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FIFA 10 (PS2)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Football / Release Date: 2009-10-02 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    6 Reviews
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      15.11.2010 14:43
      Very helpful



      A decent edition of Fifa

      I rarely play my Playstation 2 but I like to play the sports games when I can and I love Fifa and always will in my view.

      In the 2010 version the game had much more in terms of graphics which made it stand out as a purchase for me. After seeing this item in a reduced section of a supermarket I instantly obtained the product for £11 which I think is a bargain.

      When I got home I started to play the game and lets begin with what the game is exactly. You are a footballer who is in control of a football team and this could be anyone from Fulham to Sevilla in Spain.

      Your aim is to win matches but you want to play good football and achieve that goal rather then cheating (which can be done). All team have there football strips and the latest players for that season playing for them. Rooney is at Man Utd and Gerrard at Liverpool as you would expect.

      You play whatever length of time you want from the selection for each half, and you can put down what sort of conditions you might want and stadium to play inside. Imagine playing at Wembley?

      Your next aim is to make sure you have the control pad set up to the way you want it and sometimes I like the normal control pad to move players around or I might use the analogue stick but either route is a good idea.

      Next it is kick off and you control the team, tackles, kicks, heading and running you do it all and if you feel tactics are poor you can alter the style of play, subsitutions and more.

      If you win great and if not well at least you might have learnt something and the best part is all teams have got next to them what team quality they are and how good there overall team morale is. Some teams are not great with egos and others are outstanding.

      Besides playing the game for fun you can play with friends or you might want to take on the chance to win trophies. I love winning trophies with less known football sides as it gives me direction and helps me learn new skills.

      You can play with teams all over the world but the majority you might know and some of the weaker sides you might not. You could be a manager for a season and win a league and your aim is to try and complete the various tasks given as well.

      I like the game for how real it can be the previous editions were very easy to score with but with free kicks on this game I cannot even shoot on target and scorelines are more calmer and practical.

      I think the computer helps this game work well because there is plenty going on you have the fouling system which is definitely up to date with the modern game and I think the computer knows when to challenge you and when to back off so it can help you.

      The players faces were not exactly a look a like contest compared to the real players but not far off and also the fact that the speed of the game was not to bad is very good. One of the biggest complaints I have is that sometimes when you play with a small side like Peterborough and you might face Man Utd you will notice the speed of the match is slower and yet if you pick a top side like Arsenal and Man Utd the speed of the match is very quick and I find that slightly wrong in some ways.

      I would rate this game 5 out 5 just because it offers so much and not much to complain about.


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      05.03.2010 11:18
      Very helpful



      Another good effort from Fifa which could do with a few tweaks.

      Consoles come and go; over the years we've had the likes of the Playstation, Playstation 2 and 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, DS and everything in between. It's safe to say that the games console market is pretty well catered for. Like their console buddies, games seem to come and go quickly, a couple of years ago the whole teenage boy demographic was literally obsessed with the Grand Theft Auto era, these days Call Of Duty has taken over that market and it's a safe bet that in a year or two there will a another game that surpasses it. However, there are some games which have been a regular feature in the games charts year after year; one of those such games is Fifa.

      Fifa have been entertaining with their brand of football games for years now and as we reach a new decade the Fifa steam train doesn't seem to showing signs of slowing down. Fifa have been the leaders of football console games for many years now, managing to beat off competition from the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer to reign supreme and become one of the best selling game titles of all time.

      As this is the PS2 version (which will be the last Fifa game to be released on the format), you shouldn't expect the graphics to be up to the standards of the Playstation 3s and Xbox 360s of the world. However, I have to admit I do think they're pretty acceptable. With a game like this the graphics aren't depended on as much as the game play and the overall feel of the game itself. As I say there are no major glitches or problems with the graphics per say; David Beckham still has his perfectly sculpted face and supremely flawless haircut so that's good enough for me. It is clear however that more effort has gone into some players than others (for instance David Beckham), the more famous players will look more akin to their real selves than some of the lesser known players. This could be seen as favouritism but at the end of the day young boys are more interested in scoring goals with Wayne Rooney or Ronaldo than they are with an unknown South African player. Occasionally you'll notice that some players will disappear and during some of the action replays tackles can look a little silly but apart from that I have no problems graphics wise.

