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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PS2)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2007-06-28 / Published by LucasArts

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    7 Reviews
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      23.10.2010 23:16
      Very helpful
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      The Best Star Wars Game!

      I bought this from Play.com when it was full price and the PS2 was still the console de rigeur about 3 years ago, now things have moved on but this game is still surprisingly good fun and still looks pretty great. It is currently £19.99 on Amazon which is quite expensive for a PS2 game, but for its depth, graphics and gameplay, probably just about worth it.

      This game is based on the original trilogy meaning you can play as any of the original characters, Han, Luke, Leia, Yoda, Chewie etc, you can do all the things they do in the first 3 films, ride AT-AT's, speeder bikes, visit the deserts of tattoine or the icy lair of the hoff-wampers, this game is serious fun for any star wars fan.

      You can unlock other characters to play as or create your own mixing lego pieces of different characters, the game loosely follows the films but allows you to explore and develop the story yourself, gameplay includes great fights and tantalising puzzles, graphics are top notch and the music is inspiring.

      Each character has individual moves with the Undertaker inspired, Darth Vader 'Choke' Hold and the Chewbacca pulling arms from sockets moves my own personal faves, it makes it fun trying different characters and keeps the game fresh at all times.

      You can play multi player choosing your characters and the game allows you to help each other, its fun but much like monopoly I always find it ends with one player smashing their controller down and storming off.

      The game is funny with many of the humorous moments which players of Lego Star wars will remember, there are amusing set pieces playing on film moments and this is something I like about this series, it doesn't take itself too seriously and is good for all the family, the graphics are good in a legoy way, they really do add to the sense of fun and its never too much of a shame when you die as you know you are made of lego and can be put back together!!!

      I do like the way the gameplay adapts to you, the worse you are, the more clues are offered up to you and the easier it is to kill the Stormtroopers, the better you get the more the AI adapts to make the game harder, increasing playability and making it much more fun as you develop with your surroundings.

      This game is playable, keeps you coming back for more, gives you the opportunity to change characters and stories and laughs at itself throughout, its a great game and probably the best star wars based computer game, its awesome for die hard fans and excellent fun for anyone else.


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        17.03.2010 20:48
        Very helpful



        A fun game to play with a friend.

        Lego starwars 2 is an action adventure lego game set in the starwars universe. This is the sequel to the award winning original lego star wars game and this game follows the story of the star wars orginal trilogy. Episode IV: A New hope, Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back and
        Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

        This game had less characters then the last game having just over 50 characters though an option is later unlocked to import all characters from the original lego starwars game if a saved game from it is detected on the memory card. Thus the game can have over 100 characters. Also there is a character editor in this game allowing the creation of up to two characters at once. The game automatically names the characters depending on the parts of other characters used. If parts from c3po and darth vader are used the name given is usually darth-3po. The characters are put into movement sets.

        This game also has considerably more skills then its predecessor. characters armed with guns can use a grappling hook in certain areas. Characters with lightsabers can deflect projectiles, double jump and use the Force. R2-D2, C-3PO, and other droid characters are needed to open certain doors. Small characters like the Ewok can crawl through hatches to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Bounty hunters, such as Boba Fett, may use thermal detonators to destroy certain objects. Sith, like Darth Vader, can use the Force to manipulate black Lego objects. Other characters have unique abilities such as chewbaca being able to rip the arms off certain enemies. Princess leia has a slap attack and lando calrisian has a kung fu attack.

        The main hub area where the levels are accesed from is dexters diner. In here you can spend studs (the currency in the game) that have been earned by playing levels. You can purchase hints,characters and extra's/Cheats. The outside of dexters diner is a quite large area where characters you have unlocked wonder freely. Darkside Characters and Lightside Characters battle each other here.

