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Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends (PS2)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Koei / Genre: Action

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    2 Reviews
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      03.09.2005 01:15



      A great third person hacking game!!

      A great game like its brother's dynasty warriors 1,2,3,4 and the newly realised dynasty warriors 5. This game is a new and improved version of dynasty warriors 4, with new characters and levels.

      If you do not no what dynasty warriors is about it is based on ancient china with all the greatest warriors at your disposal. Your aim is to take over China defeating all of your enemies. You can choose a number of different characters each with there own ass kicking weapons.
      If your like me and get sort of twisted entertainment out of destroying kingdoms and killing hundreds of soldiers then I highly recommend this game.

      This game it also a great game for two players as well as you and a mate can team up and complete the missions together or if you'd prefer you can both just kill everything until the game it over. With the 3rd person view point of the game and outstanding graphics that makes this game one of Koei’s better game. Its guaranteed that with the extra missions you will not get bored quickly.


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      27.11.2004 21:38
      Very helpful



      This is a review about Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends, the expansion to Dynasty Warriors 4 with loads of new modes, like Xtreme mode, and Legend Mode. You can also load original if you want to, but that will require Dynasty Warriors 4. It has loads of new features compared to the old Dynasty Warriors 4, extra masou levels, extra chalanges etc etc. But no new characters, as it is only an expansion to Dynasty Warriors 4.

      Hardcore Slasher game fueled by you being the generals. Take on the many different types of armies, and prove yourself to be the best and the most feared. Go around the arena's collecting items, and beating enemies to a pulp. Take the war into your own hands, with your allies.

      There is a 1 player mode, and 3 different 2 player modes, one is co-op, which is on Free Mode, you can also do this on 1 player. The other one is Versus Mode, which is dueling, or kill as many you can type thing, you can also play 2 player on Legend mode. Theres 2 different types of 1 player, and they are Masuo Mode, which is the main 1 player mode, and then there is Chalange mode, which otherwords you do time attack, and other things. My Favourite character must be Sun Ce, because hes got these really wicked weapons, called Tonfas, he bats the enemy around, and he has good moves, and he is fast as well. On Free Mode, you get the arena's and characters that you have unlocked in Masuo Mode. You do missions that you have already done, its very entertaining to play with your friends. You can only do free mode and Masou mode when you use the load original.

      There are a few different types of armies, 3 main ones, which are Shu (Luei Bei's Armie), Wu (Sun Jian's Army) and Wei (Cao Cao's Army). They are all as powerful as each other, and they have many generals and soldiers. There are others like... Yellow Turban which are these freaks, like catherlic people. Then there is Yuan Shao which is part of the Han (Han is when Shu, Wu and Wei are alied together). There is these cave men type one, which are strong in their own way, as they use elephants to defeat their enemies.

      There are loads of new weapons and items you can get. Your weapon upgrades when you level up. You get points in a game by killing officers, and killing loads of soldiers. You can get a maximun of 8 bodyguards, but you start off with 2, you get more bodyguards when you get a better rank. In this game, you can create your own officer in an officer macker, and your own bodyguards, for the bodyguards you can only give them names, and officer, you can create almost anything. I made a few officers, but they got boring after a while. So I just trained up the main characters. Which is far more entertaining.

      Legend mode is really cool, it is a mode that you can do on your own, or play with a friend. Each character has their very own storyline mission, that you will need to complete. Each of them are different, and some are harder then others. Once you have done one of the Legend missions, you will be able to do that one again, either with the same character, or with another character of your choice. Which makes the game much more entertaining, and not so repeditive.

      In Xtreme mode, it allows you the chance to create your own empire, and make your way through the hard missions. You start off with nothing, just you on your own, you can choose one of three areas to go to per mission, and when you click on one of them, you will go to a shop, where you are able to buy supplies and stuff, or hire officers or troops. But beaware, you do not get healed in battle, or after battle, you will need to buy a meat bun if your health is low after the battle, not before, because then thats just a waste of money.

      You get money accordingly by how you play in the mission, the more kills you get, and the more officers you kill, the more money you get at the end of the mission. Before you start battleing on an area, it will give you an exchange rate, like 2.1 or 1.5, and that means thats how much its going to times your end points by at the end of the mission to convert into gold. The higher the exchange rate, the higher the money, but also it gets harder when the exchange rate is higher.

      You can have an empire base by going a kingdom creation mission, which accurs every 5 missions, if you already have a kingdom, it will be a kingdom defense mission, which is just really hard to do. You can get officers to join you by either hireing them from the shop, or helping them out on the battlefield. You can only have up to 3 other officers, and 3 sets of troops. Troops do not cost that much, but they are hard to find.

      The game is very playable, it has many features to entertain you, and loads of fmv's to entertain you also. It is very enjoyable, great for the kids, and also adults to have a bit of fun. It has a feature called load original which makes the game even more enjoyable as you will be able to play Masou mode and free mode, with extra levels also.

      The game is very addictive, it can keep you playing for ages, it dolves you into a level, and you will not want to stop, believe me, thats what it did to me. The game is original, it is new and different to the other games, and has all these new features.

      The graphics to the game are supurb, you have all the detail of the scenarios, and the characters and all the soldiers also, which makes the game seam much more better. It has decent graphics for all the weapons and items that you obtain, and all the traps that are set within the strategy of your kingdom.

      The background music to this game is not bad, some of it can be annoying like some game music does, but most of it is great battle music, gets you in the mood to slay some bad guys. The voices are all in English, when you get the generals talking to the troops, telling them to set a trap, or fire attack, makes the game much more entertaining, to actually hear them.

      The sound effects are also good, with the slashing, and the landing on the ground, and the footsteps, you can hear all that, in proper tune also. Also with all the screams of the people when they die, dont worry, its not that bad lol.

      The game does not start off to difficult, but you can change the difficulty in the options area of the game, which can make the game much more harder. The game is not that complex, all you have to do is what the general tells you to, well you dont even need to do that, just kill the enemy, and thats all.

      The game is great value for money, with all the new features and gamepley, it is just outstanding, it is only worth like £15, as it is an expansion, but it is a supurb game. This game is a long game, and it will keep you on it for ages. I think this game is great for children and adults, i will give this a 4 star, as it is not as good as empires, but it is certainly a great game.



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