever mode you choose you goal is the same and you have to stop within range of a customer before taking them to where they want to go. There are some real life locations like Tower Records and KFC. To make things more challenging there is a time limit with every fare you pick up so you only have the time allocated to complete each job. You continue until you fail and the clock beats you.

        The controls are fairly easy to master with A and B buttons switching between gears and can also be used to give yourself a speed boost. The great thing about this game for me is that there are no real rules and you can weave in and out of the city's streets and go pretty much anywhere you want and don't worry about abiding to the rules of the road or pedestrians.

        I would recommend getting this game if you have't played but maybe only if you can get it for around £20 or under as once you've played it a few times you may not return too many times as the replay value is not high.


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        16.09.2009 15:04
        Very helpful



        Pick people up, drive them to their destination...woohoo!

        I bought this a number of years ago on PC but when unpackaged and installed, the computer decided it didn't like the look of it after all and much to my disappointment, decided against allowing it to work. So I took it back and soon after decided to get the PS2 version, which was on sale in my local Game.

        Having played the actual arcade version some time previous, my excitement levels were high, although not through the roof as they would have been had this been a brand new football game. I took it home, popped it in the PS2 and 20 minutes later was feeling a sense of overwhelming underwhelment. The graphics were okay, the soundtrack was okay, if not a tad limited, but worst of all the gameplay was poor.

        Sure, the game itself was enjoyable and as a concept, it sounds like hours of endless entertainment. But not so. The levels are very limited and I just found myself picking up the same people time after time, going the same routes and pretty much falling at the same hurdle each time I played.

        With a choice of four 'whacky' drivers and being able to take weird and wonderful people to equally interesting destinations, collecting hugely satisfying bonus dollars for weaving in an out of traffic and hitting huge jumps, Crazy Taxi had the makings of a more than decent instalment. But as another reviewer put it, developers Sega and Aklaim had been lazy, with an unforgiveable lack of depth and in my opinion, unentertaining and unsatisfying side games, such as mastering the 'Crazy Drift' etc.

        While it may sound a little predictable, if you want a good car game, stick to the old classics; your Gran Turismos etc because even the conversion of the handling of the controller to the handling of the car is shoddy in the extreme, where little control is possible, leading you to crash into the world and his wife, and every other car on the streets!

        While entertaining for a while, Crazy Taxi is unfortunately far too limited and while similar offerings simply aren't out there, you'd find it difficult not to find a less engaging driving game for PS2.


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        13.08.2009 13:47
        Very helpful



        Very more-ish

        Like a lot of people, I initially played this game when it was first released on the SEGA Dreamcast. I had never really enjoyed driving games that much, but the controls on this were very simple to master.

        The aim of the game is to pick up customers in your taxi, get them to their destination as quickly as possible and earn tips on the journey for your 'crazy' driving.

        I have memories of playing this game for hours years ago with friends, it is very addictive and whether you are trying to beat your friends rating or smash your own personal best, the game is very more-ish!

        So when I saw this game on PS2 format, I had to buy it. It translates well on the PS2, unlike some ports. There are different ways to play, you have a choice of four different drivers, each has a different car and different strengths. Then you can choose whether to play the arcade rules; no time limit, the game ends when you fail to get a passenger to their destination on time. You can also choose to play a set time limit of up to 10 minutes. Once the time is up, it gives you a rating.

        Having played this game a lot, I would say it's easier to get a higher rating playing a timed game as opposed to the arcade but the rules are essentially the same.

        As an old Dreamcast game, the port PS2 version has average graphics and the soundtrack is a bit like GTA (except you can't change the radio station lol), bands like The Offspring and Bad Religion. Also, it has to be said, this game is unashamedly from the era of 'product placement'.

        "Take me to Kentucky Fried Chicken...!"

        Tower Records, Pizza Hut, GAP, Levi's... all destinations you'll be visiting. Or crashing into...

        There are side mini games that you can play also, using different moves to pass the level. I don't play these often but they are okay in themself.

        All in all, this is a really enjoyable game and usually available in low price sections at gaming stores, often in 3-for-2 deals or single unit price under £10.

        As I said, I wasn't a huge fan of driving simulator games but Crazy Taxi doesn't ask you to be precise or use sensitive controls to master hairpin bends.

        Good fun and pretty addictive.


