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Outlaw Golf 2 (PS2)

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    3 Reviews
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      29.01.2012 11:55
      Very helpful



      A rude and crude adult golf game with lots of humour and violence!

      == OUTLAW GOLF 2 ==
      Outlaw Golf 2 is the second installment of the fantastic adult golf games that are available for the original Xbox and the PS2. Outlaw Golf 2 was developed by Hypnotix and published by Global Star Software. Outlaw Golf 2 is very similar to the first game and rarely features anything new and exciting. It does however contain more adult humour than the previous game. Again there isn't an actual story mode to Outlaw Golf 2 but that's mainly because its golf. Both versions of the game are the same and have all the same features and content plus the game isn't based on actual golf, golfers and course because its all fake but don't let that put you off the game. Outlaw golf 2 is definitely one of my all time favourite golf games so read on to find out more.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The first Outlaw Golf game featured only 2 separate game modes but Outlaw Golf 2 now has a total of 5 different playable modes to test your skills in. The made mode to the game is Tour mode. In Tour mode there are a lot of different events you can enter but first you have to win each one that is open. It usually involves playing a round of golf but sometimes it can be just the first 9 holes. Most events are stroke play but some of the later ones will be something new and exciting. When you're on the golf course ready to take your shot you will notice that the game looks slightly better but you will also notice that its exactly the same controls, exactly the same courses and exactly the same characters. However there is a new power system when taking your shots now which do give you a little hint where to stop your swing. The putting is the same except for the new and improved power bar that you will absolutely adore because it makes the game a lot easier.

      Outlaw Golf doesn't just have the same golfers and course because there are some new ones and some that fit perfectly into the game. You only start with the first four you started with on the first Outlaw Golf. All of the characters have new and old celebrations and some will be extremely offensive to some gamers. Also each character has a caddy which you can literally beat to death in a mini game. There are 10 unique golfers on the game along with 8 varied golf courses which includes an 18 hole mini golf course. The commentating in this game is done by comedian David Attell who is really funny in the game but can be off putting. One of the new features to the game is the ability to use a token to either beat your caddy to death or to drive a golf cart through so many hoops in so many seconds and to do this you must hit ramps to get airtime. Both are a lot of fun to play but the awkwardness of the golf cart is a problem. However its still a lot of fun and will make you giggle.

      There is now a brand new mode called Outlaw Range which is used to raise skills of your characters. In the previous games you would come up against golfers that were much better than you and it became a little complicated but now with the new Outlaw Range you can get all characters stats up to compete against the best. In Outlaw Range you can play mini games to increase each stat individually. Some include putting which you have to putt so many balls in succession, driving which increases your shot power and the aim of this game is to smack the ball as far as you can to hit target pads and there are a lot more to be played to increase stats. Outlaw Range is a lot of fun to play and you can spend hours alone enjoying this mode. Also you can go and play Exhibition mode which lets you play what ever games are on the game which include stroke play, match, skins, best ball, scramble, my one and only, casino, time attack, bingo bango, high low, vegas, pick up sticks and baseball. All games tell you what you have to do to win before playing them. You can also now play Quick Play mode which basically puts you straight into the game without picking your golfer or your opponent.

