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Rayman Raving Rabbids (PS2)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ubisoft / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    4 Reviews
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      14.08.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      We loved this game

      Rayman Raving Rabbids is a PlayStation 2 game aimed at younger children and features which are challenging but fun. This is the first Rayman game I've played so don't know if there is a backstory but the game starts with Rayman being thrown in a prison cell by a large bear type creature, once he gets into the room he spots that the top window is open but he can't reach. He is given a plunger every time he completes a series of games and slowly he is getting closer to the window and freedom.

      Rayman is a well what is he, I'm not sure a kind of rabbit, with big hair and a big nose, he wears large shoes and can be kitted out in different outfits, glasses, wigs etc as the play opens levels as the challenges get more complex. The prison cell acts as the control centre of the game, you can view your progress, your dress, change the music and if you exit through the large sealed doors you are taken to the games arena.

      The Arena
      Rayman is taken to the arena, as the game progresses the guards and raving rabbids of the title turn from scornful disdain to acclaim and eventually worship. Once in the arena you are allowed to walk around and gates with games behind them are lit, you need to complete 3 out of 4 to be allowed to take the level's end game. If you complete all four tasks then the game opens a new music, clothing or wig to dress your Rayman.

      The Games
      The games can be split into dance, sport, accuracy or race. Dance levels feature on all levels and the Rayman in found on a disco dance floor and has to press the appropriate left or right back paddle as a Raving rabbids comes around to him, all to the beat and the dancer has to score 750 points. As with all games the levels get more complex and more difficult.
      Sports events feature the freakish creatures in Raymans world; we have mixes of trolls and cows, shooting Rayman out of a cannon, skipping over a rope, doing a kind of discus with a cow etc. All are great fun and designed to test the player's ability to use the left circular button and pressing the X button when you've speeded up enough.
      Racing events are self-explanatory and Rayman tends to be on a type of pig racing other pigs, again not particularly challenging but fun to play.
      Accuracy events tend to be the level ending levels, they all feature first person shooting plungers at increasing rabid and excited rabbits, there are also robots, laser guided missiles and the player has to shoot all the rabbits and reload, quite a challenge for my near 4 year old.
      There are other games such as sheep shearing, filling a lot of rabbits diving masks with carrot juice, slapping out of tune rabbits etc. All are fun, but the levels are set at the right level of being a challenge without being impossible or too easy. I'd suggest a child of around 6 would be able to complete most of the levels and my 2 and half year old can finish the first level all by himself as he tells me.
      Overall this is a lovely game to play, the games are a nice mix of quirkiness, challenging but not impossible and the kids love playing the game. The adults can play as well and whilst not particularly difficult on story mode, playing on score mode gives a series of high scores for every level which are genuinely difficult (I think we've managed to beat about 20% of them). We have completed the game and it left me with the desire to go out and buy other Rayman games and that must be the best complement.


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      17.05.2008 14:37



      Fun little game that most will enjoy

      This is the 4th instalment in the Rayman series, from what started as a very cute platformer, Rayman has progresed nicley through the years and his latest adventure sees him face to face with the raving rabbids! As he prepares to go against a million little furry friends it's worth noting that instead of the usual platform format that Rayman has until this point been accustom to, this is more akin to Wario World or Paper Mario as you find yourself entangled in many many mini games.

      All of which are pretty fun and addicitive, not to mention that they are pretty challenging too, and they are influenced heavily by some really quite surrprisingly witty commentary. Humour in games nowadays can easily come across as wooden but in Rayman the one-liners are really pretty good.

      Now for the bad, originally launched on the Nintendo Wii, this is easy to see that it's a port, and although that doesn't affect the way the game looks, it does hurt the game play a little, many of the games are obviously create for the Wii remote so the PS2 controller seems a little awkward at times.

      This is a really fun little game if a little repetitive however if you're looking for a game thats a little different then this is as good as any. Thumbs up.