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        10.08.2009 13:13
        Very helpful



        Crazy fun.. in short bursts!

        Crazy Taxi is a port from the Dreamcast of Segas arcade title to the Playstation 2.

        The game is dead simple, there is no story mode to play, just select your choice of Taxi Driver and jump in. You can either play the arcade mode or a timed game for upto 10 minutes of crazy action!

        The arcade mode is a direct port of what you would find in the arcades, you must pick passengers up in your Taxi, the difficulty of their trip is gauged by the dollar sign above their heads ranging from green which is easy to red which is hard. You must speed to your clients destination as quick as you can to get paid the most amount of money and to keep your time remaining as high as possible.

        Along the way you can perform stunts to boost your fare as well as look great while doing getting to your destination. You can chain together these crazy jumps and drifts to get more money but if you crash you will lose that chain!

        The timed modes offer the same experience as the arcade but you get alot more time to play with so if you are new to the game you could just drive around for a bit to get used to the city. There is also Crazy box mode which is a mode where you must perform lots of the games special moves like do the super boost to get over a massive jump or drift around cones but to be honest I found these a bit dull and much prefer the regular game.

        Graphically it looks the same as the Dreamcast version which looked great!
        The game has a unique cartoony look and feel to it which suits the crazy action on screen. The music is fast paced and very suited to this arcade game.

        It is a brilliant game to pick up now and then when you are not looking for something super deep and immersive to get into, it offers quick thrills for a short period of time.


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        20.07.2009 02:09
        Very helpful



        limited gameplay but still fun and worth about 3 or 4 quid!

        I loved playing this game back in 2001 when it first came out. Now 8 years after its release, is it still enjoyable?

        Basically, the clues in the name! You're a crazy taxi driver, Picking up passengers and trying to get them to their destination as quickly as possible. Your aim is to earn as much money as possible and passengers will give larger tips the quicker you get to their destination, so don't be afraid to cut a few corners, have a few crashes and even drive into the sea to get their quicker! At the end, you're graded (using school grades like A, B, C etc) based on how well you did, taking in to account how many customers you picked up and how much you earned.

        The game is old now so it's relatively cheap to buy. In my opinion it's worth it because it's a classic. Yes, game play is a little limited, I mean it's essentially the same game every time you play but trying to beat your top score is surprisingly addictive. Sort of like those time management games you can download, like Turbo Pizza and Turbo Fiesta, where you run your own restaurant serving customers against the clock. You'll be surprised at just how addictive these types of games can be and provide at least an hours entertainment at one time. And actually, the fact that game play is a bit limited means Crazy Taxi is extremely easy for anybody to play because you learn the controls fairly quickly and remember them.

        If you do get bored of ferrying passengers around, you can always amuse yourself and some extra cash by performing stunts, including driving up ramps and seeing if you can get high enough and far enough to land on a roof! And there's also a Crazy Box mode which is kind of like a mission battle mode and tutorial all in one. This can be fun for a while and teaches you skills to help you in the main game.

        There are only four characters to choose from which is a bit annoying. Choosing a different character adds little to overall gameplay but it'd still be nice to have a bit more variety. Each character has a different look and a different style of car and it doesn't take long until you've played all 4 of them and then you're bored of them. I especaily hate having only one female character!

        The graphics aren't great compared to what were used to with today's games but do they need to be? The challenge of the game is dropping passengers off as quickly as possible and so graphics aren't really too important but it would be nice to have more locations to dive around and explore. I think this would make the game interesting for longer.

        I would have liked to have seen more levels, different challenges and hidden items. For examples, earning money to afford car upgrades would have been a nice touch, as would unlockable taxi drivers, lots of unlockable cities etc. These would have extended the games re-playability (if that's even a word!) basically, if these features were included then it would be more incentive to carry on playing, thus keeping the game interesting for longer. Without them, the game lacks something and feels like a missed opportunity.

        WHERE TO BUY?
        This game is really cheap to buy these days. Anything over a fiver is a rip off when I've seen it as cheap as £1. Standard price online seems to be about £3/£4 and for this price, it's worth it in my opinion. www.play.com has it as cheap as £1.95 and £2.99(used) with free delivery which isn't bad.


