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Fahrenheit (PS2)

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9 Reviews

Manufacturer: Atari / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    9 Reviews
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      26.01.2012 21:50
      Very helpful



      A thriller game that offers something exciting and entertaining!

      == FAHRENHEIT ==
      Fahrenheit is one of my all time favourite games mainly because it offers gamers something different. The game is a cinematic adventure video game that was developed by Quantic Dream and published by Atari. Fahrenheit has the best opening to a game, it features some of the best gameplay and it has one of the most thrilling and intense storylines. Almost everything about the game had me addicted when I was playing it and at first when the game came out it didn't really appeal to me. The game was released back in 2005 for the original Xbox, PC and of course the PS2. Fahrenheit isn't just an adventure game and at first most of the game is normal but later on it turns extremely weird. I was quite surprised that a follow up game wasn't made after the game won several awards. However there is a similar game on the PS3 entitled Heavy Rain.

      === STORY ===
      Fahrenheit is a thriller adventure game and the main thing the game has to offer is its seriously intense story that revolves around Lucas Kane (your character). The game is set in January 2009 and starts in a small diner. Lucas is in a possessed state inside the toilets of the diner, he stabs a guy to death with a knife. He then comes back from the possessed state and panics because hes lying over a dead body with a knife in his hands and blood all over him. Lucas remembers that there is a cop inside the diner and panics even more. Now you must race against time to either try and get rid of all evidence pointing to you or you must flee the scene. The next morning Lucas wakes up at his apartment and realizes its not a dream and he has in fact killed a man. Now Lucas must search for clues on what has happened and why he cant remember anything after taking his seat in that diner. Lucas knows the murder wasn't his fault but now with the police slowly tracking him, can he uncover the truth behind the mystery?

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      In Fahrenheit the game is split into scenes and the main reason for this is because you actually control three different characters even though you are Lucas Kane for the main plot. You also control two detectives called Tyler and Carla in which both fit well into the game. So basically with Lucas Kane you play the weird, thriller and intense scenes whereas with the other two characters you play the detective scenes. Its a little confusing because whilst you have to hide all evidence leading to you with Lucas, you actually also have to try and solve the case with Carla and Tyler so its like you're hunting yourself down.

      With Lucas some of the things you can do include moving the body in the diner restroom into the cubicle. You also hide the knife that was used but you actually don't see where he puts it because of the next scene you play with Carla and Tyler. Back in your apartment a cop starts ramming on your door so you must do things to hide suspicion such as wash the blood off your hands, hide the bloody clothes you had on the previous night, bandage your wrists up and a few other bits. As Carla and Tyler you can swap between the two by pressing a button. Each character must find certain bits. Sometimes the game changes as well which is good because for example I have found the murder weapon with Carla and Tyler on different playthroughs and sometimes you can even find it with a certain character.

      Most of the scenes have you racing against time and trying to not get caught. Getting caught means you must load the saved game where you last saved it. Something I love about this game is in some of the scenes there are also large action set pieces in which are completely scripted to turn out the same way most of the time but do require you to have very good and quick reflexes to complete and if you don't you will lose a life. Lives are gained from doing certain things right or you can find them in certain objects like cupboards. When you're out of lives its game over. Also during these scenes there are two circles with colored segments that appear on screen and you must react quickly to move the corresponding analog stick or sticks to match the combo that appears on screen. each one of the circles indicate each analog stick. there is also segments of the game that require you to quickly press the L1 and R1 buttons in between each other but these usually appear when you have to do things such as swimming or running.

