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Rise to Honor (PS2)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sony / Action / Rating: T - (Teen) / 1 player / published by: Sony

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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2012 15:10
      Very helpful



      A scrolling beat em' up game with a good story and some nice combos!

      Jet Li Rise To Honour is a 3D action adventure beat-'em-up game and revolves around Jet Li's character Kit Yun. This is one of the few beat-'em-up games that I like and the fact it features the likeness, voice acting and motion capture work of martial arts actor Jet Li makes the game really good. The game was published and developed by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment Of America). The game is also a PS2 exclusive and isn't available on anything else. Rise To Honour features a good storyline as well as non-stop action. Rise To Honour rarely features any loading screens, it features a lot of action, fighting and running after people and overall could be the best beat-'em-up on the PS2. The game was released back in 2004.

      === STORY ===
      You are Kit Yun (Jet Li) who is an undercover Hong Kong police officer who is ordered to be the bodyguard of Boss Chiang who is an old friend of Kit Yun's father. Whilst Kit is trying to protect his fathers old friend a sniper shoots him and kills him leaving Kit upset. However Boss Chiang's final words are to Kit and he tells him that he must deliver an envelope containing some serious information about the crime syndicate to his estranged daughter, Michelle. After delivering the letter Kit finds that a mysterious gang are after his blood. Kit now must find a way to bring them down and stop anything happening to Michelle. The story is quite good but its English subbed so you must read everything or you'll most likely lose track of the story.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      You only control Kit Yun in the game who is of course Jet Li. The game plays like a scrolling beat-'em-up and its fairly simple to work out where to go in the game because there is only one way there could be some obstacles though and these include ladders, ledges, tables and much more than can be navigated. All you do is press the button displayed in the tutorial and you can climb ladders, walls, jump things and so on. The main part of the game is the fighting and Jet Li does the actual motion capture work to the game. Some of the fighting is brilliant and most of it is very different to what some martial arts games feature. There are numerous ways to defeat your opponents which include beating them to death with devastating combos, by throwing them into walls, through windows or off ledges.

      There are a few different types of enemies that you will come up against. The average looking normal enemies that would only be tricky if you're surrounded, bigger enemies that seem to be quick and good at countering and even enemies which you need to use focus attacks to defeat them. The normal enemies can be beaten with routine combos which can be done with the right analog stick. All you do is slap the stick on multiple occasions in the direction the enemy is in and you will do some delicious looking combos and possibly finish your enemy off. This also works well with multiple opponents because all you do is twiddle the stick where the enemies are and you can unleash some smart looking multiple combos. Bigger enemies require you to counter their moves before you can pound on them with combos. Countering is simple and consists of you holding two buttons then twitching the right stick at the right moment. The much smarter enemies require you to use your focus attacks to defeat them. Under your health bar is a focus meter which you can use whilst attacking to make your attacks quicker, more powerful and more accurate.

      The game also features some bosses but they're usually just normal enemies but a little harder to defeat. You can also use weapons to defeat your enemies and some of which include guns, chairs and other fantastic weapons all of which do a lot of damage. You will also come to some parts in the game that you will need to run and avoid things one of these is a guy with a machine gun. You have to avoid his bullets whilst you make you way to him so you can disarm him. There are a lot of characters that you will come up against and interact with which is okay. Overall the game only features story mode and a couple of options but nothing else worth mentioning.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      The game isn't great for graphics but there are some parts of the game that look really good. Jet Li looks very detailed but that's because the real Jet Li did the facial expressions and everything else. Also the design layouts of the levels and places you visit are quite good but some do look a little dated at times. The fighting in the game is the best for graphical features because they look stunning. Overall the graphics are okay for a 2004 game.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      The sound effects are okay in places but the whole game involves you ready everything because its in a different language. This isn't at all a disappointment but sometimes the sound effects seem to fade and vanish for a number of seconds. Also the game sound effects are okay but sometimes they seem to fade a little as well. I also don't think too much to the music in the game. Overall the sound effects are a little disappointing and should be much better.

      === DIFFICULTY ===
      The game isn't at all difficult. The controls are the easiest part of the game because you don't even use all the controls. The fighting in the game is very simple because you mainly only use the one button. Also navigating through the levels are simple and shouldn't cause too many problems. I did find the game got a little harder as I got further but overall it shouldn't cause too many problems.

      === LONGEVITY ===
      The game isn't a massive game in terms of length but because of the type of game it is it can be played numerous times for fun. Also with the game only featuring one playable game mode the length overall seems a little disappointing too. The game took me only about 14 hours which I guess is okay for this type of game but should really be doubled. Overall it is a little disappointing but the game itself is still a lot of fun and has a lot to offer.

