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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2)

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17 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing for PlayStation2 / 12 years and over / Published by Activision

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    17 Reviews
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      29.02.2012 00:14
      Very helpful



      A fun game with great songs and as good as the first in the series

      After playing the other games within the Guitar Hero brand and becoming pretty good at playing it on the Guitar Hero controller, I had to buy the new game when it came out, otherwise it's just pretty much of a waste of this new skill I'd acquired! The game lived up to it's expectations that I had of it and definitely has made some improvements from the previous in the series with even more great song titles to pick from.

      The game was around £25 when I bought it, but this was simply down to the fact that the fancy PS3 didn't exist! Now however, you can buy it for around £15 from Amazon or cheaper preowned at a GAME store. It's rated at a 12 due to the fact that some of the songs can contain mild sex or drug references, but once your playing in the game, you get so immersed in hitting the notes at the right time, you'll probably never even notice them.

      Those who have played Guitar Hero before will know that this game is no different to the others, and has the exactly the same controls and still uses the same controller as before. The simple definition for those who have not played before is that using a guitar controller that can be purchased relatively cheaply, you will have to hit the five fret buttons on the controller in time with when they appear on the screen while using the strummer. It does take a while to get the hang of, but once you play for a while, it does get much easier. Usually it takes around 20 minutes upon first playing to get to grips with playing it and from then on you'll be used to the controls.

      Scoring is easy to understand on this game, as you get points based upon how many notes you hit and whether you hold the long notes for enough time. You are also awarded points for combos, which gave me a bit more added interest in the game as I was constantly trying to get really long combos. In the game, there is also the abilty to get Star Power bonuses, which are where you play enough Star notes in line correctly to gain this power. While this does boost you extra points, I found it quite annoying to start as you have to lift the controller to activate it, which took a few tries at some points and often would distract you from hitting notes correctly.

      The fact that there is 4 different difficulty settings from Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert is really great for families who are playing as in mine it has allowed everyone to be able to play without needing others for assistance. The easy and medium are great for casual play or just getting started, as they are not too difficult and not too easy, so there is still a small element of challenge within the game.

      However, when the game reaches Hard and Expert, there is a clear difference between the settings and these definitely do need to play these modes a lot to fully master them. The only problem I found with these settings however, is that sometimes the songs included within this mode are ridiculously difficult and can be hard to even get on 2 stars. You'd definitely have to master the Medium mode before even thinking about trying these. However, when you do complete them, there is some greatg satisfaction at getting a difficult song on 5 stars.

      The music is clearly one of the best parts of the Guitar Hero games, and is what makes the game as great as it is. There is music for any rock fan, as it as such a wide range of songs to suit any taste. Classic rock has songs represented by The Rolling Stones and ZZ Tops, with Alternative Rock by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age, Metal by Iron Maiden and Slayer and Punk by the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys.

      There must be around 80 songs to play on Guitar Hero, most of them with great accompanying guitar tunes that really fit the game which makes playing it feel much more acheiving as it is like you are really playing the song. The music is enough to keep it varied and interesting, as if the songs had all been the same I know I would have gotten bored of it extremely quickly. Each "level" has a different variety of songs to, so you never really have a music set where all the songs sound the same. I also really liked the fact that within the game there was the ability to purchase song sets from famous bands like Tool, and it gave me more of a motive to play, as I kept trying to raise enough money to buy the sets.

      The graphics do look better than some of the PS2 games I have played in the past, and the locations that the characters play in are quite well done for this console. The colours really do mix in with the rocky vibe to it, and nothing ever glitches in it. The characters are well developed, with a lot of customisation options and a nice variety to choose from.

      Guitar Hero III definitely does have a lot of gameplay involved within it, as you could play for hours trying to get all the high scores or beating your previous ones. Aside from that, there is also the chance to purchase clothing/characters/guitars to customise your gameplay, and along with song sets available these really keep those who like collecting everything in a game motivated to carry on playing to earn money.

