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Enter the Matrix (PS2)

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7 Reviews

Manufacturer: Infogrames / Genre: Action / Rating: T - (Teen) / 1 player

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    7 Reviews
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      28.11.2011 20:23
      Very helpful



      An action packed game that's a little dated now!

      == ENTER THE MATRIX ==
      Enter The Matrix was the first video game based on the series of movies entitled the same name. The game is a single player action adventure game that was developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Atari and WB Interactive. This game is also available on the original Xbox and GameCube, PC and the PS2. In this Matrix game you can choose from two characters at the start of the game and also the game features a mediocre plot. When this game was first released back in 2003 I thought it was quite good for its time but after playing the game recently I was slightly disappointed to find the game had aged really badly and it looked and felt poor when i was playing it. One of the big disappointments is the lack of a multiplayer co-op mode even though there are two different characters to play through the game with.

      === STORY ===
      The game revolves around the two main characters in the game called Niobe and Ghost and the game starts with the pair of them trying to retrieve a package left in the Matrix. The pair retrieve the package but must escape a group of agents that are after them. After escaping with the package they both learn its a message for the city of Zion about an attack. Now Niobe and Ghost must help fight and do what they can to help prevent this happening. They must also take on what ever obstacles stand in their way. The story isn't great and the game is more of an action game than one based on both action and a good storyline. This is definitely a part of the game that lets it down.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      Enter The Matrix does actually feature some decent gameplay. There is only the one playable game mode which is story mode but there are two different characters you can play as. A downside to the game is that each character has the same story and you do the same things with each one so there's not much difference or variety with the characters. The game is mainly built on action and to be fair the action really does deliver but the only problem is can it compete with games nowadays? I don't think it can to be honest. Back in the day I loved playing this game because of the cool fighting moves you could do and all the different attacks that could be done and the fact it was an actual Matrix game got me excited but it didn't last long. The game features both a health bar and focus bar at each side of the screen when you're playing the game. Health heals on its own over time as does focus and focus is used to slow down time.

      I loved the way that numerous enemies would come at you thinking they would stand a chance even when you've literally battled your way through several already. You can do normal types of attacks with the press of a button which include punching and kicking and you can also mix them up a bit to do combos. Your characters are quite strong and a lot stronger than any human and with each attack you do can send your enemies from one side of the room to the other if you get it right. You can also do throws and counters when your enemies are attacking you and to be honest this is good when your enemies are armed and dangerous. Also you can run and do different attacks like a flying kick which is quite effective. However one of the most impressive features to this game is the ability to slow down time to unleash devastating combos from standing up or running along walls and doing kicks and other bits. You can even run up walls with duel guns in your hands and let rip on your enemies. The fighting was really good back in the day but after playing recent games and going back to this it all seems a little far fetched.

      There are a few different types of enemies to take on from guards all the way to agents. The normal guards are quite easy to beat but some of the agents are quite tricky because they can counter your moves better and move slightly like you do when in combat. Along with your normal everyday guards come armed guards which carry and use guns. If you do it right you can disarm them and use their weapons against them. There are numerous weapons which include pistols, machine guns and even grenades. The game doesn't involve just one big level because its the type of game that is split into sections but there are a few disappointments with the game and one being the lack of variety in it. Not many different enemies, not many different looking places and it all seems like you're doing the same thing over and over again. The main aim of the game is to do your missions but you have to find your way and tackle what ever obstacles stand in your way. Its quite easy to get lost because of all the dead ends and some of the dead ends are stupid and you don't realize until you're right at the end of it. There aren't any collectibles except picking up and using different weapons. So overall its not too shabby and the best part is definitely the combat.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      Although back when the game was first released the graphics looked quite good but for nowadays where we all expect every game to feature some top quality graphics this just doesn't do it. A lot of the old games still look fantastic but this one has severely dated and looks shoddy and a little wooden most of the time. The two main characters are probably what stands out the most in terms of graphics but other things disappoint. The design layout of each level is very poor and looks incredibly weak. Enemies all look the same which most agents do in the movies anyway but they are lackluster just like the rest of the characters in the game. Even the fighting looks slightly rough now when being compared to newer games. Overall the graphics are quite poor for a game this old and it definitely lets the game down severely.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      The sound effects are a little better than the graphics in my opinion but overall not that much better. The game menu sound effects are weak and the music to the game is also quite weak but they are not too important. Fighting sound effects are quite good and stand out the most in the game and when guards open fire on you and you slow down time to dodge bullets the game does sound quite good with the slow motion effects. I did feel back in the day that the sound is quite good but it just doesn't quite cut it nowadays and there are far better games out there that are similar to this with brilliant graphics and sound effects.