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      16.01.2007 13:33
      Very helpful



      Good game but could use improvements

      Rayman Raving Rabbids is one of those games that wasn’t made for the PS2. It’s a Nintendo Wii game adapted for the PS2. You can tell from the second you turn it on and it makes you want a Nintendo Wii too! The problem is that this means some of the controllers are awkward in a couple of games and you find yourself getting extremely frustrated. This game boasts over 70 mini games. And even though the concept of the game can sometimes be repeated the actual game is different. For example, you may play a shooting game 5 times but the layout etc will be a new experience each time.

      - -Storyline- -
      Rayman is having a picnic with a family of Globox in the local park. All of a sudden the ground starts to shake and one by one the Globox and sucked into the ground and an evil (but equally yet creepily cute) bunny pops up in its place. All of a sudden – with only Rayman left – a huge guard like robot bunny appears from the floor and grabs Rayman dragging him back underground.
      The next thing you know you are controlling Rayman and you are in the middle of a gladiator like arena. Surrounding you are loads of ‘Raving’ bunnies jumping from side toy side. There are four small lit up tunnels and a big closed gate. Yours aim is to enter a minimum of three doors and complete the mini challenges. After finishing three the main gates open and you are free to do the main challenge.
      Completion of a main challenge means the day ends and you are thrown in to cell 35.
      And all you are rewarded with for your day’s efforts is…a plunger.

      - -Playing the Game- -

      Your Cell
      In between days challenges you are placed in your cell. There are a few different items that you can do different things with. They are:
      Locker – This is where you can change outfits. You start off with 3 sets of shades, 3 hair styles, 3 sets of clothing and 3 sets of shoes. You can collect more by getting bonuses throughout the game.
      Jukebox – While in your cell you can play music from here. You start off with one song and can collect more through bonuses.
      Bed – Unusable as far as I know. More of a decoration.
      Light/Window – Allows you to see a cut scene of a high up window which if you could get to you could climb out of. Funny, short cut scene available.
      Toilet – Lets you ‘relive memories’. Basically allows you to play already played games in previous days.
      Plunger/s – Dependant on how many days you have been on your cell depends on how many you have. For example 5 days = 5 plungers.

      The Mini Games
      As said before, when you enter the arena each day there are 4 tunnels. Each one represents a mini game. Up until day 6 you must complete 3 mini games to open the main gates. After day 6 you must complete all four. If you complete the 4th game each day before day 6 you are rewarded with a new outfit or song for your juke box. There are many different mini games but one tunnel is always the same each day. It is a dancing bunny game.
      Dancing Bunnies – This game layout starts with Rayman standing on a circle with a star below him. To his left and right there are identical stars with runways working up to each one. Below Rayman is a metre split into a left and right side and behind him is a dance floor with a set appropriate to the music chosen for that day. When the music starts bunnies start to twirl down either side of the runway. As they hit the star either side of Rayman toy must press either L2 for the left side or R2 to the right side. If you hit it too early you lose points and the bunny disappears. If you hit it too late the bunny falls off the edge. If you hit it at the right time then the bunny lights up in a beam of light on the star and disappears. The aim is to hit the bunnies in time with the notes. Each time you do this the metre below Rayman fills up green. Each time you miss it, it stays red. Before each round is over your aim is to get it half way green. Failing to do so will cause boo’s from the crowd. Succeeding will cause a bunny to appear on the dance floor behind you and start to copy Raymans moves. If you get all the rounds right then by the end of the song there are around ten bunnies all dancing with Rayman. Very funny. You need to get a minimum of 750 points to pass. So at least 7 bunnies by the end.

      The Main Game
      There are two main games. Save the Globox and Mort hog races.