      Multiplayer mode is the same as it has been previously and it hasn't changed much since the previous games, this is a nice addition, but I didn't play it that much as it required another controller that my friend had to bring around. However, there is also the option of a co-op career mode, where you take on the role of a band, and can have different roles from singer or bass or guitar players. I didn't get much of a chance to fully try this out, but from what I played it was quite impressive, and if I had another guitar controller I would have probably ended up playing with my sister for a long time.

      Overall, I would say this is a great game for any Guitar Hero fan or someone who simply wants to try out Guitar Hero. It has a lot of gameplay time for the price, and has so many famous songs, it is bound to keep any rock music fan happy whatever style they prefer. The new improvements have only bettered the game, and multiplayer mode has become even more fun from what I have experienced from it.


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      07.06.2009 11:03




      Bought this on a whim from HMV for the PS2 with wireless controller for £17.99 and used a McDonalds peel-off-cup voucher and got another £2 off!! so paid £15.99 in total, rock on!!.

      Big fan of rock /metal and was itching to get hold of this for sometime, could not believe i got a wireless controller with this which works with a reciever that plugs into one of the controller slots on the PS2 and picks up your guitar which comes with batteries,strap and stickers for you to customise your ax with cool!!

      Am still only on medium level but to be honest am not really interested in the competition aspect of this game am more interested in being transported into a differeent world with awesome rock tunes, you have not lived until you have played "one" with Metallica or "welcome to the jungle" with g'n'r yeah baby!!!

      Easy to pick up and very addictive, average graphics with different venues and characters to play and customise and songs to buy if you wish (never heard of most of these songs)
      but still once you get the hang of it all songs are great to play!!

      Track Listing:

      Beastie Boys - Sabotage

      Living Colour - Cult of Personality

      Muse - Knights of Cydonia

      Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

      Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock

      Tenacious D - The Metal

      Weezer - My Name Is Jonas

      Pearl Jam - Evenflow

      Priestess - Lay Down

      Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

      Dragonforce - Through The Fire And The Flames

      Iron Maiden - Number of The Beast

      RHCP - Suck My Kiss

      AFI - Miss Murder

      Queens of the Stone Age - Threes and Sevens

      Slayer - Raining Blood

      The Strokes - Reptilla

      Backyard Babies - Minus Celcius

      Die Toten Hosen - Hier Kommt Alex

      Gallows - In The Belly Of A Shark

      Hellacopters - In The Band

      Heroes Del Silencio - Avalancha

      In Flames - Take This Life

      Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

      Lacuna Coil - Closer

      Revolverhead - Generation Rock

      Naast - Mauvais Garcon

      Superbus - Radio Song

      Matchbook Romance - Monsters

      Slipknot - Before I Forget

      Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

      Rage Against The Machine - Bulls on Parade

      Brett Michaels Band - Go That Far

      An Endless Sporadic - Impulse

      Dope - Nothing For Me Here

      The Fall of Troy - F.C.P R.E.M.I.X

      Killswitch Engage - My Curse

      Lions - Metal Heavy Lady

      Prototype - The Way It Ends

      Rise Against - Prayer of The Refugee

      Scouts of St. Sebastian - In Love

      Senses Fail - Can't Be Saved

      The Sleeping - Don't Hold Back

      Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK

      Aerosmith - Same Old Song and Dance

      Bloc Party - Helicopter

      Disturbed - Stricken

      The Killers - When You Were Young


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        25.05.2009 16:55
        Very helpful



        Good but pretty much the same as the last 2 games

        Guitar Hero 3 is a great addition to the Guitar Hero series. It features some great songs by awesome artists and introduces a few new features to keep boredom from your doorstep. You all know the story about Guitar Hero now, big Guitar Shaped controller, press coloured buttons and strum as they appear on screen.