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          19.05.2009 10:35
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Ok for a while, but no depth to the game

          I remember when i was at University (many moons ago) and this was one of the Arcade games that they had in the union building. I actually feel like i did a degree in Crazy Taxi rather than Geography as this is what i spent most of the three years doing!! So when i saw the game for the PS2 going cheap, i jumped at the chance to relive those days and see what more the game had to offer. Unfortunately, it offered not a lot more than the arcade version.

          The basic principal of the game is that you are a taxi driver (and a CRAZEEEE one at that!) who picks up people and takes them to their destination. The more crazy stunts you do (jumps, drifts, cutting up cars, etc), the more money you get from the customers plus the normal fare, so the idea is to get as much money as you can. There are only 2 towns that you can play in on the game so there isn't really any variety.

          There are 4 characters to choose from, each with their own form of transport. On the arcade version, there was a cheat to get a rickshaw (which was faster than the other vehicles and a lot funnier), but i never did work out how to get this on the PS2 version!!

          Overall, a fun game but with little variety, it won't last long.


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            08.04.2009 09:44
            Very helpful



            Not worth buying.

            Crazy Taxi PS2 first appeared on the Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi is completely different to games like Gran Turismo 4 so don`t expect it to be a realistic driving game (You will be surprised if you do!). Instead Crazy Taxi is a fun and addictive driving game.

            Game play

            Crazy Taxi`s gameplay is fun and addictive to keep it short. You pick your driver and then you start driving. You pick up people by stopping near them (similar to the Simpsons Road Rage if you have ever played that - if not I have reviewed it) and then you are meant to take them to wherever they want to go.

            You earn money by doing this but you can also earn money for doing some crazeee stunts. These include going near other cars and just dodging them at the last minute and going up ramps and getting air. The more air time and the higher you go the more cash you get. By doing all of these things you can earn a lot of money.

            Another way of making a bit of dosh is by getting to your destination quickly by having lots of time left. You see you have a time limit to get them to where they want to go and if you take too long your paying customer jumps out of the car and you won`t get paid for that trip even if you are ten metres away!

            At the end you get ranked on how well you did and this is based on how many customers you delivered and how much money you made. You get a license with a grade on as well with the best being S then A down to E and no license being the worst! I normally only get a C so I am not very good! This is good though as it makes you want to improve so you get a better license!

            There is also a mode called Crazy Box which is where you have to complete a challenge like doing a really big jump! Original is basically the same as Arcade except the course is different but it has all the same rules e.t.c


            As I said at the start you can choose what driver you are:
            Axel - a punk
            BD Joe - a cheerful happy person
            Gus - a hooligan
            Gina - the only girl and she loves cars.


            The graphics are not very good and put simply are utter rubbish compared to today`s HD standards! Even though the characters have different cars you don`t really notice this and the car graphics are not good. I think the graphics are exactly the same as the Dreamcasts! Not good even compared to other pS2 games!


            Well there is no multiplayer which is terrible as it would have made this game a lot better as it is the sort of game that is a laugh with friends. This really is bad for a racing game!

            How long will you play it?(Replay value)

            This game will keep you amused for a few hours and then you will get bored of it. It is the sort of game you get bored of quickly but then when a friend comes round you play it for a while again and then don`t play it for another year and so on.

            Overall Score - 6.25/10


            This game is available very cheaply and if you pay over a fiver for it you have been ripped off!


            I think this game is not really worth getting unless you see going for very cheap as it gets boring very quickly and the graphics are bad. There is no multiplayer as well so you cannot play it with a mate which makes it even worse. It may be fun for a few hours but only that.

            I don`t recommend this game!


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              24.01.2009 13:13
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              I would recommend this game, suitable for most ages.

              I purchased the platinum version of this game as part of a 3 for £20 offer which was at my local Game store.

              I had played this game before but not for quite a few years and I brought back great memories of nostalgia and playing against my friends to see who was the best taxi driver.

              The game is just for one player which means that you're going to have to take it in turns if you want to have mini competitions which my fiance and I have been doing quite a lot lately as it's our main means of entertainment when we are out my house (mainly because the xbox 360 is always left in his bedroom as it's his pride and joy!)

              The aim of the game is to play against the clock to drive passengers to their destination, you earn tips for weaving past cars and for making a speedy drop off.