      All characters have numerous costumes so if you get bored experiment with them see which you like. Outlaw Golf 2 has an online mode where you can play friends online in any of the above match types but the only problem is that nobody plays the game online anymore because its old and the games not a well known game. You can however make up for this mode by playing friends on the same console which makes things a little more interesting. The game also has 9 bonus movies which can be unlocked. To unlock these you must win certain Tour events. In the options menu you can alter the games music or change the game to suit you best. Overall Outlaw Golf 2 is an interesting golf game that has a nice variety to offer gamers. It is a very rude game and does contain scenes people may find offensive. The previous Outlaw Golf game is the same as are the other games such as Outlaw Tennis and Outlaw Volleyball. Fun gameplay features all round.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      Something about the game that has been slightly improved from the first one is the graphics. Characters look a lot better detailed and stand out a lot more too. Some of the course look delicious but there are a few that look plain and ordinary. I don't like the fact that some of them are from the first game and they look exactly the same like they've just been ripped from the first game and stuck into the second with no improvements. The animations that take place in the game are really stunning and certainly make the game look better overall. I also like how most the courses are designed with objects and such, I really think it stands out well. The textures and colouring of the game is simple but effective and overall the graphics are really good for a game that is a little dated.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      Outlaw Golf 2 has some good quality sound effects that stand out and to be honest they have been greatly improved on since the first game. The first game featured poor sound effects all throughout the game but Outlaw Golf 2 is really well done. Okay the music isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but there are some songs that I like and think fit well into the game. However the menu music is far too heavy and boring. The in game music is much better. Sound effects come out properly when you're playing golf especially the sound of your fist against your caddy's face or the sound of you whacking the ball 200 odd yards down the fairway. It really does sound much better than the previous game and is definitely a strong point to the game.

      === DIFFICULTY ===
      The game can be difficult sometimes but only until you either get your golfers stats up or you master the games sensitive controls. Using the analog sticks to take shorts is a great idea but you have to keep a steady hand when doing so or your shots will be out of bounds. Its quite easy when you get the hang of it but at first you might struggle. The putting is easy because like the first you can use 3 hints to show you where the balls is going. Difficulty against friends is varied and depends on their actual skill level. Overall I would say its a little simple but a fun game to play.

      === LONGEVITY ===
      Outlaw Golf 2 is reasonable in terms of length because whilst its only golf its also the type of game you can play with friends over and over again with different outcomes. The main Tour mode is okay but again its not a very long game mode even though there are multiple events. It even seems shorter than the first game in some respects. It does feature different game modes though that include Outlaw Range which isn't massive but you have to go on with every character if you want their stats improved.

      === PROS ===
      *10 golfers, 8 courses and 5 playable game modes.
      *Outlaw Range is really good and improves golfers stats. Full with mini games.
      *The graphics are fantastic and the sound effects are much improved.
      *Beat your caddy up or drive a golf cart up ramps and through hoops.
      *The game can be found fairly cheap.

      === CONS ===
      *Tour mode just isn't long enough.
      *The controls are very sensitive especially when taking your shots.
      *Could be a little easy for some gamers.
      *The online game modes are dead now and nobody plays them anymore.
      *Some of the music is annoying but you can turn it off.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Outlaw Golf 2 is definitely a lot better than the first Outlaw Golf games and possibly better than other Outlaw games. I would even say its better than these pro golf games. Its very similar to Everybody's Golf that is available for the PS1 and PS2. The game does have a decent amount of game modes but I feel a few more or a much longer Tour mode would of been sufficient It does contain scenes of a sexual nature as well as violence and some strong language.

      I would recommend the game to many different gamers especially if your a massive fan of golf games but fancy trying something new with variety. I would also recommend if you like a bit of adult material but if your not a fan of stuff like that then the game is probably worth avoiding. The game manual to the game is quite good and has all relevant information and will help you out a lot. The game is the first golf game to have an age rating of 16+ because of what it contains.

      I bought the game pretty cheap from Amazon. I did want them GameCube version but there isn't one so had to opt for the PS2 game. It cost me only £2 which included postage which is fantastic value for money. The game is still on Amazon for the same price. It will also be hard to find in most game shops.

      Overall its a good game and offers a lot to all sorts of gamers and I would give the game an 8/10!

      Review also posted on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        15.12.2005 12:33
        Very helpful



        Outlaw Golf 2 is a perfectly playable golf game, but with plenty more thrown in for fun.

        Recently I've started getting fed up with the highly polished pristine environments in console sport games, programmers need to be made aware that not all football pitches are as smooth as billiard tables and not all golf courses look like pure green velvet. Luckily Global software seem to have taken it upon themselves to deliver pitches and courses familiar to the masses, not least in Outlaw Golf 2 where you are just as likely to chip that shot into a sewage works as a bunker. Gone are the traditional clothing, courses, competitors and commentary to be replaced with what can only be described as the biggest bunch of social misfits and ner-do-wells ever to grip a golf club.