      Your character has a mental health meter which changes every time something happens whether its good or bad. It doesn't really effect your characters too much but it can lead to a different ending. There are a total of three different endings so you have to play through the game on more than one occasion. Overall the game has a lot to offer and will definitely keep you on your feet. I like almost everything about the game and the fact you can interact with characters and almost every item on the game is brilliant. There are many places the game takes you too which include things like work because Lucas tries to carry on with his everyday life after what has happened, to the past for flashbacks, diners, police station, rooftops and more. The game does have a few disappoint things which include the short game time overall.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      Fahrenheit is actually pretty good for graphics and one of the things that stand out the most are the cinematic scenes the game have. They are simply brilliant, they offer lots of variety, look stunning and make the game almost feel like a movie. Most of the overall graphics are great, the characters are nicely designed but I feel Lucas is a little weak looking for the main role of the game but he does actually look fantastic later in the game. Some of the places you go to also look really good especially the diner because its brilliant and a great idea. The design of the game overall is stunning, the colouring is almost perfect, objects in the game stand out really well and the movies are flawless. For a game that is a little old the graphics overall are really good.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      The sound effects are absolutely fantastic and one of the best features is the fact that the game has several real songs that play in certain parts of the game. Some of these include songs from Theory Of A Deadman (one of my favourite bands), Teddy Pendergrass, Society's Bag, Nina Simone, Bobby Byrd and a few others. The in game sound effects are brilliant especially when the game gets chilling because the sound effects come to full effect and it definitely puts you on edge. You can also hear the characters voices instead of reading what is said so that works well. Other sound effects to the game are really good and are definitely a plus side to the game.

      === DIFFICULTY ===
      Fahrenheit isn't a very hard game overall. There are some parts of the game that might cause a couple of problems because it does feature a few problem solving puzzles or some tricky sections where you have to hide or do things in quick succession. The controls can be awkward at times especially with the constant button bashing with the L1 and R1 and also the analog sensitive controls are a bit crazy. Most of the game though is common sense stuff and pretty easy to do. Overall its not a difficult game and many gamers will find this fun and easy but its a win win situation.

      === LONGEVITY ===
      Fahrenheit isn't that very long and this is by far the biggest downfall to the game. Whilst some of the scenes in the game can last a while, the game itself is incredibly poor in length. For an example if you know everything about the game and you're playing with knowing where to go and what to do then it only takes about 6-8 hours. Games shouldn't be that short for the price you pay. However if you're new to playing the game it will take you a maximum of 15 hours. Which isn't too bad but its just not enough.

      === PROS ===
      *One of the most chilling, thrilling, intense and exciting storylines to a game I have ever seen.
      *Some beautiful cinematic scenes and the sound effects are perfect.
      *You have to cover your tracks, solve puzzles and try and survive.
      *3 different endings to the game so you must play multiple times.
      *The price is fantastic for this unique and different game.

      === CONS ===
      *The game is ridiculously short and should at least contain something else.
      *Only the one game mode which is a little poor.
      *Some of the controls can be quite annoying especially later in the game when they get a little tricky.
      *Some of the little mini games are poor and unnecessary.
      *The fact you have lives is a little daft in my opinion.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Fahrenheit really is a game that is intense and is full of surprises. Each scene has something you wouldn't ever expect and its not the type of story where its predictable. Lucas Kane and Carla have something between them and its noticeable when they meet but I wont say anymore. This game is one of the first adventure thriller games that I have played. I love the fact there is so much you can do such as hide things and try to cover your tracks. It certainly makes a change to find a game like this and its definitely worth checking out.

      I would recommend the game if you still play the PS2 or what ever else its on because its an addictive game. I'd also recommend to gamers who want to try something new that has a lot to offer because this game is exactly that. If you don't like thrillers or things that can scare you then its probably best to avoid this. It is a challenging game to say the least and don't let the fact its not a massive game put you off. The game manual is fantastic and tells you everything you need to know about playing the game. Fahrenheit has an age rating of 15+ because it does contain blood, violence, strong language and nudity that's not suitable for younger gamers.

      I bought the game for a fairly reasonable price and I definitely think its value for money. I bought it for £8 which included postage fees. The game is quite hard to find in most game shops but Amazon and eBay sell it for a fantastic price. Amazon have the game for roughly £3 which includes postage. That is a brilliant price for this game and its worth every penny.

      Fahrenheit is one of my favourite PS2 games and there aren't many like this. Overall I would give the game a solid 9/10! Great game, fantastic price!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        30.03.2011 19:02
        Very helpful



        Would recommend to people after something a bit different

        I decided to give this game a go after hearing about the new direction the developers were trying to take. To be honest it was a pretty good first try too.