      In game play terms the game comes up trumps, in this day and age game players expect the best with the technology that's available to us nowadays and this game doesn't disappoint. Controlling the players movements has never been easier. As on a lot of games, it's the left toggle that's used to move around the pitch which is something that you'll need to familiarise yourself with if you're used to using the directional buttons. Although controlling players is easy, sometimes they will go off in another direction to where you want them to go, occasionally you'll want them to stop and perform a 180 degree turn which is possibly what I have the most problems with in the game. Often instead of going back the player will do a full 360 degree turn then begin running in the direction he was previously facing. It would seem that the game is reluctant to allow you to move your players away from the opposing goal which can be extremely annoying. It would appear that one touch of the toggle in a certain direction leads the player to run or jog quite a long way down the pitch. This becomes a problem when you're near the sidelines and you want to keep the ball in play. If your player is running towards the line and you want him to run the other way it's likely that he'll still end up running right off the pitch like an drunken idiot that doesn't know what he's there for. For the most part though the game play is good. I haven't played the game since about the 2006 version and I now notice Fifa have incorporated the use of performing fancy tricks to get passed your opponent. This is a very handy tool and works well, it's especially useful if you're surrounded by players of the opposing team and there is no one from your team close by. Flicking the right toggle will make your player play with the ball, weaving it through his feet and eventually around the players. This can be relatively tricky (no pun intended) to perform at first and it will take some practise to perfect but once you've got the hang of it it's a great trick to have in your arsenal, (I apologise for the bad jokes).

      I have never played Pro Evolution Soccer, therefore cannot comment on the similarities or differences between them, however I've always got the impression from people that Pro Evo was for the expert in the field of football games, whereas Fifa was aimed more so at the youngsters and beginners. Fifa seem intent on removing that stigma with the release of this game. The game incorporates numerous difficulty levels ranging from amateur to legendary, which unsurprisingly I'm yet to experience. One thing that always annoyed me with Fifa is when you've just put the disc in for the first time, possibly with no prior experience of the game and the first thing you're made to do is play a match against a team of old legendary players such as Cantona. The difficulty would always be set to semi-pro which doesn't seem too bad but if it's your very first match it makes things very difficult for you. Couple that with the fact that you probably don't even know the correct buttons to press this can make your introduction to Fifa a very frustrating one. Fortunately this has now been eradicated from the game and it's all the better for it.

      For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game or for those who just want to brush up on their skills, Training Mode is the perfect opportunity. You choose which team you would like to play as and your team and your team only will have full use of your home ground. You can play your starting 11 against your subs to get some proper game practise or you can choose to be more specific in what you practise. You can focus on free kicks, throw ins, corners or penalties and is a great way to get in some extra practise if you feel you're lacking in a certain area.

      My favourite thing about past Fifa games was always the Manager Mode. Manager Mode allows you to choose a team, which you would then manage through an entire season. Through buying/selling players, upgrading staff and making managerial decisions concerning press statements. Since the 2006 version not much has really changed and I was very surprised at the lack of progression in the last 3 to 4 years. Having said that, if something isn't broken then why fix it? To me there is nothing fundamentally wrong within the Manager Mode and although there have been no major changes made, there have been a fair few tweaks in the process. Purchasing a new player for your team has thankfully been simplified. Instead of receiving no feedback as to how close you are becoming to signing a player (I.e if your offer is high enough) the game now includes an arrow which starts at the left and the further to the right it points the higher your chances of signing the player. Manager Mode is excellent as it gives the game some much needed longevity because lets face it how long can you really sit and kick a computerised ball about before getting completely bored? Well speaking from personal experience it isn't long. Manager Mode gives you other things to keep you occupied, all the while centring around the beautiful game. You will have to make decisions such as what to say to the press and their probing questions, whether to update your staff such as a better Stadium Manager or Fitness Manager. You can even decide on how much to charge for tickets on home games. This gives the Manager Mode a very realistic feel to it and is the sole reason why I bought the game.

