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Final Fight Streetwise (PS2)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Capcom / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    2 Reviews
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      04.11.2011 18:11
      Very helpful



      Final Fight Streetwise is a beat em game a bit like the original but not as good!

      Final Fight Streetwise is a spin-off of the original Final Fight game that is considered a classic by many gamers so evidently this new Final Fight had to have a lot to fill the originals boots. So can it do it? In a short answer no, but the game does have a lot to offer that some may find very appealing. The game is of course a beat-'em-up but its not entirely like the original as this one is actually 3D. Final Fight Streetwise is on the original Xbox and the PS2 and both versions of the game work on their respected newer generation consoles. Final Fight Streetwise was developed by Capcom Production Studio 8 and published by Capcom. Whilst the game seems to just be a mere shadow of the old game it still does have some promising things and what surprised me the most about this game was the interesting and fairly intelligent story. The only other few differences between new and old game is the gameplay features and Final Fight Streetwise actually has more enemies coming at you at any one time.

      === STORY ===
      Cody Travers was a hero in Metro City quite a few years back and now he is the trainer of his younger brother Kyle as Kyle is the main star of the streets now. Kyle competes in underground fights basically to earn money for his family and girlfriend. After a successful fight Cody and Kyle decide to hit a local bar for a drink but suddenly in the bar all hell breaks loose and Cody is kidnapped and Kyle is left beaten badly. Next morning Kyle wakes and realizes what has happened. Kyle is furious and swears to get revenge and find his brother. Now Kyle hits the Streets in search for answers about his brothers whereabouts. Kyle finds out who's responsible for his brothers kidnapping and he sets out to stop them and the chaos that's engulfed the streets.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      There are a couple of game modes in Final Fight Streetwise and one is a sort of remake of the old arcade style game but its in 3D. Whilst this mode looks okay it actually doesn't seem at all right in any way. You can play arcade mode with a friend using a second controller. The only other playable game mode is the main story mode. In story mode you are Kyle Travers who is looking for answers. The camera is a third person view but I also think the camera angles are extremely awkward and very annoying. To change the camera you use the right analog stick but they are actually back to front. Most games usually have left to go right and right to go left and its very confusing with left turning left and I'm not a fan of it at all. Its shoddy and looks like the camera angles have been severely rushed. Also sometimes you cant even see the whole of your character because his legs vanish off the bottom of your screen.

      In story mode you can either follow the main quest in which it doesn't give you any clues where to go with no direction markers or nothing or you can simply explore so much of the city, take on side quests or even go beat up civilians if you so wish. Following the main quest would be a little easier if you actually got directed on where to go but they only tell you where to go and you've got to find it. I guess that makes it more challenging but sometimes you can be roaming around for ages before you find the right way. Side quests aren't as bad because when you agree to take one on they are usually pretty close to where you took the quest on. There is a nice variety in the side missions and some can involve beating people gangs up obviously or taking back something someone has stolen, buying the local drunk some alcohol just for some info, finding lost people and lots more.

      Along with all these side quests are things like shops. Most shops are easy to spot but some are hidden really well mainly because they may contain a fun mini game in them. Scattered throughout the city are weapon shops and convenience store that sells things like food, alcohol and even medicine. Most items heal health but some are used for missions for example whiskey for the drunk. Also some items regenerate your characters instinct meter which allows you to move quicker whilst your enemies move slower enabling you to get in some hefty combo moves. Speaking of combos back in the original game there wasn't an awful lot of attacks you could do but in Streetwise you can actually learn new moves by visiting a gym and being trained. They all cost money and money can be taken from gang members or it can be earned from playing mini games and winning. You can play things such as cards, darts, a game where you have to clear cockroaches out of a restaurant and there are a lot more mini games and most of them are a lot of fun.