        Encores from the Guitar Hero 2 are back and better than ever, included are songs such Paint It Black by the Stones or Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N Roses. However the catch is before you can play these songs you must beat the guitarist in a head to head battle. These are some of the funnest parts of Guitar Heros 3 and require quick reactions and some awesomeness to get through. The aim of these battles is to use power ups to force your opponent into playing bad and eventually failing the song. The power ups include Amp Overload and Broken Strings. These battles are fun against the computer, however link up another controller and you face off against your mate, even more fun.

        Other than that Guitar Hero 3 plays near enough exactly like the previous 2, it looks a bit better and I prefer the songs on this one (Tenacious D - Metal for example), but its basically the tried and tested method the series has used throughout.

        Andy Creighton


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        04.02.2009 03:03
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Really good game, would recommend to anyone

        My favourite ps2 game ever! Upon buying this, we instantly became more "Rock" than we had ever been before, getting up off the sofa to strut about and in doing so, miss a lot of notes. But what a game! what a concept! pretty much every guitarist I know has come out with the line "It doesn't make you any better at REAL guitar you know!" yeah, we know. But it's a hell of a lot easier, as we all tried to play guitar, and then gave up when our fingertips starting bleeding. However, I digress, the game. It has a large number of very cool songs on it, my favourites including "black magic woman", "Cliffs of Dover" and the hilarious "Heir Kommt Alex" which we realised that if you sing along with in a loud and rowdy sort of way sounds a lot like "here come daleks".
        Hours of fun to be had and the band storyline is infinately better than in the previous games - you have a rock-off with the devil right at the end!


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          18.01.2009 23:21
          Very helpful



          A Great Game For The Family!

          I dont even know where to begin with Guitar Hero, I remember some times in the year of 2008, early 2008 i popped up a friend and he introduced me to guitar hero... i was shocked by the game i know id heard of it and not being much of a rocker i didnt think id be to interested in the game but i was surprised

          with this game you dont need to be into rock music or playing the guitar its addictive as you try your hardest to get from beginner to expert and trust me its not easy.

          after playing that i HAD to buy it. and i wasnt even fond of alot of the songs but i found myself singing along as i rocked out in my bedroom alone or with friends.

          it is deffinatly one of those games that you have out when you have a small get together, get a few bevvies in you and start rocking on this game, see who can get the most points and earn more with the star power which allows you to double points as you hit each note!

          its a game you should have on your shelf and a cool wireless guitar against your wall!


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            12.01.2009 20:06



            Fun game that all ages can enjoy

            Every Christmas we get together with another family and usually end up playing a game. This focus this year was Guitar Hero and it was a hit with everyone. We had two guitars so people could play with or against another person. The music tracks were popular ones recognise the majority of players. The aim is to press the buttons in line with the colour coded "music" on screen. There are different levels of difficulty to progress through and a "score" given at the end of the track. What I particularly liked about it was that the two teenage boys amongst us got stuck in and really participated. This does not happen with the singing games. We developed a mini competition and had great fun competing against each other. It has been played by a couple of us since but it comes into its own with a gathering of a number of people. It is the sort of game that we would take away with us when we go with friends or other families. I understand that they do other instruments and look forward to trying these out.


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            12.01.2009 13:48
            Very helpful



            Buy it and rock

            I've always wanted to play guitar and gone so far as buying a guitar and having a few lessons. However, I wanted to be able to play real songs and my fingers just wouldn't do what the brain was telling them so it just fizzed out. My dreams of playing guitar still linger...so when I was given Guitar Hero as a Christmas present I was pretty excited.

            Once I'd pieced together the guitar (easy) and loaded the game it was straightforward to actually get into some playing. I started off with some training just to get the gist of things and I'd definitely recommend that you try at least the basic lessons before you start for real.

            Once you choose to start your career you can select a suitable skill level. Basic was a good start for me. You are straight into a rock classic with a very catchy rhythm which you'll struggle to get out your head for a few days! It really feels like you are playing and there are bonus points on offer for striking some classic guitar poses (much to the amusement of those watching you!!). As your band grows in popularity your offered various sponsorships and you play bigger arenas and even have guitar battle with numerous characters which are tough.

