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Jimmy Neutron: Attack Of The Twonkies (PS2)

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Developer: THQ / Type: Family

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2012 13:07
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      A fun platform style game that matches the quality of the television show

      Jimmy Neutron used to be a great character on Nickelodeon, although I'm not too sure if they still play his cartoon anymore, and in 2005 had a game released based around him named Jimmy Neutron: Attack Of The Twonkies. Aimed at a young audience, this game is one that is not only fun and simple to learn the controls to but also manages to be as humourous as the television show was.

      The game is rated at 3 plus due to the young target audience of the television show, and it is pretty accurate as anyone can play due to the simple controls and the missions are designed in an easy way for people to follow. Currently, this game is available for around £8 on Amazon and it's better just to buy it from them as it's unlikely you'll see it in even the preowned section of PS2 games.

      The storyline is pretty simple and reminds me of a longer episode of his series Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Twonkus - 3 is a comet that flies past Earth every year and Jimmy wants to visit it, so he takes his homebuilt rocket and flies there. Unfortunately, a small cute alien which looks harmless finds it's way onto its rocket, and when they get back to Earth it causes a lot of trouble as it starts to multiply and eventually evolves into some really weird looking monsters. As Jimmy's reponsible for these mnonsters, it's now up to him to collect all of them and send them back to their comet.

      The main objective is to make Jimmy run round his town using the gadgets he creates by picking up random objects to collect all the Twonkies around. At the beginning of the game you are only collecting the small Twonkies by using the Vacuum Demodulating Reciprocator (VDR) and this is relatively easy as you just have to collect a certain amount in the level. Then as the game progresses, so do the monsters, evolving into Stompers and Gromps which have to first use the Sheenograph (modelled on his best friends awful singing) to shrink them and then use the VDR.

      Each level has different goals you have to complete before you move on, usually these are to collect a certain amount of Twonkies, to colllect a gadget or to talk to a specific person. They are pretty easy to understand and follow out, so kids will require little assistance from adults. However, the game does get slightly tricky at the end of some levels, as there are twonkie bosses you have to defeat. Two that stick in my mind is when Jimmy is at a playground and a frozen lake, as it took about 10 tries just to defeat this one level.

      Aside from running around and collecting Twonkies, there is also some levels at which Jimmy has to fly in a rocket past objects or escaping from things. Aside from walking around to, Jimmy can also use his handy inventions of a jetpack or a lawnmower he finds around which adds a bit more to the platform element of the game.

      At the end of each level you are rated with a grade to how well you did/how many twonkies you collected, and if you reach the A grade it unlocks a bonus level adding to the overall gameplay. Aside from collecting all the parts to make gadgets, there isn't that much collectables to get. But this isn't too important in this game, as they always have something new being made each level with the gadgets. However, when you complete levels, mini games and concept art is unlocked which is a nice feature.

      Using the controls are really simple to grasp and use throughout the game as all you have to do is control Jimmy with the analog stick and then use the R2 buttons to switch gadgets. There isn't too much to learn in controls and only a few gadgets you have to use essentially, making it the perfect game for kids.

      The graphics are pretty decent in this game, and it looks exactly like the cartoon series in 3D. It's nice being able to wander around the cartoon world in 3D and they are really well done for scenery and while not too much is focused upon small details they still look great. The cutscenes look pretty good to, and well animated unlike some cartoony games I have played. I'm pretty sure the same voice actors are used to and the sound effects match each gadget really well.

      Overall, Jimmy Neutron: Attack Of The Twonkies is a great fun game that is perfect for kids to play and I would recommend it to anyone that was a fan of the television show. It keeps in with the humour that the show in it's storyline while combining with fun gameplay and good quality graphics and sound. While some of the boss fights can be difficult, this shouldn't distract away from the otherwise easy to understand and play levels.


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