              The main thing I disliked about the game was the gameplay itself, there was not really any specific aims to the game except driving passengers from A to B and the buttons which
              you use to drive take some getting used to. (You have to use the R1/R2/L1/L2 buttons to drive) and the main four buttons are for changing from drive to reverse etc.

              You can choose to play the arcade, original or crazy box games.

              You can set a time of 3, 5 or 10 minutes and I generally go for the 10 minutes as I find that this is just the right amount of time to earn quite a nice amount of tips.

              The pavements are strewn with potential passengers which light up different colours (red, green and yellow) depending on how far their destination and how fast they want to get

              It has some great tracks to drive along to including The Offspring & Bad Religion.

              You can also drive underwater which I find to be unrealistic and there are quite a few shortcuts you can take such as launching yourself off the top of buildings and smashing
              through barriers.

              The game is great fun for any age and does not contain nudity or bad language (which I think is quite surprising these days!).

              This is vibration function compatible and I found that it was vibrating so much that after a little bit of intensive gameplay my hands were a little uncomfortable.

              I would definitely recommend this game if you can pick it up for the kind of price I did.


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                30.11.2008 20:47



                Good taxi game but need graphics work

                Is driving a taxi easy? You should drive a crazy taxi. Picks people up in time and get them dropped off, very quickly. Waiting in the traffic is no option in this game or you'll loose your customers.

                In Crazy Taxi you have to find potential customers with the big coloured circles above their head, different colours mean different lengths on journey.

                Driving the taxi is simple, but a bit too simple as the acceleration is quite a drag, when the taxi does get going tho your speen only picks up if you are near the edge of the road.

                The stearing is even worse, as the arrows on the controller turn the whole car rather than the wheels, but you can still get good control of the car.

                As well as driving the taxi and collecting tips by making crazy stunts, you can try out some stunt you have to perform and work your way up to more stunts.

                I think the PS version isn't too good with the graphical detail espically with the wheels, stearing and turning.

                I would give this to 7 years + if you were to buy it.


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                23.11.2008 19:44
                Very helpful



                Crazy taxi, is a taxi game wih style and speed

                Have you ever wanted to drive a taxi? How about driving a taxi like a madman?

                With crazy taxi you can do jus this. You can choose the arcade or carrer mode and you have to either work on arcade rules or for 3, 5 or 10 minuites.

                You get given a taxi and you choose your player out of 4 people.

                You then go and drive around looking for people with coloured circles above their head, don't worry tho there is plenty of them about.

                Once you drive near one you will get a thumbnail (small picture) and a distance and also an arrow telling which way to go, you then drive to the place and as the title says 'crazy' you make mad stunts on your way and dodge in and out of traffic.

                On arrival to the customer's destination you see a red area of where they want dropping, and you will be rated out of: excellent, good or bad for your time taken, but if you take too long your customer will jump out before even getting there.

                I think the graphics are pretty good, but the control is bad, as the car seams to turn its self rather than actual wheel movement like a propper car.

                On the game there are also stunts for you to practice aswel and when you can do them you move on to the next.

                I would give this game to 8 years +


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                20.08.2007 09:26
                Very helpful



                Great game, lousy port.

                I’ll be honest here; I don’t think I’ve ever played a port in my life. In case you didn’t know, ports are when developers move games from one console to another without changing too much. I hate ports, at least after playing Crazy Taxi on the PS2. This is a lazy port. The graphics look like the Dreamcast version and there’s not a whole lot of new content as well. Plus, the voice acting is bad and the music isn’t to everyone’s tastes. And yet, and here comes the sad part, the game itself was actually really fun, exciting and addictive. But, it’s not enough. Sega needed to add more content, make the graphics much better for the system and maybe change the soundtrack.

                -(The Controls)-
                The default control scheme is a bit different to standard racing games. The gas and brake buttons are (instead of the X and Square button) on the R1/R2 (Gas) and L1/L2 (Braking) buttons. You can switch gears with the circle button (driving gear) and the X button (reversing button) and the horn is done with the triangle button. If you want a reminder where to go then you can press the Square button. If you can’t get use to this scheme you can switch to the other one, which moves the Gas and Brake buttons to the X and Circle button and the gear buttons to the trigger buttons. The car handles well; you won’t be skidding often so it doesn’t make the game harder.

