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Singstar Take That (PS2)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Release Date: 2009-11-06 / Published by Sony

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    4 Reviews
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      06.11.2011 19:58
      Very helpful



      Sing Star Take That PS2

      I absolutely love to sing but know that I am really not a good singer, there's no chance of me finding myself in the over 30's category on the X Factor any time soon. However, one way I can release my inner Diva and sing my heart out is by playing Singstar on our Play Station 2. This is a fantastic game that has been around for quite a few years now and comes in many different forms. Knowing my love for Take That my husband bought this game for me the other year to be able to belt out all their greatest hits!! I'm not sue he knew what he was letting himself in for as now I make him play it with me and he hates it and TT!

      We bought an original singstar game quite a few years ago now and if I remember rightly that came with a wireless microphone as this is pretty much essential to the game but if you buy just this game it does not come with any microphones. Obviously if you have them already that is not a big problem and you can buy them separately now for about £10 which is quite a good price in my opinion. The microphones are wireless which I really like as it means there are no funny wires getting in your way and you can jump around and dance without worrying that you are going to pull the wire out of the socket. I do find though that you really have to sing into the microphone so it will pick up your voice so I have to hold mine quite close to my mouth, none of this moving it around like the pop stars do but it is quite responsive and I find that when you sing the notes it corresponds up on the screen pretty instantaneously which is good if you are in competition with someone else. The microphone is quite authentic feeling and looking so you actually feel like a proper singer with this in your hand.

      Basically the main aim of the game is to hit all your notes and words at the right time and better than your competitor. You will see the words on the screen and also a continuous moving coloured bar that shows you if you are hitting the right note as well. The microphones are made with technology that recognises your pitch, tone and rhythm so it does encourage to actually sing properly which I like. You can play against somebody but you can also play against the computer too so if you've got no one to play with you can always belt out a few tunes yourself.

      I would say that this Take That version is a must for any TT fan, I absolutely love it as it contains all their classics and I love singing them. The track listing is as follows:

      A Million Love Songs
      Back For Good
      Beautiful World
      Could It Be Magic
      Do What U Like
      Everything Changes
      Greatest Day
      Hold Up A Light
      I'd Wait For Life
      It Only Takes A Minute
      Love Ain't Here Anymore
      Never Forget
      Once You've Tasted Love
      Reach Out
      Relight My Fire
      Rule The World
      Said It All
      Up All Night
      Why Can't I Wake Up With You


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        29.08.2010 18:41
        Very helpful



        Not the best Singstar game.

        Following my purchase of the EXCELLENT Abba Singstar game, my son was moaning that the disc had too many "girls songs" and he wanted something to suit a male voice (incidentally, he is 9 years old and his voice has a few year before it breaks so I don't know what the fuss was about). After looking on Amazon, he really liked the look of the Take That disc, as he likes the recent releases, such as Shine and Rule the World. The disc seemed to have a good mix of the old and new, and the songs looked like they would be quite easy to sing, but the big draw of this particular disc was the incredibly cheap price of £7.24, when these discs can cost £19.99, so I bought the disc, which arrived a few days later.

        The disc has 25 original Take That tracks along with accompanying music videos. The tracklist is as follows:

        1. A Million Love Songs
        2. Babe
        3. Back For Good
        4. Beautiful World
        5. Could It Be Magic
        6. Do What U Like
        7. Everything Changes
        8. Greatest Day
        9. Hold Up A Light
        10. I'd Wait For Life
        11. It Only Takes A Minute
        12. Love Ain't Here Anymore
        13. Never Forget
        14. Once You've Tasted Love
        15. Patience
        16. Pray
        17. Promises
        18. Reach Out
        19. Relight My Fire
        20. Rule The World
        21. Said It All
        22. Shine
        23. Sure
        24. Up All Night
        25. Why Can't I Wake Up With You

        For those that don't know, Singstar is a karaoke style game, where players sing into coloured microphones and try to match the music on screen as closely as possible. They can play together as a team ot against each other in "battles", which makes the game great for parties. You get points for good singing, and receive a rating at the end of the song, which ranges from "Tone Deaf" to "Singstar" depending on your performance.

        I already own two Singstar games, Rock Ballads and Abba, and I thought it would be interesting to see how this would compare. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed, as it was nowhere near as good as the other two discs. Firstly, I had a problem with the amount of songs on the disc that we didn't actually know. I am sure that die hard Take That fans, would know all the tracks, but your average Joe, like me would only recognise about 15 of the tracks, which means that ten of the songs are fillers and less well known tracks, which is a big setback with the game.

        Another huge drawback is the way that you sing the songs. In battle mode on my other discs, you both sing the same song and the best singer wins. On this disc, one player sings the lead and the other person sings harmony, which is basically Ooohs and Aahs all the way through. This is a real pain on the Shine track, as me and my son both wanted to sing the track together, but couldn't. Also, the harmony track doesn't give you much clue about what notes to actually sing, so unless you are a professional backing singer, you are going to struggle with this.

        On the plus side, not all of the tracks are like that, and there are some really good songs on this disc. I just think that they have made the game too difficut by adding the harmony section and not allowing the players to sing the basic version of the song. While it makes a good addition to my Singstar collection, I do wish I had bought some of the other discs first, but if you are a big Take That fan, this will be right up your street.


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        12.03.2010 12:19
        Very helpful



        Great mix of songs. A must for a Take That fan

        I absolutely love sing star although I hate to admit it but I am not very good at it. My singing is terrible and my timing is even worse which is what singstar is all about.
        I have played most of the singstar discs and have to admit this is the hardest one. I love Take That and this is a must for all Take That fans. The disc contains 25 songs which include all their famous hits and also lots of new songs from the Circus tour which personally are my favourite. For the price you get an awful lot of songs to choose from.
        I often sing along to Take That in the car and around the house and watch the Circus Tour on DVD most weekends whilst doing my housework but it wasn't until I tried it on Singstar that I realised how difficult it is to sing to Take That. My best friend is a pro at Singstar but we both agree this is really difficult but it is also great fun for all Take That fans. Had many a great night with this and some wine!


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        30.11.2009 08:06
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended

        Sony Playstation's Singstar series of titles brings the karoake experience to the home. With the available microphones, user's can sing along to their favourite hits and even record themselves singing on camera if you have the Playstation Eye web camera. These videos can then be uploaded to the Singstore for the whole world to view.

        The latest title in the collection is dedicated entirely to one of the biggest boybands of all time, who else but Take That. The title features all their biggest hits for you to sing along to. From all the classics such as A Million Love Song, Could It Be A Magic & Never Forget to the more recent hits like Patience, Shine & Rule The World.

        If you're a Take That fan, this game is an absolute must have. The band have released some superb titles and this is your chance to sing along to them all and as a result create your own unique versions.

        Get your friends round and have your very own party with this latest version of Singstar singing the night away to all those Take That classics. Available for under £20 in most places, it will provide endless hours of entertainment. This version will also work on the Playstation 3.


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