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FIFA Street (PS2)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: EA - Electronic Arts / Sports / Rating: E - (Everyone),up to 4 players / published by: EA - Electronic Arts

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    4 Reviews
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      10.05.2007 15:23
      Very helpful
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      A completely different game, hone your skills

      “It’s not enough to win – you have to win with style.” That is the tag for EA’s football game FIFA Street.

      This football game is different from all of the football games that you will be used to; it is definitely not anything like your normal FIFA football game. This one takes place on the streets, similar to what you do as a kid when you are on street or park. Play on small 3 v 3 or 5 v 5 pitches. This is a nice touch as you do not have to travel all the way up the pitch with 11 players, in this game it is very quick, end to end football action. This makes you alert all of the time and also keeps you entertained.

      The game itself is based around showing off tricks on the streets as well as actually winning the game itself. There are many tricks that you can perform and with relative ease. They are done by using the right analog stick either on its own or in conjunction with the L1 and R1 triggers. There are many simple tricks that can be used against an opponent just by moving the right analog stick; however some of the more complex and nicer looking tricks are done by using the triggers as well.
      By performing tricks you can build up combos. Combos are a sequence of tricks and flicks that gain some serious trick points. If you string together tricks you will notice that your Combo indicator will fill up and spell out COMBO. The further up the word COMBO you get with your string of tricks the more chance you will have of scoring a goal. Each additional letter you move up also multiplies the points that you are awarded for your next trick, this will fill up your Gamebreaker Meter in very quick time.
      When you Gamebreaker Meter are completely full, you now have the ability to pull off a hammering shot. Push L1 and press the circle button to launch the pile driver of a shot, this will most likely hit the back of the net, and if not, it will take a player that is unfortunate to get in the way. Gamebreakers are very important in this game as you may as well convert them into goals. However you need to watch out that your opponents do not collect enough points to get a Gamebreaker as this can put you in jeopardy at times.

      The main part of the game is called “Rule The Street” however before you can access this you need to create a character. To create a character just simply select “Create Player” from the main menu. First select a slot to save your character in and then input your player’s name. Once you have input your player’s name select done and you will see 3 submenus that you can open: Body, Head and Kit. You need to select each of these and design how your player looks and what his kit looks like. I like this Create Player mode as there are lots of options and depth to it. You can choose from body: skin color, height, build, definition and tattoos. From head you can alter: hair styles, hair color, head shape with definitions and positions for each facial feature, eye color, and many other features to do with face. Now on to the favorite part of the player creation process, designing the kit, you can alter: team colors, top styles and patterns, logos, short styles and patterns, shoe style and color, socks, hats etc. This is quite an in depth process and looks very nice. There are also a lot of unlockables that you can unlock once you start going through the “Rule The Street” campaign and gain street rep. It is very easy to create a character and doesn’t take too long but you should make sure you are happy with your character as you will have to put up with them throughout the “Rule The Street” campaign.

      The “Rule The Street” campaign starts with you selecting your characters skills, you can choose from the following options: speed, shot power, shot accuracy, tricks and tackling. Choose what you like at the start and don’t worry too much about what you select as you will have to upgrade your character as you go through the campaign. After selecting your attributes you then need to set up your initial team. First pick the logo you would like for your team and also the team name. Once chosen you finally pick the members of your squad from a default list of players. These players are not particularly very good to start with; however they don’t need to be as you will be going up against opponents of similar skill levels. After selecting the members of your squad, you are more or less set to begin your campaign to “Rule The Street.”
      You start in Marseille, France and have to play in 10 different stages before you can say you “Rule The Street.” The 10 stages are not all available from the start as you have to unlock them by winning “Rule The Street” tournaments. These are located in countries you have already unlocked and can play in. When you select on a country you will get 3 options. The first is “Kick About” which is basically a friendly against an opponent from the same country and there are eight of these in each country. You should beat them all as you can gain a lot of experience from beating them all. The second option available is “Upgrade Squad”, this is where you can challenge players (some have a cost to challenge, but these disappear as your rank goes up), and if you beat them in a match that player will join your squad. For example in Marseille, France you can challenge Rivaldo for free and he will be a great addition to your squad should you beat him. The final option is “Rule The Street” and this is the tournament for that area. To compete you will need to pay an entry fee, earned from beating other teams in that area and also a certain squad rating. To get your squad rating up, you will need to either upgrade your character or recruit new players into your team. When you pay this entry fee you will be permitted into the tournament where you will battle against teams in a timed game. If you win, you will win cash (A.K.A SB - Skill Bills) which can be used to challenge new players, upgrade your player or enter the next tournament.
      As you move through the campaign your reputation will increase and you will unlock a lot of new items for your character and also a wide number of world famous players. These players can be recruited to your squad. The main aim of the campaign is to collect all of the trophies (which you gain when you win a venue tournament), beat all of the teams in “Kick About” mode within all of the venues, recruit highly rated players to your squad and conquer the world of FIFA Street.