        The premise of the game is, obviously, to beat your competitors at golf, but describing Outlaw Golf 2 merely as a golf game would be like describing a Rolls Royce as a run-around. The game has been injected with a large dose of adult humour, violence and madness to make the whole experience unlike any you would have witnessed before. A number of game options are available - from a traditional 18 holes of stroke play through to tournaments, tours and match play. For those wishing to polish their game there is a driving range while if the golf all gets a little too stressful there are options to beat up your caddy or take part in a golf cart challenge race.

        Fair to say that the very best competitors will not be found in this game, instead all manner of low life get to hit anything in site with a golf club. There are a total of ten players to chose from, some of which need to be unlocked in early games, they include such deviants as Country Clem - hailing from Swampass County and caddied by the gormless looking Goober. Elsewhere gangster rapper wannabe Ice Trey and self proclaimed ladies man El Suave battle for supremacy on course but my favourite pairing has to be that of Mistress Suki the dominatrix and her 300 pound gimp mask clad caddy suitably called Puddin`. Each of the ten characters has a unique caddy to berate or celebrate with and this is shown in small movie cut scenes throughout the game and each player can be clothed in a number of garish or revealing articles depending on your preference. Depending on the way the game is progressing a composure meter slides up and down - missing that easy five yard putt will send it spiralling into the gutter while a long tee shot will put you well and truly in the zone.

        There are eight courses to play on, ranging from the delightfully titled Turnpike Valley, the darn right unwelcoming Mosquito Greens to the frozen wastelands of Glacier Ridge. Those more used to the perfect lawns of St Andrews or Pebble Beach would have a fit on these holes with Canadian Geese wandering around the putting greens, caravans parked on the fairway and sewage works bordering some courses. A favourite course of mine is Psycho Sands in which each of the eighteen holes is in a different setting - starting at the first with what appears to be an abandoned government alien laboratory and moving onto a skyscraper series where the ball needs to be chipped from rooftop to rooftop with great delicacy, sort of a full size crazy golf course all in one go. Each course can have weather turned on or off depending on preference.

        Playability is good with something new to see on each course, controlling the shots is simply a matter of using the left analogue stick and keeping it as straight as possible. The speed, direction and club are selected with simple button presses while a unique putting aim system lets the player take into account that nasty slope when trying to putt for a birdie. A number of fun adaptations to golf can also be played - "me and my club" gives the player the choice of just one club and a putter to use for all shots while baseball golf adopts the rules of the popular American sport. Time trials give you eight minutes to complete eighteen holes while Pick Up Sticks means that if you win a hole you can remove any club from your opponents golf bag.

        Graphically the game is good but not outstanding, courses are well rendered and the grass looks fairly realistic. The balls flight is smooth and it reacts as it should when it lands or glances off an object. The characters are delightfully detailed meaning every tattoo, piercing and snarl are clearly discernable and the cut in movies are realistic thanks to motion capture effects. The swing of the golf club and the way the contestants stand show that a great deal of work has gone into making the game as golf-like as possible. The sound and effects in Outlaw Golf 2 are one of the games strong points - hilarious and sexual innuendo laden commentary is supplied by comedian Dave Attell while the interaction between each player and there caddy is usually witty. The sound as a golf ball is thwacked is realistic as unfortunately is the sound when that same ball lands in a bunker. Music plays throughout the game and is predominantly of the dance and hip hop genre.

        So is the game child friendly? That'll be a big fat no on that one I'm afraid. The good folk at www.esrb.org (Entertainment Software Rating Board) have certified Outlaw Golf 2 as Mature (17+) and it's not hard to see why. The mix of crude humour and language, sexual themes and violence mean this is not a game for the whole family to enjoy.