        Plot: Fahrenheit begins with you killing someone in a restaurants toilet room. After killing the guy, you wake up from a trance like state looking down and seeing what you've just committed. You have no memory of why you've just murdered someone, all you know is you've woke up on top of a dead person and it's up to you to try and find out why.

        Not only do you play as the murderer, you also play as the two police officers hunting him down. This gives a good overall view of the situation.

        As Fahrenheit is such a story driven game, I'm afraid I can't say much else without spoiling it although I will say that after such a great beginning half, the plot does begin to crumble. The brilliance of it all was still there but hidden by such huge plot holes in the game.

        Graphics: The graphics are starting to show their age now and Fahrenheit is definitely not one of the hardware pushing games out there. However, they do their job well enough and don't affect the game too much but I can't help but feel things like expressions and emotions would have been better if they had of been clearer to see.

        Controls: I felt the section let the game down a bit. They are supposed to be designed to give you a feeling of immersion within the game but I feel that if anything they only distance you further from it.

        The pulling of a trigger to open and close doors worked well but when you keep getting given a constant stream of QTEs (quick time events) at times, it is more frustrating then anything. Occasionally they fitted with the events on screen but most of the time it felt like they were only put in to give the player something to do while watching a sequence.

        Lifespan: Fahrenheit took me just under 8 hours, which I thought was a bit on the short side. However, I think if they had of lengthened the plot, the plot holes would only of got bigger or more of them created.

        Overall: Considering it's a new genre to try to create, I think they did a good first job especially with the first half of the game. If they just tweak a couple of things, it will improve the next game on their list immensely.


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        22.11.2010 01:23
        Very helpful



        A new concept in gaming!

        Fahrenheit is another cult PS2 game that is more of an interactive movie than the kind of conventional game-playing experience that one would normally expect and which tries desperately to be something uniquely different. On this level, it succeeds but I am doubtful as to whether the game as a whole is a perfect success...

        A series of murders is rocking New York and, as the game opens, you play Lukas Kane who finds himself an unwilling participant in one such murder! As it turns out, all the killings are being performed by perfectly ordinary people. As Lukas Kane, and later Police Detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, it is your job to discover the truth and stop the person ultimately responsible! Kane experiences bizarre hallucinations (or are they?) in his bid to track down the killer and soon starts exhibiting supernatural or superhuman abilities that suggest there is more to him than meets the eye. But this is no game like any other and, the more you play, the more you find yourself becoming deeper immersed in what, at its most basic, is less a game and more of an interactive virtual experience. Though the choice of three endings is only affected by your final actions in closing chapters, choices throughout the game affect what happens next and how other NPC (none-player characters) interact with you!

        I like the idea, I like the concept, I even quite like the story. The graphics are cool and the way it plays is pretty smooth and sweet. But I began to tire of the troublesome controls that are different to most other games and take some getting used to and there were moments when I felt this story in paticular was stretching on for too long and wanted to get to the end. I was not bored, just found myself longing to play something more conventional again!

        Like Half-life, this is a game that has earned itself something of a cult reputation. It is fondly regarded by a lot of players and I can easily see why. But, for me, there is something a bit tooo much like a movie here for me, with way too many cut-scenes at times for my liking, and that is why I am less than as enthused about it as others might be!

        It is now available fairly cheaply from Ebay or Amazon and if you have never played it, it IS worth a look if only to play something different and unique. But for me, it never quite gels as a whole and that is why I only give it a tentative score of 3 out of 5!


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        09.02.2010 10:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Looking forward to Heavy Rain!

        ***also on ciao under same username***

        Fahrenheit could be described as the most succesful interactive movie game on a console thus far. I purchased this sometime in 2007 and my first thoughts on it was that isn't wasn't anything special. However it was unique in the sense that I hadn't played anything like it previously but at some points I found the story hard to follow. Even though it was a little confusing at first it intrigued me and is now in my collection of classic games.
        The Plot

        Farenheit opens with a man clutching a knife in a toilet cubical. It doesn't sound to pleasent, eh? Well it gets just a little bit worse...