      Save the Globox
      You are with 9 ‘lives’ –displayed as 9 hearts at the top of the screen and you have a plunger gun’ which can hold 5 plungers at once. To shoot you use R2, to reload you use R1 and to recentre your aimer you use L1. The aim is simple; to shoot all the bunnies that get in your way and when you reach the end you will save one of your captured Globox friends. There are several different ways to shot them with your plunger including a headshot where the plunger gets stuck on their face. I was in hysterics the first time it happened. At One point during the mission you will see a music box. If you hit it then some music will start playing and all near by bunnies will stop attacking you and start dancing around the juke box. This lasts for around 10 seconds during which time you can attack them. It is very funny to watch though. Every once and a while a bunny with a fizzing present will run up to you – I would strongly recommend you destroy him before he gets near you. His present is dynamite! There are also grey bunnies which require two hits. Each mission is themed and the bunnies get into it too and dress up. I never thought I would see a bunny dressed as a cowboy…

      Mort Hog races
      You Race against 4 bunnies on mort hogs. The aim isn’t to win – even though it’s nice – but to finish the course in a specific time. To make the mort hog go forward you hold R2. To make it accelerate you press circle. But you only get to do it three times. The funniest thing about this is one of the bunnies mort hogs is ‘barryed up’ with speakers all over him. If you are close to him you can hear drum and bass style music. Fun little touch.

      To give you a taste of the game I am going to write about the first 4 days and what games you play. If they are one of the three games above I will just quote the name and give more detail about the theme. The main gate games will have MAIN written before any information on it.

      Day 1
      Bunnies don’t give gifts – You are handed an explosive present from one bunny. The explosive is lit and you have to run all the way to the other side of the island and deliver it before it explodes. You need to move the left and right analogue sticks up and down, one after the other as fast as possible to run. Very difficult the first few times but you soon get the hang of it.
      Bunnies don’t know what to do with cows – You need to throw Daisy the cow (who by the way is tied up and gagged) 60 metres. You swing her by turning the left analogue round in circles either way and releasing after another speed is collected. You do this by pressing X towards the open field. Throwing it into a crowd will make a funny cut scene but a failed task.
      Bunnies like to stuff themselves – A shape of food will appear in front of you. You must trace around the item using the left analogue stick and pressing X. Letting go will mean you have to start again It is a mixture of accuracy and speed. Successfully drawing item causes bunny to eat food. You need to accumulate 200 points.
      Bunnies are fantastic dancers – Dancing bunnies’ game. Has a black eyed pea’s song. Normal disco backdrop.
      MAIN – Save the globox. Cowboys and Indians themed. Set in a cowboy’s town.

      Day 2
      Bunnies never close doors – There are 4 bunnies in toilets in front of you. The aim is to slam closed the slowly opening doors using the left analogue to move between doors and the right to slam it. You must do this for a minimum of 50 seconds.
      Bunnies can’t jump – Rayman is forced to skip over a metal chain. Every time he succeeds he gets points. You need to get a minimum of 3000 points to complete the challenge.
      Bunnies are addicted to carrot juice – You need to fill bunnies diving masks for a minimum of 1 minute and 20 seconds before they reach and attack you. You aim using your left analogue and pump the X button to get carrot juice to shoot forward. Very funny game.
      Bunnies love disco dancing – Dancing bunnies’ game. Has normal disco backdrop with 80’s themed music
      MAIN – Save the globox. Similar to day one but a bit more difficult.

      Day 3
      Bunnies can’t fly – This is one of the funniest cut scenes in the game. There is a bunny in a superman outfit and your aim is to make him fly a minimum of 100 metres. You do this by moving the right and left analogue stick as fast as possible one after the other.
      Bunnies don’t use toothpaste – You have a close up of a bunny’s mouth with 4 teeth with holes in front of them. The aim is to catch the worms that pop out of them using the x to catch them and pull them out using the left analogue stick. If you miss the worm it will go back into the tooth and the tooth will go rotten. Three teeth means game over so keep the worms at bay for at least 1 minute.
      Bunnies are slow to react – this is a maze within a bunny’s brain. The aim is to tilt with the left analogue stick and get the marble to the end of the maze within 28 seconds. Make sure you don’t fall down any of the holes though. Succeeding results in a bunny getting revenge.
      Bunnies just wanna have fun – Dancing bunnies’ game to girls just wanna have fun.
      MAIN – Mort hog race – You have 1 minute and 15 seconds. Themed on an island and there are a few difficult turns.