            I managed to complete the basic level after about a week and will move onto the next level soon - I need a break from it as I found the need to concentrate on chords that are flying at you made me feel quite dizzy after an hour or so playing!

            This is a great purchase for when guests are round as who doesn't want to be a guitar hero?


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            10.01.2009 19:10
            Very helpful



            I really loved this to start with but now I never play it. x

            Guitar hero 3

            I'm sure most of you have read my Guitar Hero 2 review and hopefully enjoyed it, well here it is, the new and improved version GUITAR HERO 3..

            I got brought this game for Christmas 2007 and my mum managed to find it in Tesco's for £25 instead of £50. I of course said yes and the shop had made a mistake but had to honour it... I only got the actual game on Christmas day and have played it religiously since.


            If you buy the game with the guitar, and in this case it's a wireless guitar you get a 4 foot long box to carry everything in. With that you get the body of the guitar, the neck and stickers to make your guitar more unique. You also get batteries included and a thing to put in the front of your play station where your controllers usually go.

            Wireless Guitar

            This bit is a bit different to my other review. Before I played the game with just the controllers, this makes the game about £20 cheaper anyway and I thought at the time it's much easier but boy was I wrong.

            The wireless guitar comes with the body and neck and a whammy bar. On the actual guitar neck you have five buttons:

            Probably the main thing you have different to if you play on a normal ps2 controller is the strum bar. It's pretty much just a toberone shaped thing stuck in the middle of the guitar body. This is pretty important, every time you play a note; you have to hit the right colour button and the strum bar at the same time.

            The Game

            This is pretty much the same but has one big difference which I'll get to later.


            The main section is probably the Career. You can do a lot of different things on here including:

            Choose your character- each different character has it's different moves which are good for any band.

            Guitar and Guitar Finishes- choose a guitar for every different gig if you want and polish it off with different colours and finishes.

            Career Status Screen- Here you can see how you are doing, you can change your character and your guitar.

            Store- SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! All that hard earnt cash is available for you here when you want to buy new outfits, guitars and new songs.

            CO-OP CAREER

            The new bit for this disk is co-op career. Here you work together with a friend to thrash everyone and rock and there are even some new songs that aren't available on the single player mode. You have to play together to get the highest score possible and you have to work as a team to get through the rounds. If one player is better than the other, give them more of a challenge and let them get the harder notes by changing the difficulty.

            QUICK PLAY

            If you're bored and want to play quickly, go onto quick play and play some of the songs you have unlocked already.


            This is pretty much the same as the second game. Here you can play with a friend like co-op career but instead you can do the following:

            Face-Off- play against a friend and see who comes out with the highest points.

            Pro Face-Off- play the same notes at the same time and see who comes out the best.

            Battle- This is instead of cooperative which they have put into the co-op career. Now you can battle each other and use little tricks to stop the other from playing well... including snapping strings.


            This is a good thing for any player. You can either use the tutorials which will help any player or just practise those hard notes for the career.

            Do you wanna be a rock god? THIS IS HOW

            First off you have to name your 'band' if you will, mine at the moment is 'Bob' (don't ask). You can pretty choose anything you want, including your favourite bands, my sister's band is called 'The Killers'.

            I found when you are playing with a basic ps2 controller you don't really need to know much about how to play a guitar or anything like that, but I think when you're playing with the wireless guitar you do. Just basic things like to make it easier; the higher you go up the fret board the lower notes will be obsolete so you can keep your fingers on them to make it easier.

            You have to hold down the right fret button that corresponds to the note that is closest to you on screen for example: If you can see a red coming towards you on the glamorous fret board you have to put your finger on the correct fret and strum it when it gets to the lines of buttons closest to you.

            I have only played easy on this one. By this time with the second one I felt like I could go up to medium, but I think the makers thought that they would give us more of a challenge and it's a lot more difficult that the previous two.

            I'm sure most of you would have heard of a whammy bar, all electric guitars have them (except mine, it's snapped off) and this guitar is no exception. On the long notes, you can pull the whammy bar closer to the guitar and then out again to give the song your own twist.