        This man leaves the cubical to murder another man in the bathroom of a diner. Don't be put off though! Of course, this isn't the most flattering of game introductions but it does show how the game means to go on without reflecting any violent suggestions as the game is more mystery than action based.

        The game features several different characters in which the player can choose, these include the main protagonist Lucas Kane - the murderer on the run, and the two police detectives seeking to solve the motivation behind this crime of murder. The game twists and turns at every corner and it is up to you to help or dissuade the police who the killer is and why he's doing it so ritualisticly.

        Essentially Fahrenhiet is not a difficult game to play. The controls are user friendly and the real time scenarios are fun. Playing the game really makes you feel like you're making a movie as opposed to your average video game. I really enjoyed playing this game although there were a few scenes that younger players may not be ready for. There are a few scenes involving nudity and I believe in one of the versions the sex scene at the end was interactive- however it is not explicitly graphic.

        In essence, it is in the gamer's hands to fully control Lucas Kane's (the protagonist) fate as there are multiple paths in which the player can take to reach one of the three conclusions of the story. The game features many different gameplay variations with puzzle solving, exploration, and mini game based action scenarios.
        Graphics and Sound

        The game features excellent voice acting, why wouldn't it? The game plays out like a hollywood movie script. There is a good play list of songs, notably Theory of a Deadman and Bobby Byrd.

        The graphics of the game, whilst not being the best on the PS2, do there job. The characters movement are expertly rendered and their environments occasionally look fantastic with weather effects being the game's strong point.


        Fahrenheit, whilst not being the longest game ever, is definitely long enough for the gamer to not tire of and it is not too short that you'd feel cheated out of your money. The ending cutscenes however, do seem a bit abrupt for the almost epic adventure that the game throws at you. The game features three seperate endings and it would take an average game quite a while to unlock all three endings.

        The game also features bonus cards throughout which allow the gamer to collect points to buy cutscenes and songs found on the menu screen - like the mini game action sequences, these are also interactive. To unlock these scenes you would need to run through the game a fare few times to collect enough points.

        Fahrenheit is a great game that should be experienced by every game fan who enjoys something new and an enjoyable plot. Heavy Rain, a game made by Quantic Dream, will be out in 2010 and I know I will be getting myself a copy. Overall an 8/10 for this enjoyable and fascinating game.


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          07.09.2009 01:14



          A cheesy but superb exercise in style

          In Fahrenheit, you play Lucas Kane, a man who was simply eating at a restaurant when he become possessed and murdered a man in the bathroom. From here, the game becomes a desperate struggle to get away with it, whilst two cops, Tyler and Carla, are giving chase and firmly on his trail.

          Visually, this is a very impressive game. The animations are also expertly rendered, and given how much of the game comprises cut scenes and 24-style box-framing, this is very important. It's a highly cinematic title, and you'd be right in thinking that director David Cage resembles a frustrated filmmaker. The voice acting is a little rickety in places, which doesn't really help the believability, but the soundtrack, with music from bands such as Theory for a Deadman, is appropriate and helps the kick-ass mood of some of the suspense and action scenes.

          The gameplay is where the game scores a lot of points for - it's very inventive and quite unlike anything else out there. The game is essentially an interactive film, where you decide what the character does due to a hugely branching narrative, opening things up massively. What's more, you control numerous characters - both Lucas and the cops, meaning you're free to let the story unfold as you see fit, making Lucas easy to catch or ensuring that the cops are incompetent and take a while to get any clues.

          The storyline is also hugely involving, and for the first half it's quite plausible as a mildly eccentric, noirish thriller. Sadly, though, it does go hugely off the rails in the second half, and due to some production rushes, they didn't have any time to develop the various relationships, resulting in a hilariously forced love story that is utterly unbelievably and does knock the game down a fair few notches. Also, it gets VERY supernatural very quickly, and so you'll go from investigation to performing Matrix-style moves very quickly.