      Enter The Matrix isn't that very difficult in my opinion and to be honest you change the difficulty and its still feels the same. Also even if it was hard every time you get killed you're automatically restarted at your last checkpoint which will be a few seconds away with the amount that are scattered throughout the levels. Also each level isn't at all that long which is a big disappointment as most can be zoomed through within minutes. The game itself isn't massive overall and is in fact quite short and a massive let down. The controls to the game are simple and the game overall is fairly simple. A huge disappointment is the length of the game and I feel the game was just to easy and didn't even cause any sort of challenge.

      === PROS ===
      *A whole lot of action from start to finish.
      *Some fairly decent looking combo moves which are quite good.
      *Slow down time to dodge bullets or attacks.
      *The price of the game is really cheap right now.

      === CONS ===
      *Very repetitive all the way through the game which is disappointing.
      *The graphics are atrocious especially now the game is dated.
      *The sound effects are also quite weak through most of the game with the odd flurry.
      *Also the length of the game is diabolical and its quite easy.
      *Only the one playable game mode which barely lasts 5 hours.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Okay so Enter The Matrix is far from being considered one of the best games on the PS2 but I do feel it is one of the most action packed games available on the PS2. It does slightly give the feeling its like a Matrix movie with the added cinematics that are taken from the movies but I just don't think there is enough to satisfy fans. In my opinion Enter The Matrix was good back in the day but I feel there just isn't enough nowadays for this game to even get a mention. It does offer some fun but only for a certain amount of time because its very repetitive and gets boring fairly quickly now.

      I don't think I would recommend the game nowadays mainly because its dated badly and just doesn't give the feel it used to give me. Also its one of the shortest games I have ever played let alone own. If you love the Matrix movies then you might want to check this out but to me there just isn't enough. However if you're looking for a cheap PS2 game with plenty of action then this might be up your street but if not then by all means avoid this. The game manual is quite poor almost as poor as the game and also the game has an age rating of 15+.

      I bought the game from one of my local game shops called CeX for only 80p. For any game that price has to be worth it and Enter The Matrix is definitely worth its 80p price mark. Amazon sell the game a little more expensive than that at around £1.45-£2 which is still quite reasonable. I think its value for money but I just don't see me playing this game again but who knows what the future might hold.

      Overall Enter The Matrix used to be a good game but its really dated now so i would have to give it a measly 3/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        07.09.2009 02:09



        A decent actioner but not very deep

        Enter The Matrix could have been an amazing game, given the potential of a title that allows you to play as Neo, the superhuman badass from the Matrix films. Sadly, though, the game only lets you play as Ghost and Niobe, who are cool characters in themselves, but hardly what any Matrix fan wants when you could be playing as Neo! It's a decent game, with some nice touches, but not enough to render it anything more than good.

        What IS good though, is that it retains all the key elements that made the films so entertaining - you can kick lots of bad guy ass (both soldiers and agents), whilst performing a number of insane slow-motion stunts, such as running up the wall and back flipping and numerous other ones. The only real drawback with this element is that the controls are a little cumbersome, and take some real getting used to.

        So, where does the story go? Well, you can choose to play as either Niobe or Ghost to start with, and from here you play in a plot that attempts to fill in the gaps of the films. They even filmed special cut scenes for the game, including one where Niobe makes out with Persephone from the latter two Matrix films!

        It's a pretty straightforward outing, and there's not much to completing it - you go through an area, directed by an arrow at the top of the screen, kill everyone, and continue on. Every so often you'll have to fight an Agent, which makes things a little different, but there's still nothing too challenging or really out of this world other than the impressive combat.