      === PROS ===
      *Some fantastic fight scenes and combos.
      *Lots of variety in the gameplay with numerous moves, weapons and much more being usable.
      *The game features the likeness, voice acting and motion capture work of martial arts actor Jet Li.
      *Non-stop action from start to finish.
      *Its incredibly cheap for a decent game.

      === CONS ===
      *Graphics look a little dated for a 2004 game.
      *Some of the sound effects are weak and seem to fade when playing the game.
      *Only the one playable game mode which is a shame.
      *Such a short game overall.
      *No multiplayer features or options available.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Rise To Honour is a very reasonable game in my opinion and to be honest there isn't a lot of its kind. This is probably one of the better beat-'em-up games but it just feels its lacking something special to be classed as a great game. Rise To Honour is the type of game that is based on non-stop action and to be fair it works well, Also it does give the feeling that you're in a Jet Li movie. Overall its good but could do with a few more game modes or some sort of multiplayer mode.

      I would recommend the game mainly because it features something new with the gameplay and the new combos and fighting techniques the game has. Also if you like a good action game then this could be for you. I would recommend the game to fans of games such as Streets Of Rage, Final Fight or even Urban Reign. Also if you like martial arts games you should try this out because I'm pretty sure you wont be too disappointed. The manual is quite good because it lists all relevant information about the game. Also the game has an age rating of 16+.

      I bought the game a few months back because it was really cheap on Amazon. Wasn't 100% sure what the game would actually be like but to my surprise it wasn't all that bad. It cost me just £2 including postage which is fantastic value for money. The game is still on Amazon for roughly the same price and I would definitely recommend it for just how cheap it is. It is a great game and I'm sure you will like it too if you're a fan of these games and are looking for some new material for PS2.

      So its a good game with good qualities. Okay the graphics and sound aren't particularly good but the gameplay features make up for that. I would give Jet Li Rise To Honour a very reasonable 7/10!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        21.02.2010 02:43



        Overall, not a bad game for action lovers

        Rise to Honor is a typical action game starring Jet Li and I bought this game recently to play on my Playstation 2.

        I must admit because the game stars Jet Li I assumed it was going to have a story similar to a typical Jet Li movie. And it does have exactly that. Kit(Li) , who is a bodyguard must travel to the United States to an old friend to tell her that her father has been killed. However, along the way alot of fighting takes place. The story is not fantastic but does enough to occupy your time.

        The game is focused on action and it pulls this off very well. The fighting aspect of this great fun. For example, you can smash enemoes on to stoves or through them off of tall buildings. There are also slow motion scenes when performing some great moves.

        The game switches from hand-to-hand combat to gun missions. The gun controls are different, too. When you have guns, you hit the right analog stick in the direction that you want to shoot, and hit R2 to shoot. With this, you can aim in any direction at fast speeds, and shoot many people in a short while. You can also dive using L1, which will be in slow motion if your Special Move meter is full. Though shooting is much easier to use than hand-to-hand combat, I find it to be a little more tedious, and I'm glad there aren't as many shooting missions as there are fighting.

        The game looks great, I must say. Jet Li looks pretty good in the game, as do most of the people in it. Sure, the random fighters in the game have the same models, but they still look good. Many of the levels are well made, too, but the set paths really ruin them. A game like this with a big, open area would have been cool (imagine being in a huge mall with like 50 guys fighting you! you could throw them off of the top floor, go into different stores, it would be so awesome!). However, for what they have, it looks great. The fighting is well done, too. Different people would sit down and watch me play the game, and just get enough out of that.

        At certain parts the game just becomes too frustrating. Maybe there will be too many enemies who are nearly invulnerable to counters, so you'll be fighting one guy and the rest will keep kicking you to death, and there will be nothing you can do about it. Each boss has a specific way to be beaten, and you'll have to use trial and error to discover what it is. This may seem like a good way to give the game more depth, but it only succeeds in making the game unnecessarily frustrating.

        Rise To Honor is not a bad game, however it just suffers from the typical weaknesses of most action games. It has a very interesting control, and is the most fun game you could play for the first half of the game. You'll have fun shooting, beating up people, doing cool moves, and trying to counter everything that you can. However, as you draw nearer and nearer to the end, it becomes frustrating and repetitive. Still, get it cheaply and you won't be disappointed.


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        12.11.2004 23:29
        Very helpful



        As some people know, Jet Li is a movie star, does kung fu movies like The Legend 2, and Cradle To The Grave, but now he has finally got round to doing what most kung fu actors don’t do… his very own computer game, action with the comedy also… which makes one of the best type of games.