      The usual exhibition mode is in the game as you would expect. In this mode you can play 1-4 player mode which means that you can play along with friends. When I took this game around to a sleepover a couple of years back now, my friends didn’t like football and thought that this was a rubbish game. After a very long time, I convinced them to have a go with me on the multiplayer mode. This was my first time on multiplayer mode and I thought that it might be a little strange with fewer players on the pitch, however it is really fun. Everyone seems to get involved with the tackling and trying to show off to each other. If you also have very good goal keepers it can keep things very tense. The multiplayer aspect of the game gets very exciting when team mates are working cohesively as a team. When this happens they know when to pass to the other person, perform a trick, shoot, and even block Gamebreakers. We must have played the game for at least 3 solid hours without coming off that is how addictive this game can be, even to people who don’t like the sport and think that game is going to be garbage.
      With exhibition mode you play more with nations, however you can include your team from your “Rule The Street” campaign and the star team. I think that his is a very nice touch.

      The final mode is “Star Team”. This mode is not really a playing mode, however this mode does allow you to choose from the world’s finest players and assemble them into your own dream team to play in friendly games and exhibition games. This is quite nice as it has a similar setup to the “Rule The Street” team setup. You choose a logo for your team, a team name, choose your people and you are ready to go. However with this one, you have the ‘Stars’ of the game to choose from.


      I think that the graphics in this game are excellent, much better than any other football game that was released before and around it. The players look awesome, the scenery looks beautiful and the game flow is very nice, apart from when a Gamebreaker is used and the ball goes off at a slightly less natural angle; however this is still a very high detailed game. I think EA have concentrated a lot of the time on creating this game with the basis of it looking nice, with it not being a large pitch and there not being as many players they have to zoom in on the pitch and so presentation has to look good in order for you to play the game without thinking ‘wow, that looks bad!’ Not only have they done a good job but I think they have done an exceptional job of making this game stand out graphics-wise. The one and only problem that I found with this game is that the players faces never change, they are always in that default look. It would be nice to see a change to this and let them smile when happy, cocky when they do nice tricks, cry when in pain etc. In other words, let them have emotions. However this is my only complaint.


      With the game having a very urban background, EA have done the clever thing and added an urban style soundtrack. When you are in menus and even in the matches you can hear the music and it is very catchy at times, and I think that EA have done a good job of not putting in songs that may irritate some individuals. The sound effects whilst playing the game are incredible at times. You can really hear the ball bouncing of the walls and players colliding. This sounds really good and with the graphics, it makes you feel as though you are actually there (that is if you have a nice big television with nice sound =]). When your hit the crossbar or the post, you can hear a very realistic sound for it, almost the exact same sound when you hit a crossbar of post with power in real life. One final thing about the sound is the commentary. The commentary is very delightful or at least for the first couple of times you play the game. The commentator has a false Jamaican accent and it sounds really good and blends in with the urban style of the game. Some of the things said by the commentator are unbelievably funny at times also and are really impressive. However if you feel that he becomes less than funny after a while, you can turn off the commentary in the options menu.

