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Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (PS2)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sony / Action / Rating: E - (Everyone),up to 2 players / published by: Sony

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2012 16:42
      Very helpful



      An excellent, highly playable and very enjoyable game.

      Sly Cooper, the racoon master-thief, and his gang return in this excellent platform adventure game.

      When Sly was orphaned, his father's legacy was left in the Cooper vault, on Cooper Island. Unfortunately, the island was bought by a former associate with a grudge against the family, who isn't going to give it back. If Cooper wants it, he'll have to steal it. Defeating laser deathtraps, guards, and the ingenuity of a line of masterthieves is the heist of a lifetime, and even Sly Cooper is going to have to recruit some help to pull this one off.

      The game starts on Cooper Island, with Sly receiving help from his gang and several mysterious new members, as they prepare for the break in. Then it jumps back for the main part of the game as you play through recruiting new members, finding information and developing the skills you need for the heist, until it once again brings you to that scene on the island and then in to the heist itself...

      This isn't a game that takes itself particularly seriously, and is a lot of fun as a result. The graphics are cell-shaded and stylised to look like a cartoon, and the level intros are done in comic-book fashion. All the characters are anthropomorphic animals, which normally fit their personality well - and can give the game away on who is a villain. There are sections which you can choose to play in 3D and the PS2 version of the game came with 3D glasses, however I actually prefer the standard gameplay to the 3D look.

      Sly 3 gives you a much wider range of characters to choose from than its predecessors. You are recruiting for the Cooper gang, and each new member you recruit can be used in play. The classic trio of Sly, Bentley and Murray are available, and one of the nice touches is that they have changed and developed as characters over the course of the series. Bentley, the turtle, is still the strategist and planner, but now wheelchair bound and specialises in gadgets and stealth. Murray, the hippo, is still the team's driver and muscle, but now also a trainee mystic. The intrepid Inspector Carmelita Fox is still trying to track them down, but this time she's playable, and some of the most fun in the game is trying to chase and arrest Sly in her missions. In addition the game introduces completely new members - a remote control plane specialist, and an Austrailian mystic - and a few faces from previous games it is nice to see again, although it's hard to imagine they'd be teaming up with Sly...

      Gameplay is very simple. Each character in the gang has a set of abilities and unique specialties, but perhaps because there are so many, they don't individually have quite the same large range of skills as the trio did in previous games. However, the skills are easy to use and the controls simple enough to manage and master quickly.

      In each level you set up a safehouse that will be your base of operations, where you can change characters, pick up missions, and sell your ill-gotten ains to buy new gadgets and skills using ThiefNet. You then set out to achieve missions (or simply explore the level looking for money and picking pockets) and recruit your new members. The levels are large with a range of areas to explore. Also the challenges on a level vary depending on who you are playing. Each member of the gang will approach a level in a different way, making you need to consider whether you need stealth, agility, strength or another way entirely to achieve your aims.

      I was surprised to find this games was rather short - about 10 hours or slightly longer. Without Treasures and Clue Bottles there isn't as much to do on each level, and this does unfortunately affect replay value. There are new mini-games such as finding codes hidden in paintings, but the range of sidequests is greatly reduced. Replay value is reduced as it is largely limited to MasterThief challenges - timed runs and other extra challenges unlocked when you complete a level.

      This game is available on the PS2, but also on the PS3 Sly Collection. There is one very good reason why completists might buy the PS2 standalone version of this game rather than, or as well as, the PS3 Sly Collection. Although the game play is identical, the original game has a closing narration by Bentley that covers what each of the characters from the Cooper Gang are doing after the close of the game (as well as leading in to the planned fourth game). For some reason, this is omitted almost entirely from the PS3 Collection, which actually quite disappointed me when I played that version. If you aren't a completist, this doesn't particularly detract from the game.

      Overall, this is an excellent game, a lot of fun and not one to be missed. It is likely to entertain for hours and is a very good buy, suitable for all players.


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      06.04.2008 16:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a great ending to a fantastic Trilogy

      Sly 3 is the third and final instalment of the Sly Racoon series on the PS2. There have been rumours of a new PSP title but nothing has come of this which is a grave shame

      I have been a massive fan of the Sly series since the 1st title and it has been a fun roller coaster ride watching each game improve as time goes by.

      Sly games can be best described as platform,puzzle adventure titles. With lots of jumping and destroying also with alot of puzzles to solve and special items to collect in your missions.
      The Sly series fits in nicely with other PS2 classics such as Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank

      Here is some background on this title :

      This entire game is played through the memory of Sly, so the end of the game actually takes place in the present. Your memories place you in the mission to take control of Kaine Island and to try and gain access to the Cooper vault.

      The aim of the game is to break the Cooper vault that is heavily guarded and this requires you to recruit new members along the way to help you achieve this!

      Throughout all 3 titles Sly has 2 other companions that form the Cooper gang and they are both present in this Anime adventure. They are Bentley the turtle and Murray the hippo. Both armed with there own specific skills and abilities in the game.


      This game is based in 2D but also comes with 3D glasses to give a whole new spin on the look in certain 3D areas and unlockable bonus stages. This is a great fun feature and i have never seen this before in a video game on the PS2

      The graphics are beautiful cartoon style and run smoothly in the action packed Worlds.

      Sound :

      This title has very good voice acting throughout all the cut scenes and in the actual gameplay.
      Also the set pieces are fantastic and add great atmosphere to the levels.


      I LOVE this title and would suggest that any platform / puzzle adventure fan pick this up, not just this part but all 3. They are great additions to have in your collection and have gone down in price also.

      There is also great replay value with this title with a new multiplayer mode levels along with new challenges to open up bonus material throughout the game.


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    • Product Details

      In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves you'll become a master thief and a master of disguise, as you preapre for an impossible robbery. Sly may be the best thief around, but even he can't pull this one off alone. Recruit five returning as well as new members of the thieving gang to take down the maniacal Dr. M. With the pursuant Carmelita Fox and the mad professor on his tail, Sly learns of his family's thieving heritage and the one great secret his father kept from him for years. It'll take all of his team's abilities to take on this last great heist!

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