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Destroy All Humans 2 (PS2)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: THQ / Genre: Adventure / Genre: Arcade / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / PEGI Age Rating: Age 16+ / ESRB Descriptor: Violence / ESRB Descriptor: Crude Humor / ESRB Descriptor: Strong Language / ESRB Descriptor: Sexual Themes / Max. Number Of Players: 2 / Release Date: October, 2006

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    3 Reviews
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      06.02.2014 19:27
      Very helpful



      Crypto is back and he certainly doesn't want to phone home!

      A year on from Destroy All Humans! success, Pandemic Studios was back with the sequel to all sequels! Destroy All Humans 2: Make War not Love hit the shelves in 2006 and with it, a new adventure for Crypto and co. and this time its a global adventure and out of this world...quite literally with a trip to space. But after its galactic debut, would the sequel struggle to get out the docking bay?

      Story: It's eight years after the first game, in the year 1967 and full on flower power is in flow. Crypto-137, from the first game, is now dead and his purer clone, Crypto-138, is continuing his pose as the American President. With this purer Furon DNA, this Crypto now possess what previous clones did not! Nicknamed 'The Package', he now has the ability to 'reproduce' and the KGB do not like that at all. With them feeling threatened, the KGB destroy the Furon mothership with a nuclear missile and take out Orthopox-13 as well. Luckily, he manages to download his consciousness to a holographic unit before destruction.

      So with Holopox in tow, Crypto adventure begins! Stopping the KGB invading America, revenge for blowing up his ship, Crypto is not in it for the joy of the ride! With trips to Bay City (San Francisco), Albion (London), Takoshima (Japanese island), Tunguska (Siberia) and a Russian moonbase called Solaris, he's in for a heck of a battle! With KGB, Majestic Command Sixteenth Sector (aka British secret service), hippies and the alien race called the Blisk, these guys are who Crypto meets along the way. Time to get the jetpack ready!

      Visuals: A year on from the first game and the graphic do look improved. The settings around the world you play in do look really good. From London to the Japanese Island and volcano. Perhaps after they success of the first game, they could spend more money this time around and they used it to updgrade visually? The cut scenes themselves, some look good and others, very blocky looking. Visually, not stunning but a great piece of work for the time.

      Audio: The voice acting is superb again and the actor doing Arkvoodle's voice is brilliant! It's so over the top but completely goes with the rest of the game in the ridiculousness stakes! The NPC's (non playable characters) that you come across as you cause destruction or simply going for a walk, now have some brilliant quotes! You have to listen to them as they run away screaming and you hear some crackers. In Albion when your attacking humans, you hear them say: 'Where the hell's the bleedin T.A.R.D.I,S' and also: 'Someone call The Doctor!'. There are loads of these great soundbites and you just have to listen!
      The soundtrack itself is just as b-movie-esk as before. With the synth hit big time and blends nicely with the game. Also some pop tracks are included, with the track 'She Changes like the Weather' used very early on and its a great track to start of the 60's too.

      Gameplay: So what's new from the first game? Well you now have the ability to upgrade your weapons by collecting FuroTech cells, which are scattered throughout the levels. When you have enough, you go to the Pox-market and upgrade your weapons to be the biggest and meanest possible!

      Arkvoodle! Well Arkvoodle is an ancient Furon God and you see his statues dotted around the levels with hippies nearby normally. You have to complete what ever job Arkvoodle gives you to open up the landing zone for your saucer. Once you have statisfied Arkvoodle, the landing zone becomes operable and you can call your saucer to that spot.

      Weapons, we have new ones available to Crypto in the shape of 'The Disclocator', which shoots levitating purple disks that take targets with them. The Meteor Strike, which fires meteors. Gastro, the mothership's former janitor uploaded himself into a hologram like Pox and shoots at nearby enemies before self destructing. The Burrow Beast, shoots out a lure for a giant space worm to crawl around and eats humans nearby. The Anti-Gravity Field, which creates a point of high gravity and pulls anything, including humans, into it before exploding, destroying anything. Plus you still have the previous games weapons.