      Game Length

      This game has quite a long game length depending on how you wish to play the “Rule The Street” campaign and how much you play with friends. If you enjoy playing with friends and do it often then this game can have many hours of play time just between you and your friends in the multiplayer modes. If you play the “Rule The Street” campaign very vaguely and just rush through getting just enough points to clear the tournaments and rush it, then you are still going to have double figure play time. However if you decide to play the “Rule The Street” campaign properly and collect lots of points, upgrade your player to his maximum skills, recruit all of the best stars, unlock every venue, collect all the trophies and do all of the “Kick About” options then this game can go on for way longer than if you just do it vaguely.


      Overall I think that this is a very nice game that I really enjoy playing again and again. I think that the “Rule The Street” campaign is a nice idea and very original. I also like the style of the game where it is about skills and tricks and not just pure football which you could get in an ordinary FIFA game. It is not a hard game but if you do not pick up the controls quickly you may get stuck for a little while at different stages of the game. Playing in multiplayer mode is very fun and can last a long time, speaking of which this game can last for a very long time and can be replayed over and over which is great value. The graphics and sound are very nice and add to the game greatly making it a very enjoyable game.
      You can pick this game up brand new for as little as £9.68 (not including postage and packaging) from Amazon. This is a fantastic price for such a great game, that I give 8.5/10.

      Final Notes: This game requires 249KB minimum space on your Memory Card for Playstation 2. This game also requires analog compatible controllers.

      Thank you,


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        15.04.2007 12:28
        Very helpful



        action - packed, fast gameplay but will bore you after a while

        After having played many of the previous FIFA football instalments over the years and also the latest Pro Evolution Soccer, I wanted to change the way I play football on my console. So I stumbled across FIFA Street for the PS2 and after hearing so many good things about it, decided to pop it into the PS2 and give it a go.

        The game itself is obviously a football game, but rather than playing with your favourite Premiership side on a nice piece of turf, you are thrown into the world of urban football and it is right here on the streets where you are to begin your world domination.

        There are two main game modes in FIFA Street;

        1. Friendly: The name is quite self-explanatory and this is probably the best place for new players to get to grips with the game and its controls. Here you have the option of choosing your best 4 players to step on to the pitch with!
        2. Rule the Street: The goal of this option is for you to make your own player and generally tour the world with your players, winning competitions and matches and therefore increasing your reputation and SB (Skills Bills).

        Seeing as a friendly will only last as long as you want it to, the left-over option is to Rule the Street and this is a very fun option as it allows you to create your own player (change his appearance and clothing), then choose a squad of up to 8 players. These players will not be famous and so it is up to you to win matches against other sides to earn SB (explained above) which in turn allows you to "buy" famous and more skilled players through playing against their own squad!

        In total, there are 10 fun-filled and action packed cities to play in ranging from the sun bathed Lagos to the moonlight draped basketball court cum "soccer pitch" in New York, and I am not even going to number all the moves and skills that you can pull off whilst in-play! There are so many little dummies and volleys that you can use to pass that last defender and kick a blistering shot into the top right corner! The only guidance I can give is that the more you play, the more your reputation will increase and the more likely you are to learn the best moves.

        1. The game is very easy to play and does not require having to look at the manual, it is pretty much left up to you how well you want to play and with each level you are expected to improve because if you don't, the opposition certainly will!
        2. The music (when you first listen to it) will make you feel like you really are in a very urban environment, most of the tracks are either a mixture of Rap, R 'n' B, Latin American and Dance music.
        3. The graphics are very nice and the surrounding areas behind the pitch you are playing on all have little details like graffiti, someone cycling past or in New York's case…a yellow cab driving past.
        4. There are loads of fantastic players to choose from like Michael Ballack, Roberto Carlos, David Beckham, and Andrea Pirlo…but it is up to you to unlock them!
        5. Multiplayer, so test out your newly learnt skills on your best mates!

