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Ghost Recon 2 (PS2)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ubisoft / Genre: Action

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    4 Reviews
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      29.03.2010 05:27
      Very helpful



      Poor controls and a cliched storyline make this game missable.

      Ghost Recon 2 is another action war game where America saves the world from mass destruction. This time the enemy is a North Korean rebel who wants to start a nuclear war. You play as Captain Scot Mitchell, the leader of the Ghosts, a secret team who undertake missions without help from the rest of the army. The Ghosts aim to move in, accomplish their mission, and move out. Simple...

      THE GOOD...
      -Alternate ways to finish mission
      The final level in particular has more than one way you can accomplish the mission. This was refreshing because sometimes the alternate route was easier. At least you get to do some thinking instead of everything being dumbed down with linearity. Trial and error i.e. getting seriously hurt and/or killed will quickly reveal where you need to be and what should be avoided. Your comrades will make suggests, which should give you advance warning about what to expect from the available options.

      There are no checkpoints in the levels, so you can only save when prompted by the game after accomplishing a mission. If you get very far in one level, too bad but you will need to do the entire level again. I talk about this more in the Checkpoints paragraph. Despite this irritating decision of the developers', I have never felt so relieved after completing certain missions. You must always remain on your guard or you'll find yourself being bombed by an attacker whose location on the map is unclear, or losing your concentration because you have finished a certain part of the level many times before and just want to advance to the next stage.

      -Various environmental conditions
      I did not expect the weather to affect game play, but it really did. Rain did not change anything, but attacking through a blizzard was chaotic, especially when the enemies were smart enough to wear white. The fog increases the difficulty until you start seeing things. It was irritating to know that the blizzard was supposed to help the Ghosts, when it actually did the opposite. The enemies could still see you, but you cannot see them. Still, it made a change from the sunshine and rain other games stick to.

      THE BAD...
      -Stupid A.I.
      This game has the stupidest Artificial Intelligence I have ever experienced. Enemies shoot from behind walls instead of walking around to get you. This helped me finish the final mission, but it left a sour taste in my mouth. Would I have finished the game if the A.I. used common sense? It was VERY irritating when you expect an enemy to shoot you, but then find they cannot see because they stuck behind a wall or staying crouched down waiting for you to shoot them.

      You comrades are equally as stupid. They prefer to shoot walls or whatever else is blocking their way instead of walking around. When you crouch or slide across the ground to avoid detection, your comrades walk right behind you instead of being discreet by crouching or crawling. This means that you cannot creep around undetected because your comrades are always blowing your cover. Another ridiculous thing they do is shooting enemies in an open area- you need to use cover to shoot without being killed. It was VERY frustrating to watch my comrade die knowing that their killer was stupidly kneeling right in the open, practically waiting to be shot down. Why couldn't the Ghosts manage such easy kills? This frustration led to me leaving the team behind many times so I could clear the way without any friendly casualties, and then calling them over when the coast was clear. That is NOT teamwork. As a result, there were times when I felt that my comrades were liabilities. Or they were only good for distracting the enemy enough so I could survive.

      -Complicated team control
      Other war games I have played, i.e. Call of Duty and Brothers In Arms, have simple ways to control your comrades OR the characters think for themselves. GR 2 lets you tell the Ghosts to move ahead, barrage enemies with grenades, stay put or regroup, and move to a certain area. The different icons were highlighted when the option was available, however there were many points in the game when I ordered my team to go somewhere and was told, 'Can't do that, Sir!' Why not? I was only telling them to hide behind a rock or walk on ground that was slightly unlevel. There seemed to be no clear explanation why the team could not fulfil such a simple order. The grenades ended in disaster. The pointer, which shows where you are aiming your gun, is used to pinpoint where you want the Ghosts to throw their grenades. I found this out the hard way and ended up watching as two comrades bombed the third. Even worse, they only do the grenade business one time. The stay put and regroup orders worked perfectly fine. Telling the Ghosts to move to a particular point was also poorly programmed. Only one or two of the team would go where I told them to. The other one or two would stay by my side for whatever reason. It was nice to see the team splitting into two equal groups, but when the other group was dead the game got harder. The remaining comrade would stick by my side no matter how many times I told them to move ahead. Eventually they ended up dying due to their own stupidity so I was, once again, left to face twenty or so enemies completely alone.

      -Teammates have no personality
      I remember when one of my favourite comrades died in a Call of Duty game. Even though he was not real, I did feel quite sad. The different soldiers had personalities in the cutscenes shown in between levels, and, realistically, some soldiers were better than others. In GR 2, I honestly did not care about any of the soldiers. The cutscenes only show authoritative figures making important decisions and then cut to a debriefing. Yes, your comrades say something from time to time, for example, 'Enemy straight ahead!' but they never say anything that provides insight into their personalities. Whenever they died, I was not disappointed because they were dead but that it would affect my final score.

