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The Simpsons: Hit & Run (Xbox)

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    5 Reviews
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      24.01.2010 13:14
      Very helpful
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      Characters are great and relate to show

      I have played this Simpsons Hit and Run game many times and it is great. Even if I've completed parts of it, it is always fun to go back and play again. I love the Simpsons anyway but to be honest I think anyone with kids would enjoy this game or even if you haven't. It's just so much enjoyment watching the characters and they are pretty close to the show.

      The basic idea of this game is complete missions you are given by driving around Springfield in your car. Initially you begin the game as Homer and after a tutorial and advice from Bart you start to drive from the house to many different places around town. I thought the detailed graphic were very authentic and for anyone who has seen the show everything is familiar from the various characters to the scenery in the town of Springfield. For example, the Town Hall can Casino are all there amongst others.

      The majority of the missions you have to complete throughout the game are timed to add to the challenge and as you do you can advance through the levels and play as other characters. As you progress you get to play as Marge, Bart, Lisa to name a few and this makes things more interesting as you are not just playing as one all the time. Some missions involve car chases and you have to lose your opponent to win and complete this section. For others you need to drive to a certain specified location to pick up particular items.

      You start in the Simpson's pink car from the show, but as you go on you can get new cars by collecting coins that are scattered about the levels. You are able to get great vehicles and for me one of my favourites was burning it around in Otto's schoolbus.

      I have great fun just driving around and exploring even after I've completed missions. You are allowed to crash into other cars, pedestrians and trees around the town. If you do happen to damage your car then you will find wrenches around the place to fix it. However, if you do happen to do something too illegal then the cops come and catch you and take 10 coins off you.

      Overall I love this game and my kids will love it too I'm sure when they are old enough as it's highly addictive and enjoyable whether you love the show or not.


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        23.01.2010 17:36



        A great game worth buying but dont expect it to be fun with your mates.

        Simpsons hit and run is similair to the gta franchise but much more child friendly. The games gameplay is mainly vehicle based but unlike its predecessor simpsons road rage the player is able to get out of there car and explore the vast world on foot. The game contains 7 worlds mostly have a seperate character that you play as. Homer,marge,lisa,bart and apu are all playable.

        The free roam in this game is great the worlds are huge and there are lots of secrets to find. Players are able to get into cars that are driving on the road and control them. Many places in the television series are in the game such as the nucleor power plant and the simpsons house which you can enter.

        The only thing lacking in this game is the multiplayer aspect. The multiplayer revolves around a minigame race around a track. It is not spliscreen though and is veiwed from above and played like a scalextric. This was very dissapointing and would be much more interresting if the races were like they were in singleplayer and if it had multiplayer free roam. If your looking for multiplayer buy road rage.


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        23.01.2010 16:08
        Very helpful



        A really good game, buy it if you want a GTA type game thats suitable for everyone.

        This game is often put under the category of a 'GTA Clone', but this is probably the only game that fits in that category that has a 7+ age rating.

        Compared to the prequel of this game, Simpsons Road Rage, this game is an improvement, it features a much better free roam mode, as the entire game is free roam, however the only multiplayer mode featured is a 4 player scaletrix type racing game.

        The games playing area is fairly large, allowing you to drive around most of the city, there are also a few other maps, that are not based within the city. The map of springfield has changed dramatically from that of Road Rage, streets and road layouts are in totally different places.

        Like the GTA games, it is now possible to get out of your vehicle and walk around the area, allowing more in-depth exploration to take place, it is also possible to steal cars that randomly drive around the streets, however the standard traffic cars are noway near as detailed as the cars which the players unlock by purchasing them with coins that they find throughout the levels.

        The game does infact have a story behind it, unlike most GTA type games, the basics are that mysterious happenings are occuring in Springfield. The Simpson family start to investigate and find out that the Aliens Kang and Kodos are involved, afterwhich the Simpsons take it upon themselves to thwart their plan and save Springfield.

        As i said previously, this game is primarily a single-player game, dont buy it for the multiplayer side, and also the PC version does not feature any multiplayer. The game is fairly cheap now, and its a pretty decent game, but unfortunatly it suffers from lack of replayability, although the missions are fun, once you've completed the story mode, you'll be stuck for things to do, as there is only the story mode and multiplayer mode.