        There are 18 levels in the game and there are also bonus levels in which you can drive the vehicles which you have unlocked by completing there minikits. They are all quite long some taking around 10 minuites to complete. Once you have completed a level you can replay it in freeplay mode to collect all the secrets and minikits. In freeplay mode you can select 6 characters to play as and you can swap between them instantly at any point in the level. This helps you reach areas that only certain characters can reach. For example there may be an area in the level that only a jedi can enter though in story mode you are not given a jedi as a character. That is why you must replay the levels in freeplay mode if you want to collect everything.

        The game features a drop in/drop out co-op system allowing for 2 players to play through the entire story mode. This game is much more fun to play with a friend then on your own.

        This game is much better than its predesessor as it has more things to find more bonus levels and much more things to do. Also customisation which is a key factor in a lego game has been added.


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        19.11.2008 12:52
        Very helpful



        Lego Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy is a good game for any age

        I bought this game in the shop when it could have been cheaper to buy it online (so watch out for that). I haven't played the first star wars game so i can't compare both but i can say that this one has some great graphics and has lots of things you can do. You can unlock characters to play in the game in Free Play and you can change from one character to another by pressing one button, which i found cool as each character has their own thing they can do. You can collect points which can be used to buy characters, extras and even golden bricks. When you start the game you are in a sort of pub and you can can do different things, such as change characters costumes, buy items, collect points and ofcourse visit each level. Unlike most games where they are violent if you use a gun, these are made out of lego and when you go to shot something, it will fall apart like lego. So no blood or violence, just fun and enjoyment. You are not in first person, but you get to see more as you can view your character and the others around you in i think third person.

        You can also include a friend to play with you at any time in the game, which i found quite good as two is better than one. You can help each other to get to the end of the level, and collect more points as if you were playing with the computer or consoles character.

        This is a good game that is meant to be aimed at younger people, but i think will appeal to any age because it is not violent but is enjoyable.


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        25.08.2008 14:25



        Great Game - Reccommended Buy!

        Lego star wars 2 is a great game! The controls are very easy to learn and the game can be enjoyed by old and young alike!!! Obviously, everything is made out of lego bricks, this just adds to the humour of the game because what child hasn't destroyed a lego building before and seen all the bits collapse and make a profound mess? Well thats what happens in the game! If someone gets killed, they split into a bunch of lego bits and then re-incarnate! Unfortunately though, no spoken word is issued throughout the game! All the characters use gestures to convey meaning! This can be quite annoying or quite funny, depending on your outlook! Myself, and younger people of our household have all ejoyed this game, especially as it boasts an impressive 2 player story mode function! All children want to be able to play their favourite game with there siblings or friends!!!


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        11.06.2008 20:01
        Very helpful



        The game has some real potential, but it doesn't really push the limits of the systems

        Difficulty: Very Easy
        Learning Curve: About 5 - 10 minutes

        Probably one of the most unique game series out there to date. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy offers you to play through the good star wars movies (being episode IV, V and VI) in Lego form. Where the whole game is unique, rewarding and very fun to play through many times, with, or without a friend.

        The gameplay is simplistic, where you'll slap your enemies, shoot them, or sabre them down, however, it doesn't deter from the games fun. You will get the chance to play through several characters from the movies, including Obi-Wan, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and even the awesome Darth Vader.

        As you play through the levels, you will be able to collect studs, which is like money. You can spend studs on many different things, such as characters, special features, and much more. As you progress through levels, you'll unlock certain characters. In each level, there are a lot of things to do, you can do the actual story, and you can search for secret items to give you more unlockables, and try to acquire those yellow / red bricks which give you better unlockables / open new areas.

        In between levels, you can choose to hang out at the cantina, which allows you to choose which episode to play through, and allows you to spend your studs, or create your own Lego warrior. Quite a lot of customizable features you can do to your own created warrior, and make them look really out of place or make them suit even better then actual characters from the movies.

        Another good thing about the game is the 'drop-in two player', which allows a second player to just enter an existing game at any time, which just furthers the fun.

        Gameplay - 7/10
        It is very simple, yet rather repetitive, but not in a bad way. You will be able to do many things, such as dig, build things up, use vehicles and much more.