            At the side of the giant fret board there is a rock meter, here it shows you how you are doing. If it's on green your doing fantastically well, yellow signifies that you are getting there and red means that you need to come on a long way. Flashing red's the worst though, that means that you are bordering along painful.

            Difficulty Settings

            It's the same as before, you have four settings they are the following:

            Easy- This one should be called 'not easy'. It's much harder than the previous games; it's a lot more like a medium setting so I would advice people to PRACTISE first. You only use three fret buttons for easy mode.

            Medium- In addition to the easy one you only use one more fret.

            Difficult- Impossible in my opinion. I had a little go and just failed at the first hurdle. You use the finale fret button on this mode.

            Expert- pull off a lot of notes whilst completing complicating chords.
            Guitar Battle Attacks

            This is a new portion of the game. On Guitar Hero 3 you can battle stars like Tom Morello and the famous Slash by raising the guitar up you can beat them using the following attacks:

            Broken String- break the opponent's string, they have to rapidly tap that broken string until it's repaired.

            Difficulty Up- This increases the difficulty for your opponent.

            Amp Overload- makes the screen shake.

            Whammy Bar- They have to move the whammy bar fast.

            Power-up Steel- Steals their attack before they use it.

            Double Notes- Doubles how many notes they have to play.

            The Lefty/Righty Flip- Swaps the notes around on the chart to how they would see it. Impossible to play.

            Death Drain- In sudden death it drains your opponents metre.


            Unlike my previous one I'm not going to give you a list of which ones are fantastic and which ones aren't. I think the whole lot are great, with a great mix of new ones and old classics.

            I'll still give you the list of the songs though, so here it is:

            1. Starting Out Small

            "Slow Ride" - Foghat
            "Talk Dirty to Me" - Poison
            "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" - Pat Benatar
            "Story of My Life" - Social Distortion
            "Rock and Roll All Nite" - Kiss (Encore)

            2. Your First Real Gig

            "Mississippi Queen" - Mountain
            "School's Out" - Alice Cooper
            "Sunshine of Your Love" - Cream
            "Barracuda" - Heart
            Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello (original composition)
            "Bulls on Parade" - Rage Against the Machine (Encore played with Tom Morello)

            3. Making the Video

            "When You Were Young" - The Killers
            "Miss Murder" - AFI
            "The Seeker" - The Who
            "Lay Down" - Priestess
            "Paint It, Black" - The Rolling Stones (Encore)

            4. European Invasion

            "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath
            "Anarchy in the U.K." - The Sex Pistols +
            "Kool Thing" - Sonic Youth
            "My Name Is Jonas" - Weezer
            "Even Flow" - Pearl Jam (Encore)

            5. Bighouse Blues
            "Holiday in Cambodia" - Dead Kennedys*
            "Rock You Like a Hurricane" - Scorpions*
            "Same Old Song and Dance" - Aerosmith
            "La Grange" - ZZ Top
            Guitar Battle vs. Slash (original composition)
            "Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns N' Roses (Encore played with Slash)

            6. The Hottest Band on Earth

            "Black Magic Woman" - Santana[1]
            "Cherub Rock" - The Smashing Pumpkins
            "Black Sunshine" - White Zombie
            "The Metal" - Tenacious D
            "Pride and Joy" - Stevie Ray Vaughan (Encore)

            7. Live in Japan
            "Before I Forget" - Slipknot
            "Stricken" - Disturbed
            "3's & 7's" - Queens of the Stone Age
            "Knights of Cydonia" - Muse
            "Cult of Personality" - Living Colour (Encore)+

            8. Battle for Your Soul
            "Raining Blood" - Slayer
            "Cliffs of Dover" - Eric Johnson
            "The Number of the Beast" - Iron Maiden
            "One" - Metallica
            Guitar Battle vs. Lou (The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Steve Ouimette)

            In my opinion Guitar Hero 2 had better graphics but I think the music makes up for it in this one.