          Although it's not perfect, I really admire the film for its brave approach to a genre not explored enough. It does go off the rails at the end, but it still encourages me that Cage's next game, Heavy Rain, might improve upon these great ideas with a more distended production schedule.


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          18.08.2009 15:38
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A unique experience.

          Fahrenheit is an action game for the Playstation 2 devleloped by Atari.

          The story of Fahrenheit takes place through multiple perspectives, your main characters are Lucas Kane who one night goes into a trance and ends up murdering someone in a diner. His story follows the hunt to find out what on earth possessed him to go into the trance and prevent himself from breaking down, it starts off really interesting but ends up going crazy with oracles and supernatural demons and whatnot. You also play as two police officers, Officer Tyler Miles and Lieutenant Carla Valenti and there story follows the hunt for the killer. Playing both sides of the story is really an interesting case and when the paths cross you can be sure of a good resolution.

          The gameplay in Fahrenheit is very unique, instead of performing actions by mashing buttons each is performed by rotating the analog stick in a certain way. You are shown your possible actions by a meter on screen so you won't ever be clueless as to what to do. This works very well and at best it feels like you are more in control of your characters action, at its worst it can be very frustrating especially during the chase sequences where you have to run away by performing very tricky analog manoeuvres.

          The game also has a mix of puzzles to solve and you will have to talk to the right people or perform the right action to progress in the plot and at times these can be almost impossible to solve, for instance when I was playing as Tyler Miles I had to find a book in a library, easy enough you may think but all they give you to go on is a hint from the librarian and the library is 3 storeys lined with books!

          The game also has you take care of your characters precious sanity, the simple act of taking a drink, eating or going to the bathroom will keep you sane but if you get bad news or fail the on screen prompts during some sequences you can soon become insane which results in a game over, this meter stays with you for the entire game you have to maintain it at a decent level or during some of the trickier sections you won't be able to progress.

          Graphics are a little grainy but passable and the voice work from all the characters is well done.

          Fahrenheit is a unique action game but it definitely has its problems which prevent from being truly brilliant.


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            10.11.2008 16:56
            Very helpful



            Something different in an age of bland genre-clones, but lack of a triple-A budget lets it down

            When buying a game, rare are the moments where more than a cursory glance at the packaging is required to suss where a game is 'coming from'. All too frequently, the section of your chosen format presents itself as a mosaic of bland sequels, invariably incorporating sport, guns or cars in that order. In a gaming context Fahrenheit appears somewhat left-field, and ultimately is how it secured a place in my games collection.


            Fahrenheit's opening gambit is to depict a brutal knife attack in the gents' toilets of a downtown New York diner. The killer, clearly possessed by some other-worldly force, emerges from a cubical covered in blood and plunges a steak-knife into the chest of the victim in three very deliberate motions, before lurching back in a macabre paralysis over the limp body beneath him.

            To his horror, the murderer emerges from this trance confronted by a scene of carnage. With the killer still brandishing the murder weapon and clearly in some trouble, Fahrenheit's first task is to clean up and conceal the evidence to safely extract him from the diner, before the weary off-duty NYPD officer and fellow patron of said diner decides to answer his call of nature...... Alternatively, you could choose to simply make a run for it and risk capture. You'll quickly discover that throughout, Fahrenheit is a game of choices.

            Following the safe extraction and escape of the killer, later identified as unremarkable thirty-something bank worker Lucas Kane, you revisit the crime scene on the other side of the law, as NYPD detectives Carla Valenti & Tyler Miles. However, what at first appears to be a motiveless act of violence by a disturbed individual rapidly becomes more complicated. How does a frenzied and unprovoked attack correlate with the murderers' attention to self-preservation and his rationally planned escape? How did the three knife strokes cleanly sever the three main arteries to the heart? Why is New York under a perpetual veil of thickening snow and ice? All will become apparent in due course.