        If you love The Matrix as much as I do, you've probably played through this game already, but you're not missing that much if you don't. It's decent, but not the stunning game that it could have been.


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        17.08.2009 15:22
        Very helpful



        A great action game, really captures the feel of the Matrix movies.

        Enter the Matrix is an action game developed by Shiny Entertainemnt for the Playstation 2.

        Enter the Matrix has an excellent story that parallels that of the Matrix Reloaded movie, instead of controlling the main characters you get to experience to story of either Ghost or Niobe, you get to deliver the message into the matrix that the machines are going to get to Zion, you get to meet many of the movies characters such as the ghostly twins and the Keymaker and set up events so Neos quest will succeed. If you are a fan of the Matrix you will love the storyline.

        You can choose to play as either Ghost or Niobe, their paths are more or less the same but you will get the occasional different boss fight or unique scene which makes it worth playing the game twice if you want to experience all of the content.

        The game really captures the feel of the Matrix movies specifically in its dramatic slow motion combat scenes, the hand to hand fighting in this game is superb each character can do many different moves and combine that with the ability to focus or slow down time you can perform extremely agile flips and dodges, wall runs and insane looking combat moves. Guns are also well implemented and you can use them to dramatic effect diving to the side while in Focus mode which allows you to see bullet trails and aim take out multiple targets in each dive.

        There are some driving sequences too but these are by far the weakest part of the game, depending on which character you chose you will get to either drive the car or be the gunner it just isn't very exciting unfortunately but there are only a couple of driving sequences in the game.

        Graphics are excellent, the game really captures the Matrix feel and has excellent animations, the game also includes movie footage that was exclusively shot for the game.

        This is a movie tie in game done right, it has its own unique plot and really captures the world of the Matrix.


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        13.05.2009 13:55



        do not buy

        I loved the Matrix films. When this game came out I was expecting a lot. Unfortunately I was disappointed.

        The game is a rush job trying to get released to earn as much money as possible without thinking about us the consumer. They really have skimped on every aspect of the game.

        The graphics aren't too hot. Scenery is not detailed, characters lack detail and the movement of the characters is not fluid. You really would expect more from a PS2 game.

        You are Neo and your in The Matrix. You don't have as much power as he does in the film but you can do a few smart moves such as slow motion running, dodging and jumping. That's probably the most exciting thing in the game.

        The game itself is very simple with only yourself to battle enemies and a few weapons. The moves you can perform are also limited again showing the rushed nature of the game.


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          13.09.2007 16:34
          Very helpful



          Makes for a truly unforgettable experience that only the 'Matrix' title could deliver

          With the prospect of being the best movie – tie in game ever made, Enter The Matrix certainly had a lot to live up to. There’s been a lot of criticism of games which are based around movies and this game had it fair share of critics right from the beginning. The big question is did it live up to the massive hype and anticipation that was cast upon its shoulders? There’s no actual answer to this question, it’s definitely a brilliant game, no doubt about it. Whether it’s the sensational, masterpiece which combines several different genre’s and executes them all to complete perfection is an entirely different story.

          Enter The Matrix boasts some of the most fast paced, exciting and truly extraordinary action seen for some time. It offers car chases, diverse fighting techniques, tons of weapons and the incredible experience of battling face to face with an agent. You can run up walls, you can take out SWAT teams, you can even spar with Trinity. From this it is clear that Enter The Matrix relies heavily on the plot and story of The Matrix itself. To some this may make the game predictable and boring, for others it may make the game exciting and compelling.

          People can complain about the story or the predictability of the game all they want. However, the simple fact is, there’s nothing else out there that can equal the pleasure of jumping off a wall in slow motion and executing a roundhouse kick right into an agents face all in the space of a few seconds. Nothing can equal the tremendous burst of excitement as you walk through the airport, shotgun in hand, taking out police snipers and SWAT team members.


          The first glimpses that everyone saw of Enter The Matrix didn’t look at all promising. Then another batch of screen shots were released and things were looking up, the trailers then only confirmed that the graphics were, indeed, quite good. There are a lot of good things to point out about the graphics in Enter The Matrix. However, there are also some not so good things to point out as well.