            If you look at the likes of The Sims on ps2, the graphics are pretty terrible and Sims is probably one of the most well known game there is... they obviously have more backing but Guitar Hero beats them hands down.

            The graphics are pretty hard to explain, they're realistic in the way that they move just like we do etc but they still and always will be cartoonistic. I think the way the programmers have designed the people is amazing, they look and play the guitar fantastically. It's realyl amazing how they pulled it off. I think it's probably one of hte best set of graphics on any games. Pretty impressive.


            The best yet. Unlike the first & second one it actually contains people you know from the likes of metallica to The Killers and the Muse to Slipknot it's just fantastic. It gives a whole range of the best music from the world.


            I wrote the original part of this review when I got it last year, and since then I've played it once. This is mainly because I have lost the wireless card which plugs into the Playstation and the fact that we don't really use our Playstation anymore. Because of this, my rating has changed dramatically, I thought the game was brilliant to start with, now I think I played a few games and that was it, it's pretty much a waste of money.

            Compared to other games like Guitar Hero 2 on Playstation and even the On Tour games on the DS it's a good game, I think you get a lot more game play out of the games which include the real wireless guitar thing.

            Overall it's a fun game for a while, but in the long run it isn't worth all the money they attempt to get you to spend on it.

            Prices: Even though this game has been out quite a while now, you're still looking to pay over £50 for the item.

            (C) Hope this helps.


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              07.01.2009 22:03



              a brilliant game, great for large groups or parties.

              Guitar Hero is just like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Fortunately for me (and possibly you if you are reading this review) I *love* it. From the first time I played it there was something individual enough about the game to keep me enthralled throughout and I don't think I slept for the first month of owning this new game.

              It's a great party piece and an essential for any gathering, particularly with a few beers! Now with the extra band options on other releases, it's easier to play with your friends, but with this version you can use two guitars and battle it out.

              The mix of songs is pretty good and there are some catchy songs, varying in difficulty, as well as some lesser known songs but I can assure you it won't be long before you find yourself whistling your new found favourite tunes in the shower. It means that there is immediately something to like about the game while also being able to broaden your musical horizons.

              The guitar you can get with the game is of a good quality. It has taken a real beating from us and it still works perfectly, although does seem like it doesn't respond well to the dongle at times.


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              30.11.2008 00:40



              Guitar hero is great for the wannabe rock star in all of us and the third version of this game is all the better for the production time spent on it. This time round there are grittier rock songs to choose from featuring just as it say on the box, some of the best "legends of rock". The only trouble with guitar hero is that it is very addictive and it is hard to put it down.


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              22.11.2008 19:22



              play guitar

              If you also love playing a game with amazing songs, you will love this one. Performing with the guitar hero 3 guitar is much nicer as it no longer makes that annoying noise when you strum. Legends of Rock is surely going to be #1 on any Guitar Hero fan's list of favs. If you went all out and bought the combo (guitar and game), than you can consider yourself the luckiest person alive. After a while of having it, I'm still not tired of it and can continue to play it hours at a time. This game has great graphics and clear sound, and on top of that, it has really good songs. This game will make you feel like a real rockstar. When I first played this game, it was hard because nobody is really good having hand-eye coordination, but thanx to this game, it improved my hand-eye coordination by alot, specially if i play on espert. This game has different and more kool songs to choose from, and the characters, and better. Enjoy this great game and you will be amazed with it.


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              19.11.2008 23:44
              Very helpful



              An overall good game!

              You wouldn't have been wrong to come into Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with some sense of trepidation. With original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix off the project and Tony Hawk creators Neversoft now on board, it would be fair to wonder if anything that made the wildly popular rhythm game franchise so awesome would be lost in the shuffle. The good news is that Guitar Hero III is Guitar Hero through and through. The core gameplay that fans love hasn't changed outside of some basic tweaks, and the long and varied tracklist is the best of any game in the series to date. If there are any chinks in the armor of this sequel, it's that some of the newer mode additions and a few odd design decisions do more to get in the way of the fun than anything else. Likewise, the extreme difficulty of some of the game's more severe songs might end up turning off newer players. Those issues aside, it's hard to argue with what Guitar Hero III offers from a content perspective, especially if you're a longtime fan of the franchise.