      Create A Player/Team Mode has always been a bit of a grey area for me. I had used this mode once or twice in previous editions but I really got stuck into it for the 2010 edition. This is the mode where the graphics really take a hit as the faces look more like they should be part of the cast of The Simpsons and not a semi realistic football game. During creating a player or indeed a team you have to choose a name, their position and kit number. The details don't stop there though, Fifa have all the minor details covered, even down to the colour of their boots, the length of their socks and the way in which they celebrate upon scoring a goal. This mode really is well catered for. What I don't like though is the attributes system. The attributes cover a range of skills that you player possesses. For instance if he's a striker his main attributes will of course be speed and shooting etc, however each player has about 20 to 30 attributes that you can raise or lower. The attributes range from 1 (which equates to awful) to 99 (world class). The problem is there is no limit on the attributes you can equip your player with. Therefore in theory you can create an entire team of players and equip every single one of them with 99 for each and every attribute possible, effectively making your team unbeatable. This means that you can make your own dream team and of course some people will love this. I, on the other hand think it's a bit too easy and I would liked to have seen a system where you have to win matches to earn attributes for your players. This would give the game a lot more longevity and would give the player something to work for, the end result being having an unbeatable team.

      Other modes included in the game are: Be A Pro: Club And Country. This is effectively a watered down version of the Manager Mode but for international teams. Overall I was very disappointed with the lack of features for this mode. The Season is a new mode for the 2010 version. This is again a huge letdown as it's effectively Manager Mode without the manager. This means that you play match after match without making the managerial decisions that you do with Manager Mode. This could be a nice inclusion for people who have an aversion to Manager Mode, however with Manager Mode it's up to you how much input you have into the decisions. You can put in a lot of effort to make your team stand out from the crowd, or you can simply ignore your duties and play the matches how you want to. So in theory The Season is a wasted effort.

      Overall this is a very good game... for a few weeks. The longevity on this game and others in its genre is very poor and that's through no fault of the game itself. Manager Mode is undeniably the highlight of the game however after you've done one or two seasons you begin to tire of the same things over and over again and the repetitive nature of the game can really start to grate on you. If you're not interested in Manager Mode then I suggest utilising the multi player option which allows you to play against your friends. This injects the fun back into the game and the fact that you can play with up to 8 players means that you can have endless amounts of fun having tournaments with your friends.

      Recommended but only for true fans of the game.

      The game is available on the Playstation 2 from Amazon for £11.93.


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        30.12.2009 01:45
        Very helpful



        Great game


        As a long standing fan of the FIFA Series I have owned a few editions of their ever popular Football game. With a new year coming there's always a new version hence FIFA 10. Whilst I have not owned every years new game I would like to think that I know the series pretty well and am up to date about the advances which have come in during the course of the last few editions. FIFA 10 features one of the biggest advances in the overall gaming experience from any of the series from Electronic Arts. Here's my review of the latest in the longline of the FIFA series.


        One thing which has been consistently good over the years is the Gameplay of the FIFA Series. It has always been pretty realistic and this has been improved upon further with the new game. For instance when you are in a tight game the tension seems to build and the battle between you and your opponent seems to be more intense than other Football games. You will notice each player showing off their skills as they do in real life for instance passing, shooting and tackling ability will all come through with players who are known as strong in those fields.


        Whilst there has not been any big change in the Graphics from the last series you can still notice the great animation of the players faces which are recognisable despite a few glitches with a few players who don't really look all that much like their player in the game. The Graphics will obviously be better with the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 consoles but as an owner of the Playstation 2 version I am still satisfied with the quality of the graphics on show. They certainly beat the football game competition on the console.