        1. The commentator will get on your nerves after a while but you do have the option to mute him if you wish.
        2. There are 3 camera options; Far, Medium and Close and this is a bit of a disappointment if you think of how many camera angles FIFA Football actually has in its games.
        3. There's not that much else to do in the game apart from just playing football and although I know that this is the whole point, I feel cheated out of a training mode or even a mini 4 on 4 World Cup mode.
        4. It has pretty repetitive game play so the only way to keep the game fresh is to play a few matches every few days, otherwise you might get bored of it pretty soon.
        5. No online option and multiplayer is only 2 player.

        My suggestion is that if you should get this game as a present or see it pre-owned for a pretty low price then grab a copy, but anyone else who wants to just see what it is like…then rent it first or borrow a friend's copy.

        Please note that this review is also on my Ciao account as bwerket.


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          14.02.2006 23:40
          1 Comment



          Not very good. Too easy

          When this game first came out everybody was talking about it because of all the skill and tricks you can do. After i heard about it i bought it was not at all disappointed for the first couple of days then i got bored off it after about a week.

          In 1 player mode you just repeat the same thing against different teams and you win players for your own team. I thought 1 player mode was very easy which made it even worse.

          In multiplayer mode you can play against your friends which is fun because you can mess about and show off your skills. One disadvantage of this game is that you cannot play online.

          I would recomment that people Rent this game because you can complete it very quickly.


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            02.11.2005 13:48
            Very helpful



            There's little doubt that Fifa Street is a great game, it's just not quite a brilliant game

            I guess it was only a matter of time before a games producer took the football genre in another direction, there can only be so many times they can get away with changing a few kits, players and locations and re-releasing it as a new game. Thankfully EA Sports have added football to their successful Street series for a game with a difference, referees are out, there are no throw ins and skill is very much the order of the day – welcome to football, urban style.

            • Global Street Locations •

            Gone are the polished corporate stadiums of lesser games, in Fifa Street you play in the neighbourhood. From the picturesque riverbanks of Roma in Italy to the gritty shanty towns of Brazil through to a disused railway shed in London. In all there are ten locations scattered throughout the world with all but three needing to be unlocked before they can be played on. The attention to detail is astounding with the statue de Christo Redentor overlooking the Rio de Janeiro pitch and the urban graffiti in plentiful supply in the old Manhattan basketball court subpoenaed for footballing purposes.

            • The Worlds Best Players •

            Depending on what sort of game you choose to play you can either create your own player or choose from the very best the world has to offer. If you decide to play an International game you can choose from 16 players from each of the 15 featured nations. The superstars are all listed with Beckham, Ronaldo, Raul, Henry et al all looking like their real life selves. Players have skill levels attached to them again depending on their reputations in the real world and these can be both increased or decreased after a good or bad game. If you are playing in the “rule the streets” mode there is the option to buy players from all over the globe, this depends on reputation and skill points earned in matches with only the less well known players available at the start.

            • Creating a Player •

            This is a fun little aside to the main game which allows you to create a player from scratch. With a few button presses and the occasional stick wiggle you can choose between a sculpted six-pack and a belly to make a pregnant woman jealous. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth can be as big or small as you like and positioned in all manner of freaky ways. One of the funniest bits is choosing a hairstyle with the many Beckham cuts joined by old classics like the mullet and the pudding bowl, you can also choose hats if you find your chosen hairstyle just a little too scary. Other clothing accessories include glasses and gloves not to mention a plethora of branded boots, shirts and shorts. And finally the must have for any self respecting overpaid footballer – the tattoo. You can cover your players’ arms and torso with all manner of interesting or just bizarre offerings, from a scorpion on the chest to a cross like thingy on the back, a nice nod to real players and their body decorations by the creators of the game.

            • Matches •

            Games can be preset to last anything from 6 to 12 minutes or to finish when a certain number of goals are reached. Referees, throw ins and stoppages are all banished in favour of bare bones football at its rawest as four-a-side teams get down and dirty. Balls can be bounced off the walls or fences while simply passing the ball and shooting is shunned in favour of all manner of trickery and high jinx. Fouling is allowed with the tackle from behind not only allowed but actively encouraged and making a fool of your opponent with a nutmeg or skinning is rewarded with points. In the “rule the street” mode a global map is shown with locations unlocked if you progress in a winning way.

