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Downhill Domination (PS2)

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Manufacturer: Sony / Genre: Racing / Driving / Rating: T - (Teen),up to 4 players / published by: Sony

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2007 19:13
      Very helpful



      race around long courses against up to 9 AI characters, or 3 friends.

      This is the first mountain bike game I have ever played that is any good, and its way beyond just being that.

      Whether you enjoy the sport yourself for real, or not, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy this title. Threes a lot in it, and the lastability of it is really good as a result. I have owned a copy for nearly two years now, and still play it sometimes.

      Basically, there are a two main modes of play.
      ***SINGLE EVENTS***

      RACE---This is just as the name suggests. A straight race against a total of 9 other riders. The tracks vary slightly in length, but most of them take at least 4 minutes to cover. And with shortcuts and alternate routes all over the place, it makes it easy to make up ground if you fall behind, or simply have a change of scenery if you've played it a few times.

      FREERIDE--- This one is a lot of fun! You get to ride the trail alone, and without the clock. A great opportunity to learn the routes and to practice. Its also a lot of fun to try and make some of the harder parts of the trail without crashing. You can also try and discover tricks and new ways to ride the terrain.

      TIME TRIALS---Again this one is straightforward. Just you against the clock. Good for honing you skills, and learning the trails for the quickest route to the bottom.You can also try and beat your personal records on each trail.Also in this mode you can race against the times the game's developers achieved on each trail.


      Here you get a chance to compete over several races, and need to win, (or accumulate points from other finishing positions) to advance to the next race.If you win the overall career you can unlock cheats and new characters

      Career--- simply race over all the tracks in the game.
      All 9 locations, and all 3 trails in each. (DH-downhill, FR-freeride, and MX-motocross)

      Specialised--- compete in a career in only one discipline. i.e., all downhill races.

      Custom--- create your own type of tournament.

      Freestyle--- this one is fun, and can be really challenging too. You are assigned trick goals like in tony hawk and you have to complete ten in each level before moving on.


      This is another career style competition in which you compete over 13 tracks. Win to unlock more of the game.

      (must be unlocked)
      Just a brawl on bikes. Sort of mario kart battle style, but without a scoring system or any real point to it apart from taking out aggression on other riders with weapons you gain by increasing your combat mode, by hitting other riders, landing tricks, etc.

      ***SUPER JUMP***
      (must be unlocked)
      Huge jump mode where the aim is to get as much air as possible, perform and land tricks, and accurately land on designated targets. Quite tricky at first, but fun, and addictive.


      A beginner's guide to the game, where you learn how to ride, jump, perform tricks, and superstyle them for more points.

      This is where the fun really begins! Grab a group of mates, a multitap, a couple of extra controllers, and challenge them to a race on any of the tracks, including the MX and FR trails, or take them on at the superjump or, have a moshbowl game. See just how good you really are.

      You can also enter a 2-player career, custom tournament, or once you have unlocked the feature, dual slalom.


      ***BIKE SHOP***
      Purchase bike upgrades with the cash you earn during races, for placing, progressing, and tricks.

      Bonus purchases-- here you can buy cheats and add ons like video clips, extra tracks, extra rider.

      Find pickups (different coloured orbs and diamonds) on the trails and gain bonuses like speed boosts, extra cash, weapons upgrades....

      You can show-off in front of your mates, or just turn on the style in one player modes by performing tricks that require various button combinations.

      There a total of 9 locations as I said earlier, and at each there are 3 tracks, MX,DH and FR.

      The locations are as follows;

      1-Mt Midoule , Italy.- set in the alps, with the expected rocky terrain, forest sections, and even has the odd mountain goat and hiker thrown in to add to the difficulty.

      2-Red Pass, USA.- set in a Utah like world of red rock hills and valleys, with boulder canyons and huge drops.

      3-Mt Konawaki,USA- a bit like riding down a volcano in Hawaii, with lava everywhere, tunnels, cliffs and obstacles all over the place.

      4-Mt Quintanaroo, Peru- Here you get to ride through mountain villages, and round ruins of ancient settlements.

      5-Mt Zorkovaska,Russia- Interesting trails over frozen terrain and ice flows, with the odd polar bear and icicle shower thrown in for good measure.

      6-Mt Liddleroch,Scotland- typical scottish scenery, and terrain, with lots of grassy areas, fallen logs, random trees, and hills. quite technical.

      7-Mt Imasaki,Japan- very technical tracks, with an odd array of obstacles, ranging from tourists, hot spa bath to office buildings .

      8-Salt City, USA- fun urban tracks through a city with traffic, tight junction turns, and buildings everywhere.

      9-Mt McSchley, Canada- excellent north shore style trails, with ladder bridges, big dropoffs, bears, and a golfcourse to negotiate on your way to the bottom.

      This is a really fun game with plenty to keep you entertained for weeks on end. One that you would be likely to return to often as well as it's hard to get bored of the fantasy world riding that you get to do in the game.

      Not quite as much fun as games like Tony Hawk, but the best mountain bike game i know of. Highly recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Downhill Domination for PlayStation 2 Downhill Domination for PlayStation 2 - Downhill Domination is based on the extreme sport of downhill mountain bike racing and puts players in control of a customizable mountain bike to race down vertical mountainsides and urban environments while performing stunts at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. Playable in first- and third-person perspectives, players will be able to select from one of 14 riders, including five pro- riders in an intense race to gain corporate sponsorship and a chance at the coveted Downhill Domination Championship. In Downhill Domination, there are three unique course styles including Mountain Cross, Technical Downhill and Freeride through 27 expansive and interactive ''go anywhere'' track designs. During gameplay, players have the freedom to pick the best racing line through unforgiving canyons, forests, city streets and more while avoiding environmental and weather hazards.

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