      Day 4
      Bunnies don’t milk cows – You have 20 seconds to fill three bucket using the left and right analogue sticks one after the other as quickly as possible.
      Bunnies don’t like bats – You need to get three pigs back in their pen within a minute and a half. You are riding a bat and it is similar to riding a mort hog except you fly. You use R2 to accelerate and circle to use a boost. Be careful though as you only get 5 boosts during the game. To pick up the pig you hover above it and press X then return to the pen and press X again to drop them in.
      Bunnies are a-mazing – You have a bird’s eye view of a maze with. You control the bunny’s head using the left analogue. You need to get to the end of the maze within 30 seconds. Don’t touch the sides as you will explode and waste 3 seconds of your time.
      Bunnies get a kick out of hip-hop – Dancing bunnies’ game with hip hop music theme. This time the background is graveyard/Halloween theme. Raymans and the bunnies dance routine is a familiar thriller dance too. Very funny.
      MAIN – Save the globox. Bunnies think they are in the movies. Cowboys and Indians again but on a train.

      Multi Player Mode
      It is called score mode and you can have up to four people playing. The mini games are the same in story mode but are set into 4 sections called Bunny Hunt!, Sports, Challenges and Shake Your Booty. This version is a lot of fun playing against other people and makes the game worth it.

      - -Sound & Graphics- -
      The sound is good. Not excellent but defiantly good. The bunnies are constantly making silly sounds which is funny. Even while reading instructions for a mini game you can hear them in the background. Sometimes I did have to mute. During the brain mini game the constant Christmas songs in the background followed by laughing bunnies was getting on my nerves. This was obviously intentional but still very annoying when you’re struggling with something! Rayman never changes – which is a good thing. A new voice should be illegal even to think about! The graphics is the same old Rayman. No improvements, but Rayman would look weird any other way! The starting sequence has improved graphics but that’s about it. Nothing to write home about

      - -Controls- -
      As mentioned before, this game was made for the Nintendo Wii and adapted for the PS2 and sometimes it really shows. The main difficulty is doing the missions which requires you to press R and L up and down in opposite directions as fast as possible. You know that it’s really designed for the Wii controllers and would be easy but with a PS2 control you find yourself giving it quite a few attempts before you get the knack of it. Apart from that all of the mini games do explain the use of the controls perfectly each time making each game go smoothly.

      - -Availability- -
      As it only came out last December, the game is really easy to find. It has also gone down a lot on the PS2 as people have already recognised it’s not meant for the PS2. In most stores you can get it for £20. Any more is a rip off. Online you can get it for around £15 – and of course less on EBay

      - -My View- -
      I did enjoy the game, all the mini challenges where fun and because they where all personalised it didn’t become repetitive. Being able to tell that it was only adapted for the PS2 was annoying as I was hoping they would do something more with it and now I have a desire to get a Nintendo Wii. Ha-ha. The multi payer mode is defiantly party material. It is loads of fun and everyone in the family would enjoy it. I would recommend it but not if your paying more than £20.


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        09.01.2007 19:49
        Very helpful



        So-so, it will only appeal to certain gamers.

        -(Game Information)-
        Name:Rayman:Raving Rabbids
        Developer:Ubisoft Montpellie
        Genre:Party games
        Release Date:Dec 8, 2006
        Age Rating:3+ for Comic Mischief and Cartoon Violence
        Number Of Players:1-4
        Developer Site:www.ubisoft.com
        Product Site:www.raymanzone.com
        Memory Card Usage:288kb minimum

        Since 1986, French game developer Ubisoft have become one of the best and most successful game developers. Their list of franchises includes all the Tom Clancy-based franchises (e.g. Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon), Myst, Prince of Persia and of course RAYMAN! Before there was even Crash Bandicoot, Rayman was the best platformer around. And after more than ten years, Rayman continues to be a definitive platformer, with amazing games like Rayman 2, Rayman 2:Revolution and Rayman 3:Hoodlum Havoc. Most of the games have been platformers (though their have been the odd racing game, which are pretty bad), this game is most certainly not a platformer.

