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Sega Superstars (PS2)

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    4 Reviews
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      20.08.2012 08:53
      Very helpful



      A very enjoyable title for the PS2 Eyetoy

      The Sega Superstars game is a set of twelve themed mini-games (and a virtual pet sim) for the PS2 Eyetoy based on Sega titles. The range of minigames is very wide with something for everyone, from sports to dancing to combat. As with all Eyetoy games, they work best if you play in a well-lit room, wearing a colour that contrasts with the background.

      Samba De Amigo and Space Channel 5 are rhythm (dancing) games, covering spots on the screen in time to control the character's movement. Virtua Fighter is a decent, if basic, one-on-one fighting game, while House of the Dead lets you fight your way through zombie infested streets. Virtua Striker contributes a football heading game where you try to head the ball to burst balloons. The other titles include Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, Chuchu Rocket!, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Puyo Pop Fever, and Nights into Dreams.

      Some of the games have difficult controls to master, e.g. Billy Hatcher, but simpler ones that involve simply hitting spots on the screen work very well. I would have loved to see some of these expanded further, particularly House of the Dead which (in my opinion) is the stand-out title on Superstars, and a real workout on the harder levels.

      When you win a minigame the system will save your score and snap a photo. Since there is a time delay before the photo is taken, shy people can get out of the way, and people like me can hold the cat up. Initially each game only has a basic difficulty available. Extras unlocked by completing each one include harder difficulty settings, and different photo frames for your image.

      While the mini-games have no true multiplayer, the high score boards virtually invite playing head to head to see who is better, and this game collection can be a lot of fun if you have a group of friends round. There's also no reason someone couldn't hover offscreen and hit targets for a multiplayer attempt. We did this with Samba del Amigo, taking half the screen each, although this is more co-operative play than versus.

      As well as points and high scores, you also earn rings by playing games. Rings can be used to purchase items for the game's unique feature, Chao Garden. This is a very basic virtual pet sim, where you have to buy toys, food and landscape features for your Chao, which you can interact with and play with. Once your Chao is up and running, it will appear on the loading screens for the minigames. Chao Garden isn't a great feature - it has a substantial loading time and the ways to interact with your pet are every limited - but it is a nice touch.

      There are two versions of this game available, a standalone one and a boxed version that comes with an Eyetoy. I bought the boxed version. The Eyetoy included is a standard model, no frills or specific sega logo, which works perfectly and I've used for all my Eyetoy games.

      This is a fun collection of minigames, playable by all ages and the Eyetoy is a good way to make sure that console gaming isn't a passive activity - and wear out players of all ages!


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      12.12.2008 15:35
      Very helpful



      Sega Superstars for PS2 is a fun and enjoyable Sega collection Eye Toy game

      Sega Superstars for PS2 is another Eye Toy game for the PS2. This game requires that a Eye Toy camera be used as none of the games can be played without an Eye Toy. This game collection features twelve mini-games from different Sega hit titles such as Sonic, Super Monkey Ball and Billy Hatcher. I like being able to be part of the game as you can exercise and have fun at the same time. You mainly use your arms and hands and somtims your head to control different features in the game. Here is a list of playable Sega games in the order of gameplay:

      .Samba De Amigo
      .Sonic The Hedgehog
      .Virtua Fighter
      .Super Monkey Ball
      .Crazy Taxi
      .The House of The Dead
      .Space Channel 5
      .Chuchu Rocket!
      .Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
      .Virtua Striker
      .Puyo Pop Fever
      .Nights into Dreams
      .Chao Garden

      These Sega games are only one player, so there is no option for two players to play. But it doesn't mean you can't have fun on your own. The games do require you to use your arms, which in somecases can make you tired after a while, but you'll probably feel abit fitter afterwards. I use my arms for the Nights mini-game and enjoy it as you move your arms up and down, but just be aware that it can put some strain on your arms. Other games such as Billy Hatcher only require you to moves or wave your hands, so it will be less strain on your hands then your arms, but otherwise quite fun. I found Virtua Striker to be the most boring game out of the lost unless you like football. I like football but heading a football at balloons is not what i would want to do on a game. The two best games i liked playing were Sonic the Hedgehog as almost everone likes Sonic as it's fast paced and you only need to move your arms up and down to control him. Also i liked Super Monkey Ball as it's similar to Nights where you move your arms but you control a monkey in a ball to colelct bananas and head for the exit.

      Overall this Sega mini-game collection for Eye Toy PS2 is fun if your a Sega fan and even for those who like cartoon games will enjoy it. You will need an Eye Toy camera to play the games so bare that in mind. The only problem is that it is not two players, but if your on your own or you have some friends who don't mind taking turns then you'll find this fun.


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      15.12.2005 23:44
      1 Comment



      All the Sonic classics in one.

      SEGA takes its most popular characters and games and makes them even more fun via the EyeToy.

      The game contains 12 small mini games redesigned exclusively for the Eye Toy .There are games involving skill and can be quite hard to grasp at first but there is also a nice mixture of simple games like heading a ball to hit targets. Other games include fighting ,dancing , blob directing and much more. From simple to mind blowing games.

      The graphics are superb as always with SEGA. The charachters are clear and the background is wacky.The sound is also top quality with rock and pop. Most of the sounds are from the original games.

      Requires the EyeToy camera for the PlayStation2.

      Good family game that is now a bargain in most outlets at under £6.00


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        09.10.2005 13:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great fun for all

        This really is a game for the familly, especially if you have children between 4 and 12 then this will have you all rolling around the floor with laughter.
        Superstars contains 12 mini games that all vary in styles but are all controlled using your body movments, hers an insight into each game

        this is based around dancing, you choose the tune and then have to wave your hands over the beat buttons around the screens as the beat balls cross them, all this is done in time with the music and gets faster as you go.

        Here you run through the tubes picking up the rings whilst dodging the spike balls, as you pick up emeralds your speed increase. This is all done by using your arms to steer him.

        Here you have an apponent to fight, Karate kid style, object of the game being to block his attacks using your legs or arms and to attack him back and defeat him and progress to the next level.

        Here you guide AIAI through the course to the goal whilst collecting as many bananas as possible, this is done against the clock which has to be done without rolling off the course and losing all your lives.

        CRAZY TAXI
        Here you have to make some noise, the object of this game is to get the attention of the taxi by shouting and waving your arms, to raise the gauge as high as possible and progress to the next level.

        Here you are in a graveyard, the object is to hit all the monsters and bats before they get you.

        Here you have to memorise dance moves and perform them after the lady on the screen.

        Here you hace to wave on the buttons to put bridges up to stop chuchu from falling down, the object is to get as many as possible into the rocket.

        Here you have to guide billy in his egg to squash the enemies and finish through the gate within the time limit

        Here you need to head the ball to burst the ballons and score as high a score as possible

        These are small ball like objects dropped from above and you need to guide each colour into its matching tray, but avoid letting the bombs into the trays.

        Here you fly through the rings to reach the Palace before time runs out

        Here you have to hatch CHAO and then feed him and play with him

        Well that just about sums up this game, full of fun for everyone, hope you enjoy it as we all did.


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