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Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2)

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Manufacturer: Midway Home Entertainment / Action / Rating: E - (Everyone),up to 2 players / published by: Midway Home Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2011 18:49
      Very helpful



      A range of great classic games all on one disk

      I'm a fan of retro games. There are so many games that even now are really fun to play. Forget the graphics, it's all about the gameplay! After all, they are called video games, not video graphics. Having said that there are only a number of classic games I'd buy again for the console. When I saw Midway Arcade Treasures I was surprised at the collection of games as it included a few of my all time favourites.

      Now I do still have the Amstrad CPC 464 computer that plays all these games on cassette tape and it does all work, but when it comes to taking out a heavy computer, setting it up and waiting at least 10 minutes for the game to load or grabbing a disk, putting in my PS2 and playing the games within a couple of minutes I, of course, prefer the easier option.

      The games:
      The disk includes over 20 classic arcade games.

      * Spyhunter
      Your mission is to destroy suspicious vehicles and remove the bad guys off the road who are causing havoc.

      * Defender
      You are the defender and it's up to you to fight alien forces.

      * Defender 2
      Once again alien forces are back and it's up to you to fight them.

      * Gauntlet
      Gauntlet features many maze type levels with various enemies such as ghosts that try and kill you. The aim of the game is to kill enemies and make it to the exit.

      * Joust
      You take to the skies in Joust and fight against evil.

      * Joust 2
      In joust 2 there are 99 levels to make our way through. Once again you have to destroy evil.

      * Paperboy
      Paperboy is as it sounds. You are a paper boy and you have to deliver papers to the right houses. Don't be fooled though, it's harder than it sounds to get the right houses and avoid various objects (e.g. skates and cars).

      * Rampage
      Rampage allows you to roam around as a beast and destroy everything in sight and fight against anyone who is trying to destroy you.

      * Marble Madness
      In marble madness you must control a marble through, well, the madness. Avoid obstacles and try and reach the goal line.

      * Robotron 2084
      Robotrons have nearly wiped out humanity and it's up to you to defend the last of humanity.

      * Smash TV
      Kill or be killed as you shoot your way through levels while collecting bonuses.

      * Bubbles
      In bubbles you must collect dirt and as you merge with bubbles you grow bigger while trying to avoid various objects.

      * Roadblasters
      You drive an armoured car and battle the enemy.

      * Blaster
      Robotrons have conquered humanity and you must fly through levels and face many enemies until you reach your destination.

      * Rampart
      You must survive waves of attacks by enemies and construct your rampart.

      * Sinistar
      Pilot a ship through the galaxy and you must shoot at planetoids and catch crystals that are released.

      * 720
      720 is a skating game where you skate in different skate parks.

      * Super Sprint
      Super sprint is a Formula 1 driving game.

      * Toobin
      Navigate flags along a course and race the computer to the finish line.

      * Klax
      Klax is a puzzle game where you must match 3 tiles of the same colour in a row.

      * Splat!
      Splat! is basically a food fight. You must throw food and hit as many enemies as possible while avoid being hit yourself.

      * Satans Hollow
      Your aim is to destroy the swarm of gargoyles and win bridge pieces. You can then build a bridge to go and battle Satan.

      * Vindicators
      Face the evil that is invading the galaxy.

      * Root Beer Tapper
      You must serve customers drinks before they get angry and try to avoid the root beer bandit who will try and mix up the drinks.

      No matter what type of games you like you should find something in that list that you like.

      How they compare to the originals:
      Often games get an upgrade when put on newer consoles and at times it ruins them, but they haven't done anything to these games, they look and play like the originals. Well, almost. Originally I played these games using the keyboard or a joystick so using a PS2 controller seemed a bit strange and somehow not as fun. Normally I hate when accessories are bought out just for one game series, but in this case if they had made a joystick like I used for the original games I probably would have bought it (assuming of course that it wasn't stupidly over-priced like many accessories tend to be).

      Some of these games have been previously brought out on consoles. Gauntlet, for example, was on the N64, NES, Mega Drive and Dreamcast and has since been remade for consoles like the PS2 and DS. The remakes are, of course, completely different to the original. Obviously the newest versions allow you to save. However, on the Amstrad CPC 464 that I have the games are on cassette tape and so you can not save any game, which is where this game has been updated. You can save the games on Midway Arcade Treasures and, while part of the fun was always to see how far you could get in the time you had to play, it is a welcomed update. Having said that, there's still no chance of ever beating Gauntlet!

      Graphics and Audio:
      The graphics and audio are terrible compared to today's games, but that's exactly the reason to buy it. Well, kind of. The audio is simple and often just beeping noises rather than the sounds you get in games now and you can't always tell what everything is meant to be as the graphics aren't detailed. The focus is on the gameplay and having fun, not on the graphics and audio.

      Having a HD TV won't be any use with these games, but the TV remote that came with it certainly will be useful as there is a very good chance you'll be wanting to turn the volume down.

      Overall it's nice to have the option to play these games as they were without needing the original hardware. They're not quite the same and it will always be more fun on the old computer, but it's a good disk to get out every now and then and remember how games used to be. For anyone who hasn't played the originals, they'll probably find them great fun and it won't seem strange using a controller. There are two other Midway Arcade Treasures games, but personally my favourite games are all on this first disk and if I was going to recommend any from the series it would be this one.


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  • Product Details

    Take a trip down memory lane with more than 20 video games you loved to play at the arcade. Including, the fast pace action of SpyHunter, the multi-player collaboration of Gauntlet, the space age adventure of Defender, and the dueling combat of Joust; ...

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