                -(The Gameplay)-
                Crazy Taxi’s gameplay is the best thing about it. It’s fun, addictive and exciting. The game plays mostly like its other versions. You choose a Cab driver with their own unique car, and then you start. You can pick up a person by stopping near them and then you take them to where they want to go. There’s more to it than that though. You earn money by (obviously) picking up a person and getting them there, but you can do more than that. If you drive through traffic you earn money, getting air by driving off ramps. The higher the air, the more money you get. You can get even more money by doing all this without crashing into other cars. This is hard though, as cars can be so close together you have to ram them out of the way. Anyways, you can earn lots more money with one person by being able to do all these things. You also earn money by getting to the destination and having lots of time left. You are timed though, so it makes it much harder. You are timed for how long you can play, and you are timed on getting a person to their destination. Take too long, and the customer will jump out of the car, and you could lose out on lots of money. Once the timer runs out, it’s game over. As you deliver more customers, the time is extended and as you pick up customers as well.

                After each play through you are ranked on how well you did. Your money is counted up, you’ll be told how many customers you helped and then you’re ranked. You’ll be ranked on how much money you earned how many customers you delivered and ranking. Ranking is where the more customers you deliver, the higher the rank will be. If you don’t get a ranking, you won’t be included in the ranking and an OUT OF RANK will appear. You will also be given a class, which is given on how well you did (e.g. how much money you earned and how many customers you delivered). You can get S, A, B, C, D, E and no license. The best is S and the worst is no license. This is a great system as it makes you want to do the best, as whenever you get something like S or A then you feel happy, but if you get one of the lower scores then you will feel compelled to try again. It would have been nice to get some unlockable extras though.

                Aside from the original Arcade mode, there’s also the original mode from the Dreamcast version. This mode plays about identical to the Arcade mode, except the level is different. On both modes you can chose how long to play for. You can play by Arcade rules which means you play for the same rules as the arcade version. Or you can play for 3, 5 or 10 minutes. In these times there are no time bonuses. You are still timed when taking a customer to their destination. The new level, at least for me, was good fun and meant more Crazy Taxi fun for me. Yet, the level didn’t feel much different from the Arcade level. Plus, there’s more Pop-up, slowdown and texture blurriness in this level.

                The other mode of play is Crazy Box. These are basically an assortment of mini-games which involve driving. There’s some good variation in mini-games here. One mini-game has you jumping off a ramp and get as far as you can, while another has you bursting all the balloons on the field, yet another one wants you to deliver all the customers to their destinations. There are nine games at the start, but as you complete missions then you unlock three more, harder, missions. These missions are fun, challenging, but get old fast. Especially the third selection of missions, where you simply keep delivering all the customers to their destinations, except each mission is harder as it goes along. Still, the missions are good for parties, trying to beat other’s records. In fact, the arcade mode is great for parties as people can take it in turns to play.

                In all the modes, you can choose as four characters. There’s Axel, a green haired punk who’s good at sports like surfing or snowboarding. Before he became a taxi driver, he used to rock with his punk band and try to nail the chicks. Next is Gina, who loves cars and wanted to become a Taxi Driver so she could ‘race around all day’. B.D.Joe is a cheerful man who became a Taxi Driver so he could ‘make people happy’. He seems to have a thing with playing cards. Finally, there’s Gus, who is a drifter that was selfish and a wild hooligan. These characters aren’t actually developed well; I had to read the manual to get some backdrop on them. There’s little difference between, besides their gender or their racial diversity. Their cars look a little different to each other, but they don’t drive differently. The only difference is that they all talk different dialogue.

                You can use these moves called ‘Crazy Maneuvering’. These are moves that you can use to give you a hand in the game. There’s a move called Crazy Dash. This move gives you a boost when executed. To execute this, you must take your hand off both the brake and accelerator and then switch into reverse gear. After you shift into driving gear and go, and it should give you a boost. Then there’s the Crazy Drift move. Basically, this move lets you pull off a drift. To do this, while moving you must quickly shift into the reverse gear then back into the driving gear while steering left or right. You can do both these moves backwards. To do a backward drift, you quickly shift into reverse when you do a Crazy Dash. Backward drift can be done by shifting into driving gear quickly and back into reverse gear while steering left or right. These are nice moves and can really help you.