        **Manager Mode**

        This is a great feature which is one of the reasons why FIFA is better than it's competition. Electronic Arts are always looking to improve without changing the fun of the game and they have done well here too with a further advanced manager mode which acts more like an actual Managent Sim game like LMA Manager in that when want to sign a player you have to agree a deal with the player who will take into account the number and quality of the players in that position already in your squad. I feel that this makes the transfer system more fair.


        As with the past few FIFA games there has been an extensive training programme which includes throw ins, corners, free kicks and training matches. You can choose from a number of options to get your best results. This feature is a great thing to use if you are a newcomer and want to learn the game quickly. I use this mode for practising set pieces where I cross the ball into the box for my attackers to head in. The Goalkeeping seems to have improved a lot and this training method seems to really help fight against it.


        When you are building up to a game you will see an informative description of the opposing teams probable gameplan and their best player on the screen. This helps you to manage your starting eleven for the game and make any changes you may need to do to combat their gameplan. Once you have gone past this there is a great Television like broadcast which features the players coming out of the tunnel accompanied by snippets of footage of the previous fixture between the two teams. Then Clive Tyldsley introdces himself and Andy Gray and then we are away.


        Clive Tyldesley and Andy Gray, The same commentary team from FIFA 09 join us on FIFA 10 but the commentary is much improved from last years game as the commentary is more concise and although there are a few things that either say which confuse you due to something being said too late or too early this really is a very good commentary system and I think it builds the atmosphere as I think these two are the best in the business. Some games have been slightly let down by the commentary but certainly not in this instance.

        **Leagues and Tournaments**

        There are 31 leagues and over 500 teams in the game, as well as 41 national teams. New to FIFA 10 is the Russian Premier League as previously there were only selected teams. You will find all the Major Cups and here are all the leagues which feature on the new game.

        Australian A-League
        Austrian Bundesliga
        Belgian Pro League
        Liga do Brasil
        Czech 1.Liga
        Danish Superliga
        English Premier League
        Football League Championship
        Football League One
        Football League Two
        French Ligue 1
        Ligue 2
        German Bundesliga
        2. Bundesliga
        League of Ireland Premier Division
        Italian Serie A
        Serie B
        South Korean K-League
        Primera División de México
        Netherlands Eredivisie
        Norwegian Tippeligaen
        Polish Ekstraklasa
        Portuguese Liga
        Russian Premier League[23]
        Scottish Premier League
        Spanish La Liga
        Liga Adelante
        Swedish Allsvenskan
        Swiss Super League
        Turkish Süper Lig
        US Major League Soccer


        This is another brilliant game in the FIFA Series and I would go as far as saying that it's probably the best Football Sim around, It has realism, Gameplay, just everything you need for an entertaining game of Football. FIFA V PES Is as heated a debate as any big Political discussion but if you a Pro Evo fan then give this a go and you may change your mind. This is a great game and will provide you with plenty of entertainment and it's harder than before so this will increase the gameplay. A really polished, exciting game which you need to play.


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          11.11.2009 20:48
          Very helpful



          A bit better than Pro Evo, so go for it!

          FIFA 10 (PS2)

          Most of us have advanced on to consoles such as the PS3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Wii, but for those of us who have not yet reached such stages, there still exists games being made for some of the lesser-used consoles, in this case, FIFA10 for the Playstation2.

          For those of you who are unfamiliar with the FIFA games, they allow users to control football players and play games against other teams in various different modes. Ever since their first one, they've progressed year by year, and can now boast a superb game with a gigantic database of players - featuring teams and nations from all over the world.

          The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA10 were superb, showing us once more why EA Sports leads the way for football games, and for pretty much all sports games in general. The graphics were the best yet, the gameplay excellent, and the online play exciting. But how does the PS2 version compare?

          Game modes:
          There are several different game modes on FIFA10 to keep you occupied while you play:

          Manager Mode - In Manager Mode, you are the manager for a team of your choice, and it's your job to take your team to the highest level possible. Incorporating some of the more basic elements from football managerial games like the Football Manager series, Manager Mode allows the user a more realistic experience where you can sign players, control finances, and deal with media. However, you can still play the game, which makes for a great experience as you take your team through season after season.