        -(The Story)-
        The story is very simple, so it won't really take me long to tell you the story. Rayman is having tea with his Globoxes friends, when these evil creatures called Rabbids (who are basically Rabbits that can stand up on their own two feet, but fall over easily), kidnap the Globoxes and force Rayman to compete in a series of games. The story isn't that compelling, and you probably won't take much notice of it, but the intro cutscene is pretty funny.

        -(The Controls)-
        All the same games that appeared in the Wii version of Raving Rabbids, but Ubisoft completely changed the controls to suit the Wii version as you won't be using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, but instead of buttons and analog stick movements, and unfortunately this is a game in which motion controls are definitely the preferred control style. The controls are mostly good enough, but they are not as fun as the Wii version. For example, in the dancing minigames you simply use the R2 and L2 buttons to time the hits, which makes the game really easy, even on the harder difficulty levels, but other games, such as the whack-a-mole game, are a little harder to deal with, simply because you have to try to move a cursor back and forth between the different stall doors, and any game that has you quickly moving the analog sticks up and down is almost broken, simply because these games can sometimes last an awfully long time for the quickness required, and it's not hard to end up losing the rhythm because you accidentally moved the stick too far to the right or left. It definitely feels like this game wasn't designed with analog sticks and buttons in mind, and even if the Wii version had never been released, the control interface presented here wouldn't translate especially well with the way these minigames are designed.

        -(The Gameplay)-
        The gameplay is good, but probably not as fun as the Wii version. The mini-games are very varied, as you get things like Dance-Dance revolution style mini-games where you have to time you button pressing with the rabbid, and when you hit a rabbid it makes a tune that sounds like the song you're dancing to, which is hilarious to play. Another important mini-game is these on the rail shooter levels, where you have a plunger gun (yes, a plunger gun, which shoots plungers) which you must use to shoot at Rabbids to save the baby globox. These missions are a little long-winded, as they are much longer and harder than the other mini-games, but there's lots and lots of rabbids to shoot at. As well as these mini-games, there's some mini-games that are pretty simple, for example you'll pull out worms out of a rabbids teeth before the worms actually destroy the teeth, and the rabbids scream in your face. Other mini-games include one mini-game makes you with draw over an outlined image on the screen, which then creates some kind of food for a hungry rabbid, e.g. a can of sardines, or perhaps a baseball. Other games includes a game of whack-a-mole, where several rabbids sit inside multiple toilets, and you have to repeatedly move the pointer back and forth across the screen, tapping the right analog stick to close the stall doors, and another still is a hammer-throw minigame where you spin the left analog stick around, while onscreen, Rayman spins a cow around and around, attempting to time the release to hit the playing field and gain as much distance as possible.

        There are not many modes in Rayman:RR, as there only a storymode, score mode and, of course, multiplayer. The single-player mode is actually a little bit repetitive as you go into the later stages, because the game starts throwing variants of the same minigames you've already played at you. Also the process of getting through the main single-player game also has a very lather-rinse-repeat kind of progression to it. Each part of the game is broken out into four mini-games, which you must complete at least three to unlock the final game, which is usually one of the first-person shooter sequences or a race of some sort. You keep going through these chunks of games over and over again until you've beaten them, and that's about it. That will take at least a few hours, but once you're done, you probably won't want to go back to it. It's fortunate that the game has the ability to go back to games that you have completed and that you are rather fond of, as well as multiplayer. But just to let you know, not all the minigames in Rayman:RR can be played with every player. Some of the games are sequenced multiplayer, where players take turns and try to get the highest score, and others are exclusively for two players. However, the good news is that the ones that do work simultaneously are quite fun when played with friends, even though sometimes the directions for the games aren't clear, specifically in explaining how a game differs in multiplayer versus single-player, but this is one of those games where fumbling around like an idiot often leads to inadvertent fun. And it's not as if anything this game does is complicated. As fun as the minigames are, the comedy of the game is what really makes the game good. The rabbids themselves have pretty much made this happen, as they are really hysterical. They're designed really well, with their dumb stares, high-pitched shrieks, and a penchant for taking bumps. And, for some very, very strange reason, they're really obsessed with plungers and will often use them as a weapon against you. I think that the best parts of the game, both from a gameplay and comedy perspective, are the first-person rail-shooting missions that take more than a few cues from on-rails light gun games like The House of the Dead and Time Crisis. Each stage has it's own theme, which take after one thing or another, like an Old West ghost town or a creepy cemetery, and the bunnies often take after these scenes, coming after you with cowboy hats and plunger six-shooters, but sometimes, the bunnies just go in totally random directions, like the Splinter Cell-styled bunnies that sneak around, wearing Sam Fisher's token night-vision goggles.