      The combat at the start of the game is plain and very boring because you don't have too many combos or moves. Further in the game your combos get better and the fighting gets a lot better too and you also learn so many new moves. You will come up against many enemies and some carry weapons in which you can knock out there hands and use them yourself. Weapons like baseball bats, knifes, wooden planks and even guns can be used to defeat your foes. There are numerous gangs on the game and with each gang you have an overall rep. Rep determines how liked or disliked you are by other gangs. If they like you they are less likely to attack you whereas if your hated they will hunt you down. Now and again you will encounter bosses in the game and some are actually really good. For an example one of them drives a forklift trying to knock you down. Final Fight Streetwise is fairly good for gameplay features and I feel this game has a lot more to offer than the older one but it just isn't as good.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      Final Fight Streetwise isn't the best looking game out there but for a PS2 game it isn't all that bad. The design and layout of the city is a little disappointing but it looks rough which is good because its a rough area. Buildings look to similar like each other and its sometimes hard to find the building you want. The enemies on the game are similar too each other as well which isn't too bad because you do get a fair few of them on screen at once. The main characters such as Kyle and other characters you can interact with look fairly good and definitely look like fighters. The graphics are also a little glitchy in places. Overall the graphics are fairly weak to the game but not the worst ever.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      Final Fight Streetwise features an in game soundtrack which you can listen to at anytime. Its not really that good though and most of the tracks are rap and RnB but if you like that sort of music you will probably enjoy the soundtrack. In game sound effects were fairly disappointing in my opinion when fighting and striking your enemies it sounds a little hallow and sometimes sounds like your hitting a wooden box. Other sound effects in the game are also a little plain and let the game down overall.

      Final Fight Streetwise should be a little harder because the original is a lot harder. It does have its complicating moments which include when your surrounded by lots of gang members and they literally pound on you like there's no tomorrow. Its also quite difficult when finding where to go in the main quests. Mini games are far too easy and they don't seem to go on long enough which is quite disappointing because I love playing the darts mini game on it. The controls are a bit awkward but after a while you get the hang of them. Also when you die you are automatically redirected to your last checkpoint instead of getting and instant game over so you have to load the game and I think this makes it even more simple.

      The length of the game is okay but its helped out with an extra game mode. The main mode only lasts about 10 hours but that's doesn't include doing side quests or playing the mini games. For full completion of the main mode your looking at around 15 hours which still isn't all that great. However with added bonus of arcade mode the game actually seems okay in length. Overall its not the longest game but its the type of game that can be played over and over again and still offers some fun.

      === PROS ===
      *The game has a riveting story which features a few surprises.
      *There is an arcade mode as well as story mode.
      *Use weapons, fight with devastating combos and play a wide range of mini games.
      *Some unique combos later in the game that you can master and use against your enemies.
      *You can play multiplayer in arcade mode which is really fun.

      === CONS ===
      *The graphics are in 3D and don't really suit the game and they are also a little poor.
      *Some of the sound effects quality is also quite poor in places.
      *Not as good as the original Final Fight.
      *It involves a lot of button bashing at times and can get frustrating in places.
      *I feel the game is far too easy compared to the original game.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Final Fight Streetwise is a fun game to play but to be fair it was never going to fill the boots of the original because that's a classic. I was always playing the original when I was younger and to be honest you cant really tell its the same sort of game with all the new things such as graphics and the new free roam you can now do. Its a little disappointing but I do think a lot of gamers would seriously enjoy this.

      If you like the original it might be worth trying this out but be prepared to be slightly disappointed. However if your new to the game you might actually like this more than I did because it does have promise and its also action packed and the fighting sequences are fairly good. There are better beat em up games out there like Urban Reign which is possibly the best of its kind in my opinion. This is like a cheap version of Urban Reign but overall I had fun playing it and I'm sure many of you will. The game is an 18+ because it contains strong violence and sex and very strong language. Also the game manual is quite good and even lists some combo moves.

      The price of the game is quite good at the moment and it can be picked up on Amazon for as little as £4 which includes postage. I would probably say its worth its money. I bought my copy over a year ago and it cost me £3 from Amazon. The game is quite hard to find in some Game shops now.

      Overall Final Fight Streetwise is an okay game. I have it and I'm happy to keep it. I would give it a 6/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        14.09.2006 20:15
        Very helpful



        Great But Not Perfect.

        Capcom Studio 8 presents...FINAL FIGHT STREETWISE. Final Fight Streetwise is a (sort of) sequel to the famous Arcade Fighter. It has a weird but understandable Storyline, Good Graphics and Short Story with NO REPLAY VALUE. This isn't the best game to come out from Capcom but it's a damn great one.