            From this juncture, your task is to delve into the mysterious background of the case, which in turn leads you to discover that murders of this type aren't exactly unheard of, and Lucas Kane isn't the only otherwise ordinary performer of such atrocities. Fahrenheit's unique twist is supplied as you balance the roles of investigator(s) and perpetrator, both parties struggling to make sense of the situation as more murders take place.

            N.Y.P.D. TWO

            Your role as NYPD officer initially takes you down a rational, evidence gathering route whilst Kane, still plagued by nightmarish visions and possessions, descends into a dark journey which reunites him with his estranged priest brother, forces him to confront his past, and brings him into contact with the sinister beings behind his predicament.

            Vaunted as an interactive movie, Fahrenheit requires the player to progress using brains rather than brawn. The focus is upon freedom in working toward the end game, with the players actions supposedly having a direct impact upon which path is adopted by the characters and ultimately, the story's conclusion. In keeping with the cinematic theme, each section is separated by chapters, which alternate between the progress of the main characters. Whether you decide to come down hard on Lucas and side with the cops, or deliberately lead them off the scent while Lucas digs deeper is, apparently, up to you.

            However intriguing, all that story telling and decision making would be a trifle dull without having some physical influence over your surroundings. Fahrenheit allows you to interact with objects and people with a simple flick of the analogue stick. When a 'live' object is in range, a menu will appear at the top of the screen, giving you the various options available. Actions can vary from taking a shower or fixing a drink, to examining evidence or checking your emails. The same system governs speech passages, with your chosen response dependent on which direction you push.


            The more intense action sequences are handled by a QTE system similar to Shenmue. For those unfamiliar with Quick Time Events, it necessitates following on-screen button presses in sequence to successfully navigate more action-biased sections. Miss a few steps in the sequence and it's at best an enforced repetition of the process or at worst game over and an untimely demise. Although this may sound unrewarding, it actually meets the pace of the game well and can add much needed urgency when the pace seems to be flagging.

            However necessary these QTE's are to break up the story, some of the more difficult sections involving rapid, complex sequences are maddeningly blighted at critical moments by the need to hammer the trigger buttons to raise a power meter. Having spent minutes carefully executing a reaction test akin to that used in fighter pilot training, it is maddening to be foiled at the last by the crude task of mindless button bashing. Some of these sections are so extreme I challenge you not to be consumed by the onset of Repetitive Strain Injury.


            Another interesting feature is the need to preserve each characters psychological well-being throughout. With mental states ranging from 'Neutral' to 'Overwrought' events within the game, whether they be a life-changing or simply fatigue, will contribute to which end of the spectrum you're at. Get much lower than overwrought and you'll either top yourself or make some other dramatic decision; either way one outcome is a banker: GAME OVER. You can mitigate the risk of suicide and the like by undertaking simple tasks, such as relaxing in front of the T.V./eating/drinking etc, or making significant progress in the game. For instance, a new clue will raise the mood of a detective, whereas another terrifying vision will push Lucas closer to the edge.

            I found this feature clumsily implemented, and unless it serves as a method of ensuring you can't bias too heavily in favour of Lucas or the Police I'd consider it redundant. Either way, it's wildly unrealistic. For instance, after discovering he was a bloodthirsty, self-mutilating murderer Lucas dropped 20 'mental points' to 'depressed' from 'neutral'. However, a similar psychological plummet took place when Tyler felt a bit tired working a late shift at the station. It feels like an afterthought, and ultimately seems only to exist to make the mundane tasks such as eating and drinking seem worthwhile - in other words, serving as an excuse for irrelevant filler material.

            Presentation-wise, Fahrenheit is slightly above average. The graphics and rendering are solid, the audio appropriate but forgettable, and the voice acting more accomplished than most. I would have liked to see more from a game which relies so heavily on mood; although I think lack of big title financial support admonishes developers Quantic Dream from real culpability.


            Disregarding the aesthetics and acoustics, atmospherically and cinematically Fahrenheit tries very hard. Almost too hard, in fact. The rather uncharitable comment I made about the A-Level mentality cover artwork ripples throughout the dialogue and general standard of storytelling. Whilst I wanted to appreciate the obvious effort that has gone into creating a unique experience, it is painfully obvious that the next Tarantino does not reside at Quantic Dream's studios. Plentiful film clichés and the sporadically painful dialogue blights what could have been a quite credible effort.