      -No checkpoints
      This was another terrible decision made by the programmes. If there is no option to save whenever you like then there should be checkpoints in between the designated save points. This means that you will only need to redo certain parts of a level, which makes figuring out tricky areas much easier. GR 2 has no checkpoints whatsoever. When you die, get ready to start all over again. It was horrible having to redo parts I had done up to ten times before because I had miscalculated a new area or enemy. I pity anyone who has to repeat the final level, which took me 56 minutes to complete- not including the three times I died and restarted the level.


      If you are looking for a war game, I would go for Call of Duty and/or Brothers In Arms instead. They show how A.I. can be smart and also think of its self. They show the close relationships between soldiers, and let us hear about the soldiers' sadness because of loved ones they have left behind. They show that soldiers were not confined to the ground the way the Ghosts are, but that some soldiers were trained to fly planes and battle in tanks. They are forgiving in terms of checkpoints. If you have done a certain part of a game before then you will not have to do it again.


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      20.08.2009 16:32
      Very helpful



      With your Squad as a main feature you would have thought a little work could have gone in to them!

      Ghost Recon 2 is a shooter for the Playstation 2 developed by Ubisoft.

      The story takes place in 2007 and you assume the role of Scott Mitchell and his elite squad of Ghosts who are sent into Northern Korea as the government have been taken over by General Jung Chong Sun who is threatening to start World War 3 with his nuclear arsenal attacking targets including an American battleship. Your role is to go into the country and hopefully disarm the country's capacity for war and most significantly their nuclear capabilities and take down their insane new leader. The story is pretty good as it feels like an event that possibly could happen (though I do hope nothing like it ever does)!

      The game is a third person shooter and you can pick from a variety of kits equip your character with, this will affect what type of weapons they have. To precisely take out enemies you can aim precisely and the camera snaps to an over the shoulder viewpoint allowing you to aim precisely and take headshots. The game is difficult so going for a quick and accurate headshot is a must to prevail.

      The game also allows you to control a squad of Ghosts in most of the missions though at points you are forced to go solo, the squad mechanics are sadly a little poor and the squad AI is generally lacking. You can give orders to your men with basic commands such as regroup, move here, attack here which you will need to do as otherwise they will just stand there like lemons! At points you will just want to leave them behind as they are so inept though at times they can really help you out.

      Graphics are somewhat decent with a new third person view giving you a better view of your character and surroundings, though up close everything just looks a little blurry.

      Ghost Recon 2 just feels like a lazy sequel and is really let down by the poor intelligence of your squad.


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      05.03.2008 11:58
      Very helpful



      It couldve been a classic, but as it is the save system totally ruins the experience.

      Ghost Recon 2 is a third person shooter with squad control mechanics. This could have been one of the best games ever. Unfortunately could is not is.

      The game is easy to get into the fluid character animations and squad team play are entertaining and fun, Ghost Recon has a simulation feel to it as two well placed bullets send you straight to your maker, at first this is great fun as you actually have to use tactics and think to get ahead. Later on however it will become extremely frustrating as they include absolutely no save points during the missions which for me spoils the whole game.

      The Missions last for a long time you may think this is good as the game will take you a while to fully complete, but when you have to replay missions from the beginning often several times over you will no doubt lose your concentration and start play sloppily making it even harder to complete! The atmosphere in the game is quite excellent, with pretty heart pounding moments as you never know when you're going to die, which helps keep you alert, this factor is greatly increased during the night missions, they are very creepy!

      There are some nice touches throughout the game especially its squad control, this has been done better in a lot of more recent titles but for the time they were excellent, with a simple tap of the triangle button you can command your team of Ghosts to do various different things, Scout which moves them ahead to check any area (they do however say "can't do that sir" an awful lot), Suppression Fire makes your team fire wildly in the direction of your choice, Fragmentation lobs three grenades where you want them useful for taking out a group of enemies and Regroup which .. regroups your team (bet you never guessed that!).

      The game is graphically very good with excellent detail to the characters and a new third person camera showcases them perfectly, the environments and greatly detailed too. However this is by PlayStation 2 standards so don't expect this game to be in the same league as modern titles such as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The game is voiced over nicely with many phrases from your team and enemy grunts, the guns also sound so real which helps you actually feel as a part of the Ghost team.

      The game suffers from one problem which is made apparent right from the start. Where on earth can you save the game? Only after the mission! This is terrible and you will find yourself doing what you did a couple hours ago to many times, this really shoots the game in the foot making it a lot less fun to play. Whoever thought of this I imagine to be chuckling away as many Ghost Recon fans have to force themselves through the same thing for the umpteenth time only to lose concentration for a split second and end up biting the dust once again.

      Online multiplayer is also a letdown as when you play with 15 other players (16 in total) the visuals are bad it changes to the old first person camera mode which is just a crosshair on the middle of your screen which detracts from the experience so much as it is basically like playing an older game in the series with none of the improvements that Ghost Recon 2 has to offer, with only basic 3 game modes available its probably best to spend your online gaming time on a different title, something like Star Wars Battlefront provides a far more satisfying online experience.