                -(The Graphics)-
                Graphically, Crazy Taxi doesn’t meet the PS2’s standards. Put it this way, it looks nearly identical to the Dreamcast version. Actually, this version looks worse than the Dreamcast version. Textures on the cars and some of the background elements look worse. But even if these were detailed, the game would still look ugly. Characters look nasty, with no lip synching and lots of points. Textures are blurry and there’s some mild slowdown as well. The levels look okay (would be better if not for the textures) with some nice cities and beaches. Though some of the cities look a little bland (grey, grey and more grey). There’s some nice shadow effects (the car’s shadow looks nice), but it doesn’t help that the game looks ugly. The car designs aren’t very different, as they either are different shape, size or a darker colour. They’re all Taxis by the way.

                -(The Sound)-
                The sound is just as lazy as the graphics. Remember the original soundtrack from the Dreamcast and Arcade versions of Crazy Taxi? If you liked it, then you’ll be able to hear it again. If not, your ears will bleed. The soundtrack has about seven songs (3 from Offspring and 4 from Bad Religion) that all sound pretty much the same. The soundtrack is so repetitive that even fans of the old games may not like it. On top of that, there were a couple of moments when a song started, only to play another one after about 3 second. Yet, the music does suit the game and can get your juices flowing. But, sadly, the voices are the opposite. For some reason, the voices in the game have been changed from the arcade and Dreamcast version. These new samples, to be blunt, aren’t nearly as good as the other versions. They’re boring, and certainly don’t suit the game’s fun tone. One thing that was god-awful was the announcer in the game. He has a terrible accent and awful dialogue like ‘Let’s make some crazy money’. He was really annoying, and you can’t turn it off, so it’s rather annoying. The effects are decent, but they’re undermined by the rest of the music.

                -(Replay Value)-
                Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of value to be found here. Yes, the game is addictive and the arcade original can keep you busy for hours on end, but it does get old eventually. And the track that was created for the Dreamcast and ported to the PS2 is fun, but it also gets old. The new Crazy Box mode might be fun, but it doesn’t hold your attention for long, and if you have the Dreamcast version, it’s not really worth paying for simply an extra mode. So, there’s not enough new to get old fans to buy it, though fans of the Arcade version who haven’t played the Dreamcast version may like this for the new level. Plus, there’s no multiplayer of any kind, which is appalling seeing as this is a racing game and it is the kind of game that would have benefited from multiplayer. Plus, there’s not much to unlock as well, meaning that there’s little to compel you.

                Replay Value=5
                Overall Score=6.4

                -(Ending Comments)-
                Crazy Taxi for the PS2 is just plain lazy. The developers didn’t take advantage of the PS2’s graphical capabilities, and as such, the graphics are downright ugly. Plus, if you have played the Dreamcast version, there’s absolutely no point in you buying this as there’s not enough new content to justify a purchase. And the music is just a bunch of rock trash, so you will either turn it up or mute it. Still, the game itself was really fun, exciting and addictive in which I enjoyed it. But it’s still hard to recommend, especially with much better driving games out on the PS2. If you haven’t played the arcade or Dreamcast version and interested in playing it, you may get something out of this.

                -(Where You Can Buy It)-
                Used and new from £3.09 at Amazon, Platinum edition also available from £3.00 at Amazon

                -(Extra Info)-
                This was published by Acclaim and developed by Sega
                This was released on the 1st of June, 2001 and is also on the Gamecube, Dreamcast and was in Arcades

                Thanks for reading. Stunt 101


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                  20.05.2005 02:15
                  Very helpful



                  The Origin of Crazy Taxi.

                  Crazy Taxi is a game manufactured by games company Sega (well known for Sonic The Hedgehog back in the early 90’s)

                  Crazy Taxi was originally brought out on the Dreamcast console and as an arcade driving game before the Playstation 2 was available. This was the first place I played it; my cousins had a Dreamcast so when I went to visit I used to spend absolutely hours playing on Crazy Taxi! It is so addictive... even when you start feeling like you are getting bored of the game there is always something inside you wanting to play more!

                  The Game.

                  Crazy Taxi is a driving game, where you are a cabbie in a busy city and you need to pick up customers and take them to their destination as quickly as you can. There are a number of different ways to play this game, which I will explain, to you in this review.

                  The Packaging.