              We won't spend a great deal of time trying to educate you on the ways of Guitar Hero if you've never played one of these games before. The quick and dirty explanation is that you have a guitar controller with five fret buttons and a strummer. Notes appear on the screen, you hit the matching buttons, and rock is made. In Guitar Hero III, you'll be making the rock with one of the best soundtracks to be found in any rhythm game. The soundtrack spans multiple eras and genres. Classic rock is represented with songs such as Santana's "Black Magic Woman," the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black," and ZZ Top's "La Grange." Alternative rock from the '90s is present in a big way with tracks such as The Smashing Pumpkins' "Cherub Rock," Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Suck My Kiss" and Pearl Jam's "Evenflow" on-hand. Classic punk fans will dig being able to play the Dead Kennedys' "Holiday in Cambodia," Social Distortion's "Story of My Life," and the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK." Modern rock hits such as Bloc Party's "Helicopter," The Killers' "When You Were Young" and Queens of the Stone Age's "3's and 7's" are also available. And for all the metalheads, you get major classics such as Slayer's "Raining Blood," Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" and Metallica's "One." It's an all-around fantastic list with only a few blemishes here and there. It's easily a much higher ratio of quality over crap than what Guitar Hero II had.

              It's worth noting the number of original tracks added into this year's game. Well over half of the songs in Guitar Hero III are the original songs by the artists, as opposed to covers created for the purposes of the game. A couple of bands, including the Sex Pistols and early '90s funk-metal outfit Living Colour, actually went into the studio and rerecorded their songs for the game, which is pretty cool. The one downside to having so many master tracks in this game is that it does make the songs that are still covers stick out all the more. It doesn't help that the general quality of the covers has also been downgraded a good bit since the last sequel. The woman covering Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" doesn't really sound anything like the '80s songstress; the version of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" in the game features a uniformly unimpressive Ozzy Osbourne impersonator; and the entire cover of "Holiday in Cambodia" has been pretty badly butchered with some weird structuring changes, badly edited lyrics, and a guy who sounds more like someone trying to parody Jello Biafra than anyone remotely authentic. Of course, the guitar parts in these covers don't suffer much and in fact do a fine job of emulating the real-life songs. It's just the surrounding pieces that rob the tracks of authenticity.

              Of note as well is the fact that Guitar Hero II's focus on extreme shredding over simple yet memorable riffs is even more intense in this sequel. The easy and medium difficulties are as good a starting point as they've ever been (though even they are a smidge more difficult than previous installments), but the curve definitely takes a steep incline when you bump up to hard and expert. The jump in expertise required for each setting is far greater than ever before, and at times it comes across as just too much. As awesome as songs like "One" and "Raining Blood" are, they're so intense that it's unlikely that anyone who didn't get all the way through expert in Guitar Hero II will have a blessed clue what to do with these songs. And then there's that pesky song from extreme power metal group DragonForce, "Through the Fire and Flames." It sounds a little bit like a Dungeons & Dragons dork singing over a tape of the Contra soundtrack that's been thrown in a blender and set to "liquefy," and it is so excruciatingly, arthritis-inflictingly difficult that you'll be thanking your lucky stars it's a bonus song and not something you're required to complete to advance. Regardless, there are enough songs that do require completion that aren't terribly far behind in difficulty level that it might just be enough to scare some people off from finishing expert altogether. There's an old adage along the lines of "You win more friends with accessible fun than you do by breaking people's fingers with a fake guitar." Or something like that. Whatever. The point is that Guitar Hero III feels decidedly geared toward the hardcore Guitar Hero fan, and less for the newcomer.

