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Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (PS2)

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2004 17:34
      Very helpful



      • "Too Repeditive"

      This review is about the newest Dynasty Warriors games, Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires. It is not like all the other Dynasty Warrior games, it has a big difference, for good or for bad. It is now time to take action, in this new game, you will be the leader, you will be the general, you will be the big cheese. And it is time to take over China.

      You will become the general of you own unique empire, or you can become an empire that already exists, and take them to victory. If you want to do this, then you will like to do the Empire mode, as that is the main game play of this game.

      There are 2 modes in Empire mode, there is Historical, where the empires will be placed around China like it is meant to in the Dynasty Warrior history, and then there is Fictional where empires will be created at random. Historical, if you wish to create your own empire, then you will need to create a character from the new and improved officer edit mode (I will talk about that later in the review). Or you could become one of the generals that are already deployed in China, and bring them to victory.

      Going around the true story of Dynasty Warriors, you will encounter Jiang Jiao (the yellow turban leader) and re-form the HAN Empire. HAN is when the three kingdoms are allied together, which does not last for long. Also the threat of Dong Zhuo, and his lawful ally Lu Bu (the most feared character in the game). Form the HAN again to take down Dong Zhuo for good.

      Fictional is fun, if you just want mindless Strategy and Violence. It is all randomised, so it will be completely different each time you play it. It is really a simple mission, to take over China within 100 turns. You do the strategy turn first, you can pick whatever strategy you think is best, could consist of hiring lieutenants from the area that you control, enticing enemy officers to join your empire. Then you can decide to go into battle, attack or defend, or just skip, which will bring you back to the strategy. You get money depending how much you control, and also depending on if you use a strategy to get money. This is the same for Historical.

      Each officer has an individual objectives to do, so they can level up and get more troops. It could consist of having to get 2000 points from a battle, govern well, get a turn money value of 2000 etc etc. You also get weapon level ups within the game, depending how much territory you have under your control. You can ally with other empires for so many turns; if that is part of your strategy, and you can request help from them for an invasion or a defence mission.

      The new and improved officer edit, you are able to create your officer more in depth, by giving it there own voice, one of the hero’s weapons and motions, looks, type, style, special, colour etc etc, it is very good, and you will need to do this to do historical mode when you want to create your own empire.

      There is a whole new VS Mode, with 4 different games to play against your friends, of a bot. There’s one called Vanquish, which is mainly killing as many people as you can, then there is Pilfer which is about you gathering war treasures on a battlefield, then there is Melee which is about you smacking as many people off the arena, then the last one is Endurance which is about you trying to stay alive faster then your opponent.

      There are no new characters, which are a shame; it has an all-new Archives area for you to explore. Check out the official artwork, or find out about the generals and officers of the three kingdoms (check out my Dynasty Warriors 4 review to know more about the three kingdoms). Or create your own ending with any character available.

      The playability of the game is great, great fun with the strategic content of the game, and 2 player battling. The game is very enjoyable; it entertained me for ages. The game is very addictive, ever since I bought it, I have been playing it for ages, with all of the features, and it has kept me going for over a week now.

      The game is original, as it is the first of this type of dynasty warriors style, has the strategy, as well as the war battles which make the game excellent. The graphics of the game are brilliant, the smoothness of the cut scenes, and the officers, and the scenarios, and also the new scenarios, makes the game much much better then before.

      The voices are great, all in English, and able to change it at the options, many different voices, and ones for you to add to your very own officer. The music is great, good for battling, and the music for the credits just sounds so epic, makes the game seam all so imperial. There are other ones, like the opening, sounds a bit like The Matrix songs, with its own twist. Very good, very good indeed.

      The sound effects are all good, have the noises of the slashing and the cries of the people that you slain make it seam so real. The game is not that difficult at start, but you can increase the difficulty before you start in Empire mode. The game is not really that complex, if you’re new at the game, you will be able to learn how to play very easily.

      The game is really good value for money, for all this game features, and decent game play, for this cheap price. It only costs £20 - £30 and that is a new game, extremely good value in my point of view.

      In my opinion, I love this game, it has everything that it needs, I like the new style, the whole strategy to it, also including battles, and new taking over strongholds, to take the advantage of your enemy. I give this game a well-deserved 5 star * * * * *.


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