          Be A Pro - In the Be A Pro mode, you create a player (through a very good player creation system, one of their best yet) and assign him to a team. From there, you control just that one player in games, and through your performance, see how far you can progress with him.

          Cup/Season modes - There are various different modes for setting up your own cups, leagues and seasons. These are quite good in that you can customize them pretty freely, but are only short-term as they don't take you too long to finish.

          Lounge mode - This is the perfect mode for when you've got friends or family round, and you want a bit of a laugh. Each player picks a team, and all the teams are entered into a small league where they're awarded points for performance. One aspect of this mode which might be of interest is the 'cheap shots', which allow a player to do things to other players teams, depending on which cheap shot they get. For example, they can make it so the other team starts with 10 men, and so on. This mode never gets old when you've got friends or family over.

          For anyone who's ever played FIFA before, you'll know that the gameplay is good, but there are certain things that ruin the illusion of a real game, through their sheer ridiculousness. For example, when a goalkeeper comes to receive a back pass from a defender, but then somehow forgets to kick the ball resulting in an annoying own goal. Fans will be pleased to know that most of these mistakes are now ironed out, but an odd one does still slip through.

          The matchplay itself has also improved over the last year, with more realistic tackling, shooting and passing. It's also worth it now to cross the ball, whereas crossing on FIFA09 was effectively pointless. However, advancements all round mean that although you can no longer dribble the ball round everyone on the pitch, the games are more like they are in real life, and once you master the passing game you'll be able to enjoy a more realistic experience.

          However, the new '360 dribbling' feature - the main new advancement from last year, has for some reason only been included on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, which is annoying. Could it have been that hard to adapt the feature for the PS2? I doubt it, it seems like a ploy to get more people spending on the PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

          As always with FIFA, the graphics are at the highest possible standard, and the more illustrious players of our generation will be easily recognizable from their computer animated faces. They of course couldn't do the job on every single player on their database, but on the whole, it's a pretty good effort facially.

          The gameplay element of graphics has also been improved, leading to increased fluidity in matches and a more realistic feel to the games. Players now have more graphics for aspects of the game like running, jumping, and sliding which once more makes it FIFA's most realistic game yet.

          Of course, there's the same downside here that seems to crop up again and again - the graphics on the PS2 version don't come close to that of the PS3/Xbox 360 version. However, seeing as that is one of the things you're paying extra money for on the consoles, you can't really expect it to match the same standard in graphics.

          The playlist for most FIFA games is superb, and FIFA10 is no exception. Featuring a full list of great tunes to keep you occupied while you're on the menus, sometimes you won't want to go to the games! I won't put a full list of every track, but one I particularly recommend you take a listen to is Metric's 'Gold Guns Girls', which is a great track.

          The other aspect of the sound is the in-game commentary during games, provided by recordings from Martin Tyler and Andy Gray. It's fairly good, but you only remember the mistakes, and to be honest there's a fair few of them. However, they're usually quite funny when they happen, for example when you're playing it about your defense and the commentator suddenly shouts "And a chance!" referring to an incident a few minutes ago. On the whole though, they've still done a fairly in-depth commentary which helps make the game more interesting.

          The manager mode, which is probably the mode you'd want to spend most time on, has fairly good longevity, with a season being about 40 half-hour games, plus time spent on negotiating for players, managing your team etc. After this you can also go on and do more seasons, but after 2 or 3 you'd probably be bored with the same team, and want to start a new one.

          The Be A Pro mode is slightly less interesting in my opinion. As you can only be one player the matches are less interesting, especially if you choose to be a defender. However, it is still interesting to see how far you can get your player to progress, and the goal of international football is always a good target to aim for, meaning you can play for a while without getting too bored.