          For a start, the environments are dreary and extremely repetitive. One example of this is a level in which you are travelling down sewer tunnels after you and a group of other rebels were ambushed. Obviously, sewers aren’t meant to look fantastic but they seemed to just go on and on. After you manage to get past the dreary, dark green tunnels which make up the sewers, there are yet more dark green sewer tunnels to travel down and even more after that. Another example is the very first level where you’re attempting to procure a hidden package in a postal sorting office, it seems all that inhabits this sorting office are desks, walls and maybe a few chairs if you’re lucky.

          However, what must be remembered is how incredibly huge the environments are and, although they are quite bland, what is there is actually quite well designed. The detail of some levels is better than others, the levels range from huge airports to rooftops, quite diverse and well detailed in all but a few cases. What really stands out from the rest of the game graphics – wise are the characters. The playable characters are extremely well designed and the enemy’s are minutely detailed.

          The major let down is the environments, some are good but driving down a freeway for an entire level isn’t much fun, especially when the freeway just looks the same all the way through.



          Sound is probably where Enter The Matrix really excels. Everything, from footsteps and gunshots to ricochets and the sound of someone’s ribs breaking, has been done to perfection. Even the sound of a punch whistling through the air as it nears its target has been superbly done. The sound effects are brilliant and have obviously been a priority for Shiny, the developer.

          The music, however, is a different story. Enter The Matrix has adopted all of the original Matrix sounds. This means the game sounds great a lot of the time; you really feel as if you’re in the Matrix. Although some of the time, the music doesn’t match the pace of the game and can sometimes even be annoying. The music doesn’t seem to adjust when you stop fighting or when you start fighting again, it just carries on in the background, almost oblivious to how you are playing the game.

          Despite this, the sound effects are breathtaking and, most of the time, the music is good too.



          Enter The Matrix combines several different genre’s which generally works well throughout. The most noticeable combination is that of gunplay and beating the hell out of your opponents. Effectively you nearly always have a choice between shooting someone and kicking someone. The most spectacular is, of course, all the kicking, punching and throwing combos and they’re all an integral part of the gameplay.

          If the game was solely focused around guns and weapons then it wouldn’t be as good a game. The gunplay itself isn’t actually lacking, with tons of weapons such as sub – machine guns, sniper rifles, crossbows, pistols and grenades, which can all be used in a variety of different ways, it’s certainly very entertaining. You can shoot at enemies while running sideways along a wall, you can shoot them while diving backwards and if you don’t happen to have any guns on you, you can even take an enemies weapon and use it on its former owner.

          However, the hand to hand combat is what really sets this game aside from any other. The variety and diversity of the moves is incredible. From triple kicks to flips and punching combos, from counterattacks to trips, the combat is the most dynamic ever seen. To carry out the most spectacular moves and combo’s you have to make use of the focus gauge. This is basically a gauge which determines how long you can move around in slow motion for. The focus can be used to dodge bullets or it can be used to carry out the more interesting combo’s. It’s all a bit Max Payne when you consider the focus bar but there’s a lot more you can do in slow motion in Enter The Matrix. You can, not only dive into a room guns blazing but you can run up walls and jump into the air to execute a spectacular kick or whatever else takes you fancy, Max isn’t really up to that.

          Possibly the biggest let down in the gameplay is the driving and flying levels. They’re so boring and repetitive that you just found yourself wanting to get them over and done with instead of actually enjoying them. Another bad point is, despite its strong connections with The Matrix storyline, Enter The Matrix can be quite confusing. Some of the time the player won’t be sure of what he’s actually meant to be doing and the hint boxes that occasionally come up to help are few and far between. The only other thing which provides some insight into your goals is the objectives screen which, unfortunately, usually contains a rather obscure comment.

          The game also has some saving issues which would have benefited from some redesign. The save points are in very strange places throughout the game. For instance; you could go for fifteen minutes without a much needed save point and then, when you finally find one, you go on for about a minute and find another one.

          The gameplay is generally fast paced and does not require any kind of tactics. Usually, it’s just a case of getting from A to B and taking out as many opponents as you can. Surprisingly, you’ll never tire of doing this and exploring new ways of attacking enemies. Enter The Matrix is as non – linear as this type of game can be and this makes for a pleasurable experience all round. Despite some glitches, the gameplay is generally quite good.