        Design - 8/10
        What can I say? It's Lego - Awesome.

        Sound - 7/10
        With a variety of sounds and music, this game will just make your ears feel at home, and you won't get frustrated or irritated at all.

        Value - 9.5/10
        With the amount you can do, the amount of unlockables, and the amount of reasons to replay through levels (which will have new hidden paths you can follow through on second times round), you won't finish this game in a hurry.

        Overall - 8/5/10
        The game has some real potential, but it doesn't really push the limits of the systems. However, if you're a fan of star wars, Lego, or even a fan of a good fun all round game, this is defiantly for you. Lego for the win!


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          14.11.2007 14:06
          Very helpful



          A really great game that will keep you amused and entertained.

          After reviewing Lego Star Wars the video game, with some input from my little boy, he then asked me “why are you not writing about Lego Star Wars II? It’s better…” Hmm…..Well that’s his opinion and so here’s mine….

          Pretty much everything in this game is made of Lego bricks (sorry to state the obvious!) and just like the first game there is no spoken dialogue throughout the game, just gestures (even the most famous moments in the film.)

          After the first game being such a success you might think a follow up game would be hard pushed to come close. But the first game was based on the 3 prequel films, and so Lego Star Wars II is based on the 3 sequel films, which are the originals (and best in my opinion) - The first of which is ‘A new hope’, the second is ‘The Empire strikes back’ and the third is ‘Return of the Jedi’. Three awesome films!

          So after buying the game for my son I was itching to have a go, but if you’ve read my review of the first game you will know that I’m not so great at playing (to put it mildly!) And I haven’t improved…at all, mind you I was thrown in at some later stage of the game where I didn’t know where I was or what to do (I didn’t even know which character I was, I had to keep pressing jump to see which dude went up in the air!) But aside from not knowing what to do, I had fun!

          ~ Game-play ~

          The game begins in the Mos Eisley Cantina, where you find yourself in control of the lovely Princess Leia, who is followed around by her companion Captain Antilles. In here you can go to the bar in the centre of the room to access bonus characters (that are gained along the way), extras – where you can find cheats! You can also put codes in which unlock certain things. Gold bricks can be purchased to gain access to short-cuts, and you can unlock story clips which you can sit back and watch when you want.

          New in this game is the ‘character customiser,’ there aren’t many options for this early on in the game, but as you progress you acquire more and more parts to use. Another great option in this game is the ‘carry over characters’, where if you have the first Lego Star Wars game saved on your memory card, you can then take all the old characters from your first game to the second game when on free-play. (the games need to be on the same memory card for this.)

          Playing the game you can choose between the episode doors (like the first game) in the Cantina, but only when you’ve unlocked them. (bummer!) You then choose between story mode or free-play (where you can explore any unlocked level with any choice of character.) There is also for the first time, an option to build and ride vehicles such as speeder bikes, and you can mount and ride creatures in ‘on foot’ levels! This game also has the ‘Drop in’ feature so a second player can join or leave at any point in the game.

          Throughout the game there are many secret doors to be found, which hide secrets and surprises! The Lego studs are the currency used to buy and trade to help you along your way. But to properly complete this game you must unlock every character, (and there’s lots of them!) Because every character has different abilities, and are needed in certain levels. You can choose from Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda to Ben Kenobi and a Wicket! (Plus many more!)

          While wandering through the different levels you can find objects lying around, such as power bricks – which enable you to get an extra feature from the Cantina barman, gold bricks – which are obtained through completing a level in free-play. And mini-kit canisters (which are really hard to find) but if you find all 10 of them you get immense stud wealth and the parts to build an exclusive vehicle.

          ~ My thoughts ~

          I think I need to see a bit more of the game play before I can say it’s either ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the first game, but I think it’s definitely on par. The characters are really cool and fun to mess around with, (you can swap their heads and bodies which is pretty funny!) As with the first game there’s lot’s of humour throughout the game, I found it pretty funny that Chewbacca pulls baddies arms out of their sockets! (not sure what that says about me though…) And Princess Leia’s ‘slap’ melee attack!