          After these modes there are several others, but none that will captivate your interest for any great period of time. However, whilst the 'online multiplayer' of the PS2 is a lot worse than that of the PS3 and Xbox 360, multiplayer games with friends or family are always fun, which means that you can always play the odd game here and there for a good laugh even when you've become bored with other modes.

          There are four different difficulties - Amateur, Semi-pro, Professional, and World Class. First time users of the game will at first find even amateur difficult, but you'll quickly pick it up, and after a while you should progress to semi-pro or professional, with the better players even going on to world class. However, for the experienced gamer world class won't be a huge challenge, and they could perhaps benefit in making these settings slightly more difficult.

          The good points:
          --> Great gameplay, advanced from last year's offering
          --> Huge database of players, teams, kits and stadiums
          --> Nice graphics, best yet for PS2 FIFA games
          --> Never gets old when playing with friends/family
          --> More realistic matches
          --> Better than it's closest rival, Pro Evolution Soccer

          The bad points:
          --> Miles behind it's PS3/Xbox 360 equivalent
          --> Most new features only for PS3/Xbox 360
          --> Could be a little harder
          --> Some mistakes need ironing out

          Product information:
          Price - £24.99
          Released - 2nd October 2009


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            02.11.2009 12:36
            Very helpful



            Fifa 10 the top football game

            The ever long lasting series on the Playstation 2 is just as good as the version on the PS3 expect for a few things. I bought a copy of Fifa 10 for a family member and decided to play the game to. Fifa 10 on the PS2 comes with new features including better detailed graphics,better online play and removal of all the glitches found in the game before.

            I started to first play a game to see how it was on the PS2. I must say the graphics are very good but no where near the quality of the PS3. You can still enjoy them though and a lot of the players look real but some do not. Glen Johnson is probably the player who does not look much like him self at all in the game the rest are alright from what I saw.

            Playing the game was simple with the same controls put in the game. You could easily get used to the game but it was much better and smoother this game. The option of calling your goalkeeper out still remains in the last minute for a corner in the game.

            Scoring goals from free kicks has changed now and its not so much easier now. You have to make sure you put in enough power or else your shot goes wide or straight into the wall. The best thing I liked about the game is the new keeper AI the keeper does make beautiful saves in the game looks awesome.

            I checked the game out online and was not short of finding any one to play at all. A huge number of people use the game online to play so you are never short of finding somebody to play online in the game neither. The version on the PS2 is just as good as the PS3 Version expect for the graphics.


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            12.10.2009 11:39
            Very helpful



            Basicallly an updated FIFA 09

            Fifa 10 is the latest installment of the FIFA series for the PLaystation 2. I imagine this would be the last FIFA on the Playstation 2 so getting this game I was expecting something special....

            The menus, as usual are easy to navigate and are complimented by a good soundtrack of up--beat songs. No problems here, and a player that is just new to the game will be helped by an option at the start-up menu when you are creating your profile to choose what experience you have playing FIFA and the game will set the game and goalkeeper difficulty accordingly. After that you see the main menu, which you can choose various modes, all strangely involving football.

            There are various tournaments to play in, as well as making your own. There is also manager mode, where you spend twenty years as a manager where you hae to buy and sell players, handle contract renewals etc. It is the main mode I play when I am playing FIFA but the transfer system is annoying. It takes too long too find the players your looking for and it gets so tiresome after a while you just don't bother making transfers.

            The gameplay is good and matched by probably the best graphics you will see on the Playstation 2. However at times the controls seem a bit limited and the variety of goals lack the depth of the old Pro Evo games.
            The commentary is good but sometimes (I'm looking at you Andy Gray) they get it all wrong, like once I hit the crossbar from the half-way line and was promptly told by the baldy scotsman: "He should have done a lot better.That's an easy chance".

            So far I have been positive, as the game is pretty much flawless, but the main problem with this game is that it is pretty much exactly the same as FIFA 09. Apart from the new kits and updated squads, there is no difference between the two. This probably another sign that this will be FIFAs last hurrah in the PS2. It has not gone out with guns blazing, but rather made a dignified exit from the Playstation 2.


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