          The fast paced action means that you’ll probably get through Enter The Matrix fairly quickly the first time round. Then, however, you have the option to play as another character which adds considerably to the lifespan. The choice is between Niobe and Ghost and after you’ve completed the game with one of them, you’ll most probably be compelled to have a go with the other. Their courses throughout the levels to differ quite dramatically for the most part.

          Quite an original and unique feature of Enter The Matrix is the ability to hack into the Matrix. While, in truth, this is just an advanced form of cheating, it adds a new and exciting layer to the game. You can unlock all sorts of different things, from basic cheats (Not that I’ve actually tried these cheats of course) to an actual multiplayer level.

          With other an hour of unseen footage from the film cleverly integrated into the cutscenes as well, Enter The Matrix is an above average game in terms of lifespan.



          Despite the minor cross with the Max Payne slo – mo bar, Enter The Matrix is a highly original game. Since the bullet time feature actually belongs to the Matrix it can’t be marked down because of this. No other game has combined driving with hand to hand combat and shooting as well as Enter The Matrix has.



          Overall, this wasn’t the game of the year that was anticipated. This wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread. However, it more than made the grade and has achieved perfection in many places. Enter The Matrix will go down as a damn good game, not a revolutionary piece of genius but a brilliant game. It’s well worth your hard earned cash and makes for a truly unforgettable experience that only the ‘Matrix’ title could deliver.


          Price: £5.00


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            11.08.2007 13:52
            Very helpful



            Slow-Mo... Trenchcoats... 100101011001...

            While the world awaited a sequel to 1999 epic The Matrix, its creators, the Wachowski brothers, were busy expanding their vision beyond the confines of film. Firstly, there came the fantastic collection of anime short-stories that made for The Animatrix, and then the video game Enter The Matrix (ETM). On the surface, an obvious and lucrative tie-in, but also rather progressive among its peers as it plays its own individual (albeit ultimately minor) part in the bigger Matrix picture.

            Chronologically fitting in between the original Matrix film and its silver-screen successor Reloaded, ETM gives fans a chance to tackle a side-story based around two of the series secondary figures; freaky-haired Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) and prize-winning-poker-face Ghost (Anthony Wong). Whilst predominantly a third-person shoot ‘em up, it also incorporates elements of on-rails shooting and driving sections – on paper, not too dissimilar then to revered PSOne classic Die Hard Trilogy.

            In reality though, it’s more like a quicker, lightweight version of Max Payne. The game relies on short, sharp levels with little cerebral interaction and lots of blasting. The slightly clumsy layout of the controls means ETM nearly shoots itself in the foot from the outset; allowing only one analogue stick for movement and wasting the L2 and R2 buttons on strafing, thus certain manoeuvres feel strange and you have to play a lot before they can be executed impulsively. That said, the dazzling martial-arts and technical wizardry of the films has been integrated extremely well.

            Just as in Max Payne (and of course, The Matrix films), time can, at the touch of a button, slow to a crawl for a short period and this is brought into play through the ‘Focus’ feature. There is a considerable amount to this; it allows you to gain the upper hand in fights by diving, rolling and dodging out of the way of bullets; running up and across walls; increasing the distance of jumps and heightening the accuracy of your shooting. The combat as a whole is great – there is a huge array of weapons but it says a lot for the game that the hand-to-hand combat can be just as effective and enjoyable as the gunfights. As mentioned earlier, the controls could have been set out a little more cleverly, but once you acclimatise its very solid.

            It’s just as well the action is good as the levels themselves are very linear; it’s a rare occurrence when your objective is anything other than to follow the compass and instigate another cut-scene or firefight. It’s a shame as there’s not much more to do than flick the odd switch, because many of the locales have the scope for housing more than simple background scenery.

            Visually, the two playable characters are by some distance the best-looking in the game – the animation on Niobe and Ghost is excellent; with the array of martial-arts moves appearing graceful, smooth and stylish. ETM fits into the Matrix universe with supreme efficiency, though at times it is to the games detriment. The settings and general environment design have generally been well thought out – a shoot out among a room of pillars makes for an admirable (though slightly toned down) homage to the classic gunfight in the first film – but there is a clinical blandness to Enter The Matrix which, along with the all-guns-blazing mantra it encourages, means that the offices and building facades seem a little drab and sparse.