            Certain events and themes in the game are lifted almost chapter and verse from blockbusters such as The Silence of the Lambs, The Matrix, Se7en; the list goes on. Not bad inclusions, you may think, but only if executed with a degree of acumen.

            Unfortunately, on occasion they are diluted and, dare I say, cringe-worthy additions which my cynical head tells me are simply there to piggy back off the tension created by the films they seek to imitate. I can only conclude that the head of this project is a frustrated Hollywood director, who wanted to live out some directorial fantasy through the interactive medium. Harsh maybe, but true.

            HOT OR NOT?

            Judging by my review, you may well believe I didn't enjoy Fahrenheit. Despite the rather improbable conclusion, and the mere illusion of real choice (there are only a handful of actual 'choices', the rest being mere diversions to pre-defined destinations) I have to commend Quantic Dream for delivering something that can at least claim to be original. My gripes and frustrations arise from a distinct feeling that more could have been achieved here, that this was an opportunity to deliver something revolutionary, which only tentatively reached third base when fourth was well within reach.

            However, this genre's development is something I greatly anticipate as the next generation of hardware matures. Alas, its ultimate success will require an unlikely level of financial support from publishers, and more professional input for the purposes of screenplay to truly succeed. As a diversion from the gaming norm though, I recommend Fahrenheit. Short it may be, but ultimately, it rewards.

            Recommended (Rental)

            ESRB - 15+ - Strong language, Violence, Non-sexual Nudity, Dark themes

            Originally posted at Ciao.co.uk


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              05.06.2006 01:22
              Not Helpful



              film makin

              see its based on u the main carrector who has a evil demoned which posessis him an make him kill but wen he wakes up from the slum of it he dosent no wats happend so as u do u run.
              with this game ul find it wierd to play an the controlles oh my god the so messed up trust but ul get use to them u need to find ur way around to make u own film an end its all but be sure u dont let it play with ur mind as it will make u bored so just enjoy it as much as u can cos i didnt


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                12.05.2006 11:19
                Very helpful



                A cool Original game.

                Game Info

                Title = Fahrenheit (Called Indigo Prophecy in USA)
                Genre = Action Puzzle Adventure
                Developer = Quantic Dream
                Publisher = Atari
                Players = 1 Player
                Online = No
                Age = 15+
                Memory Usage = 180KB Minimum
                Released = September 2005

                Snow, New York, murder, blood, supernatural, thriller, adventure, magic, voodoo, matrix moves, powers, nightmares, visions, stealth, investigates, angels, tramps, boxing, basketball, ice skating, dancing, nudity, sex, insane asylum, mad people, flashbacks and much more is included here. What more could you want in a film or in the case, a game.

                Please Read On (That was just to warm you up and to give you a idea what you get in Fahrenheit)

                The intro starts of with the camera flying thought the air, which you see New York in the distance at night with all its lights on, why'll thick heavy snow is dropping down the view then fixes on a crow that's fly's pass and ends up going to a open window of a bathroom in a café called Doc's Dinner. It's -10c outside as one of the customers is having a whiss, a man then steps out and stabs the victim 3 times.

                This is no normal murder because as it happens there's few quick flashes showing a man with hundred of candles around him and is using some kind of voodoo magic to control this man to commit murder.

                Coming out of the trance, you take control of this person called Lucas Kane as its does split screen to show that there's a police officer in the next room its now down to you to decade what to do.

                As this thriller of a game lets you choose the course of action, do you panic and run out off the café with blood on you or do you just wash you hands pay your food bill and leave normally, knowing that things may look fine but ones the office walks in the bathroom he will find the body. Then there's the other thing you could do by covering/hiding all evidence, like hind the body in the toilet, mop up the blood, hind knife, wash hands, eating some more food before paying and leaving.

                This game not only gives you lots of options to do as the killer Lucas Kane as you try and find out what's happening to you but you also get to play as the two detectives Carla Valenti and Taylor Miles who is trying to solve the case and arrest you.