            • Tricks & Flicks •

            Performing tricks and skills is what sets Fifa Street apart from traditional football games, with more buttons on the PS2 controller given over to fancy moves than actually just kicking the ball. Using the right side control stick and various button combinations reveals a multitude of tricks which when used together amass trick points to push a combo meter into the red. When this happens you are able to employ the “Gamebreaker” feature which is a full force slow motion shot that would break the net if there were any. For those who struggle with too many buttons to press a simple tap of the triangle button performs a random trick worthy of a Brazilian striker.

            • Sound •

            In keeping with the whole Urban/raw feel the soundtrack is hip hop and trance based with a little world music thrown in for good measure. The likes of Fatboy Slim, Dizzy Rascal and SL2 are all featured to provide a thumping beat and catchy loop to play football to. And then there’s the in game commentary, provided for some unknown reason by So Solid Crew member Harvey. Although his faux Jamaican rude boy comments are amusing the first couple of times you hear them it quickly becomes boring, safe to say he is no John Motson. Thankfully you can switch him off! The football sounds themselves are good if unremarkable, the realistic twang as your players bounce the ball off the perimeter fence and the thwack as the ball hits a makeshift crossbar remind you that this is a football game at heart.

            • Graphics •

            The graphics are good in Fifa Street which is a boon; the locations look very much of the area they are in and the players are easily recognisable. Numerous clothing items can be bought to make your team look better and they scroll well in the heat of a game. There are however not too many facial expressions to be found, you’d expect a player who had just nutmeged two players and then scored from twenty yards with a back-heel to display some sort of emotion but alas the players always look like their favourite Gran has just passed away. Other than that the graphics are as polished as any other football game with shading and colour used to good effect.

            • Gameplay •

            Once you get over the fact that this is not your usual football game there is a lot of fun to be had. Controls are awkward at first but get easier over time but they always seem a little on the sluggish side, once mastered though the ball does pretty much all you ask it to. The “rule the streets” option adds a little structure to the whole game while the one off internationals are better for practice or quick matches. All game data can be saved and the game is multiplayer compatible using a multi-tap add-on. A huge disappointment though is that Fifa Street is not playable online, with the area of online gaming growing fast this has to be seen as a missed opportunity by the makers and a limit to the games appeal for online gaming junkies.

            • Difficulty •

            Of course it depends on what team you choose to be and their skill points, but generally the players perform as they would skill wise in the real world. In my International games playing as England I have managed to soundly beat South Korea and Denmark while getting thrashed by the likes of Italy and Brazil. Once you master the controls and learn how to put a sequence of tricks and passes together the game becomes easier, which in turn leads to winning games, gaining skill and reputation points and unlocking better players, sportswear and locations. Goalkeepers are not invincible which means score lines approaching double figures, but better that way than not being able to breach the opponents goal at all.

            • Is it child friendly? •

            Absolutely, indeed the most offensive thing I’ve witnessed while playing Fifa Street is the hairstyles in “create a player” mode. The people at esrb.org have certified it as suitable for everyone with no swearing, violence or sexual content present – a good child friendly game then.

            • Conclusion •

            There’s little doubt that Fifa Street is a great game, it’s just not quite a brilliant game. If you are happier playing your football in an alley than a proper pitch then the game will suite well. The instruction manual is largely superfluous as you learn the controls on the job and the numerous skills are fun once you master them. But for the doughy controls, the irritating commentary and lack of online play this would be a five star game, as it is I still recommend it with four stars. And I guess that if this game was perfect in every way they would not be able to try and improve it in 18 months time with Fifa Street 2 and the sack load of money that comes with producing a follow up, maybe I’m being a little cynical but I doubt it, we all know how these companies work!



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          • Product Details

            FIFA Street is a highly-anticipated combination of arcade action blended with the culture of freestyle street football. By removing the rules from the simulation football experience, FIFA Street exposes the heart of the world's beautiful game, on-the-ball flare and individual style.

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