            Though the mission objectives remain simple in the second half of the game, the levels are a bit more extravagant in their design. There is a very enjoyable section where you must run through a mansion interior staking zombies, whist smiling to yourself at the disappearance of the suffocating grey-shades that hung over the early levels like a rain cloud. For those who enjoy the prospect of legging it full pelt with no knowledge of what’s around the next corner, the Chinatown levels should deliver the adrenalin rush you’re after as they see you being pursued relentlessly by a number of indomitable agents – my nerves were shattered by the end of it!

            Despite the healthy body count offered up in ETM, there are actually very few variants of enemy; SWAT teams, security guards, vampires and the dreaded agents make up the vast portion of foes. For the most part they are cannon fodder, though they do have varied plans of attack; some hold back, others charge at you and the crafty ones work together and chuck grenades in your direction – on the whole the A.I. is none too bad.

            When you are not shooting, you’ll be involved in car-based missions – most likely driving if you have opted to play as Niobe, or riding shotgun if you’ve elected Ghost as your character. These sections are adequate enough and add a bit of variety to proceedings, though they are by no means perfect. The vehicles are just a bit too slow to drum up any real excitement at the prospect of a chase, whilst the handling is passable at best – the compass indicating where to go next can prove a bit of a pain as you occasionally have to find well-hidden or very narrow paths that are not obvious, and if you don’t identify them quickly, you will more than likely fail the mission. On a brighter note, the on-rails shooting bits are not too bad at all, and vastly superior to those seen in the Grand Theft Auto games (perhaps as it’s played at a slightly more leisurely pace and the driver isn’t swerving all over the place); blowing up other cars is great, simple fun as they go absolutely flying when blown up.

            Enter The Matrix has its silly moments here and there that hurt its overall score. It has some of the least helpful tutorials in the history of gaming; examples being such useless twaddle as “To Accelerate, press ACCELERATE” and “To draw and fire a weapon, press FIRE” – such vague references to the buttons are all the more baffling as you can’t change the control configuration anyway. Then there’s the odd noticeable glitch in the Matrix (ho-hum) – enemies floating after you’ve killed them and, on one of the on-rails shooting missions, Ghost kept falling out of the car at the end of the stage; it would have been comical if I didn’t have to keeping restarting the mission.

            The size of the levels can at times seem wildly erratic. On the whole they are short, lasting five minutes or so (there are around 50 levels in all) before you are prompted with a save point, though there is the occasional lengthy one that will catch you by surprise, lasting two or three times this duration and requiring you to complete several objectives. The game also reaches the other extreme with sections not even lasting a minute – including a bit that involves nothing more than running down a corridor, and another consisting of just one room and two enemies.

            Perhaps the standout feature as far as fans of the movies are concerned is the storyline. Whilst compared to the original film it is hardly special, in a gaming sense it’s pleasant to see such a quantity of high-quality FMV footage and cut-scenes, and credit where it’s due, the plot fits around the gameplay convincingly. Kudos must also go to the voice-actors; as it’s the Matrix not all dialogue is delivered entirely convincingly, but it is encouraging to see so many stars lending their vocal talents to the project. The soundtrack is also relatively strong; the music seemingly content to fade in and out at intervals for the most part, but there are occasions where it bursts into life to compliment a specific moment of action – it adds an extra layer to the atmosphere.

            Enter The Matrix is not a very long game – I polished it off in a whisker over five hours first time through, but the replay value is high. The two playable characters have genuinely distinctive adventures – each with entire sections dedicated solely to them, and as many cut-scenes and FMV’s are exclusive to one character or the other, you’ll need to tackle ETM with both to get the full picture. For those who like a challenge, there are three difficulty levels to tackle, plus a nifty and original ‘Hacking’ mode to try. This basically allows you to type on a Matrix style computer (green text ‘n’ all!) and access a number of simple but cool features, as well as some more useful bits such as information on characters and guns featured within the game, as well as the chance to view cinematics that you had unlocked in the game proper. It’s a touch fiddly at first as your commands have to be precise and specific, but it’s a really clever idea that’s superbly crafted.