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        29.11.2006 21:05
        Very helpful



        It's GTA With The Simpsons!

        -(Game Information)-
        Name:The Simpsons Hit & Run
        Publisher:Vivendi Universal Games
        Developer:Radical Entertainment
        Genre:Mission Based-Driving
        Release Date:Oct 31, 2003
        Age Rating:7+ for Comic Mischief, Mild Language and Violence
        Number Of Players:1-4
        Xbox Live:No
        Memory Unit:18 Blocks
        Custom Soundtracks:Yes
        In-Game Dolby Digital:Yes
        System Link:Yes
        Developer Site:www.vugames.com/vug
        Product Site:www.thesimpsons-hitandrun.com

        The developer with more than 700 PC and console titles to its credit, Vivendi Universal is the second-largest publisher of PC game software in North America. Studios that are with Vivendi include Sierra Entertainment, Radical Entertainment and Swordfish Studios. The Simpsons Video-gaming history has unfortunately been a little shallow with games like Simpsons Road Rage and the awful Simpsons Skateboarding.

        -(The Story)-
        The story is sort of like a Sci-Fi movie with lots of conspiracy. There's treachery a foot, as evil cameras that look like wasps are spying on springfield. Also black vans and a new cola have showed up as well. It's up to The Simpsons family (and Apu) to solve the mystery of this. You will play as Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Apu.

        -(The Controls)-
        The controls are responsive and easy to learn. Each character has the same moves, jumping, kicking and entering a car. You can also interact with items as well as enter interiors. You will also need to learn the controls for cars. The controls for the car is pretty much like any Xbox racer as you have you gas, brake and e-brake buttons. At the beginning Bart will tutorial you through the controls, but if you don't need help then you can turn them off. In the end, the controls are pretty fantastic thanks to the fact they are responsive and simple.


        -(The Gameplay)-
        The gameplay is very similar to GTA, which in one way as GTA is fantastic but it's bad in another as it will put off people who are Die Hard GTA fans. Also near the end the gameplay starts to get repetitive. But the game is just plain fun. Seeing as the game is very similar to the GTA series, a lot of Hit & Run involves a series of missions which have a number of exploration elements. The game has a basic level structure which each with seven primary missions. Each level in the game is assigned to one of the 5 character for example there is one for Lisa, Marge, and Apu but Bart and Homer get two levels to make chaos. Missions are started when you interact with the city's charming (cough cough) characters. They mostly involve collecting and delivering items to other people or locations. Though some missions involve racing other characters or even getting into combat situations where you need to destroy someones car. The levels have a bonus mission and three non-story-related race missions. Completing all of the the bonus missions and race missions help you to unlock new cars in the game. This is a very important and key factor seeing as the most you do is...DRIVE! Hit & Run has a load of cars to choose from, with the standard and generic looking cars, to a host of fancy cars that fans of the show are definitely going to recognize. Each character in the game starts out with his or her own specific car. Marge has her Canyonero, Homer drives the family sedan and Bart drives Martin Prince's entry into the Springfield soap box derby, the Honor Roller. These are not the only cars that each character can drive however, as some missions will require you to buy a new car from vehicle dealer located around the parts of Springfield, for example a mission requires Homer to destroy Mr. Smithers' car before he can get to the power plant to conduct Homer's employee review, but to do this you must buy the massive Plow King from a dealer. Like GTA you can hijack cars from passing motorists, though these cars are all a little slow. But if you can find one of any of the numerous phone booths placed around the town, you can access any of the different (and special) cars in the game. There is a number of different cars to unlock and purchase in the game including Homer's self-designed car, to the Comic Book Guy's beaten-down rustbucket of a jalopy to even Professor Frink's futuristic hovercar. The game's map system is shown with a circular street map that appears in the corner of the screen. It will show where you are and where you need to go next. Additionally there is also arrows appear on the street, showing the path you need to follow.