      If you like redoing a mission many times over this game is for you, this game so nearly delivers the world but ends up making you feel hated by the game. Maybe Ghost Recon 3. If you would like a good war experience similar to this but with save points and sans the frustration check out the excellent Socom:US Navy Seals series. It's not all bad as the game has good graphics and the shooting mechanics and squad control are both solid, if you have a lot of patience or are a veteran to the Ghost Recon series you may enjoy this title. The game is now quite old and you should be able to find it used for no more than a tenner which is decent value. 3/5

      Publisher: Ubisoft
      Developer: Ubisoft
      Players: 1-16 (online)
      Price: £9.99 used


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      20.03.2006 13:47
      Very helpful



      A Very hard game with poor controls and gameplay, no thing to offer.

      Game Info

      Genre = Team Action
      Developer = Red Storm
      Publisher = UBI Soft
      Players = 1 player
      Online = Yes Up To16 Players
      Age = 16+
      Released = November 2004

      The games set in North Korea in 2007, as the Ghost leader you control your 4 man squad with the most cutting-edge military equipment, you are set out to stop an military faction before a full-scale nuclear war brakes out.

      The graphics is what first draws you into thinking you want it, but that is all it has to offer really. The detail is good through out with the ghost members looking and moving realistically, the new Havok 2 physics engine also provides realistic effects for destructible objects with its ragdoll physics. Many levels have stunning areas with lush, different shades of green grass and trees though the wooded areas.

      The Music, what of it is good that fits the war scenes, the sounds of gun fire ripping past you in an all out battle with your swat, sounds excellent as well as the voice commands your character say to your team.

      The controller setup is poor, though it has nice touches but slow along with the movement is slow. You can you the d-pad up/down to kneel, laydown or stand up and left/right to peek but with the slow movement you can get shot and feels like its in slow-mo. When an in-coming grenade heads towards you, there's no change of getting up and running in time. Weapons can be changed by holding O button and then using the analogue stick but you most stop if running to do as the stick is used for movement, which don't help when on a time limit. Fire mode can be changed depends on weapon to, single shot, 3 rounds, burst or fully automatic which is done the same way as weapon change but using the X button. Commands are set with the Triangle button, by holding and choose from orders like advance, suppress fire, frag, regroup, hold and scout. Many times will not follow orders by saying "can't do that", ordering them is frag an enemy is very annoying and frustrating as with very poor AI, they will not move and throw the grenade hitting a roof or wall and killing your hole team as a result. . The team sniper is the worst when enemy's are in plain view he will not shoot and as there's no way of telling a individual member to fire, making you to do mostly all the work your along with the grenades is best done by yourself.

      As the most important part of any game is the gameplay, which in this case is the worst part. With the very poor AI and sluggish slow controls it makes the game very hard to play but on top of that, though the levels are quite short there's no saves or checkpoints in mid game, including no way to heal makes it almost impossible to complete. Until you can work out to play 100% prefect, you can then proceed onward. Along with your team AI, the enemy AI needs to be fixed as many times they can stop you even when there's walls or buildings in the way, which is no good when trying to sneak up to a tank with a rocket launcher as he knows where you are minutes away.

      There are some missions where you must go in as a one man team, this can be easer and better at times as you don't have to fuss about with your team and that they also give to more high-tech weapons that includes a laser designator attached to you special rifle. As well as picking up enemy weapon with the press of the action button you can also choose at the beginning of some of the levels, though not much to choose from there are, grenades or a rocket, extra ammo, silenced or standard pistol, assault rifle, sub-machine, heavy gun, sniper and rifle with attached launcher.

      With the game being very hard, you may not reply it again or even completed the first time, but after each level you do you unlock Quick mission where you can choose to replay it again normal, or as a lone wolf(on your own) or firefight (eliminate all enemy forces). You also get points for each level you complete depending on how well you do, you can then spend it on Game Art, ScreenShots or any of the Movies.

      There's also an online mode which is not great, where you can play 3 modes, team survival,assault and supremacy. You can also add friends and chat to other gamers for up to 16 players.

      Graphics - 9/10
      Sound/Music - 8/10
      Controls - 5/10
      Gameplay - 3/10
      Replay Value - 4/10

      FINAL RATING - 5.8/10

      Platinum (PS2)
      Amazon.co.uk = £13.99
      Play.com = £9.99
      I Payed = £4 (ebay.co.uk) Feburary 2006

      Thanks for Reading.


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    • Product Details

      Set in North Korea in the year 2011, Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon 2 offers gamers an insider view of the way large-scale conflicts will be fought in the near future. The game will continue the tradition of intensity and realism associated with Ubisoft's Tom Clancy brand, with an emotionally charged storyline, a completely redesigned graphics engine and the most intuitive gameplay to date, to fully immerse gamers into the chaos of a high tech war. The game will offer white-knuckle tension and explosive action as it puts players in command of an elite squad of U.S. Special Forces.

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