            Ultimately, Enter The Matrix is playable and inventive without ever truly standing out. The developers are to be commended for making a game that is much more than a simple cash-cow for the films, but with a story that isn’t as gripping as Max Payne’s and controls that make it less instinctive than other, similar shoot ‘em ups, it will probably be fans of the franchise that ultimately get the most out of this. Worth a look, as it can be found for £2-3 on the Internet these days.


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              09.08.2007 16:40
              Very helpful



              Get the path of Neo instead, that one isn't too bad.

              Let's face the facts here: The Matrix Reloaded was easily one of the biggest movies of 2003 and it was also one of the most anticipated sequels ever since a lot of people liked the first flick. It would seem only natural that a movie about a bunch of hackers trying to fight through a highly advance computer program would get its own video game, eh? So here we have this Enter the Matrix video game, a game that was released on the same day as the Matrix Reloaded movie. Since this is the first ever Matrix video game to finally to come to the console market here, this is no ordinary 'cash in on the movie' type of game. In this action game you don't play as the main character Neo but one of two new heroes. So is this Matrix game going to be the next generation of gaming or did they screw up another promising franchise like the old Atari did with that awful E.T. 2600 game nearly 20 years ago? I'll be the judge of that.

              Enter the Matrix is actually an interesting side story to the Matrix films because you play as the movie's supporting casts characters Captain Noibe (played by Will Smith's wife) and Ghost (some Asian dude). It would have been cool if you play as Neo (Keenu Reeves's character of course) instead since the real star of the Matrix but at least you're getting something new, I guess. You must guide either Niobe or Ghost through the Matrix on various missions to save others and solve some of the mysteries of this dangerous programs that enslaves humans.

              If the Matrix movies are known for anything, it would be for their stellar and original visual punch. Who can forget the freaky slow motion effects when some of those bullets were flying around or the awesome lightning quick fight scenes, uh? The game still has a lot of that craziness when you use the character's special. The only time you see any of the really cool movie-like moves is during the in game intermissions when everything is already planned. The rest of the in game character animations are smooth at one moment like when somebody is running around and then chuncky and disjointed the next when someone is either climbing a fence or even fighting. Enter the Matrix even has problems with the music and sound effects too. One minute you'll be hearing intense rock music during a big fight or nothing special at all like going in an empty hallway for example. The voices are well done though done and they are by the real actors too which was a nice touch.

              Enter the Matrix had received an unbelievable amount of hype for it's big Spring 2003 release. I even remember seeing in some of the ads for the game, they made the stupid statement of: "The History of the Video Game is just that: History!" This type of wording disturbed me in particular because this is pretty much saying that we should forget about gaming greatest legends like the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII, Pitfall, and so many more better games, just so that we can play this buggy, side story of some weird Sci-Fi movie. Is that what the new Atari wants us to believe? Although the game gives the player some brief background on the sometimes overly confusing movie story lines here you still won't fully understand this unusual universe after it is all said and done. Don't forget the game itself has some very substandard driving and flying scenes, an extremely limited fighting system, and the game is almost too forgiving for its own good. ETM is a good enough game to satisfy those Matrix fanatics but as a video game itself this title is nothing too ground breaking at all and maybe the Walcosisk Brothers should stick with movies instead or play some more Super Mario.

              ENTER The MATRIX overall rating: 43/100

              For 1 or 2 players
              Rated (T) for Teen
              graphics: 4/10
              sound: 6/10
              gameplay: 5/10
              replay: 6/10

              (Ryan Genno) 2007


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              Merciless Agents stalk your every move. You defy gravity and break all the rules. How far down does the rabbit hole go? Are you ready to find out? Are you ready to Enter The Matrix? Enter The Matrix is the story-within-the-story. It features awesome gunplay and spectacular martial arts that bend the rules of the Matrix, as well as insane driving and stunts, and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet. This game isn't just set in the Matrix universe it's an integral part of the entire Matrix experience, weaving in and out of the highly anticipated 2nd installment in the film trilogy, The Matrix Reloaded.

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