        Of course, driving isn't the only way to get around Springfield. You can just run and jump around town any time you please. Each character has jump, attack, and jump-attacks. Each can be used to destroy enemies, objects or to explore hidden areas. You can even kick a person who's just passing by, which is hilarious. Every character can double-jump and each also has a unique slam attack. For example, Homer can do a pretty big butt-stomp when the occasion needs it. The game also uses a action button, which can be used to activate different objects, like moving platforms and entering buildings. Outside of the game's storyline, there's lots to discover and explore. Things like items, money, and gags can be found in the city of Springfield. Money comes in the form of coins, which can be collected by destroying various pieces of the environment like soda machines, street signs, and lampposts, as well as the evil mechanical bees that pop up all over the place. Unnecessary destruction is simply not permitted, well at least not for long. Cause too much chaos and in the end you'll end up with the cops on your butt. Your level of destruction and rampage is monitored by a meter that appears in the lower corner of the screen. Once it fills up, the police will chase you down to the death, well not really. If you're caught it's a 50-coin fine which isn't stressing as it's not too hard collecting money. Once you've got the money, you can buy cars from dealers characters but that's not all as each character also has a different set of outfits that can be purchased at different locations. Some of these outfits come directly into play with the game's storyline and are necessary to complete missions for example you play as Lisa and you need to buy a causal clothing so it looks like Chief Wiggum is taking you to the station when actually he's spying on Snake. The rest can be used for some fun. All the outfits are related to episodes of the show, including Homer's muumuu from his brief encounter with obesity, Marge's cop uniform from her days as a member of Springfield's finest, and Apu's “American” outfit, complete with baseball jersey and over-sized cowboy hat. To top everything off there's also gags and collectible items placed around town. Gags are different from location to location are either interactive or simply in the background. For example, walking into the Kwik-E-Mart and you'll find a couple of different gags, for example, walk to the back and you find Jasper or “Frostillicus,” encased within a freezer. Interacting with him will cause him to start shivering, and he'll throw you one of a few different one-liners. You can also find collectible items around town, like wrenches that fix your car and trading cards that relate to items from episodes of the show. These cards cover a pretty wide spectrum of items from the show. They range from the Mr. Sparkle box, to the evil Krusty doll that tried to kill Homer in one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes. Each card also contains info about the episode in which the item appears and a quotation related to it. In the end the gameplay is one of the best parts about the game.

        -(The Graphics)-
        The graphics are mostly fantastic. The game actually runs at a very smooth frame rate when you're walking around, but in certain situations the frame rate completely chops up for example when you damage your car smoke comes out of the engine at comes at the screen and the frame rate slows down, now this isn't so choppy it messes up the game, but it's bad enough that you'll notice it. I think the best thing about the graphics is the physics, they're crazy. For example if you run over a person then they'll go over your car in a really crazy way and a way you wouldn't expect to happen in real life. The car physics are pretty crazy as well. The character models are fantastic and each have a lot of detail, especially in the main characters. Springfield looks fantastic as well. The cut-scenes look fantastic as well and it's a shame there aren't many of them. The levels in the game are broken up into three sections of Springfield. One is a suburban area, which has the Simpsons home. Another is a downtown area, and the last is in the city's harbor area. Aside from the major and obvious landmarks, Springfield also has a lot of less famous landmarks, such as Chester Lampwick's solid gold house, the massive Lard Lad Donut statue, and even the now-destroyed monorail station. Also the car models look fantastic with so much detail and so much charm to them, you'll feel proud to be driving your vehicle. Hit & Run uses an effective 3D design that actually makes all of the characters look a bit like Homer from the treehouse of horror episode when Homer goes into the 3rd dimension. They also animate quite nicely as well, thanks to the effective 3d design. Another problem with the graphics is the camera system. When you're driving around, Hit & Run's camera is fine in all of the three available camera views. However, when you're walking, the camera has a bad tendency to lose control at random. This is especially happens in situations like where you get too close to a building or a piece of scenery that could possibly get in the way of your camera's set path. You will be able to move the camera with the right stick, but some situations the camera can't be moved to any better angle. If not for the camera system and the frame rate, the graphics would be perfect, but it's very nice to look at.