        Jet Li is Kit Yun, an ex undercover cop, who becomes a bodyguard to his girlfriends father, Chiang. Who happens to fall into loads of trouble, and ends up reuniting with his best friend and girlfriend. To save the world once again from big trouble in Hong Kong.

        This game is called Rise To Honour, done by Jet Li, and all the crew. The simulations on this game are just excellent, all the fighting against the goons, and make your way through 2 different countries, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

        There are 3 type of game plays which you get to have fun with within the game, there is shooting game play, where you go around shooting the bad guys, then there is kung fu game play which is when you go around beating the sh*t into people. Then there is also sneaky sneaky mode, where you have to sneak around and not get caught, and annoy the guards.

        The further you get into the game, the more chapters you unlock, which makes the game more fun as you can go back anywhere into the game, where fights can be played over and over if you so wish.

        There are loads of chapters, and loads of fighting and shooting scenes for you to play in, so you will be able to make your way around the game quite easily, but it does get very hard near the end, especially if you’re not that good at the game.

        Once you complete the game, you get new special features like the difficulty setting; you get to enhance the hardness when you complete the game! You also get new costumes like his costume from The Legend which is a white dress pretty much, and this cool black thing.

        You get other things from special features that you don’t need to complete the game for like soundtrack, artwork, and making of documentaries and other things. It will probably keep you occupied till you find another game to play with.

        The action and stunts in this game is awesome, and Jet Li himself did all the stunts, and the creators just put it into computer graphics, so everything you see on the game is possible to do in real life, accept with all the slow motion stuff, well that just damn impossible.

        You get many shoot outs in this game, and you will be able to play with twinpack pistols, twinpack uzi’s and the famous nail guns, very effective. It is fun to go over and over these missions, as it will be different each time, depending how you react. You might just get shot to death, then what you going to do? Restart the mission? Or play a different one? Or a different game altogether?

        The playability of the game is great, get to do loads of kung fu, and in different directions, makes the game loads of fun for kids and adults, but some people might think it’s a bit childish, when really its not. The game is really enjoyable, I enjoyed all the time, and still do, even though I’ve completed it, but I get to replay all the missions because of their chapter selection.

        The game is very addictive, with all the fighting and shooting and sneaking around, keeps you entertained for hours, it did to me, and I loved it!

        The game is quite original, I don’t know if some of you know, but Jackie Chan did a game similar to this, called Jackie Chan Stuntmaster for the Playstation, and it was similar to this game, different storyline and all, but same type of thing altogether. But if I had a vote to which one was better, I would say Rise To Honour.

        The graphics of this game are not bad, and also not brilliant, It has good graphics in the cut scenes, and also within the game itself, but on the other hand, I have seen much better graphics, but for this type of game, it is not bad graphics.

        The soundtrack to this game is not bad, it has some good fighting and shooting music, then it has some ones that you don’t even want to listen too. There are 16 tracks altogether that you can listen to in the special features.

        They speak in English and mandarin I think it is, depending which country you are in on the game, you speak English in San-Fransisco, and mandarin in Hong Kong (I think that’s it). Good game, you have subtitles come up anyway, so you know what they are saying, you can edit this in the options, so you can have them speak English in both countries. Or mandarin in both.

        The sound effects of the game are great also, with all the screaming and knocking people through windows, its just so cool, really fun, and everything thing about it is.

        The game can be difficult at sometimes, but depending how good you are at the game, if not very good, then you will have trouble throughout the game, but if you get the hang of it, then all you need to do is worry about the end of the game.

        The game should keep you entertained for around loads of days, even longer, I have had it for over 2 weeks now, and still have not got bored of it, so it really depends on what type of games you like, I would say its ongoing.

        The game is quite new, I think it came out late last year, and its around £40 new, and I got it for pre-owned for £27, which was not bad, I recommend this game to everyone who like kung fu or fighting, it is great for kids and adults a like. I will give this game a 5 star as it is worth it, and I loved it to bits.

        This game is 16+, even though i have said that it is suitable for kids, well the game is, it is only violence and possibly the content that makes it a 16+, so it is up to you if you wish to get it or not. Thank you to the people for pointing this out to me!

        Thanks For Reading!


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    • Product Details

      Rise to Honor engrosses gamers in the story of Kit Yun (Jet Li) who is the trusted bodyguard of Boss Chiang, the leader of one of Hong Kong's notorious crime gangs. As Chiang is assassinated, he whispers his dying wish to Kit - to deliver an important message to Chiang's estranged daughter Michelle in San Francisco. By fulfilling Chiang's wish, Kit becomes entangled in a web of alliances and hidden agendas that unveil a great struggle between his sense of duty and honor.

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