          There’s adaptive game difficultly, so if you’re terrible at it like me you can make yourself feel a bit better by putting it on easy! The game also includes lots of puzzles to work out, which gets kids brains ticking over. And it’s really enjoyable, something that you can keep playing over again, which means that it’s also great value for money. A fabulous game for all ages, and well worth buying.

          The game was released on September 11th 2006 and sold more than a million copies in the first week on shelves.
          The game also won countless awards which include the BAFTA Video Awards awarding it with ‘Best children’s game’- ‘Best character (Han Solo)’ and Best game’.

          Thanks for reading.


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            22.10.2006 22:15
            Very helpful



            A great sequel.

            After the success of LEGO Star Wars back in 2005, it was inevitable the best Star Wars game would get a sequel; especially since the 2005 game was based on the bad trilogy. I have never been a fan of Star Wars but enjoyed this game.

            The 2005 game was a completely original game, where you played out the later Star Wars movie in a LEGO environment and as LEGO characters. It was actually quite surprising that it was good, yet a lot excellent and a made a change to see a good platforming game get a good mark in the magazines. It was also made by Travellers Tales, not LucasArts who made the movies (LucasFilm) and some of the other star Wars games.


            It plays through the key moments of the Original Trilogy in LEGO (Episodes IV to VI) really. This follows the Attempts of Luke Skywalker teaming up with a team of Rebels to rescue Princess Leia from Darth Vader (episode IV), Yoda training Luke to become a Jedi whilst Darth Vader is tracking him down (episode V) and the Rebels attempt to destroy the Death star, with Luke trying to win back his father from the Dark side (episode VI).

            To be honest though, you’ll either be a fan of the series and already know the story, or not like it and therefore not care about the story. Even I enjoyed them re-enacting some of the scenes though due to them being LEGO. Many cut-scenes dragged on far too long and became uninteresting though since LEGO people cannot talk. I was in stitched though with the cut scene of the famous line ‘I am you father’ mute version and it’s one of the highlights of the game.

            Since I don’t like Star Wars its hard to say whether every piece of the plot has been covered, but everything major that I knew about was there-from the Space battles to destroying AT-AT’s. Not that it matter too much because this game if far too cartoony to be taken seriously.


            A great thing about the original game was the uniqueness of dying. You can but you just pop straight back up and lose a bit of your studs, which you collect by destroying enemies, and can buy characters with and earn bonuses if you collect enough. Many would find this babyish but it reality it is not like that and just add to the gameplay. It’s not all about battling since there are some puzzles too and it just makes the game a little bit different and far less repetitive, and still hard because of some puzzles.

            Adding to the gameplay and party aspect of the game is a drop-in/drop-out mode. Whenever you have a friend round just grab a remote, press start, and add them into the game controlling the secondary character that you always have with you-working together. This can always be done since there is always another character following you around for you to choose. You could be a Jedi blocking Trooper bullets, or Chewbacca with his cross-bow and being able to pull the LEGO enemies arms off.

            The levels themselves are pretty huge too, with some being quite time consuming, searching for certain characters etc. and don’t really get boring because each one is so different. There are tonnes of secret rooms to find, and virtually everything that isn’t the wall is destroyable via lightsaber or blaster gun and going back to the levels and choosing character select lets you find even more secret rooms-like Storm Trooper Jacuzzi rooms for example.

            However, there are drawbacks. For example-one is that your secondary character never does damage. He shoots and therefore sometimes gets some enemies off you, but with no damage done it seems a bit pointless. I’d rather have a mediocre player following me around that dies but does damage than this (my friend then).