        My Final thoughts on the game are that it is an excellent and original take on the staid and stuffy golf Sims of old. If you are a fan of games such as Tiger Woods PGA Golf then this is probably not the game for you, but if you feel no round of golf is complete without some sex and violence then this could be just what you've been looking for. On the down side there are longish loading times between holes and the CPU players seem almost too good at times but despite this there is fun to be had in abundance. The clear and crisp way in which the golf clubs are controlled mean Outlaw Golf 2 is a perfectly playable golf game, but with plenty more thrown in for fun - four stars out of five.



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          05.12.2005 14:41
          Very helpful



          Unique style of golf game aimed at the more mature gamer

          Well I am sure many of you have played the odd golf game whether it be on a games console or the PC, and believe me in my time I have played many from the realistic life like style games like Tiger woods and PGA tour through to the more fun cartoon based game such as everybody's golf.

          I thought I had seen everything that the golfing computer games market had to throw at us but then along came Outlaw Golf 2 and I realised how totaly wrong I was.

          This game is soooo different from all the other golf games on the market from its new control method of hitting the ball through to its spoof like rough and ready story line.

          I can honestly say that this game is not for the faint hearted quitter as you will soon find youself defeated due to the extra ordinary expertise of the computer players within the game being almost too good to keep up with let alone being able to beat them.
          The characters within the game all have a somewhat colourful and shady background hence making them outlaws which gives this game its unique name any storyline.
          There are 10 characters in all although you will need to progress through the game to unlock all of them.
          The chacters include Country Clem who looks like he has just stepped out of the film Deliverance, Killer Miller who is a big bad criminal let out of jail just to play in the golf tournament although is constantly being watched by his caddy who also happens to be an officer of the law through to Summer who is a somewhat sexy looking competitor with her skimpy attire.

          At first the basic idea of the game is completely normal as the object of the game is to beat your opponents after a round of either 9 or 18 holes on a variety of the 8 different courses, but there is a different twist to the story line of this game.

          As the title says these characters are outlaws and that is exactly how they behave.
          One of the unique features in this game is the composure meter which is affected by how good or how bad you are playing, so the better you play the better your composure and the worse you play the worse it gets, you get my drift.
          You will want to try and keep your composure at a relatively high position as the lower it gets the more it affects your game in the fact your drives become less straight and your putts become less accurate.
          Obviously your composure will improve as your playing gets better but there are other quick ways to improve your composure in a somewhat outlawish way which is good for you but not so good for your caddy.

          You have a limited amount of tries to instantly raise your composure level by either driving your motorised golf cart round varied tracks in a time limit or the more favoured method of beating the living daylights out of your caddy.
          The beating method works like a skill stop where you need to hit the button on the control pad just at the right time as the fist reaches the face on the screen. The more times you get this right the bigger a beating the poor old caddy gets and the better your compousre becomes.
          Once you have dished out the beating you get the chance to watch your character dish out the pain on your caddy in a variety of different ways which is really amusing.

          Although the composure is important, the success of your game depends on how well you can control the ball with the unique control method.
          To line up the ball, select a club, add spin etc is all very straight forward but its when you come to spank that ball when you need to be consistant and accurate with your swing.
          The swing is controlled by using either the left or right analogue stick so to suit both left and right handed players. You need to pull the analogue stick back and then forward in as straight as a line as is possible to ensure a clean and straight swing.
          This may sound simple but believe me, any lapse of concentration and you are almost guaranteed a hefty hook or slice which you can really do without in this game.

          Like I mentioned before this game is tricky and the computer players are pretty darn good, but the light hearted cut scenes along with the very witty comentator's comments will constantly lift your spirits to continue onwards.

          One thing I will say about this game though is even though it is light hearted and very witty, this game is definitely aimed at the more mature gamer due to its slightly violent and crude and smutty nature so I would not reccomend putting this one in your little ones stocking this Christmas.

          Over all this is a great game with lots of humour and original ideas which will keep you interested for ages and due to its difficully dont expect to complete this one overnight as it will provide you with many many weeks of game play.

          If you want a light hearted more mature golf game then this one is definitely for you but if you are hoping for a more serious life like golf sim I would suggest waiting for the next Tiger Woods or PGA.

          In my books this game is top notch and well worth spending your hard earned money on....


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