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EyeToy Groove (PS2)

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Manufacturer: Sony / Music / up to 4 players / published by: Sony

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2012 21:01
      Very helpful



      A quieter and cheaper game for those who haven't made the change up to the fancy Kinects/PS3 Move

      After my mum got pretty mad that all she could hear was the smash of the dancemat on our living room floor, so instead she bought us Eyetoy Groove as she figured it was like a dance game except we wouldn't make as much noise. Thankfully for her, she was right.

      It must be around £7 right now, as that is usually the price PS2 games are due to the fact that the PS3 has taken over. It's rated U, which is a decent rating, seeing as nothing happens aside from hitting the right symbols at the right time and the songs aren't explicit at all. One thing you must have though is the Eyetoy itself, which is a camera that plugs into the Playstation and is basically a webcam, as you can see yourself on the screen and it allows you to select things using your body, similar to the more recent Kinect for Xbox.

      The main point of the game is simply to score as many points as you can through hitting the right pads at the right time throughout the song. There are 6 pads in total going along the screen with two opposite each other at the top, middle and bottom of the screen. From around the centre of the screen, random colourful circley things will start throwing themselves at these pads and you have to hit the pads using your hands at the right time when the circles fly over them to score points.

      The most important part of the game is to make sure that you hit everything on time and once you've played it for a couple of minutes you do get the hang of it and it becomes easier and easier. It's not too difficult to get the motion of the controls going, and as soon as you've played it for a couple of hours you'll feel as if you have mastered them.

      All the songs included really make you want to get up and dance, most of them aren't that well known and remind me of the ones you find on dance machines. However, they are pretty energetic and fast paced, so there is never a dull moment when you're playing.

      The game can get quite tiring after a while especially as you have to have your arms up a lot. However, the developers have tried to improve all the beats and make it more interesting than just hitting simple beats. They've done this by having beats where you have to shake your hand over it, allow the pad to get larger if you hit a certain beat and have moments in the game where the player will have to strike a Pose. All these added little things are much more fun as they add some challenge to the game.

      I'd say that I prefer the multiplayer mode to the single player, as it is much more fun to compete or work together as a team. You can play co-op to try and get the highest score or you could compete against each other to get a higher score or copy the moves that you do. I get quite bored playing it by myself, and its much more fun watching my friends do really weird moves when you watch them in reality - it reminds me of Just Dance a little bit!

      The graphics that the video game put over the camera make it look much more colourful and engaging than if the Eyetoy was simply on by itself. The developers have added a lot of sharp colours, backgrounds and effects which while aren't the best on the PS2 still are relatively impressive. The video feed from the Eyetoy itself though isn't as good as these added ones, as it looks quite fuzzy in comparison to the added graphics.

      Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed the previous EyeToy games or is looking for a quieter dance style game for the PS2. It's quite cheap and did have the unique aspect of seeing yourself on TV before other consoles came out and added this, however aside from this, it's still a fun game to play with your friends or alone for a while to occupy yourself at beating high scores.


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  • Product Details

    Groove will be the first interactive dance toy developed for EyeToy that strives to release itself from the traditional game shackles that normally restrict the player. The game does away with the standard game dogma so that it can introduce the idea of an interactive toy.

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