        -(The Sound)-
        Sound is definitely one of the points that excel the game into greatness. All of the show's major voice talents return to reprise their roles for the game, and the result is a great atmosphere. Another big part of the sound is the writing, as the story was actually written by writers from the TV show. The cut-scenes, in-game dialogue, and even the one-liners are hilarious. The in-game music is also really well done. Most of the main songs do feel a bit like it was ripped from some of the best seasons of the show, and the remaining music tracks are all very nice. Additionally, each of the playable characters has his or her own style of background music, for example while playing as Lisa, you will hear some periodic saxophone music.


        -(Replay Value)
        The story is unfortunately quite short, but there's tons to do after. You can try to collect all the collector cards, find all the gags and unlock all the costumes and cars. Also there's all the side missions and racing missions to do as well. And of course you can explore all the juices of Springfield.


        Replay Value=8
        Overall Score=8.8=Great

        -(Ending Comments)-
        Hit and Run borrows a lot from GTA, and the end result is a game that brings the world of The Simpsons to life without actually making you think 'This game sucks' and instead making you think 'Wow'. It's has all the cast from the show and has a mostly very smooth frame rate, but it does chug a bit in certain situations. Even though the game does get a bit repetitive, the gameplay is very good. The story is a bit short, but there's tons to do after. If you like the Simpsons, are a casual GTA fan and love video-games then Hit and Run is perfect for you, but if you're a die hard fan of GTA then you'll be put off by how similar it is to GTA.

        -(If You Like This I'd Suggest)-
        Midtown Madness
        Wreckless:Yakuza Missions
        Starsky and Hutch

        -(Where You Can Buy It)-
        game.co.uk for £14.99 but currently out of stock
        amazon.co.uk for £8.99
        play.com for £17.99 but currently out of stock


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          09.02.2006 17:20
          Very helpful



          fun fun fun

          I got this game for my birthday from my man and i love it!

          The Plot

          The idea of the game is to unravel strange goings on in Springfield. Black vans have been appearing and you have to get to the bottom of it. This will involve you solving clues, doing challanges and collecting tokens. You will have to do races and missions and avoid getting caught by the police.

          Characters and surroundings.

          The one thing that amazed me about this game is that you can go just about everywhere in the game. You can go into some people back gardens, Moe's Tavern, The Kwickimart, you can even run through the famous Tomacco plant field. It's great. I was wandering about for ages exploring before i even started doing tasks.
          The characters are all there as well. You begin by playing Homer then progress through Bart, Lisa, Marge and Apu. You can play with the characters by finding changing points. At these points you can buy different outfits for your character. I must admit that my favourite was Homer in his underpants. It's a real giggle. You can even beat up fellow characters.

          Coins and cards.

          Throughout the game you will find and be able to pick up coins which you can use to buy your outfits or need if you get caught by the police.
          You will also have to track down collector cards. These are sometimes quite difficult to find and I'm still trying to find one in the Bart level. The good thing is that you can move to the next level without all the card and you can jump back and forth between the levels.


          You can drive any car but if you bash it up you will have to get it fixed by finding a wrench icon. If you dont the car will blow up. Highly frustrating when your getting chased by the cops.


          These little critters are scattered throughout the levels and will attack you causing you to loose coins. If you see some wasps keep an eye out as they are sometimes protecting something like a collector card. They can be a pain to kill so you better master the Jump and Kick action that kills them quickest.


          If you collect all the collector card from one level you will get a bonus game. Its like a mini race but i must admit i wasnt that impressed. You can play against the computer or your friends.

          The game

          All through the game you will be able to check on your progress. It will tell you what you have collected for example collector cards 5/10. This means you know what you still need to find or buy.

          This is a great game for young and old, i've had countless hours playing it and i dont get bored. The missions and races are fairly easy and its hard to get stuck. You also cant die which is a great bonus for me because i get really p***ed off when i play a game and keep dying.

          There's loads of giggles for this game, the characters will moan and groan especialy Homer if you make him run for a long period of time. he'll let you know he's fed up.

          I recommend this game to all.

          Price. I got it new so it would have been top price but now i've seen them as cheap as £15.99 in one of my highstreet shops and even less as a trade in.


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