                  Crazy Taxi is hard to miss if you are looking for it on the shelf. It comes in a DVD size box, as do most Playstation 2 games. The cover is a nice bright yellow with “CRAZY TAXI” written across the middle of the box with a red logo behind it (as shown in the pictures below). The rest of the front cover is the standard PS2 box with the playstation 2 logo at the top and the names and logos of the companies responsible for the game – in this case Sega and Accliam at the bottom along with the age restriction of the game which is age 3 years and up.

                  The back of the box is still the same bright yellow. It shows some stills taken from different point in the game along with the words “Prepare for the craziest cab ride of your life!”, it also has some information about the game and the pictures of the four characters who appear in the game along with their different cars. Underneath the main design there is all the useful information such as the manufacturers (again!), all the copyright information and the requirements needed to play this game.

                  The Requirements.

                  * 1 Player
                  * Memory Card (8MB) (for Playstation 2) :364KB minimum space required
                  * Analogue Control Compatible: analogue sticks only
                  * Vibration Function Compatible

                  The Game Characters.

                  When you play Crazy Taxi you need to choose which cabbie you want to be. There are 4 to choose from, each with their own style and personality, they are as follows:

                  Axel: Axel has a 60’s style cab and thinks he is the coolest driver. He has a hot temper which he can be quick to loose.

                  B.D. Joe (picture below): B.D. Joe is the happiest and friendliest of cabbies towards his customers. He is great at the driving techniques which require some skill... you have to know what you are doing too!

                  Gus: Gus is the cool guy who always likes to be number one at everything he does. He is said to be the one who started the crazy style.

                  Gina: Gina is the only girl of the group; she has a passion for cars and she takes a laid back approach to being a cabbie.

                  The Customers.

                  The customers you need to pick up will be standing absolutely ANYWHERE from the side of the road to even rooftops waiting to be picked up. You can tell them apart from other people as they have dollar signs above their head and big circles around them. These will be one of 3 colours:

                  Green: These have further to go and will take more time, however you will get paid more for these.
                  Orange/yellow: These are slightly more impatient to get to their destination. It will be an average distance and the pay will vary between trips.
                  Red: These are the shorter trips which pay less but are handy if you don’t have much time left and you want to top up your earnings.

                  To pick a customer up you need to stop in the coloured circle surrounding them. They will jump in your car and tell you where they want to go. There will be a small map appear on the left of the screen as well as a guidance arrow to point you in the direction you want to go. When you reach a destination it will be highlighted in a flashing green box, you need to stop in this box to let your customer out and then quickly find another to pick up.

                  If you are quick then your customer will probably give you a bit more cash where as if you are slower they will get out and possibly kick your car and shout at you, or even worse they will jump out of the moving car and you will loose any fare they owed you!

                  Remember this is Crazy Taxi so expect to do some crazy driving! No-where is off limits in this game! If you can get your cab there then do it! Across fields, parks buildings, rooftops, tops of other cars, even under water! Just get your customer there on time! Little hint… they will pay you more if you give them a thrill… jump cars and squeeze through small gaps, they love it, but be careful not to hit anything as they will stop tipping and start shouting at you!


                  There are various modes in which you can play crazy taxi, they are as follows:

                  Arcade: This mode is the same as the game which you play in the arcades.
                  Original: This is the original course the makers designed and is only available on the games and not in the arcade.
                  Crazy Box: This area is really cool! You have to complete challenges set for you such as getting to a certain point by a certain time and doing really big jumps, I know this sounds easy, but the only ways to complete these tasks are by doing special crazy moves which you really need to perfect before you can get a good score.

                  In the mode selection screen there is also an options menu, records menu and a save and load menu. These menus are pretty much as they sound, the options menu allows you to customize your game with things such as controls and screen position. The records menu is where you can view any previously set records you may have saved, and the save and load menu is where you save and load your games from.

                  Arcade and Original Modes

                  The only difference between these two modes is the course. The rules for them both are exactly the same… pick up customers and deliver them to their destination before the timer runs out!

                  There are 4 different ways to play the arcade and original modes, these are:

                  Play by arcade rules, this is where you have a timer on the screen and you need to deliver the customers to their destination as quickly as you can to earn bonus time so you can keep playing, if you fail to do this and therefore run out of time then your game will end.