            Another major disadvantage is the vehicle missions in general. A major disadvantage considering practically the whole of episode 5 involves a vehicle. It all seems very repetitive, shooting bullets, shooting walls down with missiles and avoiding enemies and the controls confused me. Everything seemed basic considering it took up so much of the game-and I expected to be able to do a lot more twirls and flips to get me out of situations. Instead you could basically move around, shoot and do a back flip to dodge. And invisible walls don’t help. You go too far out and your ship does an automatic turn. I would have preferred it much more if you could just fly round a bit so if you fly to the left for so long you end up at the right. Plus a major annoyance is that a ship should be able to fly anywhere. So why would you need to destroy doors to a certain place, why not go over. I just found every vehicle mission tedious and repetitive-like destroying AT-AT’s. They are ok to do the first time round, but still average at best.

            The on foot missions are excellent though, even if the vehicle missions were a let down.

            ~Replay Value~

            Not as much as I had hoped actually. In the original game, I replayed through for hours on end-completing every mission over and over to get studs to buy many characters. Nothing has really changed and everything from collecting mini-kits each level to getting Jedi Status (lots of studs) and more is in each level-like finding the special block to unlock items. However, my incentive to had gone because of the mediocre vehicle missions. Why try to completely complete 12 missions when you know you don’t want to do the other 6? It means you haven’t completed the game, and that you can’t unlock every item. There’s loads of stuff to buy like extra characters and cheats but the 6 missions I didn’t feel like repeating meant I couldn’t get the overly expensive last few characters or items.

            Getting the characters in huge fn though and playing as them in free play mode where you can play as many characters to find hidden secrets within the level adds to the gameplay immensely and doing this sometimes lasts longer than it originally took you to complete the level.

            However, OPS2 magazine loved them, so if you do then you’ll no doubt get hours upon hours of extra time on this game than I did. And if you are a Star Wars fan then you’ll no doubt enjoy the game even more.

            ~Graphics & Cut scenes~

            There isn’t much to say really since they are so cartoony. The in game play and cut scenes look bright and colourful with nothing to complain about really and the expressions on their faces in the cut scenes are pretty fun to watch. Some may get interest in watching muted Star Wars LEGO because of the expressions to convey emotions etc. but I found it got boring. Some cut scenes were pretty funny though, with the humour obviously added to keep our attention on the game.


            Since I have mentioned the controls in the vehicle missions are terrible it is only fair to say that on foot it is the complete opposite. One button swaps characters and the attack button and jump button are alls that are needed for combos. What is even better is that the attack button is also used as offence-to block with your lightsaber or to dodge as a blaster holding character. At no time do you feel the controls are awkward, which is quite surprising since attack and defence is the same button. You just need to press to defend at the fight time (which stops button bashing to some extent too).

            ~Extra Information~

            Name: Lego Star Wars II: The Original trilogy
            Age: 3+
            Released: October 2006
            Lifespan: 10-12 hours completion time. Many more (up to 20) unlocking extras.
            Price: ASDA-£29.99. www.amazon.co.uk-£17.99
            Formats: PS2. Xbox. Gamecube. PC. DS. PSP. GBA. (GBA version different.)
            Developer: Travellers Tales


            Not as good as the 1st version in my opinion. It is an incredibly fun and addictive game with loads of characters and ship to unlock that will provide hours of fun, especially for Star Wars fans and those who liked the original game. However, in my opinion it is let down incredibly by the vehicle missions which just spoil the flow of the game and make some of the missions dull. Luckily though, some of the on foot missions save this part of the game considerably and the replay value also adds to the value for money.

            It is a good sequel and I was hoping for it ever since I played the original and although it is a worthy competitor I think the original just beats it. It you don’t have the first I strongly recommend you get that one and this and it is definitely worth a buy, especially at the Amazon price of £17.99

            I am also pleased to say it is for all ages. Too many games now are getting too violent or mediocre but this is one of the only platform games that has got good ratings and will hopefully encourage more games. Incredibly addictive and with LEGO Batman rumoured to be in production, bring on Gotham City!


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          • Product Details

            LEGO Star Wars takes the fun and endless customization of everything LEGO and combines it with the epic story, characters and action from Star Wars to create a unique game that lets you Build and Battle your way through a tongue-in-cheek Star Wars galaxy.