                The graphics are just over basic average with some nice detail on the many characters in the game, showing off real life expressions. The graphics are fairly good, not stunning as the developer was not aiming at this. It has a gritty, grainy look to it, like it has in manhunt (who has played it)

                The Voices are excellent thought the game for each and every character which there are many, the sound is of the most amazing quality and then the music that adds the atmosphere of the action scenes and also the excellent and fun boxing section that has "Try It Again" track by Bobby Byrd and "Hang It Up" by Patrice Rushen, Ben E. King and 4 other cool tracks all by Theory Of A Dead Man.

                The controls are quite simple and also different from most other games. Will be confusing for many unless you play the tutorial first which only last about 15mins.
                When you have to use your strength, like to pull, drag, things using the L1 and R2 buttons back and fore as quick as possibly which it shows on screen how well you are doing. As well as walking which can be fuming as the character walks in wrong direction, the right analogue it's also using for every action in the game.

                Each action that you can do at the time of the place you are stand on, there's an icon at the top of the screen with the direction of where to pull the right analogue in.

                Fahrenheit is played like an interactive film, as you now know you control the two detectives Carla and Taylor, plus Lucas Kane and also his brother. Controlling anything from there moving, what they do and what they say to others is down to you. Each action has an ending to it, for e.g you in a park, and Lucas gets a vision of a small boy falling into the icy cold water, knowing that there is the officer of the law walking this way that he surly notice you from the café. Do you a) run and jump into the water and try and save the boy and having the police man spot you, or do you b) walk off normal speed and do nothing and knowing that you have probably let the boy die.

                You have chooses thought the game like this, though not all so life threading to you or someone but it's this thrilling play that makes Fahrenheit. As the game progress you gain not only more visions and flashbacks but you also have supernatural that lets you run faster and jump higher along with others which is used in a great fight scene where he know were to block and dodge, think the matrix and also has many powers near the end of the game.

                The games not all about nightmares, investigates and adventure but there's also some other fun to be had like the boxing match between the detectives as they spar which is great and has some excellent animation along with the cool music, there's also a basketball match, , ice skating and dancing. (The last two are unlockables).

                As well as visiting a freaky insane asylum when it has a power cut, a few bloody murders, there are also some nude and sex scenes in the game that's not suitable for all, it should maybe a age 18 but has the rating of 15+, so just be careful who you buy it for and who also plays it.

                Thought this game has a great storyline and also very original gameplay, there is one stealth element I did not like and was very poor. This is when you play as Lucas as a child through his flashbacks, where you are sneaking around at dark in a restricted area of a base, where you parents were working as scientists there.

                Though there are many chooses in the game, it all leads to the same ending, even though you probably would want to play it a second time. There are many things to unlock, like all the sound/music tracks, over 40 artworks, 8 movies, plus 7 Sequences that you can play or watch anytime you like. All of theses are unlocked by buy them with the points you get from finding the hidden Bonus Cards in the game. No need to find them all though as one you completed the game you earn a load of points which is enough to unlock everything.

                The game is quite short as it can be completed in under a week if playing a few hours if that a day but it is worth it.

                This game has won quite a few gaming awards for "Best Voice Acting", "Best Adventure Game of the year", "Best Story of the year" and "Best Original Game Mechanic" from Gamespot and IGN websites.


                Graphics - 8/10
                Sound/Music - 9/10
                Controls - 7/10
                Gameplay - 9/10
                Replay Value - 7/10

                FINAL RATING - 8.0/10

                Amazon.co.uk = £25.99
                Play.com = £9.99
                I Paid = £6 used (ebay.co.uk) February 2006
                Some Help links for more info.
                Thanks For Reading!


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              • Product Details

                Paranormal thriller with an absorbing storyline. Tense and chilling atmosphere in a Hitcockian style. Multi view split screen to allow the player to view different areas and activities in the game. Choose to play and switch between 4 of the key character during the game. Mental health system to keep your character strong and focused.

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