        In Streetwise you play as Kyle Travers ,the brother of Cody Travers (from the original Final Fight). Kyle is an uprising pit fighter who's born from nothing and meaner than everyone. Cody really wants to get back into fighting and makes a dodgy deal with a man called Stiff. When the deal goes wrong Cody is kidnapped and it's up to Kyle to find him. But as a new drug hits the streets Cody's Challenge becomes much harder. The Storyline is weird but a good story but it's too short to keep you playing for more than a weekend. You must explore Metro City and do certain missions to find your brother.

        The Graphics in this game are Good but not Capcoms Finest and the cutscenes could be improved. In Final Fight Streetwise you can explore Metro City. The city in Final Fight Streetwise look great as you play through Kyle's hood, Japantown and Little Italy. The character designs look good especially when you fight the people who have taken the new drug. There are three things you earn...
        MONEY-Earn money to buy unlockables, new moves, Increased Health and Instinct Bars, Weapons and New Music. You can even hire mercenaries to help you. To earn money you can collect things like gold teeth, Chains and even Gold Bars.
        TENSION-The more Bad Guys you kill the more the underground fight back. You earn tension by killing bad guys and the more tension you earn the harder the game gets.
        RESPECT-Respect means how much Metro City respect you. Like Tension if you kill bad guys you earn respect but if you attack pedestrians you lose respect.
        To help complete this game you need to earn all of these things. These things help carry the story on it's own. You can play in a variety of side missions including guessing a certain car out of three after they've been shuffled, to wrecking someone's car with your fists only, to even protecting a pervert while he gets out of town. There are 47 of them in the whole game with a few in each city. Sometimes these missions feel a bit cheesy but they are sometimes fun as well.

        The Combat in Final Fight Streetwise is quite a sturdy style. Basically you have a Light Attack (X) and A Strong Attack (Square). You can combine these attacks to perform cool combos. You also have a grapple attack (Circle) to perform suplexes and other wreslting moves. When you fight you have an instinct bar. When you activate instinct (L2) it basically makes you faster and more powerful to replenish your Instinct bar you must collect things like Energy Bars And Drinks. And of course you have a Counter Button (L1). If you hit this just before a guy attacks you can counter it with a powerful move. All the moves are fun to perform especially in Pit Fights. Pit Fights are when you get in a ring and fight an opponent 1-On-1 for money and respect. The rules are the first one to be KO'd is the winner. There are quite a few Pit fights in storymode. Sometimes you are forced to fight in Pit Fights to continue the story but you can also fight in club pit fights which means you can choose when you want to fight. The Pit Fights are quite fun but nothing like Tekken Or Soul Caliber. You can also fight while exploring the streets of Metro City. Like 'The Warriors' you can pick up weapons anywhere while fighting in the streets. The weapons includes Baseball Bats, Grenades, Katanas and Shotguns. These really help you fight but might make the fighting too easy. Obviously you can use fists but sometimes weapons are needed to continue.

        The voice acting is pretty solid because all the characters have a suited voice. The soundtrack is good enough but pretty crap. There are good songs like Slipknot, Fear Factory and Lil Flip but the rest of the songs arn't very good. You might have to keep skipping tracks to find the song that suits you but it may distract you from fighting and might cost you.

        Sometimes Final Fight Streetwise has some humour like you have to smash someones head in with a door...twice. But otherwise it's quite dark. It is rated 18+ for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Use of Alcohol and Sexual Themes (Though there is not much sex in it). It's one of the most violent games of 2006 probably. Unfortunately what really drags this game down is it's lack of replay value. Once you've completed Story you have to start the storymode again without continuing from your other game you've completed. You can't try to complete all the Side Missions. The only things you can do is do a sidescrolling version of Final Fight Streetwise which is pretty lame and an original version of Final Fight from the arcademachine version which you'll only like it if you've played it on arcade.

        Final Fight Streetwise is a great game but could of been better. If Capcom had improved the game's Graphics, Replay Value, Length Of The Story and The Soundtrack this may have been a perfect beat'em up but if you do want a perfect beat'em up then this isn't it but if you liked the original Final Fight then you'll proberly like Final Fight Streetwise.


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