      Abilities have changed as well now. You don't have to read people's minds to get enough energy to reuse abilities. Now you can use them whenever you want but some take time to recharge before being able to use them. You still have PK, scan and extract from the first game. PK gets upgraded as game goes on, so you go from picking up humans, to vehicles and even tanks! New abilities are: Body Snatch, which takes over from the previous HoloBob. Now you can enter a humans body and use it for a disguise or just to have some fun. Only lasts a short time. Free Love is a great ability! Aim at a human and watch as they start dancing about and multicoloured flowers appear around them and it also makes them forget they ever saw you. Follow/Protect explains itself. Transmog lets you turn objects into ammo when you are running low. NavMap shows you the location of important people and objects on your map. Mind Flash lets you stun all humans on the map for a short time. You need brain stems to recharge this power but its great to use as it lowers your alert bar back to 0.

      The alert bar is used again but this time there are police boxes dotted arounf with telephones in. So you can either prank call the police to get their attention or send the all clear message, which stands down the alert. The alerts this time are: Police, Army infantry, Army tanks and now they comes in waves with there response.

      Let's talk controls, which again you have a tutorial every new weapon you receive, so very simple to use. The use of your own mini weapons menu is really helpful. You can now set up which weapon pops up when you match it up with a button.

      Conclusion: KGB, aliens and the sixties, what's not to love?! The first game impressed me lots so I had high hopes for the sequel and it well and truly blew my mind! With visiting other countries, this opened up no end of opportunities and they created great settings, missions and such stupid hilarity. The soundbites are awesome from the NPC's and I even loved the police telephone boxes set in Albion. Everytime you rung up, the copper says in a London accent: 'Scotland Yard ere!'. I know it something so little and no purpose to the story, but those little details they added made this game amazing. The script is priceless too! Missions were more varied this time and did not hold that repetitiveness like last time. Plus you could go off and just play with the humans in the different locations if you wanted a break between the missions and The Arkvoodle addition was great as well.

      This is a fantastic game that showed the series at the time, was getting stronger. I had great fun when I first played it and continue getting the same level of enjoyment. There is loads re-playability value to be had and a game that wont leave you disappointed. I recommend this game to everyone. It's not about weapons and destruction (well, a little bit), but the stupid tongue in cheek humour and the great pop culture reference you hear. Pick up a used copy from eBay for a couple of pounds and try it. Crypto is waiting to have some fun! Peace out!


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        02.06.2010 11:15



        a good game with a good story!

        If you thought the first destroy all humans was good, you will definitly like this one!
        There is so much to do on this game and it can be very fun! it has a good storyline, thats not too hard but not too easy, which is something i like about this game.
        There are lots of new weapons you can get, each one doing something different!
        As you play through the story, you unlock different things. You can go to your shop in your space ship and purchase upgrades for different things.
        This game also has a good 2 player mode and you can run around and complete missions with your friends.
        The only down side is that this game is a lot like the first one. If you havnt played the first one, I reccomend you just skip the first one and play this one. You wouldnt of missed any of the story because its a new one!


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        11.04.2009 12:12




        Destroy all Humans 2 is the excellent follow up to Destroy all humans. Still playing as Krypto, you are continuing your reconessance missions into Earth this time uncovering a deep goverment conspiracy that is threatening your race.
        Having said all that I am gald to say that the storyline is very entertaining as Kryto's familiar negative dispostion comes across clearly and it is quite fun to watch the story unfold.
        The graphics aren't really any improvement on the fist one but this isn't really a great set back; they are still good enough to make the game look pretty retro.
        The gameplay in this one is largly the same as the first - except this time you spend your time terrorising London most of the time instead on America in general. There are some new guns that are pretty fun to use and even though the controls are the same somehow everything feels new and updated.
        I really like this game even though it is very similar to the previous game. Definatly buy it if you liked the first one.


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