        -(The Graphics)-
        Though the rabbids are a charming gang, Raving Rabbids' graphics aren't quite as charming, thanks to a choppy frame-rate and bland textures. They're charming, but they're technical unimpressive. Textures and lighting are a little bit bland and washed out, but the level designs are great, creating some bright and colorful scenery that backdrops the action nicely. Also the 'Raving' Rabbids have a lot of charm, thanks to the cute character design and the way it's animated. The rabbids are adorable, and the way they constantly fall all over the place, run around like screaming lunatics, and generally do silly, yet evil stuff, it's hard not to fall in love with them. While the game's no technical masterpiece, the style does a lot to make up for those shortcomings, as if the rabbids weren't as charming as they are, i would be giving the graphics 4 or 5, and certainly not 7.

        -(The Sound)-
        The audio is a little bit better than the graphics, but are held down thanks to some minor glitches. There's not much that's impressive here, but the charming in-game music and the rather strange licensed soundtrack (with versions of "Misirlou," "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and "La Bamba," among others) keep things exciting and interesting. The really wacky screams of the rabbids are also oddly amusing. Normally stuff like this would be totally grating, and would make you turn off the sound immediately, but whoever did the audio for the rabbids really did it right. Unfortunetly there are some glitches with the sound, which hold down an otherwise great sound showcase.

        -(Replay Value)-
        The story is very short, taking you about 5-10 hours to complete at the most. And the lack of modes really hurt the game, as there is only 3 modes. But the multiplayer mode will give you some value, and the score mode will take a bit of time to finish, and the mode is quite rewarding, so it's worth playing the score mode, but you probably won't want to play the storymode more than once.

        Controls=8-Mostly works with the analog sticks
        Gameplay=8-Fun mini-games, though they sometimes repeat
        Graphics=7-Charming Rabbids, but the frame rate is not
        Sound=9-It never gets old
        Replay Value=7-The story won't take you long to blow through, but the multiplayer will keep you busy, yet there's not much else
        Overall Score=7.8-Solid

        -(Ending Comments)-
        Rayman:Raving Rabbids on the PS2 is a whole different story compared to the Wii version. This version has the problems of not having the novelty controls that the Wii has, and Ubisoft have tried to adjust the controls to suit Sony's platform, and they mostly work, with moments when the controls are really awkward. Also the graphics are really disappointing, as the frame rate is all over the place and the textures look a little bland. But what makes the game as good as it is, is the Rabbids, as they are charming, yet so evil and they add some real charm to these standard mini-games. If you love Rayman, this is a great game, though some fans may not like the change from platforming to party. Or if you're looking for some charming mini-games then you'll enjoy this as well, but you'd do better to go with the Wii version, but if you're like me and can't get your hands on a Wii, then the PS2 version is just fine. This could be the PS2's Mario Party.

        -(If You Like This I'd Suggest)-
        My Street-PS2
        Mario Party-Gamecube
        Fusion Frenzy-Xbox

        -(Where You Can Buy It)-
        amazon.co.uk for £16.99
        game for £16.98
        play.com for £17.99
        I paid £19.98 from game


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      • Product Details

        Rayman steps back into the limelight as he's brought in to protect the world from evil alien& rabbits? One of gaming's most beloved platform stars returns in a mini-game collection that makes Wario Ware seem sane.

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