                  Work for 3, 5 or 10 minutes. In these 3 modes you simply have a free run of the course with a set time to play. You do not get any time bonuses for speed, you just need to pick up and deliver as many customers as you can within your chosen game time.

                  In all the modes when your game is over your earnings will be totalled up and your speed and number of customers calculated with this to give you a final score and a grade of licence. The closer to the start of the alphabet the better you have done, with the exception of a class “s” licence which seems to rate higher than any other letter!

                  Crazy Box Mode

                  This area of the game is great. It contains a series of mini games which you need to complete to progress to the next difficulty level for that challenge.

                  If you can’t complete any of these don’t worry too much as they wont effect the way the main game plays as they are just there for fun.

                  There are 9 mini games in the crazy box, each with 3 sections of difficulty, and then a 4th section if you complete all 3.

                  The mini games are:

                  Crazy Jump: In crazy jump you need to race down the hill and jump the car off the ledge and get it past a point known as the K point.

                  Crazy Flag: In Crazy Flag you are on a beach and there is a white flag behind your car which you need to knock down as quickly as you can - I found the easiest way was to just keep my foot on reverse rather than mess around turning the car around!

                  Crazy Balloons: This one is cool, you are in a park and there are giant balloons placed around, which you need to drive into and pop before the timer runs out. Be careful though because if you hit them at the wrong angle they will bounce around the park!

                  Crazy Drift: I am yet to complete this on at all as I can’t do a crazy drift! On this one you need to slide the car around and earn combos of slides without stopping!

                  Crazy Turn: No, it’s not something you have after playing this game for too long! You need to get a customer to their destination before the time runs out, but there is a very sharp turn you have to keep going round, so it is important you practice your maneuvers.

                  Crazy Bound: You are driving around blocks of concrete placed in the ocean and you need to jump from one to another without falling in and get your customer to the destination on time.

                  Crazy Rush: You now have a group of customers to deliver to separate destinations within a time limit, but also in a certain order!

                  Crazy Jam: On crazy jam you are faced with traffic coming at you from all directions and 3 customers to get to different destinations. It’s not easy when a massive lorry or tanker is heading your way!

                  Crazy Pole: Yet another “get the customers to their destinations!” this ones pretty good though, you have to drive up to the pole and hit it in a way that you turn round to face the direction of your next customer. If you can master where to hit the pole its simple, if not then this one can get very frustrating!

                  The Maneuver.

                  In order to complete all of the above challenges and the arcade and original modes there are a few maneuver you can learn which will help you along, be careful though as if you pull one off in the wrong place you can waste a lot of time!

                  The manoeuvres you will need are: Crazy Drift and Crazy Back Drift (quite hard, haven’t managed them after 3 years!) and Crazy Dash and Crazy Back Dash (very easy, I learnt this one within a week!)

                  My experience of this game is a great one! I love this game and can’t really think of any major bad points, other than some people may find it boring and repetitive after playing it a few times. This is because the customers’ destinations seem to repeat themselves a lot and you find yourself doing the same route time and time again. But my solution is to turn your car round at the beginning and head in the opposite direction and you’ll get a bit more variety, if that fails then go and play in the crazy box!!

                  If you get stuck on anything there is a list of helpline numbers at the back of the instruction manual and also the manufacturers email and address:


                  Acclaim Entertainment Technical Support
                  Unit A, Sovereign Park
                  Brenda Road
                  TS25 1NN

                  Right then…I think I’ve covered just about everything now. So I’ll say happy driving and stay crazy!


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                    22.08.2002 09:02



                    I think that this game is fantastic. I love playing it but i have no idea why to be honest. I know its just driving around but for some reason i find it really addictive. I think its because its a form of racing as you have to get to a destination quickly, but also, it has a competion type feel to it, in that you're trying to earn more cash by performing tricks. I think that whoever came up with this game deserves a pat on the back and a big wad of cash! The graphics arent brilliant but you dont really notice when you're racing around trying to beat the time limit. There are several modes of play but i tend to play on arcade on the 10 minute time limit, but i dont think that theres much difference in the modes of play anyway. The idea is to make as much money as you can but its really hard, and it takes a lot of practice. This game is suitable for anyone really simply due it being a simple but fantastic game.


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                  • Product Details

                    Developed and published by Acclaim, this is a driving game where the premise is that you have to take customers to their destinations in a certain time to earn points. Crazy.

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