              Painful difficulty aside, the game is still lots and lots of fun. The core gameplay hasn't been altered much, save for a few minor adjustments here and there. Hammer-ons and pull-offs, the techniques used to hit crazy streaks of tightly packed single notes, are now easier than ever before (possibly to offset some of the extreme extremeness of the harder songs), and the notes that can be hammered on or pulled off now glow brightly to signify as such. While playing, you'll notice that the game also keeps track of your note streaks both with a counter and with periodic exclamatory text messages on the screen that notify you when you've hit certain streak milestones. There are also some changes to the way your star-power meter is displayed, as well as your score tracker, though these are mostly just aesthetic changes.

              You progress through Guitar Hero III much as you would any of the previous games. The career mode uses the same tiered-unlocking system as its predecessors, with encores at the end of each tier. One wrinkle to this year's mode is the addition of animated cutscenes that sketch a minimal story about your band's meteoric rise and eventual fall (literally) into hell. It's not much of a tale, but there are a few moments of amusement here and there. One particularly interesting addition to this year's game is a co-op career mode. This works much like the single-player career mode, but you can play through with a friend who you can divvy up either lead or rhythm guitar/bass duties with. Co-op play hasn't changed much since last year's game, but this new career progression is a neat idea.

              Unfortunately, it's a neat idea that's overly restrictive in practice. For one thing, there are six songs you can unlock only in co-op career, which means that if you don't have a buddy with a second guitar that can come over and spend an afternoon playing, you won't get those songs (at least until someone eventually digs up the "unlock all songs" code for the game). Also, no version of the game ships with a co-op quick-play option. The only way to play cooperatively on a single console is to play in the co-op career mode, and you have to unlock six tiers' worth of songs before you unlock all the available songs. Interestingly enough, there is a launch-day patch for the Xbox 360 version of the game that adds a co-op quick-play option. However, if your 360 isn't connected to Xbox Live, or you happen to buy any other version of the game, you're out of luck at the moment.


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              14.11.2008 23:01



              Legends of Rock is worth the money. It features great songs to play.

              This was the first Guitar Hero game that I owned and now I am hooked. Could it be because it features some killer songs or just being plain fun to play? I like playing it because many of the songs featured are songs that I grew up on. My favorite song to play is probably Rock and Roll All Nite by KISS. Other favorites include Welcome to the Jungle and Slow Ride.
              I like the fact that you can play this game by yourself or if you have two guitars you can battle with a friend or be on a team and play together. I have faced off against Tom Morello and it was not that bad to do. Trust me I am not that great of a player, but battle him was actually fun. I did have trouble with the battle against Slash though. But practice makes perfect and I am getting better at the game.
              I bought this game at Best Buy for about $100. It game with the guitar as well, which was wireless.


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              03.11.2008 17:09



              A good fun game.

              Guitar hero 3 is a lot different from the previous 2.

              Activision's Guitar Hero 3: Legends of rock has many new features.

              First the menus have been changed and look nicer as a result. Performing with the guitar hero 3 guitar is much nicer as it no longer makes that annoying noise when you strum. If you have a previous guitar hero 1 or 2 guitar you can use that instead but the new guitar is wireless and much nicer to play.

              There is lots of new songs for you to play to and the graphics during performances have been improved greatly.

              Wepons have been include in this game and are amazing to use my faviroute wepon is the reverse flip wepon that sets the opponents fret board in reverse (The order then goes orange, blue,yellow, red, green).

              This is a very good game and continues the series well. Thanks


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              14.10.2008 21:52



              Good game for some fun!

              Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Play Station 2 is a real step forward in the Guitar Hero series! Full of well known songs such as Welcom to the Jungle; I want to Rock and Roll all night , and even some from the Jonas brothers there is sure to be a song for everyone!
              If you want to play co-op with your friends you will need to decide who's got the rythm and who can take the lead.... or you may end up in battle mode or possibly even face off.
              The carreer mode is lots of fun for those who want to spend time progressing through the game with increasing levels of difficulty at each stage.
              The graphics are not too bad something that is common throughout this Guitar Hero series, but the sound is always good...unless you miss more note that you hit while playing!


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